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5 Best Outdoor Griddles Reviewed in Detail (Apr. 2020)

Advantages of outdoor irons

  5 The best outdoor irons for maximum comfort and versatility

If you are interested in irons, then You must have a particular requirement in mind. You should know that these products differ significantly from indoor models, so they must have the best features to be truly effective outdoors. If you are about to buy an outdoor iron and want to know its advantages, we will summarize them below.

Plate size

The first advantage that outdoor planks have over indoor models is size. , which in other words means more cooking surface. The additional cooking area provided by an outdoor griddle can help you prepare lots of food and serve up to 20 family and friends at once.

Bigger is often better, and these outdoor irons tend to have the largest cooking areas. When using this type of griddle, you will rarely run out of cooking space, making it possible to prepare multiple ingredients simultaneously. Your cooking ability and imagination is the only limit.

Heat Source

While we don't like to admit it, cooking with charcoal is not really a good thing. In addition to smoking your food excessively, it is also often lacking in terms of heat distribution. With charcoal cooking, you can never expect an even distribution of heat around the cooking area.

Meanwhile, a little too cold or hot can make a significant difference sometimes. Most outdoor irons use liquid propane as the primary heat source. Liquid propane is routed through a gas line and distributed between burners, which can be controlled with switches or knobs. And this is how you can effortlessly control your temperature.


 5 best outdoor planks for maximum comfort and versatility

The high versatility of outdoor planks is the result of the first two combined advantages. You can prepare some meals effortlessly when you have a large cooking area and a large source of heat. Outdoor griddles allow you to cook difficult meals without any special preparation, as you can simultaneously cook and stir different ingredients and parts.

You do not need to wait for a particular time to start preparing the next meal, as you can deliver the food. Cook your griddle area and do everything at the same time while regulating the temperature on the different sides of the unit. These kinds of flexible temperature settings can be seen on advanced models like the Blackstone Tailgater Combo and the Royal Gourmet PD1300.

Features to consider when choosing an outdoor griddle grill

Outdoor grills are special products, so they should be treated as such. If you don't want to end up with a useless model, pay attention to the factors we will list below.


When it comes to outdoor irons, there are basically two types: electric and gas. Of course, gas irons are the most common, thanks to the fact that propane and natural gas are available in commercial settings. Plus, the best outdoor gas griddle often heats up quickly and offers more even temperatures. Gas burners tend to heat the plate more evenly since gas is likely to cover the entire underside of the plate.

On the other hand, electric irons are often less expensive than gas models, which is largely due to the reduced thickness of the plate. Also, the construction cost is generally lower, and most electric iron control systems are often less sophisticated. While electric grills are probably behind their gas counterparts when it comes to productive capacity, the fair simplicity of electric models tends to reduce failure modes and can lead to longer life expectancy. for maximum comfort and versatility "width =" 840 "height =" 398 "data-lazy- data-lazy- data-lazy-src =" -Outdoor-Griddle-2-1024×485.png "/>

From our previous review, you may have noticed that some models come with a small proper cooking surface for family use, while others are large enough to cook for up to thirty people. Portable irons are often square in shape, making them easy to store when not in use. They are ideal for camping as they are easy to carry .

Rectangular models belong in your yard, usually for a party or barbecue. If you are looking for a model for party use, look for something with more than 500 square inches of cooking area, like the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600. However, if it is If you are looking for a model for family use, you can choose a model with approximately 300 square inches of cooking area, such as the Royal Gourmet PD1300.


The BTU, which is an acronym for British Thermal Units, is a vital measure. They are the units that determine the heat produced by your gas griddle, stove and burner. It is important to remember that one BTU will increase the heat of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit, and a household stove produces around 7,000 BTUs per burner.

While that is just the average, it is a great way to compare your exterior iron. For outdoor gas irons, any burner that can produce up to 25,000 BTUs is great, and there are plenty of models on this list that are capable of that, like the Royal Gourmet PD1300 and Blackstone's 28-inch Griddle Cooking Station. There are many different types of outdoor gas irons on the market, but keep in mind that the higher the BTU amount, the better.


It is also important to consider the dimensions of your iron. When it comes to small electric models that you would probably store in one of your kitchen cabinets, size determines where exactly you can put it. For outdoor irons, you just need to consider if its dimensions won't be too big for your vehicle for transportation, or to keep it in your backyard at all times.

Except that you live in an extremely confined place or have a really small vehicle, you really don't need to worry about its dimensions. Remember that bigger is always better when it comes to outdoor irons, as they are often used to prepare food for a large number of people.


Another important factor to consider is weight. While most outdoor irons are known for their bulky and heavy construction, there are still a few models, such as the 22-inch Presto electric griddle, that weigh less than ten pounds. If there is a chance that you will move your iron a lot, we recommend looking at the lightweight models.


The best irons generally come with longer warranty periods. Apparently, a longer warranty is an indication of the company's confidence in delivering on what it promises, and that's what every buyer wants. Ideally, your outdoor plank should come with excellent warranty terms for satisfactory protection in case of defects.

More Features

Depending on your budget, you may also be able to search for other additional features like Side Shelves, Wheels and Adjustable Feet. Obviously, these features add to the overall comfort, so they're likely to be priced slightly higher. That is why we mentioned something about your budget in the first place.

How to clean your outdoor iron

Your iron should be cleaned regularly. But take heart, as it is not a difficult task to perform. You just need the metal spatula you've been cooking with, a scouring pad, paper towels, hot water, and a little cooking oil.

  • Let the unit cool down as you would not like to burn your hands. [19659039] Use the metal spatula or probably a paint scraper to scrape the cooking area to remove any excess grease.
  • Use a kitchen towel or paper towel to clean it, but it can still be quite greasy. [19659039] Pour a small amount of water over it while it is still hot enough, but do not use soap. The hot water should be enough to soften any hardened deposits.
  • Rub the surface gently with a nylon sponge. Never use steel wool or wire.
  • Use water and paper towels to rinse the softened debris. Remember to regularly empty the grease collector cup or drip tray to avoid spillage.
  • Use a soft cloth to gently dry the griddle and season by rubbing a small amount of oil on the cooking surface to avoid rust.

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