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7 Best Indoor Grills in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

7 Best Indoor Grills in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

For barbecue enthusiasts, having space inside your home is truly a blessing that should not be taken for granted. Not all houses have a backyard, lawn, or even a balcony to put a grill on. Also, an outdoor cooking festival can be ruined or canceled at any time due to bad weather.

If your passion for outdoor grilling is hampered by weather or lack of open space, it is high time you consider indoor grilling. With these best indoor grills the party can keep going inside your home, regardless of the weather outside.

In this article, we'll look at how indoor grills are the latest trend for stress-free, stress-free barbecue. We'll give you a buying guide on how to choose the right grill, and give you our thoughts on some of the best options on the market. Before wrapping it all up, we'll introduce some trusted grill brands and manufacturers.

Indoor Grills: Bringing Flavors and Outdoor Fun Inside

  Bringing Outdoor Flavors and Fun Inside

We often associate Grilling with organized cooking parties in open spaces. You're probably very familiar with backyard barbecues, tailgate parties, and using portable grills for road trips, camping, or bonfires on the beach. Typically, people use charcoal or gas grills for such occasions, and are, to this day, the preferred cooking options when going outdoors.

While no one denies the superiority and sentimental value of these grills, grilling the exterior can be hampered by the unpredictability of the weather . A sudden shower or bursts without stopping, and it would extinguish his passion for cooking, severely cushioning the festive atmosphere. But that doesn't mean you have to cancel the cookout. Instead, why not give an indoor grill a try?

Indoor grills do not use combustible fuels, which means that there is no risk of flares a common issue encountered with gas and charcoal grills once grease and grease fall to through the holes in the grid. Sudden and violent bursts of flame will not only surprise inexperienced grills off guard, but will also pose potential fire hazards. Because the interior grills are electrically powered, these risks are minimized.

For those who are too busy to deal with grill discomfort, these indoor grills are convenient and easy to use : all you have to do is plug in and let the grills do their magic in your steaks. Plus, you can fine-tune the temperature by turning the dials or the knob, a much-appreciated factor that charcoal grills lack. Its preheating is considerably faster compared to other types of grills, to start.

Unlike charcoal and gas powered grills whose parts must be hand washed, many parts on interior grills are dishwasher safe. That said, not all components can be put in a dishwasher, and this feature varies from model to model. However, you could spend more time cooking than scrubbing the fatty parts by hand.

But that is not the crucial factor. People choose indoor grills because produce much less smoke during cooking. Although it is not completely smoke-free, as some manufacturers claim, the smoke is minimized considerably compared to that of coal and gas grill. This is the reason why indoor grills are popular with apartment dwellers.

Having said that, if you need a completely smoke-free and toilet-free environment, we recommend that you open all windows and curtains. For best effect, a ceiling fan or range hood can remove smoke and prevent the fire alarm from warning you that steaks are ready.

What to consider before buying an interior grill

These are some factors to consider. Keep that in mind as you browse the seemingly endless interior grills online or in-store.


Since everyone has a specific purchasing budget, they want to get the best return for their money. With that in mind, we place value for money as the primary criteria for choosing an indoor grill.

Indoor grills are typically less expensive than gas and coal grills. Most indoor grills are available for purchase at retail prices of $ 50 to $ 150, depending on their interior capacity and the manufacturers that manufactured them. Its main functions include preheating, heating and grill. However, additional functions like defrosting and cooking specific foods can increase the price, which can go up to $ 400.


This is what happens: indoor grills are not the perfect combination for big parties. So until manufacturers can make larger versions, these grills are unlikely to be the right choice for family gatherings on the Fourth of July.

However, they are perfect for busy people who want fast food with the least amount of hassle. In general, these grills can serve up to five people, but there are also others that can serve a maximum of seven or eight people.


There are two main components to each interior grill: the heat source and the grill. .

The heat source will determine how fast and how hot the grill heats up, so you'll want to get a grill that has high energy efficiency and direct control, user-friendly temperature control . [19659025] Ease of cleaning

As stated above, when it comes to cleaning, the material is important.

Most interior grills have a nonstick coating on cooking grates, although effectiveness varies by use. While food can still adhere to a non-stick surface, handwashing will be much easier. On the other hand, stainless steel and some coated steel grates are dishwasher safe, though the same cannot be said for uncoated cast iron grates, so keep that in mind before you buy.

Another thing to consider is the drip tray. Because grease and food drips accumulate there, you need to get a grill with a large, deep drip pan, so it doesn't overflow during cooking. Dishwasher accessibility and compatibility are also worth considering.


In the April issue of the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) report, they highlighted the fact that more than 10,000 grill house fires are started annually. It is also noted that each year, emergency rooms admit 19,000 patients with grill-related injuries, with 9,300 cases including burns.

So it stands to reason that consumers want a grill that doesn't make your hair stand on end. it ends every time they put their hands on it. Here are some tips to check if your indoor grill will soon meet safety requirements:

  • Heat Protection: Cold surface, lid cover, and insulated handles.
  • Electric Failsafe Mechanism: Automatic turn off, turn off switch and power cord should be long enough for your comfort, but not long enough to be a danger.
  • Smokeless Roast Feature – For apartment dwellers and barbecue lovers with asthma.

Comments on the best indoor grills in 2020

  1. PowerXL smokeless indoor grill – The best option to buy in 2020
  2. Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor grill – Best indoor grill for fillet
  3. George Foreman GFO240S Inner Grill – Best Electric Inner Grill
  4. T-fal OptiGrill + XL Inner Grill – Best with Removable Plates
  5. Presto 09020 indoor grill – Best indoor barbecue grill [19659033] Philips smokeless indoor grill – Best for apartments
  6. Secura GR-1503XL indoor grill – Best portable indoor grill

Below are our picks for the best indoor grills.

1. PowerXL Smokeless Inner Grille – The Best Choice To Buy 2020

No need to go around the bush: PowerXL Smokeless from Tristar Products is the best indoor grille. This powerful grill can brown steaks, broil salmon, and cook hamburgers with consistently desirable results. But what sets this grill apart from the rest is the combination of overall performance, reasonable price, and ease of control. It is these attributes that make the PowerXL Smokeless a valuable addition to the 2020 grill list.

  Review of PowerXL Smokeless Interior Grill


  • Reasonable Price
  • Smoke Extraction Technology
  • LED Touch Control
  • Interchangeable Cook Surfaces
  • Large Grease Tray
  • Dishwasher Safe Racks and Accessories


Grill measures 22.1 inches long by 13.2 inches wide by 6.1 inches tall. The cooktop is 15.5 inches long by 9 inches wide, offering almost 140 square inches of grilling space.

The racks praised the way the grill can handle multiple large items. You can cook four large steaks, eight hamburgers, three rib ribs, or one whole chicken at once. For such a small unit, a considerable amount can do for a family of six or seven.


The grill base is made of high resistance cast aluminum. As for the cooking surfaces, it has a ceramic non-stick coating that eliminates the need to remove additional oil and butter before cooking.

A commendable point on the PowerXL grill is how the temperature remains constant at every point on the grill, even those at the edges. The heat is evenly distributed without irregular cold spots, to ensure food uniformity in cooking and juiciness. The 1200-watt heating element preheats in four to six minutes at high temperature and is efficient at delivering consistent heat through the cooktop. It won't be long before the food is hot, crisp, and ready for eagerly waiting diners.

Ease of control also struck a chord with us. The grill's temperature range is from 220 ° F to 450 ° F, and can be precisely adjusted with an illuminated LED dial and touch control.

Ease of Cleaning

The PowerXL Smokeless Grill is pleasantly easy to clean. Unlike charcoal and gas grills, there is no need for metal scouring pads or soaking.

If your food contains a lot of oil and fat, splashing will be unavoidable. Fortunately, most of the fat droplets will fall through the grate and collect in the tray just below. As for splashing during cooking, a tempered glass lid will protect the cook from any surprises, while allowing people to check on the progress of the meal.

According to your instructions, the rack, grate, lid, drip tray and water tray are suitable for household dishwashers. Or if you don't have a dishwasher, washing your hands with regular soap shouldn't be too difficult, since the cooking surfaces have a non-stick coating. However, we strongly recommend that you do not scratch or scratch it violently as the coating may peel off over time.

You must clean the base unit with a damp cloth dampened with mild cleaning solutions. The same cleaning method also applies to the heating element, provided you disconnect the grill from the outlet beforehand.


Unfortunately, the lack of handles makes it difficult to transport the grill from the table to the sink for cleaning immediately after cooking. Or you should wait until it cools down or wear gloves if you need to move it while it is still hot.

Additional Features

Living up to its name, grilling on this grill is truly a smoke-free experience. The built-in fan works like a vacuum cleaner, removing smoke and odor. But when you use the fan, the water pan should be filled with at least two cups of water before cooking. Doing this will keep your food juicy.

It is a pity that the PowerXL Smokeless is under warranty for only 60 days.


In addition to its fairly short warranty period, the PowerXL Smokeless Smokeless Interior Grill is a well-rounded grill. product that lives up to your expectations. Highly promoted by the grilling community for its functionality and performance, it would be difficult to find another high-quality grill like this for its price.

2. Hamilton Beach 25361 – The Best Indoor Steak Grill

When it comes to grilling steaks, indoor grills aren't exactly the first thing on everyone's mind, since steaks are at their best when cooked over a fire. open. And yet, the Hamilton Beach 25361 can replicate restaurant-quality results that will make you wonder out loud: "How does it do it?"

If you are looking for a hard gold while the inside of the steak is still pink, tender and juicy, you are in luck, as that is the specialty of the 25361.

  Hamilton Beach 25361 best indoor grill for steak review [19659076] Pros </p>
<div class=
  • Affordable
  • Excellent temperature and abrasion control
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Drip pan sizeable
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to wash by hand
  • Clear, removable hood [19659083] Cons

    • Slightly Tacky Grille
    • Small
    • Poor Insulation


The grill is 12.4 inches long by 16.73 inches wide by 6.81 inches tall. The cooking surface measures 118 square inches. Although the main website claims that it can contain up to eight servings, we feel that the figure could be overstated. You can't grill more than two steaks or four pieces of salmon at a time, so it's probably best for a couple and a toddler, at most.


This Hamilton Beach grill has a transparent hood that protects cooks from splashing grease while letting the cook control the food. It will also prevent your food from drying out or getting cold while blocking all flavor and juices.

The 1200 watt heating element can go from gently cooking your food at 200 ° F to providing a powerful sear at 450 ° F, giving you the unmistakable cold cut marks on your steaks, a hallmark of perfectly cooked meat . The control knob makes it easy to dial to your preferred temperature, located right in the lower right corner.

We like how the people of Hamilton Beach design the grill to be as direct and user-friendly as possible. There are two indicator lights: red indicates the grill is plugged in and green means the grill has reached the temperature you selected.

As for the grill, although it has a non-stick coating, Hamilton Beach still advises using oil or cooking spray.

Ease of Cleaning

The hood, grille, and drip tray are removable and dishwasher safe, but Hamilton Beach strongly discourages the use of the "SANI" setting, as this cleaning mode can damage components .

If a dishwasher is not an option, washing your hands should not be a big problem. Grease on the rack is easy to sponge rinse, although it will eventually be more difficult as the nonstick coating deteriorates over time. As for the hood, the manufacturer recommends using a nylon or plastic sponge and a non-abrasive cleaner.

The sizable drip tray will retain excess grease and juice, which can be discarded later, saving you from an otherwise messy cleanup. They also mention the discoloration of the fat pan over time.


One aspect that must be addressed is the bell. When you open the lid, the handle heats up to the touch and shows a lack of proper insulation. Additionally, the steam built up inside the grill will be thrown at the cook, catching him off guard and potentially causing injury.


Indoor grills are not the usual choice when charred steaks are on the menu, but for those looking to replicate the result quickly, the Hamilton Beach 25361 grill is the closest you will get.

3. George Foreman GFO240S Indoor Grill – The Best Electric Indoor Grill

All of the indoor grills featured in this article are powered by electricity, but this one makes the most of it. With superior warming capacity, the George Foreman Grill can heat up quickly to satiate eager diners' appetites while saving energy.

  George Foreman GFO240S Best Electric Inner Grill Review


  • Large Capacity
  • Affordable
  • Quick Heat
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors [19659053] Size

    The GFO240S is 23.5 inches long by 21 inches wide by 12.75 inches tall. Its circular cooking surface offers 240 square inches of grilling space, which can handle multiple large items at once. The George Foreman official website states that this grill can cook 15 servings at a time.


    The GFO240S fully preheats at a respectable rate, just under 10 minutes after plugging it in. With this grill on hand, you have got the power to cook generous and tasty portions for everyone in minutes. The pluggable temperature probe allows you to choose from five different heat settings, via a dial, to get the best results from any type of food with high-precision cooking.

    George Tough's patented non-stick coating is truly a boon. Not only does it eliminate the need for oil and butter in preheating, but it also makes cleaning less hassle once the party is over. Another feature that flaunts this grill, like its other George Foreman cousins, is its grease removal earring, an exclusive design that makes the brand stand out among users. The manufacturer claims that the slanted surface helps remove a staggering 42 percent fat from a quarter pound of raw meat during cooking.

    Since the dome lid is not transparent, it does a great job of protecting grease splatters and retaining heat, but it does not allow you to check how food is cooked unless you open the lid.

    Ease of Cleaning

    As grease and grease follow the slope of the grill, they all gather in the drip tray waiting just below the grill. This dishwasher safe drip tray will save you a considerable amount of cleaning time.

    Too bad the rack and lid are not dishwasher safe, but are relatively easy to wash by hand with a standard detergent. Also, the probe should not be submerged, but cleaned with a damp cloth.


    The handles are well insulated, so you don't have to wear gloves when handling the grill. But be careful when opening the lid, as the accumulated steam can catch you off guard.

    Additional Features

    Surprisingly, the GFO240S can be used outdoors, weather permitting. All you have to do is clamp the legs to the base of the grill, find an exit, and you're all set. But unlike its outdoor counterparts, this grill is not suitable for outdoor storage.


    It is not difficult to see why more and more people are opting for the George Foreman GFO240S: it is easy to use, affordable, sizeable and can operate outside its designated area.

    4. T-fal OptiGrill + XL GC722D35 Indoor Grill: Best with Removable Plates

    The OptiGrill + XL GC722D35 is the combination of culinary excellence and technological advancement, all in the same unit. It has several cooking options, a competitive advantage over its simpler plug-and-cook pairs.

      T-fal OptiGrill XL The best interior grill with removable plates review


    • Compact and lightweight
    • Item specific grill modes
    • Quick and uniform heating
    • Easy to clean [19659083] Cons

      • It seems more complicated than it is
      • Expensive compared to others


    The OptiGrill + XL offers 800 square centimeters of cooking space, which translates to approximately 124 square inches. Compared to other indoor grills, size may not be something to brag about, but this grill can serve portions suitable for two to four adult diners.


    What we love about this grill is its clam-like design, which cooks items up and down at the same time, for faster cooking. The control panel is conveniently located on the handle, allowing you to select specific cooking modes for different items.

    The grill body is stainless steel, while the double cast aluminum grills have non-stick coatings. With that said, the manufacturer still advises using cooking oil to improve release release.

    The 1800 watt heating element is much more powerful than most indoor grills on the market, so the grill can preheat in four to seven minutes. But what makes this grill stand out above other plug-and-cook grills is its wide range of cooking options. There are nine different settings for specific foods, ranging from hamburgers and sandwiches to all kinds of meats such as pork, beef, poultry, fish, and frozen foods. For steaks, there are even more options for the level of cooking: rare to medium and even well done.

    Once you have selected the cooking mode, the grill will automatically adjust the cooking time and temperature according to the type of food and its thickness.

    If you want to let your culinary creativity run freely, or the cooking item is not on the preset menu, you can always go manual mode, where you can freely select four different temperature levels: warm, low, medium and high heat.

    While the diversity of cooking options is highly commendable, the many options and color-changing dials can seem confusing. Fortunately, it is really easy to operate once you get used to it. The ever-changing colors on the dashboard let you know how food is cooked and will alert you when food is ready.

    Ease of cleaning

    The slope tilts seven degrees to drain grease and oil to the drip tray, which is easily removable and dishwasher safe. The racks can also be easily removed and can be washed in the dishwasher. If a dishwasher is out of the equation, then a nylon cleaning pad and regular dish soap should suffice.

    Any electrical part should be cleaned with a damp cloth and air dried.


    Thermoplastic The hood handle is warm to the touch, as is the metal surface of the grill. Oven gloves are definitely recommended when handling this grill.

    A commendable point about this grill is the automatic shutdown when the grill is left open for too long. This mechanism will avoid any accident and also save electricity.

    The length of the power cable is 0.8 meters, approximately 2.6 feet, which seems a bit short to us. If you want something a little easier to use, you can check out this version. The differences lie in the fewest features and the smallest grill size, hence the cheapest price.


    It is rare to find a high-tech indoor grill that is still easy to wash and clean like this OptiGrill + XL. Granted, it may be more expensive than its peers in the same category, but the advanced features are really worth it.

    5. Presto 09020 indoor grill: the best indoor barbecue grill

    Why waste time and money going to a grill when you can do it yourself with the Presto 09020? As small as it may seem, this little grill is second to none in recreating the flavors often found at outdoor cooking festivals.

      Presto 09020 Best Inner Barbecue Grill Review


    • Inexpensive
    • Top Heating
    • Inclined Grill Surface for Draining Grease
    • Dishwasher Safe Components
    • Special Spatula Included [19659053] Size

      On the grill's official website, the manufacturer claims that the grill measures 11.25 inches in length by 18.43 inches in width by 2.18 inches in height of the case, but there is no official list of the cooktop. . However, you can cook a cozy dinner for three or four diners. The Presto 09020 weighs 4.84 pounds.


      The grill base is made of heavy cast aluminum. The 1300 watt heating element heats relatively quickly and evenly through the grill. The temperature can be adjusted through the control probe attached to its side, which varies from 200 ° F to 400 ° F with a heating function.

      What we like about the Presto 09020 is the slightly raised grill surface, which acts as a slope to drain fat and fat droplets away from the meat. Since the nonstick coating may deteriorate, the manufacturer recommends applying butter or cooking oil before cooking to prolong the effectiveness of the coating.

      Ease of cleaning

      The drip screen and tray are removable and dishwasher safe. In case manual cleaning is the only option, all you need is a non-metallic scouring pad and dish soap. Most of the grease stains will be easily removed, although you can look for specialized cleaners to spot tough stains, but only as a last resort.


      The Presto heat control probe must be installed correctly before the grill can begin to operate. If connected correctly, there will be a click.

      Additional Features

      When you buy the Presto 09020, you will also receive a spatula combo.


      The Presto 09020 may not have the glitz and glamor of other grills, but that's irrelevant when it's such a reliable grill that you can cook great food and it doesn't cost a fortune to buy it

      6. Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill – Best for Apartments

      Living in an apartment means you have to follow strict fire safety rules. You probably can't use traditional grills, as the smoke would go off and the smoke detector and even the fire alarm, earning you disapproving glances from the building manager and next-door neighbors. Look no further, the Philips Smoke-less HD 6371/94, the ultimate solution for barbecue lovers living in an apartment or condo.

        Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill review


      • Infrared heating
      • Produces little or no smoke
      • Constant heating
      • Dishwasher safe


      • Slightly more expensive que otros
      • Bandeja de goteo poco profunda


      El Philips sin humo mide 14.5 pulgadas de largo por 19.75 pulgadas de ancho por 5.5 pulgadas de alto. La superficie de cocción mide 7.75 pulgadas por 14 pulgadas, lo que se traduce en 108.5 pulgadas cuadradas. Hay varios videos de revisión en los que la parrilla puede cocinar cuatro filetes gruesos en la parrilla.


      Usando calefacción por infrarrojos, la parrilla de 1660 vatios se precalienta bien dentro de los cinco minutos posteriores a la conexión. Otra impresión más es la constante difusión de la temperatura a lo largo de la rejilla, incluso en el borde. El calor se dispersa a través de reflectores integrados dentro de la parrilla, y no hay tanto humo como otras parrillas interiores. Para evitar apagar completamente el detector de humo, abra todas las cortinas y ventanas antes de cocinar en esta parrilla, ya que todavía hay una cantidad – aunque muy minimizado – del humo de ciertos alimentos, a saber, cerdo y cordero, según lo sugerido por Philips.

       T-fal OptiGrill

      Un marcado contraste con el T-fal OptiGrill, que ofrece una amplia gama de funciones y opciones de cocción – Philips Smoke-less solo tiene dos modos: calentamiento y parrilla. Una vez que la parrilla se precalienta completamente, la parrilla alcanza los 446 ° F y permanece cerca de esa temperatura sin mucha fluctuación.

      Para aquellos que buscan una temperatura universal de una parrilla enchufable, apreciarán que esta parrilla no tenga configuraciones que nunca usarán. Sin embargo, aquellos que desean un mayor control de las temperaturas de cocción podrían no estar tan satisfechos con la configuración única de esta parrilla.

      La rejilla es de aluminio fundido a presión y está recubierta con un revestimiento antiadherente.

      Facilidad de limpieza

      Tanto la rejilla como la bandeja de goteo son extraíbles, aptas para lavavajillas y también se pueden lavar fácilmente a mano, siempre que no se ponga No use un estropajo metálico o limpiadores abrasivos.

      Un punto digno de mención es que aunque la bandeja de goteo es considerable, es poco profunda y existe una posibilidad real de que la grasa se desborde dentro de la parrilla si está cocinando el tiempo suficiente.

      Además, el interior de la parrilla está sujeto a salpicaduras de grasa, algunas de las cuales no se desprenden a pesar de usar jabón para lavar platos. Sin embargo, Philips recomienda usar un raspador de cerámica si las manchas persisten.


      La parrilla tiene pies antideslizantes en la base.


      Aunque no es una parrilla completamente libre de humo, el Philips Smoke HD 6371/94 es una parrilla apta para apartamentos que ofrece auténticos sabores a la barbacoa. Aunque es un poco más caro que algunos de sus pares de interior, definitivamente vale la pena considerar esta potente parrilla.

      7. Parrilla de interior Secura GR-1503XL: la mejor parrilla de interior portátil

      Antes de terminar este artículo, pensamos que debería echar un vistazo a la Secura GR-1503 XL, una parrilla de interior portátil que muchas personas pasan por alto. [19659207] Secura GR 1503XL mejor revisión de parrilla interior portátil " class="wp-image-14450" data-wpfc-original- />


    • Asequible
    • Combo de parrilla de rejilla 2 en 1
    • Tapa de vidrio extraíble
    • Termostato extraíble y ajustable
    • Bandeja de goteo considerable [19659054] Tamaño

      Aunque Secura enumera que el GR-1503XL tiene 180 pulgadas cuadradas de área de parrillas, sentimos que podría ser exagerado. La superficie apenas puede caber en dos filetes, pero aún puede cocinar artículos más pequeños como brochetas y brochetas.


      La combinación reversible de plancha y parrilla de dos en uno es una agradable sorpresa, lo que significa que puede cambiar fácilmente cuando cocinar diferentes tipos de comida. Ambas superficies tienen un revestimiento antiadherente que es bastante duradero.

      El GR-1503 es relativamente fácil de ensamblar, no requiere más de unos minutos. La pa rrilla también cuenta con un termostato ajustable con una luz indicadora de calentamiento en el termostato.

      Facilidad de limpieza

      En la superficie de la parrilla, hay crestas que guían las gotas de grasa hacia la bandeja de grasa debajo de la parrilla. Puede acceder a la bandeja y desechar la grasa sobrante con facilidad.

      El combo de parrilla y la bandeja de grasa son afortunadamente aptos para lavavajillas.


      La tapa transparente lo protegerá contra salpicaduras de grasa mientras permitiéndote monitorear el interior. También ayuda a retener el calor y la humedad.


      El Secura GR-1503 XL puede no lucir llamativo o presumir de características elegantes, pero hace el trabajo. Y para algunos, esta parrilla asequible es más que capaz y funcional para proporcionar una comida buena, rápida y relativamente libre de problemas.

      Una tabla comparativa de parrillas para interiores de alto rendimiento

      Modelo Tamaño (L x W x H) Área de cocción (pulgadas cuadradas) Extras Garantía
      PowerXL Smokeless 22.1 ”x 13.2” x 6.1 ” 139 Manijas,
      Parrilla Plate,
      Griddle Plate,
      Tempered Glass Lid,
      60-day warranty
      Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor Grill 12.4” x 16.73” x 6.81” 118 — – 1-year limited warranty
      George Foreman GFO240S Indoor Grill 23.5” x 21” x 15.75” 240 Lid cover,
      Stand (for outdoor parties)
      3-year limited warranty
      T-fal OptiGrill + XL GC722D35 Indoor Grill 18.9” x 9” x 14.8” 124 Handle on the hood 1-year warranty
      Prest o 09020 Indoor Grill 11.25” x 18.43” x 2.18” – — Spatula included 1-year limited warranty
      Philips Smokeless HD 6371/94 14.5” x 19.75” x 5.5” 108.5 1-year limited warranty
      Secura GR-1503XL Indoor Grill 22.5” x 15.5” x 5.25” 180 2-year limited warranty

      Top Favored Brands

      Of course, you’re completely entitled to your own personal preferences, and any indoor grill that ticks most of the boxes on your checklist is a definite must-have, but we feel there are only so many good brands in this saturated market. Here are a few prominent grill brands and manufacturers that have earned the trust of the grilling community. Let’s see if you can recognize any familiar name and logo on this list.

      1. Hamilton Beach 

      Not many brands boast sales records of over thirty million small kitchen appliances yearly. Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. proudly does.

      Hamilton Beach logo

      Not only does it specialize in indoor-safe grills, Hamilton Beach also manufactures all sorts of kitchenware, from blenders and bread makers to electric kettles and espresso machines. With its products found in households all over America, Hamilton Beach is truly a household name. Committed to making the consumers’ daily lives easier, this brand has stayed true to its mission. That’s probably why Hamilton Beach earns the customers’ thumbs-up.

      2. T-fal

      t-fal logo

      In 1954, Marc Gregoire experimented with Teflon on his wife’s frying pan. Little did he know that he was revolutionizing the cooking game. Forever.

      Decades after the groundbreaking discovery, T-fal continues its pursuit of innovation. Their aim to find a newer solution to change the consumer’s life for the better has been their driving force from the beginning.

      3. Tristar Products Inc.

      tristar logo

      Tristar Products Inc. is a supplier of an abundance of household appliances, chief among these are their kitchenware and countertop appliances. Among its most popular products are the Copper Chef Cookware and the Jack LaLane Power Juicer, with over $200 million and $1 billion in retail sales, respectively. Its PowerXL appliances series, including the smokeless grill and air fryers, are among the customers’ favorites.

      And not just settling for the domestic market, Tristar also flourishes in international markets, thanks to the combined effort of proven distribution channels and media exposure across more than 100 nations, as claimed on its website.

      george foreman logo

      4. George Foreman

      Founded in 1994, something really stands out about this brand that has sold over 100 million products. With its signature fat-draining slope and the patented nonstick coating, George Foreman has always been dedicated to the customers’ desire to prepare healthier and leaner meals quickly and easily. Folks at George Foreman design their products with the customers’ best interest at heart, so every meal you make using their grill is guaranteed to be leaner yet still as delicious.

      the secura logo

      5. Secura

      Secura is a small appliance manufacturer in North America that has sold an astounding 8,000,000 units domestically. Not resting on its laurels, Secura aims at expanding its reach beyond the States.

      SECURA supplies a varied range of products in the kitchen, health & beauty and fitness sectors, which focus on ease of use and environmental friendliness.

      6. Philips

      Philips logo

      Now here’s a familiar name. You’ve probably seen this logo on your TV, toothbrush, or even one of the light bulbs.

      Philips isn’t exactly a powerhouse of grill manufacturing. Instead, the Dutch-based colongmorate specializes in a wide array of household appliances, which goes from the screen in the living room to the air fryer in the kitchen, and that’s just a fraction of their production. And it’s not just a well-known brand in the States, but also a prominent name in the international market.

      7. Presto

      presto logo

      Presto was founded in 1905 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Back then it was a small company specializing in pressure canners, also known as “canner retorts.” But it wasn’t until 1939 when the major breakthrough— the saucepan-style pressure cooker— that brought this brand to prominence.

      Decades have passed, and Presto has expanded its product lines. Now it supplies different kitchen appliances, the most popular among which are air fryers, coffee makers, and indoor grills.


      Indoor grills are gradually becoming the choice of many meat lovers when the weather prevents outdoor grill fests, or wherever space is limited. And with our reviews of the best indoor grillsalong with the buying guide, you can make an informed choice of indoor grill that best suits your needs.

      If you have used any of the grills in this article, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your grilling tips, experience, or anything at all, by comment right below.

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