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Best Gas Grills Review in 2020

When you're ready to take your gas grill set to the next level, take the Monument Grills 17842 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill and learn first-hand about their premium gas grill experience. From its exceptionally rugged outer shell design to its portfolio of additional features, Monument Grills 17842 embodies a top-of-the-line gas grill experience that is sure to get family and guests back in line for seconds.

Cooking with Monument Grills 17842 is a delight, like driving a sports car. Its porcelain-lined cast iron cooktop provides 513 square inches of roasting space, which is easily enough room for up to 25 burgers at a time. While cooking, you won't need to leave all those burgers on all the time. If you prefer your patties to be a bit rare, you can place them on the 210-square-inch warming rack, ensuring they retain their flavor until it's time to serve.

With 60,000 BTUs spread across four main burners, you'll have a lot of heat scattered across the cooking surface of Monument Grills 17842. But to add even more versatility and cooking power, you can also fire up the side burner, a feature that even other high-end gas grills can't brag.

Once you get familiar with Monument 17842 Grills, you can place a rotisserie on the built-in rotisserie mounts to grill the juiciest and most delicious chicken or other poultry you've made at home.

Some gas grills have stainless steel panels in a backing paper, to give the appearance that their exterior construction is built to take a hit. However, Monument Grills 17842 need not pretend to be robust, as it features a completely stainless steel exterior construction. In fact, the exterior of this gas grill is more like armor, protecting the exceptional internal grill implements year after year from any external damage that may threaten it.

Monument Grills 17842 closed cabinet form factor allows for a distinctive aesthetically pleasing advantage. With double door access to the lower section, you can hide the bulky propane container, preserving the seamless stainless steel appeal of this grill's exterior. As a result, this gas grill model is a perfect centerpiece for a well-built patio or patio area. As soon as the guests arrive, they will come to you to take a closer look at the modern machine you are roasting on.

Monument Grills 17842 also offers several additional features that really help keep you in your own league of 4 burner gas grills. For example, the four heavy-duty front caster wheels feature a blue LED backlight, allowing you to easily control your grill's output even when the sun is setting. You'll also have room to prepare and serve your creations on the grill, with a pair of stainless steel shelves flanking each side.

Monument Grills 17842 owners agree: This is a solid gas grill that is built to last and built to provide one of the best gas grill experiences available on the market today. Some have even noticed that you could pay more for a lower gas grill, but reject the idea after using Monument Grills 17842. You will also join this collection of satisfied customers after trying Monument Grills 17842. This model is a premium experience. from which you will never return.

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