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4 Best Reverse Flow Offset Smokers 2020 High-End & Affordable

4 Best Reverse Flow Offset Smokers 2020 High-End & Affordable

Anyone who has ever done a barbecue for a while knows the taste of meat infused with unbearable smoke and understands the importance of being a good smoker.

In particular, counter-offset smokers are far ahead of conventional smokers.

Reverse offset smokers use a baffle plate, which is a piece in the cooking compartment, to separate the flame-passing smoking room from smoke in order to avoid excessive use of food, in the sense that the amount of smoke on the food and the actual temperature of the smoker can be controlled much more. Smoke.

Like all cooking devices, we want high-quality and low-priced products, but the search can be difficult

Fortunately, many counter-current offset smokers are side-by-side compared to offer the best choice.

Also stapled. For your convenience, in the short FAQ section, we have chosen the best counter-current offset smokers that we think are most beneficial. So you can be sure that this post is worth reading.

Best reflux smoker for money

1. Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reflux Smoker


The first product under review is one of Oklahoma Joe's countercurrent smokers. Attention is paid to providing the best reflux smokers for less than $ 1000 for those looking for both quality and affordability.

This smoker comes with a sturdy construction, multiple baffles and dampers for optimal heat control, and all stops, including customizability. This easy-to-use, full-featured smoker is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a smoker that shows more than just the basics.


  • The main chamber provides 751 square inches of cooking space in the firebox. The chamber provides an additional 309 square inches
  • Uses four baffles to direct heat and smoke to the main chamber for heating and smoking.
  • Multiple thermal dampers support ease of thermal control. Steel body, porcelain-coated cooking grill and stainless steel fuel basket
  • Optional smoke stack position and can be modified and customized
  • Other bonus features include cooling the touch handle, floor shelf for appliances and additional fuel, easy transport Wagon-type wheels that can be

What the consumer says

Customers are satisfied with the consistency and temperature consistency of this smoker configuration. According to the buyer, smokers are surprised, perform professionally, and can easily modify the content of the mind.

Some buyers claim that the baffle is difficult to clean and the paint peels off the firebox over time. Otherwise, smokers work like charm.

Pro / Cons

  • The temperature on both sides of the smoker remains constant and consistent.
  • Easy to customize and modify to further improve smoking performance.
  • Middle construction
  • Paints peel off when the temperature is too high
  • Baffles are difficult to clean

Bottom line

Oklahoma for cheap smokers with excellent quality and fantastic reflux With Joe & # 39; s getting a durable, customizable, and high-performance product, there is little reason to wait for a purchase.

2. Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reflux Smoker

  Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reflux Smoker


For slightly smaller and cheaper smokers, Oklahoma Joe & # 39; s offers Highland, the most efficient and simple reflux smoker of the top grade . As with the previous model, it takes up less space, but you can get the same customization, thermal control, and rugged configuration with a low price tag.

Features [19659014] The main chamber provides 619 square inches of cooking space and the firebox chamber additionally provides 381 square inches.

  • Four baffles and multiple dampers work together to provide fantastic heat and smoke control.
  • Heavy gauge all-steel construction, porcelain coated cooking base and stainless steel fuel basket
  • Easy removable ashtray for quick cleaning
  • Selective chimney positioning ability for modification and customiz
  • Consumers' Comments

    Buyers admit that they are satisfied with the excellent structure of this smoker, the assembly is simple, and the temperature stays where they want.

    The customer proves that the baffle is working fine. Enjoy their architectural thickness. However, buyers are warned that heat and smoke may leak out of the device in several places if additional seals and clasps are not installed.

    Pros / Cons

    • Maintains a thick baffle Excellent firepower
    • Fire box is relatively well tolerated
    • Very easy to assemble and modify
    • Heat and smoke can leak without sealant and latching and need to be installed by the user

    Bottom line

    If you are still looking for an inexpensive offset smoker that offers good performance, this product is your best choice is.

    Place yourself a smoker who entertains the crowd and doesn't hurt your wallet with fantastic heating, ample width and easily removable and customizable features.

    3. Lang BBQ Smokers 36 ″ Original Patio Smoker

      Lang BBQ Smokers 36 “width =” 611 “height =” 429


    For smoking for competition, Lang BBQ Smoker has these quality offset smokers provide. User-friendly function, perfect heat induction and structure, lasts a lifetime.

    You can meet smokers who can use it regardless of competition through the craftsmanship of experts who meet your needs.


    • 6 cubic feet of cooking space (approximately 475 square inches) accommodates 60-72 pounds of food or approximately 6-8 ribs side by side.
    • Welding 1/4 "rolling steel body keeps cooking temperatures excellent
    • Slide top shelf, removable bottom storage rack, fixed wrap around preparation area and 3/8" handle
    • 1/4 "plate Comes with drip and grease pan to satisfy included grease management
    • Extended flat metal great and square tube frame prevents warping
    • Heat baffle design works with firebox for optimum smoke control and clean heat
    • Powerful wheels and tires make it possible to roll smokers to wherever they want, ideal for competitive settings 19659020] What the consumer says

      Consumers have made this smoker for a competitive cuisine and use it from setting to finish I agree that it is an easy quality product. According to the buyer, smokers taste food quality and attract others.

      Pros and Cons

      • Eliminates the outstanding odor that attracts the crowd
      • Thermal design controls by giving smoke and heat Perfect taste for your food
      • Best With this composition, you can use this smoker all your life. The amount can be limited

      Bottom line

      If you have reserves and want less than the best, this 36 ″ inch patio smoker is for someone like you.

      From a suspicious brand, you get smokers who not only give you the quality of taste and smell, but also provide a great culinary experience.

      4. Meadow Creek TS70P BBQ Smoker

        Meadow Creek TS70P BBQ Smoker "width =" 417 "height =" 538


      Provided by the last creek Offset smoker. Outstanding quality and price / performance.

      Decade-long construction, large space, secure clasp and professional baffle system make smokers competitive.

      At the same time, another useful feature, the backyard chef can give this smoker the same spin. From handles and thermometers to cooking grids and paint finishes, everything about this large offset smoker degrades quality.


      • T304 stainless steel anti-rust food provides a total cooking space of 978 square inches. Fine cooking grill
      • Positive locking clasps on all doors block heat and keep the smoking process safe.
      • Touch the slide vents and the firebox door so that the handle can be handled without worry.
      • Stainless steel thermometer can be calibrated exactly as you want
      • Built-in water pan keeps the meat moist with the selected liquid.
      • Heavy 3/16 inch plate steel tank and 1/4 ″ construction plate steel firebox
      • The baffle of the fire chamber retains excessive heat from the tires, while the entire backflow system provides excellent smoke and heat control.

      What the consumer says

      I am impressed by the quality of the consumer This smoker is delighted to see how easy it is to clean after use.

      Customers are encouraged to heat up the tank before starting cooking to smoke and buy a charcoal grill pan to improve their cooking.

      Other buyers want This device uses propane to start firing, but in a different way I agree that this is a beautiful product that smokers see and use.

      Pros / Cons

      • The powerful structure lasts for decades.
      • Stainless steel grating is an easy-to-clean device
      • Maintaining heat constant with a backwash system and fixed latching
      • You may need to use techniques for easier starting, such as preheating and purchasing additional add-ons. [19659029] Bottom Line

        This smoker lands at an affordable price point, providing the best excellence that can guarantee the value of every penny.

        Whether you use smokers as a non-smoking and make the most of the backwash system, this dish that cooks for guests in the backyard and presents an impressive design will please you and someone who can't wait for your dish.

        Factors to consider when buying a reflux smoker


        I would like to consider how many foods I smoke. Small smokers are ideal if you smoke yourself, but if you're preparing for people or in charge of a holiday meal, a larger unit would be a better option. [19590106] Material [19659011] Smokers are nothing if they do not withstand well over time. So you will always want to look at the structure of smokers who can smoke their eyes and reach out to heavy smokers

        Heavy gauge steel or cast iron, for example, withstands very well and pays attention to stainless steel features It means minimizing rust.

        Pay attention to the material of the fire. Wells-stainless steel, iron or ceramic-all make a difference. It's the most worrying part of cleaning.

        Fuel type

        Many smokers are stick burners. This means that the basic fuel type for both fuel and spices is wood. It takes a little effort to make these wood fires. If you are not taking the time to figure it out, find a gas or electric smoker.

        It is better to take some time to hang the stick burner because you can get smoke and flavor, unlike the others, using natural wood.

        Temperature monitoring

        Most smokers must close the door

        Of course, you can invest in a thermometer separately, but don't take your eyes off as there are smokers with built-in temperature gauges.


        The last thing you want is smoke and heat to escape from the smoker. Some smokers have locking clasps, while others have a secure lid that does the job. If you can find a smoker who promises safe latching, do so.

        Reflux smoker FAQ

        What is reflux?

        What is reflux? Smokers are smokers who use extra metal plates called baffles to protect meat from strong heat. The baffle causes heat and smoke to flow first under the meat and then flow.

        Every time smoke goes up the chimney, it flows in the opposite direction to a regular smoker. This is because it is a desirable technique because it prevents overcooking the meat closest to the firebox.

        What makes reflux smokers better? 19659124] Double with grease pan and watertight pan

      • Distribute the smoke even more evenly for a better aroma.
      • Significantly reduces the number of temperature spikes you may experience
      • Main chamber door
      • Provides cleaner heat that allows meat to penetrate more thoroughly.

      What are the primary drawbacks?

      Smoke and heat are reduced due to the nature of the reflux smoker. You need to set it to the desired temperature and use more fuel than you are used to maintaining that temperature.

      It is also not necessary while reducing heat and smoke. Don't be too frustrated when you want more smoke than a horizontal smoker comes out.

      Despite these shortcomings, reflux smokers have a much greater advantage and the smoking process.

      Decision making

      After learning everything you need to know about reflux smokers, I hope you will find out why the best backyard offset smokers are Meadow Creek TS70P BBQ smokers. [19659002] With its powerful structure, professional reflux system, and useful features such as a cool touch handle and a calibrable thermometer, you can experience the hassle-free smoking that is suitable for competition.

      If you want a simpler product with a larger budget, we recommend Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reflux Smoker. Smokers offer the best thermal control and customized features at an affordable price.

      When smoking meat, you always want a machine that gives you the power and quality you need to get the perfect taste. [19659002] Backwash offset smokers are machines that do the job, so don't hesitate to smoke if even one of the smokers on this list gets their attention.

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