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5 Best Traeger Grills Reviewed in Detail (Apr. 2020)

Why choose a Traeger grill?

  5 Fantastic Traeger Grills - Trust Your Dishes to a Reliable Manufacturer Digital Thermostat

Traeger Grills come with a digital thermostat, reducing your concern about overcooking your food, as you know there is a range of temperature fluctuation and that the temperature will never exceed. Thus, Traeger grills allow you to cook your meals without having to worry about burning your food.


Durability is an essential part of choosing a grill, and nobody knows that more than Traeger. The company uses almost the same highly durable metal to manufacture all of its units. This ensures optimal durability and ensures that you can use it for many years.


To ensure product durability and to ensure users the optimum durability of their products, Traeger offers a one year warranty on all its products. In our experience, most companies in the grill manufacturing industry offer no more than a year, so Traeger is truly impressive in this regard.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use Another way to identify high-quality grills, which is probably one more reason why Traeger is popular with grill enthusiasts. Traeger makes sure that its products are not only easy for professionals to use, but also easy for beginners to use. Their grills often come with a simple start feature that takes the stress out of lighting a grill.

Features to consider when choosing a Traeger grill

Deciding which model to choose can be really difficult since there are so many options. However, making your decision becomes easier when you realize exactly what you need. Here are the things to remember before shopping for a grill:


 5 fantastic Traeger grills - entrust your dishes to a trusted manufacturer.

Traeger actually produces only one type of grill, and that is pellet grills. Despite the fact that these grills have been on the market for approximately three decades, it was only in recent years that they became more conventional. Instead of natural gas or propane gas, pellet grills use pea-sized wood pellets, which are actually safe for cooking.

While there are not many options for adjusting the grill once it has started, a pellet grill works like both Grill and Smoker. So it's like a hybrid system. The truth is, no barbecue tastes as good as a wood-fired barbecue, which is why many barbecue enthusiasts love pellet grills. Pellet grills give a unique flavor to everything that is cooked in them.

Cooking area

The cooking area is another important factor to consider when shopping. This generally depends on how big you want to go. Just keep in mind that the bigger it is, the more expensive the grill will be, so you should consider the number of mouths you want to cook.

If you choose a model that is too small, you will not be able to prepare enough food for all your guests. However, a grill that is too large will cost more money to maintain and will waste some granules. We recommend that you select a grill that is slightly larger than you really need. With an area measuring 646 square inches, the unit with the largest cooking area on this list is the Traeger TFB65LZBC.

Hopper Capacity

The hopper is where it all begins. It's where you load your wood pellets, so you know it's a very important part. That is why it is important to consider the capacity of the hopper, as it will determine how long you can cook without refilling the hopper. When it comes to the hopper, it's always bigger the better. However, if portability is what you're looking for, a small 8-pound hopper in the Traeger TFB30LZB won't add weight to the unit and still get the job done perfectly.

Elite Digital Controller

It is also important to consider the built-in digital controller before choosing a Traeger grill. Most models come with an Elite digital controller, which is a basic controller that provides precise temperature control but does not come with meat probe connectors. However, it is important to check if it comes with the grill you are looking at. You'll find it on models like the Traeger TFB38TCA and Traeger TFS60LZC.


Dimensions are also important to consider, especially if you have limited space available. By considering the dimensions, you will ensure that the unit you are looking at is not too large for the space you have available for the grill in your kitchen or garden.


The weight of a grill is a vital consideration as well. It determines the overall portability of the unit, which is important to pay attention to even if you do not plan to take it with you on camping trips.

Chances are you will have to move it from one location to another within your backyard or patio, so pay attention not only to the weight of the model, but also whether it features wheels that enhance portability.


While warranty is probably not the only factor in making your decision, it always feels good to know that the manufacturer trusts your product. As for Traeger, they generally offer a three-year warranty on all of their products, which is pretty impressive since most other manufacturers don't even offer that.

More Features

Different models are generally equipped with different features. However, it is always convenient if a unit has side shelves, wheels, storage compartments, and folding legs. If I could find a model with all these features, it would be really cool.

How to extend the life of your Traeger grill

  5 fantastic Traeger grills - entrust your dishes to a trusted manufacturer! Clean before cooking

Before cooking, always be sure to clean your unit to optimize performance and avoid unpleasant tastes. Make an effort to check the pan or pans before roasting them, as the pans may be full, which could cause a fire. If your unit has a grease duct, be sure to clean it too.

Inspect your burners

Burners are important components, and you should inspect them as often as possible. Make sure there is no corrosion or blockage. Adopt the proper methods to clean your burned pot, and you will see outstanding results.

Do not clean with water

In general, do not clean your Traeger grill with water, so make sure your hose is kept far away. These grills often come with digital controllers, a fan, a fire pot ignition rod, and a motorized auger. All of these parts we mention are likely to be damaged if they come into contact with water. Therefore, clean them by gently drying the dirt, while making sure not to disassemble any components.

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