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Benefits of Grilled Vegetables –

Benefits of Grilled Vegetables –

There is no doubt that vegetables are good for you. They are full of vitamins and nutrients that we need to stay healthy. It is even recommended that we receive five servings a day. But sometimes, they just aren't attractive enough to eat. Whether you are an adult or a child, eating vegetables can be a difficult task at times. Fortunately, there are ways to make vegetables a delight to eat. One of those ways is to grill them. There are many benefits to eating grilled vegetables in addition to the obvious. We compile several of them for you.

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Benefit # 1 : Taste improves naturally. While marinades are definitely delicious, they are not a must when grilling vegetables. Due to the smoke from the grill, the vegetables are infused with a subtle barbecue flavor that everyone loves. But that is not all. The heat from the grill caramelizes the natural sugars inside the vegetables, making them taste sweeter and more flavorful. And the additional crisis definitely doesn't hurt.

Benefit # 2 : Grilling retains more nutrients. When you cook your vegetables, some of the vitamins and minerals escape. This happens a lot when you boil vegetables. Some studies have found that sautéing or frying them won't cause you to lose as many nutrients, but it does add unhealthy fats. Grilling, on the other hand, does not require you to use fat to cook your food. Just the opposite. So if you prefer your vegetables to be cooked rather than raw, roasting them is your best option.

Benefit # 3 : Grilling can increase the nutritional content of some vegetables. This may come as a surprise since we just mentioned that cooking could lead to loss of nutrition in vegetables. That statement remains true to some extent. But with certain vegetables, more nutrients are released for your body to absorb when heated. According to nutrition experts, some nutrients are not readily absorbed by our bodies. For example, minerals have been found to be less available for absorption because fibers often bind to them. But when the fibers heat up, they break down, releasing some of the minerals. Carrots are another good example. Heating can significantly increase the amount of carotenoids in carrots. Carotenoids are good for you because they work as antioxidants in the body.

Benefit # 4 : Grilled vegetables help you lose weight. Eating vegetables can help you lose weight because they are low in calories but high in fiber. This means that you feel full without consuming a lot of calories to do it. That same fiber will also lower your blood cholesterol levels and ensure you have good bowel movement. And since grilled vegetables taste so good, you won't have a problem incorporating many of them into your diet.

Benefit # 5 : Almost all vegetables can be grilled. There is no limit to the vegetables you want to grill. Did you find a vegetable that you have never tried? Give the grill a spin. You'll find that when you're not sure how to cook a vegetable, grilling is the simplest answer. It's also the easiest – there's no prep time if you're too lazy to cut or slice.

Benefit # 6 : Say goodbye to picky eaters. We all know how difficult it is sometimes to eat your vegetables, possibly a throwback to our childhood days. Some of us still flinch in fear every time we hear that Brussels sprouts are on the menu. Fortunately, grilling adds a delicious flavor that turns veggies that were once disgusting into tasty treats! Have you ever tried chicory? It can be incredibly bitter that even vegetable lovers sometimes avoid eating it. But when roasted, the bitterness softens and the grill adds that smoky flavor we all love. Served with an amazing vinaigrette and you will never eat radicchio in any other way! Also, adding herbs and spices is easy enough before grilling, which will make vegetables much more attractive. Even the pickiest eaters will be happy to add roasted vegetables to their diet.

Benefit # 7 : Grilling vegetables is fun and easy to do. Who doesn't love grilling? You are outside the house, enjoying the fresh air and the warm rays of the sun. And it doesn't hurt that you're "playing with fire." But that could be said of any food you grill. However, vegetables are fun and easy to grill. No need to grill or fancy marinades. And you don't need a thermometer to tell you if the vegetable has reached the correct internal temperature. You don't even have to be a skilled grill to get your vegetables burned and ready to eat. A little salt and pepper, maybe an oil brush to prevent the vegetables from sticking (although you can also use aluminum foil or a grill basket) and voila! You have some crunchy vegetables to eat.

When you see all the benefits of grilled vegetables, you will wonder why in the world you rarely eat them. Maybe you should try adding more to your next cookout!

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