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Best Charcoal Grills in 2020 – A Buyer’s Ultimate Guide & Product Reviews

Best Charcoal Grills in 2020 – A Buyer’s Ultimate Guide & Product Reviews

When it comes to grilling meat, there is no charcoal to beat. It's as simple as that. In its true essence, the charcoal grill is an all-time classic for barbecue parties. You don't have to be a Michelin-starred chef to grill good food – everyone can, as long as you have the best charcoal grill on hand.

In this article, we will show you how the charcoal grill maintains its reputation as the best roasting method. Then we'll shed light on how to choose a grill that best suits your needs, followed by an in-depth review of our selections. And before we wrap things up, we'll go over some grill brands and manufacturers.

Why charcoal grills are unrivaled and unrivaled

Grilling over an open fire has always been more than a way of cooking food, it is a tradition and lifestyle deeply rooted in culture American. Since then, we have witnessed countless groundbreaking innovations and groundbreaking designs that have raised kitchen standards to new heights. Also, with the use of electricity and gas, the grill is becoming more fuel efficient and enjoyable.

So how come the charcoal grill is still preferred over other methods?

For starters, charcoal grills occupy an unbeatable place when it comes to firepower. The more charcoal you add, the hotter the grill will be. Its superior heating capacity allows roasters to diversify their cooking options: slow and slow for ribs, medium heat for roasting, and high heat for roasting fillets.

Some charcoal grills incorporate a smoking chamber, which creates a smoky flavor in food that no other grill can replicate. Even without a smoking chamber, you can add wet wood chips or even pieces of wood to create tasty food.

Charcoal grills offer emotional and spiritual values, to begin with. You rarely find a solitary grill, because you just don't roast by yourself, you're roasting for good company. Since the grill is deeply rooted in the American lifestyle and culture, with more than 75% of US residents. USA Who own a grill or smoker, 53% of which is charcoal-powered grill, according to HPBA survey, it's not difficult to spot a sizzling charcoal grill in the yard at a reunion party, at a camp in the summer , or in the backyard at every July 4th party.

What to consider before buying a charcoal grill

The clearer your standards, the more likely it is that you can find the grill that best suits your needs. Below are our criteria for choosing the right charcoal grill.


Charcoal grills are available for purchase at a wide range of price points, depending on certain factors. Generally, the brand and interior capacity of the grill drive the price.

Charcoal grills are relatively cheap. Most of them cost less than $ 100, and could be even cheaper during holiday sales, such as July 4th. The grills come with a weatherproof body and high corrosion resistance grids as they are exclusively for outdoor cooking parties. You can cook for a small family of up to six or seven people on medium grills.

However, if you're roasting for a bigger party, or want to add more chef amenities – side tables, a bottom shelf, tool hooks, or off-road wheels, just to name a few – you may have to be a little more generous with your budget. Grills with additional features can range from $ 150 to $ 300. It's not worth spending anything over $ 300, unless you're seriously considering investing in one of those ceramic cookers, also known as kamado grills.


Planning what you are going to cook, how many people you are serving, and how often you cook using the grill will help determine the correct grill size.

Someone who regularly hosts neighborhood parties or family gatherings would require a grill large enough to cook for a dozen or more people. Otherwise, if it's just you and your family, a medium grill should suffice.

If you often find yourself roasting large items like ribs or whole chickens, then a medium-large grill is in order. If burgers and hot dogs are the main dishes on the menu, a small to medium grill is a better option.


For huge items like briskets, turkeys and ribs a grill with aw ide and curved bottom – features found in a charcoal-style kettle grill or a kamado style grill : it is the perfect choice, suitable for slow cooking and indirect grill. These grills can also brown nice steaks as long as the grids can be adjusted at will.

Speaking of the grid, it is generally stainless steel, coated steel, or cast iron . If you have a specific preference, then this is a detail you should pay attention to.

During cooking, there must be times when you need to add or remove pieces of charcoal. Such adjustments can interrupt the cooking process because you must remove the food rack to access the charcoal bed. Therefore, for your convenience, it is recommended to purchase a grill with an easily accessible charcoal bed either through a door or a folding cooktop, so that you can easily serve the charcoal without taking to raise the sizzling hot grate.

Unlike gas grills and electric grills, there is no way to precisely adjust the temperature on charcoal grills accurately. All you can do is control the air flow to the charcoal bed and the exhaust from the top of the grill. That said, many manufacturers include easy-control dampers and with enough practice, they will eventually master it in no time.


While no one denies the immense cooking of a charcoal grill dexterity, its cleanliness compensation can be overwhelming.

Since the rack is too large to fit in a dishwasher, it must be washed by hand. While stainless steel, coated steel, and coated cast iron grates are easy to clean, the same is not the case for uncoated cast iron grates, which require not only gentle hand washing but also meticulous maintenance. .

As for the charred pieces, grime and ash collected at the bottom of the grill, it is a hassle to clean, so be sure to get a grill with a removable ashtray .


An outdoor cooking festival is at the mercy of the weather, you highly appreciate a grill with wheels and all-terrain wheels, or a sturdy cart.

If you are a picnic enthusiast, then a small portable charcoal grill will come in handy, especially wherever the space is premium, like the trunk of your car when traveling with the grill.

Safety [19659013] Charcoal grills are also subject to unavoidable flares: bursts of sudden and violent flames when the fire under the grill burns drops of grease and grease that fall through the bars. To prevent this from happening, you should trim the fat from the meat before cooking.

Other security measures include well insulated handles and a tight fitting lid with a lock.

Additional Features

Handling the grill is a demanding but rewarding task. Grills should maximize their performance by obtaining a grill with some of these features:

  • Tool Hooks
  • Side Tables or Bottom Shelf
  • Temperature Gauge

Reviews of the Best Charcoal Grills in 2020 [19659005] If you're If you're a repeat shopper who just wants to know which grill to buy, this list will get down to business. These are the best charcoal grills to buy in 2020.

  1. Lodge Sportsman Cast Iron Charcoal Grill – Best Buy from Publisher
  2. Weber Jumbo Joe 1211001 Charcoal Grill – Best Laptop
  3. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill – Best Weber
  4. Char-Griller Akorn® Kamado Charcoal Grill Smoker – Best Combo
  5. Marsh Allan 30052AMZ Hibachi Charcoal Grill] – Best Tabletop

For more information on our selections, follow the in-depth reviews.

1. Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman Charcoal Grill for Athletes: Best Buy of 2020

We'll kick off the party with Lodge Lodge Iron Iron Sportsman & # 39; s, a rustic hibachi-style grill that boasts immense heating power. Not many people find this grill to be attractive or eye-catching, but they will be impressed by its performance and features. Did you know this grill is on our compiled list of the best grills to buy this year? Be sure to visit it, and who knows, maybe you can find a grill that best suits your needs.

  Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman Charcoal Grill is the best choice to buy


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent Heating
  • Sizeable
  • Easy Access Carbon Bed
  • Adjustable Grill Heights [19659053] Durable, built to the latest quality


  • Meticulous cleaning
  • Poor insulation


The Sportsman & # 39; s measures 20.7 inches long by 12 inches wide by 10 inches wide. high. The cooking surface offers 142 square inches, enough to fit two or three steaks, depending on home grills.


A fine specimen made by Lodge, all parts of this grill are cast iron and are coated with 100% Natural Vegetable Oil so you can use it immediately after purchase without having to season the rack first. The Sportsman gives off a feeling of sturdiness, and is ideal for long road trips to the desert. In addition to cooking directly on the grill, one can reheat coffee and tea kettles on this grill to begin with.

The only feature we love about the Sportsman is the easy-access shooting gate . You can lay the charcoal on the spot and adjust the air flow with ease, but remember to wear a pair of sturdy pliers and gloves to avoid burning yourself. Since this door is also removable, you can also add or remove pieces of charcoal through it without interfering with food on the grill.

Since the cast iron grill is coated with natural vegetable oil, the non-stick surface keeps food from staying longer is welcome after cooking. Furthermore, its heat retention property ensures that your food will always be ready for consumption. That said, Lodge still advises applying oil, butter, or grease to the surface before preheating the grill.

Since the grill has two adjustable heights, one can choose between a quick roast or a slow roast, depending on what you are cooking.


Since the grill is cast iron, the dishwasher is definitely a no-no. You can gently rub with a soft bristle brush in warm water for three to five minutes. For stubborn stains, you can use dish soap, provided the solution is mild and in a minimal amount, as directed by Lodge.

Once you have rinsed the screen, you do not want it to air dry on its own. Use a paper towel or a piece of lint-free cloth to dry the rack completely. According to Lodge's instructions, the final step is to rub a thin layer of cooking oil on the surface and clean with a paper towel until there is no residue left before storing it. This will improve the grill's non-stick quality for better non-stick cooking in the future.

To clean the bottom of the grill, you must remove the unburned pieces of charcoal with a pair of tongs, discarding or keeping them until the next cook. it's entirely up to you. For the remaining ashes, you can use a vacuum cleaner, but make sure the debris is completely cold. Once this is done, you can clean the inside with a cloth or paper towels.

If you plan to keep the grill outside, we suggest that you use a small, breathable cover to protect it from the weather and condensation that could eventually cause rust. Otherwise, storing the grill indoors is probably the best option when you are not. will be used regularly.


Weighing in at nearly 31 pounds, the Sportsman can be quite heavy to carry around by its handle. Still, it's a compact grill that can fit any vehicle well and can even sit at a picnic table in the backyard. Campers and hikers would definitely love this grill.


What we are concerned about is the lack of proper grill insulation. As if the absence of side handles was not enough, the carrying handle is not well insulated either. So when you're done cooking, unless you load the grill with a pair of gloves, it will take a long time to cool down completely before you can move it.


The Lodge Sportsman is a well-rounded grill that does the job well. Its toughness and durability are a true testament to American quality – it's built to last for generations to come, if properly cared for and maintained.

2. Weber Jumbo Joe 1211001 Charcoal Grill: The Best Laptop

If you plan to go camping or picnicking, the Weber Jumbo Joe is a must-have. It is an inexpensive grill that offers gourmet results on a regular basis.

  Weber Jumbo Joe Portable Charcoal Grill Review


  • Affordable
  • Considerable Interior
  • Portable
  • Easy To Clean


  • Open Ash Catcher
  • Mango Flimsy


The Jumbo Joe measures 20.5 inches long by 19.7 inches wide by 19.7 inches tall with the lid closed. Its cooktop measures 18 inches in diameter, providing 240 square inches of grilling space, which can serve six hungry diners according to Weber. That said, this grill is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.


The body and cover are made of porcelain enamelled steel, and are under warranty for up to 10 years. The cooking grate is plated steel, while the charcoal grate is thick steel. The Jumbo Joe also has an aluminum ash pan, which is under warranty for five years.

If you are a fan of charred steaks, then the Slow ‘N Sear accessory is something to consider. It is a grill divider that can help stack pieces of charcoal so that the flames can get closer to the top grill.

It is a pity that there is no easily accessible carbon bed to care for the coals. If you want to make adjustments, you must first remove the cooking rack.

To adjust the temperature, there are two dampers, one on the top and the other on the lower part of the body. These aluminum vents are non-rusting and easy to use – open all dampers during ignition and preheat. Once turned on, you can make adjustments by partially closing them. And when the party is over, simply close both of them completely to put out the flame.


The grill is relatively easy to scrub with a grill brush and dish soap, even if there is no non-stick coating.

At the bottom of the grill, there is a revolving door that will release the ash, dust, and charred parts into the ash sink just below. While we appreciate Weber's attempt to make grill cleaning easier, the ash catcher is not a well-designed feature: the wind can blow ash and if it is still hot it can lead to fires and safety hazards.


Compact and lightweight, Weber’s Jumbo Joe is the best companion when people go camping or throw a tailgate party. The grill comes with a lid closure to prevent contents from spilling during transport. While the grill itself is not heavy, we think the handle could be reinforced better.


The glass reinforced nylon handle on the lid is well insulated and has a heat shield to boot.

If the Jumbo Joe feels bulky to you, then you might want to take a look at this Weber mini grill. You will be amazed how such a compact grill can cook, as well as its larger cousins ​​in the same category.


The Weber Jumbo Joe is an economical, functional and reliable grill that has earned the trust of many users. With this grill, each outdoor cooking festival will be an unforgettable dining experience. It is a perfect balance between compactness and practicality. This grill is ideal for picnic trips, camping, trekking, and road trips.

3. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill – Best Weber

Weber has so many well-made products that it is almost impossible to choose just one. With so many fine charcoal grills, it wouldn't do this brand much justice if there was only one representative. But if we have a hard time doing so, we recommend the Original Kettle Premium 14401001, a well-rounded and convenient charcoal grill that cooks incredibly well.

  Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill review


  • Large
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy access carbon bed
  • Removable ashtray / ashtray
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Robust design Cart Wheels


  • Expensive Compared To Its Peers
  • Without Side Table


The Original Kettle Premium measures 27 inches long by 22.5 inches wide by 39.5 inches tall with the lid closed. Its cooking surface measures 22 inches in diameter, providing 363 square inches of grilling space. Weber claims the grill can fit up to 13 burgers.


Like its brother Jumbo Joe, the Original Kettle Premium has a porcelain enamelled bowl and lid, which are also warranted for up to 10 years. Similarly, the charcoal grill is heavy gauge steel. The cooking grate is plated steel, but what we like is that you can fold it to access the charcoal bed without removing the entire grate. Now you don't have to stop cooking halfway, just lift half of the food rack to lay the charcoal right underneath. The removable ash catcher is aluminum, and has a guarantee of up to five years.


The rack is relatively easy to wash by hand, as it would be too large to fit in a dishwasher. A grill brush soaked in warm soapy water should remove most guns and grease. Specialized degreasers and cleaners can be helpful for stubborn stains, but only as a last resort.

Weber has addressed the open ash catcher design on the Jumbo Joe, and has made significant modifications. The aluminum ash collector under the bowl, called the One-Touch cleaning system, has a tray that contains the ashes, ashes and charred pieces that fall. The pan is well secured, but can be easily disassembled for ash removal and cleaning, preventing ash from being blown or scattered by winds.


The Original Kettle Premium sits firmly on a sturdy cart with two off-road wheels, allowing you to freely move the grill.


The grill has glass reinforced handles, one on the lid, with the addition of a heat shield, and two on the sides, eliminating the need for mittens.

We should also mention that the wheels of the car do not lock in a stationary position, so you would have to choose the location wisely, or the grill would roll.

Additional Features

The grill features a lid mounted thermometer. It gives a good indication of the interior temperature, as long as you don't lift the lid too often. With that said, if you need to monitor food temperatures while cooking, we suggest getting a grill thermometer. They are particularly useful when cooking large roasts over a long period of time.

When the cook needs to take a break to handle the grill, the tool hooks come in handy. The lid also has its own hook on the side so you don't have to hold it. Just set it aside and you can use both hands to take care of food on the grill. If you want to focus solely on cooking without the added features, then this Weber Original Kettle grill may spark your interest. It is similar to the Premium version, except that the ash catcher is open and there are no utensil hooks.


The Weber Original Kettle Premium is a well-made grill that not only delivers gourmet quality results, but also offers great comfort for grills.

4. Char-Griller Akorn® Kamado Charcoal Grill Smoker – Best Combination

Next on our list is the Akorn Kamado Char-Griller Kitchen, a grill and smoker hybrid that combines the best of both worlds in one unit.

  Char Griller Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill Smoker review


  • Top Heating and Heat Retention
  • Easy Access Charcoal Bed
  • Large Cooking Area with Warming Grill
  • Folding Side Tables
  • Removable ash tray
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Cart design with wheels
  • Utensil hooks
  • Lid catch


  • Expensive
  • Requires time and practice to get acquainted


The Akorn Kamado measures 45 inches long by 31 inches wide by 47 inches tall when fully assembled, while its cooking surface measures 20 inches in diameter. With the main cooking area of ​​314 square inches plus an additional 133 square inches of the warming grill, the grill offers a maximum of 447 square inches, enough to cook for a party of more than 10 diners. This grill is perfect for large items like brisket, ribs, or multiple whole chickens.


The body is 22 gauge steel with a triple wall construction that retains heat extremely well within the cooking chamber, making the most of the carbon. Of course, ceramic is the best heat retention material, but the Akorn does a good job at a much lower cost.

  Construction Char-Griller Akorn

While the exterior is powder coated, the interior is porcelain coated. The airtight design of the grill is perfect for smoking, a slow cooking process at low temperatures. This grill will keep your food moist and juicy without sucking on anything that is completely dry.

The grates are uncoated cast iron, so you should apply a coat of oil before use, also known as "seasoning." In addition to the normal grill, there is an additional removable heating grill. What we like about the grill is that there is a removable ring in the middle of the grill, allowing you to access the charcoal bed underneath without having to lift the grill.

To adjust the temperature, there are two buffers, one at the top, the other at the bottom near the carbon bed. They are designed to work together allowing or restricting the amount of air inside the cooking chamber. One thing to remember is that the adjustment is not immediate: it can take from five to twenty minutes for the temperature to stabilize at a final number so we advise you to be patient and not overcompensating by over-adjusting shock absorbers.


Since the grill is cast iron, hand washing is a given. Just rub it in with a sturdy brush with soft bristles while the grates are hot and the heat will dry the grates right away. If the racks are not fully seasoned, you can apply a thin layer of oil after cleaning. Careful cleaning and maintenance will prevent the grill from rusting.

The ashtray is firmly attached to the grill with latches. Once disengaged, the pan is easily removed for cleaning, and is deep enough to hold a lot of ash until you empty it.


The Akorn weighs 97 pounds, but is surprisingly mobile thanks to the all-terrain cart wheels that can handle rough terrain. Although it has wheels instead of wheels, it turns easily and its weight prevents it from moving if it is hit. Still, it is advisable to park the grill on a flat surface.


For kamado style grills, the rear draft can be a safety hazard. This phenomenon occurs when the sudden influx of oxygen feeds the flame too quickly, causing an outburst. To avoid this, open the lid slowly and let the grill burp several times before opening it fully.

Additional Features

This grill has two folding side tables for additional work space. But since they are plastic, you cannot place too many heavy food trays or condiment containers on top. If you need more storage space, there is a bottom shelf that will come in handy.

The Akorn has a lid-mounted thermometer that lets you know if you've reached the right temperature or if you need to make adjustments. The Akorn also has cookware hooks for tools and a lid latch that should always be closed before moving the grill.


The Char-Griller Akorn is a good start for those who want to practice and improve their cooking game. Especially if you don't want to commit to an expensive and heavy ceramic kamado kitchen. It is a good combination of a charcoal grill and a smoker. This is the grill to get if you want those pinkish smoke rings and the irresistible smoky flavor of your meat.

5. Marsh Allan 30052AMZ Hibachi Charcoal Grill: The Best Table

Before concluding this article, we introduce the Marsh Allan, a rustic Hibachi-style table grill.

  Marsh Allan 30052AMZ Hibachi Charcoal Grill review


  • Cheap
  • Good heat retention
  • Height adjustable grilles
  • Portable
  • Easy to mount


  • Grids small
  • Occasional grease leaks
  • Ineffective ventilation doors

Size [19659062] The two cast iron cooking grates combine for 157 square inches of grilling space. While not suitable for large items, the racks can cook smaller items like hamburgers, kabobs, and kabobs.


The grill has a small and shallow bottom, which is a very nice design if you are a fan of scorching, as the heat will be more concentrated and intense. The grill takes a while to preheat, but once heated, it retains heat extremely well.

Curved grates are uncoated cast iron, which will cause food to adhere to cooking surfaces before they are fully seasoned. But this can easily be avoided by applying oil or butter before preheating. On the other hand, you can set the racks to three different heights for cooking at different temperatures.

The two adjustable air vents are supposed to adjust the air flow within the carbon bed. Sin embargo, hay quejas de los consumidores acerca de que son más decorativos que prácticos.


Las rejillas requieren lavado manual: un cepillo de rejilla de nylon debería eliminar la mayoría de la grasa. Recuerde secar bien las rejillas y darles una capa de aceite vegetal, o sucumbirán a la oxidación.

En cuanto al lecho de carbón, puede aspirarlo una vez que la ceniza esté completamente fría. Los trozos de carbón no quemados pueden desecharse o guardarse para uso futuro, pero asegúrese de usar un par de tenazas de servicio pesado para quitarlos si aún están calientes.


El Marsh Allen es muy liviano y compacto . No ocupará mucho espacio en la mesa o en la parte trasera de su vehículo cuando vaya a acampar.


Las manijas están bien aisladas, por lo que no necesita guantes.


Si planeas comprar una parrilla de mesa, entonces el Marsh Allen es el camino a seguir. Su valor por el dinero no tiene comparación con ninguna otra parrilla, y se sorprenderá de lo bien que funciona esta pequeña parrilla.

Una tabla comparativa de las parrillas de carbón de alto rendimiento

Modelo Tamaño (LxWxH) [19659204] Área de cocción
(pulgadas cuadradas)
Características adicionales Garantía
Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman (L410) 20.7 "x 12" x 10 " 142 – – Sin garantía por escrito, pero responderá a pedido
Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18 ”1211001 20.5" x 19.7 "x 19.7" 240 Recolector de cenizas,
Escudo térmico para mango
Tazón y tapa: 10 años, sin óxido / quemado
Sistema de limpieza de un toque: 5 años, sin óxido / quemado
Componentes de plástico: 5 años, excluyendo decoloración o decoloración
Todas las piezas restantes: 2 años
Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 "(14401001) 27" x 22.5 "x 39.5" 363 Sistema de limpieza One-Touch vástago,
Termómetro montado en la tapa,
Escudo térmico para el mango,
Ganchos para herramientas y tapas
Tazón y tapa: 10 años, sin óxido / quemado
Uno -Sistema de limpieza táctil: 5 años, sin óxido / quemado
Componentes de plástico: 5 años, excluyendo decoloración o decoloración
Todas las piezas restantes: 2 años
Parrilla de carbón Char-GrillerAkorn® Kamado E16620 45 "x 31" x 47 " 314 de la rejilla principal + 133 de la rejilla de calentamiento = 447 en total Mesas laterales,
Ganchos para herramientas,
Estante inferior
Termómetro montado en la tapa
Campana y parte inferior de la parrilla (excluyendo cenicero extraíble): 5 años para óxido / quemado
Cenicero y piezas defectuosas: 1 año
Kay Home Products Marsh Allan 30052AMZ Parrilla de carbón Hibachi [19659208] 22 "x 15" x 8 " 157 Rejillas ajustables en altura 1 año

Las mejores marcas de parrilla de carbón

En En esta sección, veremos algunos fabricantes y proveedores de parrillas en el campo. Algunas marcas son icónicas y se reconocen instantáneamente, mientras que otras intentan darse a conocer. Veamos cuántos puede identificar.

1. Weber

 Logotipo de Weber

Escriba la frase clave "mejor parrilla de carbón" y se encontrará en el país de las maravillas de Weber. Este es uno de los nombres más destacados en la industria de fabricación de parrillas. Desearíamos poder hacer un artículo completo exclusivamente para las parrillas Weber, pero hasta que podamos hacerlo, aquí hay una página completa dedicada a la marca.

Fundada en 1952 por George Stephen, Weber ha pasado por innumerables innovaciones y transformación drástica, pero su excelente calidad se ha mantenido sin cambios. Esa es probablemente una de las muchas razones por las que este querido logotipo negro-blanco-rojo es reconocido instantáneamente por casi todos los entusiastas de la parrilla

2. Char-Griller

 Logotipo de Char Griller

Char-Griller se enorgullece de fabricar parrillas, fumadores y accesorios de alta calidad que todos pueden pagar. Desde conocedores hasta cocineros caseros, y desde restaurantes de cinco estrellas hasta la cocina de su hogar, Char-Griller ha dado a conocer su presencia.

Hace su debut hace décadas, Char-Griller se ha esforzado constantemente por mejorar. The company introduced us to the unique charcoal barrel-style grill, and have since broadened their range even further, to Dual Fuel, Kamados, Kettles series and more. Their grills and smokers are trusted as dependable appliances in millions of homes around the world.

After more than a quarter of a century, Char-Griller has gained in-depth industry knowledge, and has perfected the art of making top-quality, innovative grills.

3. Lodge

Lodge logo

Founded in 1896 and based in Tennessee, the Lodge family has been making top-quality cast iron cookware and accessories for over a century.

All Lodge seasoned cast iron cookware is proudly made in the United States. So, when you buy a Lodge griller you’re buying craftsmanship that has been passed from generation to generation. Lodge cast iron cookware is also well-known for its premium-quality design, lifetime durability, and cooking versatility.

Unmatched for over a century for its timelessness and durability, Lodge will continue this time-honored tradition into the foreseeable future.

Kay Home Products

Founded in 1989 and based in Antioch, Illinois, Kay Home Products offers a wide range of consumer products, notably the complete line of Marsh Allan and Vortex barbecue grills, in a wide variety of sizes and models to suit different consumer needs.

All Marsh Allan grills— whose slogan goes “Marsh Allan grills, Anytime – Anywhere”— feature adjustable cooking grates, and they range in size from a modest 95 square inches to an astounding 484 square inches of cooking freedom.


Charcoal grills now face fierce competition—with the arrival of gas and electric grills— but they remain the most popular form of grilling. Like a pair of jeans, they’ll never go out of style.

We hope that our reviews of the best charcoal grills— along with the buying guide— will help you make the best choice among countless options on the market. If you feel like sharing your grilling experience, and tips, or if there’s anything that we can do to improve this article, your comments are always warmly welcomed and appreciated.

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