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American Outdoor Grill T-Series 30-Inch Built-in Gas Grill Review

When Fire Magic (one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor cooking equipment) set out to produce a more “affordable” gas grill, American Outdoor Grills began. These gas grills are manufactured in the same California factory as their much more expensive products. This gas grill may be a lot more basic than its high-end cousins, but for the price it’s a tremendous value. Yes, it’s streamlined and, to be honest, it’s thinner than a more expensive grill, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price.

While a little light on the BTUs, the American Outdoor Grill makes up for it with a highly distributed heat distribution. The three burners are divided into three tubes each (what we call E-type burners). This means nine tubes or 18 flame channels below the 540 square inches of thick stainless steel rod cooking grates. Stainless steel flame domes help even the heat (although not perfectly). Add the double layer hood and efficient design and you get a basic gas grill that works great. For those looking for a built-in gas grill in this price range, this is truly the model to consider.

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