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Best Charcoal Grills Review in 2020

They say that "everything is bigger in Texas". And like a Texas ranch, the Weber 60020 “The Ranch” charcoal grill shows off its impressive size to set itself apart from the pack. Even for its impressive size, this grill manages to evenly cook each and every meat and vegetable on its surface, ensuring that everyone at your party lines up for seconds. If your goal is to feed a large crowd, The Ranch will easily feed the masses with room to spare.

The Ranch's main feature is its massive cooking surface, which reaches over 1,000 square inches. Designed for catering and country clubs, this charcoal grill has room to cook multiple turkeys, chickens, or other roasts at once. The Ranch even has room to cook up to 19 Cornish hens at a time, a testament to its ability! All of this plus Weber's familiar stainless steel cooking grill, with a special hinged opening to add even more charcoal while cooking.

But don't think The Ranch does this voluminous feat by compromising cooking ability. The stainless steel grill evenly distributes heat evenly over your charcoal grill creations, ensuring they come out just as you and your hungry guests envision. The unique design of the kettle keeps The Ranch in line with other well-regarded Weber models in terms of heat trapping and circulation, even after seasons of use. The meat and vegetables cooked at The Ranch meet Weber standards, ensuring that your food is tasty and evenly cooked without fail.

Just like The Ranch features high cooking capacity, this grill also boasts high durability, party after party and season after season. The porcelain enameled bowl and lid are designed to repel the elements and resist chipping, even if left outdoors (although it works best if kept under cover when not in use). The Ranch ensures that control over the grill is literally in your hands. With two glass-reinforced nylon handles, made of weather-resistant thermoplastic, they stay cool to the touch, ensuring you can hit when the plates are hot.

This grill also eliminates the hassle of the usual "where to put the grill lid" dilemma. The ranch has a "hidden" lid holder, making it unnecessary to leave your grill on the ground longer. Once you've finished cooking and your dishes have been served on the charcoal grill, you can enjoy your meal, as the built-in ash pan makes cleaning quick and easy (once cooled).

Surprisingly, a massive surface area and a bunch of added features isn't all you get when you add The Ranch to your outdoor kitchen. This model also comes with a Weber cookbook at no additional charge, demonstrating new recipes for you to try while providing delicious meals to everyone you know.

The Ranch owners agree, this is a serious charcoal grill for serious charcoal grills. Many praise its versatility in serving large and small parties, from birthdays to full family gatherings. Owners are always looking for new large-scale items to roast on this charcoal grill, with everything from large chests to ribbed shelves on the table. Even at above-average cost, The Ranch pays back your investment in capacity and performance.

If you're looking to roast for large audiences over and over again this season, then the answer is clear: buy The Ranch for your Outdoor Kitchen this year. With its large capacity and performance combined, you'll quickly see that this high-end charcoal grill can do a lot with just a little flame.

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