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9 Best Electric Smoker Under 200 (Updated 2020)

Tired of your best gas or charcoal grill? Now you want to explore the electric smoker while spending busy or lazy days. The best electric smoker below 200 would be the best reasonable deal for you now as an electricity enthusiast. Another good point of having this grill is to get a low cost grill experience and it takes all the effort out of the gas grill like turning them on, turning them on, adjusting the temperature and many more.

Dealing with price and features is the hardest part. for you. But here our duty is to eliminate difficulties and provide you with the right smokers. To get to know all of those smokers, don't miss a single one.

Top 10 Electric Smokers Under $ 200

Now looking for the best available on the market? Here we come with the list of the 10 best great electric smokers, those will be exclusively amazing for you while reducing the effort that other smokers.

1. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuild is known for providing the best deal as they produce the industry's cheapest electric grill that appeared with good features and quality. For that, we bring the Masterbuilt MB20071117 first. Like all electric smokers, it comes with an insulated body to retain heat. For that, you will get the least heat loss and a more constant temperature. After that, to maintain that temperature, it has a built-in thermostat that brings excellence to the common smoker

Now let's move on to the main feature, which is next to the wood chip loading system. When you open the door, it will get hot outside and slow down the smoker. To minimize that, a smoker should have a convenient chip loading system that paves the way to access the wood chip tray next to their smoker. The good news is that you don't even have to bother opening the door.

You will experience whole chicken and large slabs inside the four chrome coated smoking racks. This would be enough to feed a couple or crowd, if desired. And, when you open the door to remove or bring in food, the door latch allows you to close tightly and lock it perfectly. The whole experience is no more ignition, ignition and easy operation at the same time.

Key Features

  • The Masterbuilt digital electric smoker comes with the digital control panel for that, you can easily control the temperature in time
  • It has three racks and all of them integrated with chrome to make it last long
  • It is produced from the producer as completely insulated with the internal body and retains more heat and energy
  • The thermostat-temperature control provides uniform and constant smoking
  • It is completely insulated on the internal side so that the heat retains at the optimal level.

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2. Masterbuilt 20077515 Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20077515 Electric Smoker with remote control for everyone. Plus, it's a great choice for feeding the crowd or pairing them both, as the grill surface is 730 square feet with the 4 chrome-plated shelves. Furthermore, you can easily control and monitor the entire cooking process with the help of the Rf remote controls, for that it would be very easy to monitor the temperature, the internal light (turn it on / off) and toggle between the sound temperature.

Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker with …

  • Digital panel and RF remote control on / off, temperature, time and light; monitors internal meat …
  • Four chrome plated smoking racks
  • Patented side wood chip loading system: add chips without opening the smoker door
  • Integrated thermostat temperature control for smoking evenly
  • Full view window

Don't forget the adjustable air regulator, it helps control the smoke level. In addition, it helps to alternate the level of smoke, and you can easily get the mildest or most intense flavor according to your choice. The best we found is the drip tray, which allows us to cut the extra fat from the meat.

The main apparatus of it is the chrome coated smoking racks which enhance additional durability during the period. So there is no reason to worry about rust or something. Unloading and unloading the wood chips will not give you a hard time, since the loading system is easy and removable. The final push is the handle and rear wheels that pave the way for good mobility.

Key Features

  • It is powered by the 800 W heating element and produces heat between 100 ° F and 400 ° F [19659019] Sufficient spaces with 730 square inches and all four racks are chrome plated [19659018] Blue LED display makes reading temperature easier even in direct sunlight
  • You can easily control the smoker with the Rf remote control
  • The wood chip box and drip tray come with a best redesigned training

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3. Masterbuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt MB20070210 Electric Smoker does not come with the average cooking space, but is somewhat larger than the others. The main focus is a newer version of the lucrative black color. However, it seems as affordable as the previous ones. New features come with this smoker, and the best deal with the three chrome-plated smoking racks, where you can put all the meat served for the large family.


Masterbuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker, …

  • Three smoking racks with chrome coating
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Temperature control is easy with analog dial
  • Removable water container to add moisture and flavor
  • Wood chip tray slides out for easy ash removal

This master construction stands on its own feet with the legs framed and works with the 1,500 W that ensure a constant and uniform consumption. The built-in temperature gauge is the perfect victory, as it allows you to toggle between setting levels. After that, don't forget to get more flavor and moisture as it has the removable water bowl. Having these two characteristics together will minimize difficult cooking time, to be sure.

Finally, it comes with the ash extraction tray, a rare feature. On the other hand, the wood chip tray slides flexibly there. It also helps to clean better as it has the grease pan pan where additional food drips come in. General construction is not the best in the business or the poor, so far we believe it is on average. Price is the final push, so you must bring it right away.

Key Features

  • It has three convection racks that are equipped with chrome coated smoking racks
  • Easy to install control the temperature thanks to built-in temperature gauge and easy to dial
  • Have the removable water bowl ensures the addition of moisture and flavor to your dishes
  • Wood chip tray comes and slides easily to easily remove ash [19659056] Powered by 1,500W heating element for easy smoking more uniform and constant

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4. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow SH19079518 Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow SH19079518 designed for better cooking preparation, as it has a large cooking space with the three chrome grills. You will find the control of the digital panel very easily to activate / deactivate, or also toggle between the temperature.

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow SH19079518 Digital …

  • Exterior: 33.5 in. (H) x 18.2 in. (W) x 18.7 in. (L) Interior: 26.2 in. (H) x 14.8 in. (W) x 12.8 …
  • Digital panel controls on / off, temperature and time
  • Three chrome coated smoking racks
  • Integrated thermostat temperature control for uniform and uniform smoking
  • Body Fully Insulated Smoker

Like all electric smokers, it comes with an insulated body to retain heat. For that, you will get the least heat loss and a more constant temperature. After that, to maintain that temperature, it has a built-in thermostat that brings the common smoker to excellence.

It is powered by 800w, so this patio is enough to cook more or less every item you crave. The final push is to have the air damper which is a great feature to control smoke and carry it to food. It kept the temperature very well, and you can serve the food with the juicy smoky flavor that everyone likes and craves.

Key Features

  • It comes with the digital control panel for that, it can easily control the temperature in time
  • Powered by 800w which is enough to handle a versatile amount of food
  • It has three racks and all of them integrated with the chrome to last a long time
  • leaves the producer as completely isolated with the internal body and retains more heat and energy
  • The adjustable air regulator brings more smoke while helping to control the smoke [19659022] Buy from Amazon

    5. Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker

    When we selected the Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker in our review, the good thing was the large cooking area, and it actually sounds spacious. Because having the 548 square inches of the cooktop would be a good deal where you can easily place large chunks of meat. Plus, they intelligently build it to have a sizeable footprint that doesn't take up much space.

    Cuisinart COS-330, 30 "Electric Smoker

    • The smoker is convenient and easy to use, ideal for beginners and experienced smokers.
    • Simply plug it in, place your meat on the racks, adjust the temperature and let the smoker do its job
    • Offers an easy-to-read thermometer on the front door that helps monitor internal temperature
    • Lightweight frame and two side handles for easy mobility
    • The 1500 watt heating element will produce a temperature of 100 ° F to 400 ° F

    And, the temperature is easily controlled with the built-in thermometer, which you can easily see at any time. Let's move on to the topic of what so well you can hold it. The good thing is that it will have two handles that will allow you to easily grab it and make you feel that it is lightweight. For that no problem. Signals would be found to move or set

    Now I tell you about the most important things about chrome racks and luckily you have like four chrome coated smoking racks. The ace of this is having it easy to remove and set up while loading the wood chips. Once you block the chips, the feature of a fully insulated smoker body helps you get the maximum level of heat retention and get the best deal with thermostat temperature control.

    Key Features

    • Heating temperature is an ace for you as it rapidly increases between 100 and 400 degrees.
    • It comes in the perfect size and shape to feed your family, and it is convenient to use
    • Easy to adjust the temperature, and it works on most of the cooking dish you are dealing with
    • It has a Internal Analog Thermometer Helps Gain Precise Cooking Control
    • Two side handles and lightweight frame provide more portability and ease of carrying to the backyard

    Buy from Amazon

    6. Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

    The Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker comes with enough space for 544 square inches of cooking surface. This is undoubtedly a spacious surface to satisfy the hunger of your great family. Apart from that, this surface is secured by the three chrome cooking grates, for that you will get heat retention. Where the other manufacturer only satisfies to provide insulated construction, it brings double wall insulation.

    Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

    • 544 square inches of cooking space spread over three chrome cooking grates
    • Double wall insulated construction with dual exhaust ports [19659010] Door mounted temperature gauge and dual latches to keep door tightly closed
    • Front Access Water Tray, Grease Container and Wood Chip Tray [19659011] Measures 20.7 in W x 33.5 in H x 15 in D. 1, 000 Watt Electrical Element

    Maintaining airtight temperature is an ideal feature, you should look. Fortunately, this one has a door mounted temperature gauge to make sure of this. On top of that, when you put something on and open the door, the door latches will help to close the door tightly. Therefore, it can also shut off the air to go out and retain the temperature.

    The front access water pan will minimize your effort to a great extent, again the fat cup will make it easier for you to remove the fat from the meat. There, you will get the wood chip tray and easily repair them properly. Last but not least, it kept the temperature very well, and you can serve the food with the juicy smoky flavor that everyone yearns for.

    Key Features

    • Comes with 544 square inches of spacious surface, where you throw all food on the grill
    • Durable cooking surface secured with 3 chrome cooking grates
    • Offered with the large wood chip box where wood chips burn for hours and bring more smoke [19659019] Door mounted doors allow you to view internal temperature and control them
    • Double wall insulation, water tray and drip tray bring excellent build

    Buy from Amazon

    7. The Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker

    Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E is an affordable option while adjusting the electric heater element with three chrome cooking grates. Plus, it has a multi-trim level that delivers the excellence of your kitchen. One of the weirdest things is having a porcelain-lined steel water tray and the drip tray gives you the perfect performance.

    Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E 30 -Inch Electric …

    • Electric smoker for outdoor cooking of meats, vegetables and more
    • Box of wood chips painted steel wood; porcelain-lined steel water pan
    • 2 cooking grates; 3 temperature settings; magnetic door locking system
    • 2 side handles for convenient transportation; easy assembly; Included Instructions
    • Measures 16 by 14 by 30 inches

    It may not control the heating temperature from outside the door, but you can control the temperature using the 3 adjustable levels of temperature settings, and the analog thermometer It works well. The door locking system is the real ace as you open and close, and you see that the door locks in without heat loss. The wood chip box comes as a painted order and is also made of steel, providing increased durability.

    The cooking surface is locked inside the 2 cooking grates, ensuring more days to hold. As you know, this type of grill lasts less, so this will help. Don't be afraid to get hot as you open the door, as you will find a handle on the door. If you want to take it to the backyard, then the two side handles would be convenient to carry there.

    Key Features

    • It comes in 30 perfect sizes where you will have enough room to explore your cooking recipes.
    • The water pan and wood chip box come in excellent order with porcelain coated steel
    • In the cooking area, 2 cooking grates ensure the longest life
    • Easy to adjust level with 3 temperature settings
    • Easy to carry with the 2 side handles and easy to mount

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    8. LANDMANN MCO 32954 Electric Smoker

    LANDMANN SMOKER MCO 32954 is an excellent choice for those who want to track the temperature in the full view window. It is optimized with some good features, which others lack. First off, the 3-in-1 combo tray maximizes the functionality of the wood chip box along with the greased tray. The 26 inches of surface with three-layer cooking convection would be a great option for you.

    Also, since the spaces have large sustainable chrome cooking grates, it shows that you will have more levels of smoky flavor. No matter what food will bring to this, the cooking capacity will not allow you to complain. And how is that? Well, having the separate heating element is the perfect match with it, plus you will get them removable.

    The door latch and rear shock port are the final push for you on the feature requirement. The door latch allows you to completely close the door, without even facing the slightest leak in the door. At the bottom, wrought iron side handles give you easier portability. Be sure to use the adjustable feet for accurate leveling when dealing with uneven surfaces.

    Key Features

    • Offered with 3-in-1 combo pan for water and grease pan along with wood chip box
    • Free door temperature gauge to maximize ease of temperature control
    • In the cooking area, it has 3 chrome steel grilles that guarantee durability
    • To control cooking at a better viewing angle, the full view window ensures that you can track it

    Buy on Amazon

    9. Masterbuilt MB20073716 Patio Electric Smoker

    When you want a portable designer electric grill, we recommend that you take a look at what Masterbuilt MB20073716 Patio has. It is powered by the 1,400 watt heating element that pushes cooking in a powerful way. Don't be afraid to try more food in one place, as it is enough to feed your entire family. The 3-in-one convection system lets you do it.

    No matter if you are a novice or a professional, you can easily bring excellence in kitchen work. It is fully optimized in the customization work, since it will have a series of accessories that improve your smoking and frying. The grills have a chrome design that brings your patios to a high level of good maintenance.

    Let's get into the main focus of this grill, having the built-in temperature gauge is the perfect victory as it allows you to toggle between setting levels. When you're done cooking, don't be surprised to find this in the backyard as it has portable folding legs for you. Also, this feature helps easy storage. Finally, don't worry about putting it together while you come home, as it is very easy to put together by following the instructions.

    Key Features

    • It comes as the portable grill, easy to carry and the folding legs are underneath
    • Powered by the 1400 watt heating system, that's enough to handle any kind of preparation of Cooking
    • Provides more heat retention and even distribution, as it has two chrome coated smoking racks [19659019] It has a built-in temperature gauge that allows a different level of temperature setting
    • Lightweight and easy to store where you have less space at home

    Buy on Amazon

    10. Masterbuilt MES 440S Electric Smoker

    Masterbuilt MES 440S offers maximum features compared to the others in this review. But the most unique feature is that it has Bluetooth compatibility, for that you can easily monitor it such as turning the system on and off. Like the others, it also comes with the convection grill, it has 4 racks, all are infused with chrome. Size is an enviable thing, and for that, it can feed a crowd.


    Masterbuilt MES 440S Bluetooth Digital Electric …

    • Custom Smoke – The patent pending sensor and additional heating element allow you to control …
    • Includes 1 meat probe thermometer (holds up to four)
    • Handle and rear wheels make it easy for smoker to move
    • Accessory ready ports for adding rotisserie, side shelves and more (sold separately)
    • 1200w cooking element and 150w custom smoke element

    Now, let's talk about the best you have. Yes, I am telling you about custom smoke, a unique and envious feature. For that, you can have a total of 5 settings to control smoke and deliver the best you crave. Other than that, temperature tracking is much better than others, as it has 1 meat probe thermometer, which is rare for most others. Don't forget to tell him the rotisserie kit, yes, on the electric smoker you can explore this, which is beyond limitation.

    All cooking power will be enhanced by 1200w cooking element, and custom element set up to 150w. for the smoke zone.Weight is a disadvantage as it has more space and convection racks to accommodate more food, luckily it has a rear handle and movable wheels that allow you to take it to the backyard.

    Key Features

    • Comes with custom smoke zone function controlled by 5 total settings
    • Specialized in temperature operation with the help of 1 meat probe thermometer
    • Wheels mobiles and the rear handle ensure mobility
    • Bring a lot of accessories and the grill kit is charming
    • Powered by the 1200w cooking element and the 150w set for the custom smoke zone

    Buy from Amazon

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    What factors make the best electric smoker below 200

    You are looking for the best electric smoker for less than $ 200 as it is affordable, that does not mean you will compensate by getting the right quality product. To make sure of this, you need to know what things to consider when buying the best electric smoker. Don't worry, we will help you overcome any obstacles in this perspective.

    Temperature setting

    Never trust an electric smoker that does not provide any rheostat or thermostat, this is one of the main features you should opt for. As you know, the electric smoker is not like the charcoal grill or any gas grill, so it must be included with this feature to get proper heat setting.


    You may not find out about this if you are new to this business. Warnings are the combination of all the ventilation systems located in the combustion chamber of your smoker, while allowing smoke and heat to be released. Without this feature, the smoker will not be able to maintain the internal temperature. In addition, it ensures that you will not have burned meats, as a result, it makes sure to give you juicy meats.

    Heat Mechanism

    When buying a new electric smoker, one must Know how the heating mechanism works. Normally, heat enters the smoker while the meat is cooking. The convection number in the smoker means that more heat generation is required, and that paves the way to the shortest space for kitchen preparation.

    Layer structure

    These are the racks installed in your smoker. The nice feature is to have polished chrome racks on any ideal electric smoker. However, here you will see some differences. Like some smokers they come with a vertical structure, some have horizontal, between these two some are designed with steel plated frames and others with chrome frames. The vertical and horizontal does not matter, but having the chrome is the best thing to do.

    Add wood or coal chips

    Wood or coal chips, which one will have to remain in the tray? You should solve that question before buying an electric smoker. The reason you will have wood or charcoal chips is to have the flavor of smoked food, and this will give you the best taste of traditional barbecue, and the smoke will help you get a restaurant as a flavor.

    Final Verdict [19659006] We have submitted some of the best electric smokers below 200, not necessarily all of which match your preference. Our main intention is to link it to budget constraints and then make the best of them. Among these ten best smokers, you can choose yours, make sure you know the functionalities of the time, which we have already explained above.

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