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5 Best Grill Tables (May 2020) – The Ultimate Guide

Features to Consider When Choosing a Grill Table

A spacious grill prep table offers additional storage for your spices, utensils, and paper towels. We will analyze this and other qualities that provide the best investment.

Materials Used

An outdoor grill table is exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, moisture, and other elements that can cause fading, deformation, rust, and peeling. Strong winds can also knock down the table with grilled food. This is why products designed for use in cookouts are primarily made of sturdy stainless steel and aluminum that are rust and stain resistant. Strong plastic is also preferred over wood because it is tough, although there are wood products with a waterproof coating that protects the surface and prolongs the life of your barbecue table.

Aluminum is almost as strong as stainless steel, but with the added benefit of weighing less. The wood is heavy and prone to warping from moisture, but makes elegant tables with an authentic outdoor look reminiscent of cabins and campsites.

Folding Design

The Weber 6557 Q portable cart is an example of a folding stand that includes a folding handle and a button to fold it with the attached grill. Folding models are convenient to store and store in their small size. They are also easy to assemble or disassemble. The downside to these products is their limited storage capacity and weight, as they are designed to be compact and lightweight. Finally, folding designs are prone to wobble.

Table Features

The top of the most portable grill table is made of stainless steel that can withstand the intense heat of the grill without melting. Stainless steel also promotes efficient roasting through heat conduction. Side tables can be made of a different material because they are far from the heat source and are mainly used to prepare, serve and eat food.


If you intend to use the grill table as a fixed support, then you may just need to compare its size with the space available for installation. If size allows, a large table would be preferable to provide more work space for your grill and accessories. It also likely has a lot of storage space underneath.

However, small dimensions are necessary if you plan to buy a portable grill table, as you will also have to take into account a compact size that can be easily transported for outdoor barbecues. Some models offer you the best two worlds by having a large space but a folding profile to reduce the overall size. For example, the Camco Deluxe folding grill table changes from 57.75 x 19 x 32 inches when fully assembled to 37 x 19 x 6 inches in folding mode.

Finally, where and how you plan to use the roasting table would determine your ideal size.

Weight Capacity  5 More Practical Grill Tables: Add Convenience to Your BBQ Parties

This refers to the maximum amount of weight that the barbecue table is equipped to support. Determine the quantity and weight of the items you can place on the table. JJ George Big Green Egg Table has one of the most impressive weight limits of an outdoor grill prep table because it holds over 200 lbs. This allows it to support a heavy table grill and multiple cooking tools.


The weight of a Kamado grill table is different from that of a Weber grill table, but the weight also differs between products from the same brand because it is influenced by the size and construction material of a specific model. A good illustration of this is Keter Unity Portable Outdoor Table, which weighs 32.2 pounds compared to its counterpart, Keter Unity XL, weighing in at 60 pounds. A backpacker would favor the former, while the weight of the latter would not be a deciding factor for deck diners.


Although this information is not always available for some models, it is generally indicated on the product website or in the manual. You can also find it in the reviews of verified buyers. Some vendors will even let you freely test their tables during a specific period. For example, when you buy JJGeorge Big Green Egg Table, you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Other Features

Wheels: Portable grill tables are equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability and mobility. . JJGeorge Big Green Egg Table's 4 spinning wheels also secure the legs to secure the table.

Adjustable Feet: This is an important feature to keep in mind when purchasing an outdoor grill prep table. Helps you adjust the height of the table and level it for a flat board on uneven terrain.

Hooks: Most of the models we've reviewed come with hooks where you can hang utensils and other tools. instead of cluttering up your workspace.

Paper towel holder: This is useful for eating and cleaning small messes on yourself or in your workspace.

Shelves: Shelves on the portable grill table, provides additional storage for kitchen accessories, utensils and prepared meals. Some outdoor grill prep tables feature an interior storage cabinet that can be locked to secure your belongings. Keter Unity XL features 24 gallon open storage capacity and 54 gallon lockable storage capacity. This provides enough space for all the essentials you need for grilling. You could store charcoal briquettes, condiments, kitchen gloves or an apron, and even drinks, as this model comes with a built-in bottle opener.

Safety Tips  The 5 Most Practical Grill Tables: Add Convenience to Your BBQ Parties! [19659028] The 5 Most Practical Grill Tables - Add Convenience to Your BBQ Parties!

  • Place a concrete paver under the grill to protect your table.
  • Confirm that the maximum weight limit of your table is within the weight of your grill. [19659030] Assemble the grill table correctly and confirm that the grill is properly positioned before starting to cook.
  • Must roast outdoors to avoid toxic fumes.
  • Wear protective clothing such as gloves.
  • Above all, read the manual that came with your specific model for proper use and maintenance.

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