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Best Grills in 2020 — A Buyer’s Ultimate Guide & Products Review

Best Grills in 2020 — A Buyer’s Ultimate Guide & Products Review

In this article, we will distinguish the different types of grills, in addition to pointing out their advantages and disadvantages. Then we'll provide a buying guide, pick some of the best grills right now and go through each one in detail. And before we wrap things up, we'll go over some grill manufacturers and distributors in the field.

What is the best grill for you

Barbecue has long been associated with American culture. Grilling is more than just a hobby: it is a lifestyle and a tradition, as the 2017 HPBA survey pointed out. The origin of the grill is hotly debated, as there is no set date, but only speculations and estimates, and some go as far as the pre-colonial period. Although the root of the barbecue may not be agreed in the short term, there is a consensus: it remains one of the most preferred activities to date. You can easily see a sizzling grill in every backyard for July 4th, a family reunion, on the beach, or a party in the park.

Over time, barbecue has grown in popularity and grill manufacturers have diversified their product ranges, so there is always something for everyone to choose from. Today, grills can come in various prices, sizes, materials, and other features. Although there is no consensus on the ultimate grill, we can generally classify grills based on fuel: coal, gas, and electricity, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

But no matter which grill you choose, if you marinate food well and set the right temperature, your barbecue party will be a huge success. And let's be honest: hardly anyone can say no to well-cooked burgers, charred steaks, huge chunks of ribs, and breasts.

  What is the best grill for you?

How to choose the right grill

You will probably want the best grill for next July 4th, right? Yes, of course, and that's what this article is for: to give you enough information, so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Type of grill

As indicated above, we can classify the grills according to how they are powered: powered by coal, gas and electricity.

Charcoal grills are the original form of barbecue as it evolved from the rudimentary kitchen with wood and fire. Arguably, these grills highlight the best flavors in food with their superior warming ability with a faint smoky flavor and pink smoke rings [19659013]] – a revered signature among the grilling community. Although manufacturers have improved the quality of the charcoal grill with higher efficiency charcoal and better materials such as stainless steel and ceramic, the core principle remains unchanged.

But an obvious problem with charcoal grills lies in the temperature control that can get out of control quickly and present safety risks, especially for first time broilers. One must constantly monitor the charcoal and adjust the air flow in and out of the grill in a timely manner. Furthermore, lighting the charcoal is another frustrating subject especially with the gusts of wind that interfere and without specialized tools. Cleaning is also a mess to begin with.

Gas grills are propane or natural gas which have immense heating power. Its burners can keep the flame steady and stable as long as the fuel supply remains uninterrupted. One can easily control the temperature by dialing the knobs to the contents of his heart. Also, the ignition has no problems with a built-in battery starter the most common of which is a piezoelectric starter.

And yet these grills are not flawless – they can present a fire safety hazard and cause injury if improperly installed or parts simply malfunction. Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance of these grills require a lot of effort since there are many components that must be disassembled. If the cleaning obligation is neglected for too long, the longevity and performance of the grill will undoubtedly decrease over time with burners, rust and cobwebs clogged.

Electric grills are easy to use many of which are plug-and-use models. They generally preheat faster compared to coal and gas grills, and most importantly, do not use combustible fuels so there is absolutely no chance of flares . Some models come with a powerful suction that prevents smoke from rising making these grills the perfect choice for apartment and indoor grill restaurants. These grills are very compact making them the most preferred choice for grills that don't have the luxury of a backyard, garden, or patio, especially those who live in a condo or studio . However, the main attraction of these grills lies in the easy and precise temperature setting : : the desired temperature can be selected by clicking on some buttons or by pressing some buttons, and the grill would achieve precise precision in on question of seconds.

That said, the grill community does not exactly prefer electric grills, in part because of its limited temperature range and cannot exceed the designed spectrum. Furthermore, unlike their outside counterparts which are often seen during family reunions or on July 4, these grills are compact and probably a more suitable for a small family .

Each grill has its own strength and deficiency; some are minor drawbacks, but others are notoriously alarming. Therefore, please take them into consideration before purchasing.


Among the three, electric grills are the cheapest, and some cost less than $ 50. They generally range from $ 60 to $ 300, depending on how large they are, the complexity of the control and the manufacturer. The main features include warming and grilling, but there are also grills with advanced settings like food-specific cooking modes and new features like defrost.

Charcoal grills generally cost between $ 75 and $ 150, and are great for a family of four or five. These grills are perfect for casual grills or those just starting out for the first time and familiarizing themselves with the barbecue before committing to something more expensive. Mid-tier charcoal grills can go up to $ 250 to $ 300, including self-cleaning parts, adjustable grills, and additional work area. If you are serious about investing in a high quality charcoal grill, we recommend that you pay attention to one of the ceramic cookers, also known as kamado grills. They also use coal and can cost between $ 800 and over $ 2,000.

Gas grills have various price points based on size, number of burners, and other features. Countertop models (propane only) can range from $ 80 to $ 200, and are great for a small family of four or five who go camping. These grills will not consume too much space inside a vehicle. Medium gas grills can range from $ 300 to $ 700, which come with a cart or rack, and more powerful burners. Premium models can accumulate between $ 1,000 and more than $ 2,500, depending on the brand and its characteristics, but they are all stainless steel and come with specific component warranty policies.


You should determine this section with two minor questions "How many people are you roasting for?" and "How often are you roasting?"

If you often find yourself as the host of annual family gatherings or the generous host of the 4th of July block party, then of course a grill that can feed 15 to 20 diners is a must. If it's just for you, your other half, and the kids, then a medium grill should do it.

Normally, if regular items like hamburgers and hot dogs are the main dishes, then a medium grill should suffice. Otherwise, only a large grill can hold large chunks of ribs and breasts. You should keep this in mind when viewing yourself cooking every weekend in the backyard.


The grill is the most important part of a grill, since this is the surface that directly contacts the food. Generally, manufacturers have constructed the grille with different materials, the most popular being coated steel, stainless steel, and cast iron . If you have a specific preference, this is where you should pay close attention when choosing the grill.

Temperature Control

As mentioned above, charcoal grills are superior in burning and smoking food perfectly, but fair compensation is only if you can masterfully control the temperature. Not that the change is instantaneous, because the flame takes time to adjust accordingly. You adjust the temperature by controlling the amount of air entering and leaving the carbon bed; either by adding or removing charcoal, or by opening or restricting vents, also referred to as draft gates or shock absorbers by certain companies.

In order not to discourage new grills from trying charcoal grilling, manufacturers have taken this issue into account and have therefore introduced indication marks near the dampers as a visual guide. Therefore, you may want to search for charcoal grills with instructions on how to control the air vents.

But if you want to avoid this nuisance from the first moment, we recommend that you stick to a gas or electric grill. They usually have a series of knobs or dials, with some electric grills having just a single ON / OFF button for simplicity, allowing you to effortlessly turn the grill on and adjust the temperature to your liking.

Ease of cleaning

Remember when we talked about the materials for the top grille? This is where choice makes the difference.

Most grills often have painted steel for the body to prevent rust and moisture, especially if they are designed to be used and placed outdoors. Eventually, the coating would peel off, exposing the grill to corrosion, which can cause cleaning after a long time. This is particularly true if you leave the grill unused for an extended period.

By contrast, stainless steel is impervious to the element, even without a tarp cover. Its durability is highly appreciated and is worth the rather high cost. We recommend that you adhere to this to avoid clutter.

Meanwhile, cast iron is a peculiar material. It excels really well at heat retention, making it a boon during cooking and a curse during cleanup. Uncoated cast iron grates react to high acidic foods and can leak, causing increased iron intakes. To avoid this, either the manufacturer or you apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the surface, a process called seasoning, several times before storage. Also, cast iron racks need to be gently hand washed, which means dishwashers are out of the equation. After which, the grills should be dried with a dry cloth or dish towel, as air drying would expose the grills to oxidation.

As for the types of grills, electric grills are the easiest to clean, since the pieces are removable and generally dishwasher safe, although this characteristic varies from one model to another. Charcoal grills today come with easily accessible charcoal litter with assistive tools like a rake. Gas grills are the most difficult to clean, as you must remove several parts and clean them thoroughly and reassemble them, and you must maintain these grills periodically. But manufacturers today often include drip trays to alleviate this problem.


Relocating the grill party to another location is a common problem when the wind is too much to start the fire or the rain is coming. This is especially identifiable if you are a camper or frequent traveler. One should look for a grill small enough to fit in the rear of a vehicle, or a folding model that doesn't consume the already limited space inside your car.

If the party is in the yard or backyard, look for a wheeled or off-road wheeled grill, or a sturdy cart you can trust when moving the grill from one location to another.

Safety [19659011] Cooking with combustible fuels means there will be outbreaks, sudden bursts of violent flame when droplets of grease, grease, and oil are burned directly on the fire below the grates. These outbreaks not only surprise roasters off guard, but can cause injury and present fire hazards to those nearby. What is more alarming is that these occurrences are common among kamado grills, although they are known as drafts.

But there is an easy countermeasure: be sure to trim the fat before cooking.

Additional Features

In addition to cooking prowess, a good grill is one that provides comfort and convenience for those who manage the barbecue station for an extended period. Look for these additional features on your future grill:

  • Side Tables and Shelves for Additional Workspace and Storage Room
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Tool Hooks
  • Grill Light

Top Reviews Grills in 2020

If you are just looking for the best grill in each category, then this short list here should suffice.

  1. Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman – Best Charcoal Grill [19659048] Weber Summit S-470 – Best Gas Grill
  2. PowerXL Smokeless – Best Indoor Grill
  3. Char-Griller Grillin & # 39; Pro E3001 – Best Outdoor Grill
  4. Weber Original Kettle 741001 – Best BBQ Grill
  5. Weber Jumbo Joe – Best portable grill
  6. Traeger Pro Series 34 – Best Pellet Grill
  7. Kamado Joe Classic II 18 inches – Best Kamado Grill
  8. Weber Spirit E -210 – Best Propane Grill

Here are our picks for the best grills.

1. Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s – Best Charcoal Grill

We will start with the Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s, a hibachi style grill that has immense heating power. It's not exactly praised for its looks, but the Sportsmans makes up for it with its overall ability to cook. Plus, it's compact enough to sit comfortably on a table and fit perfectly in any vehicle.

  Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman


  • Economical
  • Excellent Heating
  • Compact Design
  • Easy Access Charcoal Bed
  • Adjustable Grill Heights
  • Durable

Cons [19659076] Difficult cleaning and maintenance

  • Takes time to cool down
  • Size

    The athlete is 20.7 inches long by 12 inches wide by 10 inches wide high. The cooking surface offers 142 square inches, which unfortunately is not ideal for a big party. That said, the grill can grill up to three steaks on its surface, so if you are a family of three or four traveling on the go then the Sportsman should suffice.


    As the pre-coated cast iron grill with a layer of 100% natural vegetable oil arrives, there is no need to season it yourself. Lodge made the unit available for use by opening the package. The non-stick surface prevents food from staying longer after cooking, while the cast iron's heat retention property ensures your food never gets cold. If so, Lodge still advises applying oil, butter, or grease to the surface before preheating the grill. Since the grill has two adjustable heights, you can choose between a quick roast or a slow roast, depending on what you are cooking.

    That said, the oil coating will lose its effectiveness over time, so remember to apply the oil every once in a while, or the screen may not retain its prestigious status and succumb to oxidation.

    The athlete gives off a feeling of robustness, and is ideal for long road trips to the desert. In addition to cooking directly on the grill, one can reheat coffee and tea kettles on this grill to begin with.

    Temperature control

    There is one feature that we love is the easy access draft door. You can lay the charcoal on the spot and adjust the air flow easily, but remember to wear a pair of sturdy pliers and gloves to avoid burning yourself. Since this door is removable, you can also add or remove pieces of charcoal through it without interfering with food on the grill.

    Ease of cleaning

    Since the grill is cast iron, a dishwasher is definitely out of the question. You can lightly rub with a soft bristle brush in warm water for three to five minutes. For stubborn stains, you can use dish soap, provided the solution is mild and in a minimal amount, as directed by Lodge.

    Once you have rinsed the screen, you do not want it to air dry on its own. . Use a paper towel or lint-free cloth to dry the rack completely. According to Lodge's instructions, the final step is to rub a thin layer of cooking oil on the surface and clean with a paper towel until there is no residue left before storing it. This will improve the grill's non-stick quality for better non-stick cooking in the future.

    To clean the bottom of the grill, you must remove the unburned pieces of charcoal with a pair of tweezers, discarding or keeping them until the next cook. it's entirely up to you. For the remaining ashes, you can use a vacuum cleaner, but make sure the debris is completely cold. Once this is done, you can clean the inside with a cloth or paper towels.

    If you plan to keep the grill outside, we suggest you use a small, breathable cover to protect it from the weather and condensation that could eventually cause rust. Otherwise, storing the grill indoors is probably the best option when you are not. will be used regularly.


    Weighing in at nearly 31 pounds, the Sportsman can be quite heavy to carry around by its handle. Still, it's a compact grill that can fit any vehicle well and can even sit at a picnic table in the backyard. Campers and hikers would definitely love this grill.


    What we are concerned about is the lack of adequate insulation of the grill. As if the absence of side handles was not enough, the carrying handle is not well insulated either. So when you're done cooking, unless you load the grill with a pair of gloves, it will take a long time to cool down completely before you can move it.


    Superior charcoal grills are arguably the best-selling products when grill season is just around the corner. Lodge Sportsman & # 39; s is a well-rounded grill that does the job well. Its toughness and durability are a true testament to American quality – it's built to last for generations to come, if properly cared for and maintained.

    2. Weber Summit S-470: The Best Natural Gas Grill

    Take a quick look and you will see how impressive the Weber Summit S-470 really is. This monster from a grill is featured with a staggering number of burners, a sleek look, and a host of additional features.

      Weber Summit 7270001 S-470


    • Multiple Burners (with Side and Rear Burner)
    • Powerful Cooking Power
    • Rotisserie System
    • Smoker Box
    • Steel Construction Stainless [19659068] Backlit Knob
    • Grill Light


    • Expensive
    • Flimsy Engine Configuration


    The Summit S-470 measures 30 inches long by 66 inches wide by 57.1 inches tall with the lid open, and 26.5 inches long by 66 inches wide by 50.5 inches tall with the lid closed. The main cooking area offers 468 square inches, plus another 112 square inches of the warming rack, with a maximum of 580 square inches in total. Weber claimed that the S-470 can hold up to 24 hamburgers, an impressive number for an entire party.


    All the components are made of stainless steel, which would explain its high price. But since this is a well-made grill with a lot to offer, Weber stands firm and puts the grill under warranty for up to 10 years.

    Looking inside the S-470, the grilles are stainless steel for high temperatures. -heat transfer efficiency, cleanliness, ease and durability. Burners and heat shields are also stainless steel.

    What we like about this grill is the inclusion of a grill system, which will allow grills to diversify their menu. It is located on the left side table and comes equipped with a broiler / skewer and fork. But the thing is, the rotisserie system is placed on an engine, and there have been customers unsatisfactorily complaining that everything feels wobbly, and it's a bother using the rear infrared burner that they wouldn't even bother at all.

    Temperature control

    The S-470 incorporates four main burners, each of which delivers 12,200 BTUs per hour, combining a total of 48,800 BTUs per hour. But that's not all, a rear 10,600 BTU infrared burner is also included, incorporating the entire rotisserie system. And outside of the cookbox, you'll find a cleverly built 12,000 BTU side burner on the right side table.

    If you have a craving for smoked items, you can trust the built-in 6,800 BTU smoker box. It will add a little wood flavor to your barbecue. For those who want to brown their fillets, the double center burners will act as the browning station, with the help of an additional 10,600 BTU burner.

    All heat can be controlled via easy dial knobs, all of which run on one AAA battery, except one that uses a grade D battery cell.

    And if that's not enough firepower For you, then you can consider Summit S-670. It has six main burners and a larger cooking box so you can maximize your grilling game.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Because the grills are stainless steel, you can easily wash them with a grill brush and regular dish soap. Fat droplets and juices are conveniently trapped and held inside the grease pan easily accessible with a drip pan. The exterior is also one step away from being impeccable.

    The deep cleaning of this grill is, on the contrary, another matter, although it can be done in an interval of six months. Carefully separate all parts and clean thoroughly with warm water and dish soap, especially burners, reassemble and store.


    The whole unit is not supposed to be moved, as this is the natural gas-fueled version. However, it still comes with easy swivel casters with locks in case you have to relocate or renovate the kitchen.


    The grill incorporates standard safety measures.

    Additional Features

    The S-470 comes with two side tables where you can place condiments, trays, and dishes when there is no grill station or barbecue island. For cooking tools, there are six tool hooks to keep things within reach. If you really need more space, the grill cabinet will come in handy.

    If you're a fan of grilling at night, the S-470 will help you with the backlit temperature knobs and a handle light. Also, to help prevent moisture and heat from escaping, a top-mounted thermometer keeps you informed of the heat inside the cooking chamber without opening the lid too often.

    Did you know that the S-470 is also part of the Natural Gas Grill Collection? There are many more options for consumers to choose from, if they have already decided to opt for this grill line.


    The Weber S-470 can be expensive, but the values ​​it promises and delivered well justify the high cost. Budget wise, this grill is a worthwhile investment in the long run, and you won't regret selecting such a fine grill.

    3. PowerXL Smokeless: The Best Indoor Grill

    In a nutshell: PowerXL Smokeless is the best indoor grill. This grill can consistently brown steaks, roast salmon, and cook burgers with surprisingly good results. But, unlike other plug-and-play electric grills, it's a combination of overall performance, reasonable price, and ease of control.

      PowerXL smokeless grill


    • Economical
    • Smoke extraction technology
    • LED touch control
    • Interchangeable cooking surfaces
    • Large grease tray
    • Suitable grids and accessories Dishwasher safe


    The grill measures 22.1 inches long by 13.2 inches wide by 6.1 inches high. The cooktop is 15.5 inches long by 9 inches wide, offering almost 140 square inches of grilling space.

    The racks praised the way the grill can handle multiple large items. You can cook four large steaks, eight hamburgers, three rib ribs, or one whole chicken at once. For such a small unit, a considerable amount can do for a family of six or seven.


    The base is made of high resistance cast aluminum. As for the cooking surfaces, it has a ceramic non-stick coating that eliminates the need for additional oil and butter before cooking.

    What we love about this grill is how the temperature stays constant at every point on the grill, even at the edges. The heat is evenly distributed without uneven cold spots, ensuring food uniformity in cooking and juiciness. The 1200-watt heating element is preheated for four to six minutes at high temperature and is efficient at delivering consistent heat through the cooktop.

    Temperature Control

    The ease of control also impressed us. The grill's temperature range is from 220 ° F to 450 ° F, and can be precisely adjusted with an illuminated LED dial and touch control.

    Ease of cleaning

    If your food contains oil and grease, splashing is inevitable. . Fortunately, most of the droplets will fall through the screen and collect in the grease pan just below. En cuanto a las salpicaduras durante la cocción, una tapa de vidrio templado protegerá al cocinero de cualquier sorpresa, al tiempo que permite que las personas verifiquen cómo se cocina la comida.

    Según sus instrucciones, la rejilla, la rejilla, la tapa, la bandeja de goteo y la bandeja de agua quedan para lavavajillas domésticos. Si un lavavajillas no está disponible, el fregado manual de las piezas con jabón no debería ser demasiado problemático. Una cosa a tener en cuenta: le recomendamos encarecidamente contra el raspado violento y la limpieza, ya que el recubrimiento puede desprenderse con el tiempo.

    En cuanto a la base, una toallita rápida con un paño húmedo con una solución de limpieza suave debería ser suficiente. Lo mismo ocurre con el elemento calefactor, pero recuerde desconectar el enchufe de la toma de corriente antes de limpiarlo.


    Una preocupación evidente de seguridad es la falta de manijas, lo que hace extremadamente difícil llevar la parrilla de la mesa al fregadero. para limpiar. Debes esperar hasta que se enfríe por completo o usar guantes si necesitas llevarlo mientras aún está caliente.

    Características adicionales

    Hacer honor a su nombre, asar en esta parrilla es una experiencia sin humo. El ventilador incorporado funciona como una aspiradora, eliminando el humo y el olor. Pero cuando use el ventilador, la bandeja de agua debe llenarse con al menos dos tazas de agua antes de cocinar. Hacer esto mantendrá su comida jugosa. Para mayor efectividad, recomendamos abrir todas las ventanas, cortinas y considerar usar una campana extractora.

    Una cosa que encontramos bastante extraña es que el PowerXL Smokeless está bajo garantía por solo 60 días.


    Además de su período de garantía bastante corto, el PowerXL Smokeless es un producto completo que ofrece exactamente lo que promete Altamente aclamado por su facilidad de uso y rendimiento general, sería difícil encontrar otra parrilla de alta calidad como esta por su precio.

    Dicho esto, no es la mejor parrilla interior, ya que hay otras parrillas interiores que funciona igual de bien.

    4. Char-Griller Grillin 'Pro E3001 – Mejor parrilla al aire libre

    El siguiente en nuestra lista es el Char-Griller Grillin' Pro E3001. Con un excelente rendimiento de cocción general y un amplio interior, esta unidad es una parrilla de gas de nivel medio que cumple sus promesas iniciales. Está disponible para comprar a un costo bastante promedio, convirtiéndose en uno de los favoritos entre los asadores casuales.

     Char-Griller E3001


    • Precio razonable
    • Interior grande
    • Quemadores múltiples
    • Encendido de arranque fácil
    • Mesa auxiliar
    • Termómetro


    • Tiempo -consumiendo para ensamblar
    • No ruedas de 360 ​​°


    El Grillin 'Pro E3001 mide 48 pulgadas de largo por 28 pulgadas de ancho por 48 pulgadas de alto. Su área de cocción combina 438 pulgadas cuadradas de la parrilla principal con 192 pulgadas de la rejilla de calentamiento, con un total de 630 pulgadas cuadradas de superficie. Con tanto espacio, puedes cocinar un pavo de tamaño completo, múltiples costillas y enormes trozos de pechuga.


    El cuerpo y la tapa son de acero tubular de alta resistencia, lo que le da a toda la parrilla una apariencia robusta y una sensación de robustez. Esta parrilla puede resistir la oxidación, el desgaste diario y el clima relativamente bien, gracias al trabajo de pintura de protección contra la intemperie en el cuerpo. Las rejillas son de hierro fundido recubierto de porcelana, mientras que la rejilla de calentamiento es de acero cromado.

    Control de temperatura

    En cuanto a los quemadores, son de acero inoxidable para durabilidad y transferencia de calor de alta eficiencia, y están bajo la política de garantía de cinco años de Char-Griller. Los quemadores trio ofrecen 40,800 BTU combinados, y si necesita más potencia de fuego, un quemador lateral adicional puede distribuir otros 12,000 BTU por sí solo. Como la mayoría de las parrillas a gas, el E3001 incorpora un sistema de encendido fácil de encender.

    Si somos honestos, la configuración puede ser un poco menos complicada. La parrilla tiene muchas piezas pequeñas que deben instalarse de manera ordenada y, a pesar de las instrucciones pictóricas, es bastante lento ensamblar toda la unidad, incluso si usted es un técnico experimentado.

    Facilidad de limpieza

    Colocadas directamente sobre los quemadores se encuentran las tres carpas térmicas, también conocidas como escudos térmicos. Su función principal es defenderse de las gotas de grasa y jugos de los alimentos que se encuentran sobre la parrilla, evitando que entren en los tubos del quemador. This will prevent flare-ups, prolong the grill’s overall longevity, and save you precious cleaning time. Be that as it may, you still ought to service the grill by deep-cleaning the whole unit every six months. Make sure to unclog the airpath so the grill can function at its optimal setting.

    Per Char-Griller, you ought to clean the grate after each cookout. The heat tents, warming rack, and catch pan are easy to hand wash, or you can let the dishwasher take care of them. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the cast iron grate, which needs gentle hand washing, meticulous oiling, and thoroughly drying.


    Weighing 92 pounds, the E3001 is comparatively lighter than its Char-Griller cousins. You can use the all-terrain wheels to push it around, though the wheels aren’t easy-swivel, so be careful when going sideways or turning sharp corners.


    The E3001 incorporates standard safety features, including a cool-touch handle on the lid. As a precaution, we advise you to use gloves or mitts when cooking.

    Extra Features

    The bottom shelf is for storing the gas tank, and there’s a metal panel that hides the tank from view for an aesthetic appearance.

    The lid-mounted thermometer comes in handy when you need to adjust the temperature without having to open the lid too often. Thus, this will lock heat and juiciness inside the cooking chamber.

    The dual side tables are always welcomed by grillers, as they offer extra working space. It feels nice when you can put trays and condiments on them. And attached to the tables are a series of tool hooks to keep everything within an arm’s reach.

    If this propane grill is too small for you, then this Char-Griller Outlaw should probably pique your interest.


    There’s no shortage of well-made outdoor grills, and that’s a guarantee for sure. The Char-Griller Grillin’ Pro E3001 may not be the most expensive or the top of its brand, but it over-delivers with its overall performance and features at a fair cost. And it’s not surprising to see more and more grillers hosting backyard parties on this grill.

    5. Weber Original Kettle 741001 — Best BBQ Grill

    This is the Weber Original Kettle 741001, a well-rounded and reliable charcoal grill that gets the job done. Though it doesn’t possess as many flashy extra features like some of its peers, the Original Kettle 741001 is second to none when it comes to its core function: grilling. And that’s probably why it is highly touted by the BBQ community, even earning the Amazon’s Choice tag— a badge of honor for high-quality products.

    Weber 741001 Original Kettle


    • Reasonable price
    • Excellent overall performance
    • Large interior
    • Damper on the lid
    • Wheels
    • Bottom shelf


    • Poorly designed ash catcher


    The grill measures 25 inches long by 22.5 inches wide by 39.5 inches tall with the lid closed. Its diameter measures 22 inches, and it can provide up to 363 square inches of grilling surface.

    The manufacturer claims that it can hold up to 13 burger patties or portions fit six adults at once, so it would be suitable for a small family who regularly grills on the weekends.


    The bowl and lid are porcelain-enameled steel and placed under warranty up to 10 years. These parts are durable against extreme heat, moisture from nature and rust. The grate is plated steel, and it distributes heat fairly well enough across its surface. The coal grate is heavy-gauge steel, with the side handles made from glass-reinforced nylon.

    Temperature Control

    As a charcoal grill, it is hard to adjust the heat with pinpoint precision. But that doesn’t dissuade people from purchasing the Original Kettle.

    As the coal chunks burn, you can still open the top and/or bottom dampers completely or partially to control the amount of air inside the coal bed. When everyone’s full, you can shut both dampers completely to starve the coals.

    If you’re searing steaks, you can stack the coal so that the flame can reach the grate by using a charcoal basket, focusing more heat on the steak above. Or if you prefer indirect grilling— also known as slow cooking— all you have to do is spread the coal evenly at the bottom so the flame cannot directly touch the food.

    According to Consumer Reports, the Original Kettle can reach an average temperature of 520°F on three pounds of briquettes across its surface. It can sear well sirloin steaks that are 1 ½ inches thick with lightly charred results, though the sear marks are less pronounced compared to those made by a kamado grill. Since Weber’s recommended temperature maxes out at 575°F, the Original Kettle should not be pushed beyond that limit.

    In a slow-cooking test, the Original Kettle can hold a steady temperature around 330°F— the middle ground between low-heat smoking and medium-heat grilling— continuously for four hours; long enough to cook thoroughly time-consuming items like brisket and ribs without making them bone-dry. The grill was able to retain the tenderness and juiciness in these items. The grill’s specialty, however, is burgers and hot dogs. Its consistency and even heating will cook small items uniformly with clear grill marks.

    Cleaning Ease

    Once the unburnt coal chunks are extinguished and fully cooled, you can easily take them out of the grill using gloves or tongs. Restocking them for the next cook or discarding is entirely up to you.

    The One-Touch cleaning system will take care of the ash and fine soot gathering at the bottom of the grill: just swipe the opening at the bottom of the grill, and any remaining ash will fall through the holes and onto the awaiting catch pan right below. The cleaner system is under warranty for up to five years. A vacuum cleaner can take care of any remaining stubborn ash.

    As for the grate, since it’s way too oversized for a household dishwasher, we advise you to clean it manually with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled grill brush. Once dried, you can put it back in the grill.


    Equipped with two all-terrain wheels, you can move the grill around effortlessly. However, the lack of wheel lock is quite concerning, especially if the grill is stationed on a slanted or uneven surface.


    The side handles are well-insulated and offer a firm grip. Also, there’s a heat shield right below the lid handle that prevents the handle from burning the fingertips.

    Regarding the ash catcher, although it’s a well-intentioned thought, it is sadly not a well-designed feature. A slight wind can scatter ash and cinder into people’s food or eyes. Worse, if the ash is still hot, it can become a fire hazard. Therefore, we advise you not to open the grill’s bottom until it’s cleaning time and all the ash is completely cool.

    Extra Features

    Upon opening the lid, often you’ll instinctively look for a place to put it down, like a table nearby, but what if there isn’t one? The grill features an angled hook on the side where you can hang the lid. The bottom rack is small, and the gaps between the bars are wide, so realistically you can only place no more than one extra food tray there.

    Besides the original version above, Weber also manufactures the premium version, which is basically the same as the original, with the addition of two hooks, a built-in thermometer, a deeper bottom, and a bigger ash catcher. We felt that it really isn’t that different.

    If you need extra storage space and mobility, then the performer is a nice addition to your culinary arsenal. Despite a rather exorbitant price tag, it still attracts a lot of buyers. Or if you’re a camping enthusiast, the 18-inch is a perfect companion for the road.


    The grill is the very heart and soul of every barbecue party, and the Weber Original Kettle 741001 is one fine exhibit of high quality craftsmanship in top BBQ grills. It is truly a well-made BBQ grill that can consistently dish out gourmet results. Granted, it doesn’t have any many flashy features, but this grill will bring out the best flavor in everything you grill.

    6. Weber Jumbo Joe — Best Portable Grill

    The Weber Jumbo is another shining example of Weber’s excellence. It’s a classic charcoal grill that does the job well, easy to carry and straightforward. Plus, it’s a great fit for all outdoor parties, no matter where you decide to host the grill fest.

    Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18


    • Inexpensive
    • Good overall performance
    • Lightweight & portable
    • Easy-control damper
    • One-clean touch system


    • Poorly designed ash catcher
    • Hard to access coal bed


    The Jumbo Joe measures 20.5 inches long by 19.7 inches wide by 19.7 inches tall. Its diameter measures 18 inches, offering 240 square inches of cooking area. Its interior is spacious enough to fit portions for roughly six adult diners.


    The cooking grate is plated steel, which conducts heat rather well across its surface. The coal grate below is heavy-gauge steel, while the bowl and lid are porcelain enameled steel. Below the bottom bowl an aluminum ash catcher— dubbed the One-Touch cleaning system by Weber— and a bottom air vent— also known as damper or draft door. On the lid there’s another damper and a lid lock.

    Temperature Control

    The dampers are strategically placed to control the airflow inside the grill, a critical factor to control how hot the grill gets. These dampers allow or restrict the amount of oxygen reaching the coal, which increases or reduces the heat.

    One thing we find rather unpleasant is that in order to add new charcoal, you need to take out the cooking grate. Not only do you interrupt the food from cooking, you may also drop the food and injure yourself if you’re not careful. But this dilemma can be avoided by purchasing a foldable cooking grate, which is sold separately. You can scoop out or add charcoal through the foldable grate.

    Cleaning Ease

    The grate is reasonably easy to hand wash: scrubbing with a soft-bristled grill brush and specialized dish soap produces the best result. To further prevent food sticking, you should apply cooking oil on the hot grate before adding food.

    The One-Touch cleaning system is helpful to clear out the bottom bowl: one swipe, and all the ash will fall through. You can use a vacuum for finer soot stuck at the bottom bowl.


    The Jumbo Joe is light, easy to carry and store. To prevent the contents from spilling out, the Jumbo Joe also comes with a lid lock. That said, this grill may take up a considerable amount of space inside a vehicle.


    The handles are glass-reinforced nylon, which give a firm grip and a sense of safety. A heat shield protects the hand of the griller upon opening the lid, so you won’t need mitts or oven gloves.

    Much like the Original Kettle, although the One-Touch cleaning system is born out of well intention, it’s nevertheless a flawed design. The ash can scatter with the wind into those standing around, posing inconvenience and a potential fire safety hazard.


    When going on a road trip or camping, a portable grill is something deeply appreciated. It doesn’t eat up much space within the vehicle, and still be able to cook well like a kitchen stove. The Weber Jumbo Joe is a typical charcoal grill that best represents the core values of a BBQ party: something timeless, memorable, and rich in sentimental values.

    7. Traeger Pro Series 34 — Best Pellet Grill

    The Traeger Pro Series 34 is a fine specimen of pellet grills, a line of grill that combines the temperature precision of an electric grill, the ease of control from a gas grill, and the immense heating prowess of a charcoal grill into one unit. The Pro Series 34 is large, sturdy, and versatile. It can do so much more than a regular grill— smoking, baking, roasting and braising. Granted, its cost may be off-putting, its overall performance is warmly received by the grilling community.

    Traeger Grills TFB88PZBO


    • Large interior
    • Good overall performance
    • Easy to control
    • Sturdy build
    • Large hopper
    • Easy to move


    The grill measures 22 inches deep by 54 inches wide by 49 inches tall, with the interior offering 646 square inches of grilling surface. The grill can process various large items all at once: eight whole chickens, seven racks of ribs, or 30 burgers, according to Traeger. The hopper can house up to 18 pounds of pellets.


    The body and shroud is coated steel, so they can withstand the elements like wind, moisture from rain, dew, snow and the daily wear-and-tear, even if placed outdoors uncovered. The grate is porcelain-enameled steel, while the frame— dubbed the sawhorse chassis by Traeger— is painted wood.

    Temperature Control

    The Digital Pro Controller uses a feature named Advanced Grilling Logic, which will keep the heat constant by continually feeding a certain amount of pellet into the burning heat source. The automatic auger will extract pellets from the hopper box and transport them into the fire box right below. As the fuel burns, the fan built inside the grill will distribute the heat throughout the cooking chamber, ensuring the uniformity of temperature from within.

    Cleaning Ease

    The grate is easy to clean with a grill brush and regular dish soap. But too bad they’re too large for a dishwasher.

    The grill has a built-in slanted tray that will catch grease and juices from the meat. These droplets will follow the tray into the bucket on the side of the grill. This design not only alleviates the cleaning burden, but also prevents the fat from falling into the fire, creating carcinogenic compounds.

    If you don’t feel like scraping charred pieces and grease of the drip tray, you can use the liners (sold separately). These metallic sheets are made from aluminum foil and are disposable, so they will save you a considerable amount of cleaning time.

    As for the grease bucket, you can stack the cup-shaped liners inside the bucket, and whenever grease fills the bucket near the brim, you can take the top liner cup out, dump the grease, and the new cup is ready.

    When you’re cleaning the hopper, it has a clean-out back door so you can get rid of the remaining pellets quickly, removing broken ones, or replace them with different flavors, if you’re feeling creative.


    Although weighing 125 pounds, the Pro Series 34 is easy to move thanks to the all-terrain wheel and casters, which can traverse across any surface. However, you ought to be careful when turning corners, since the whole unit is very bulky.


    The Pro Series 34 incorporates a shutdown cycle that automatically turns the unit off. But one thing of note: although the whole grill is out of operation, the remaining heat is still immense and you can burn yourself if you’re not careful. Wait at least one hour before approaching the grill.

    Extra Features

    If you need extra working space, you can attach a folding front shelf and a bottom shelf for cooking utensils, condiments, and spices. But these parts are not included in the grill, so you have to purchase them separately.

    The dual temperature probes— one for the ambiance inside the cooking chamber, one for a specific food item— let you monitor the food and the temperature inside the grill without opening the lid too often, thus losing the heat. The display on the control panel will keep you up to date with the temperature inside the grill, since the reading is refreshed every second. That way, you can literally set the temperature and leave the grill to do its job while you tend to other kitchen tasks, prepare other dishes, or take a quick break.

    If the Pro Series Traeger 34 is a little bit too oversized and over your budget, you can always consider the Lil Tex Elite 22. Although much smaller, its construction and performance are comparatively similar.

    Time permitting, we recommend you to take a quick peek at our picks for the top-performing pellet grills.


    The Traeger Pro Series 34 earns its place among the BBQ community thanks to its overall performance, consistency, and durability. As a shining example of Traeger’s high-quality product, it sets the benchmarks for the other pellet grills to follow.

    8. Kamado Joe Classic II 18-Inch — Best Kamado Grill

    Speaking of kamado grills, one ought to instantly associate with the Big Green Eggs. But there’s one competitor that can give the BGE a run for its money: the Kamado Joe Classic II. Its diverse temperature range and chef-like versatility make it a worthwhile consideration for those looking to invest in a ceramic cooker.

    Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Ceramic


    • Excellent overall performance
    • Removable ceramic firebox
    • Easy to assemble
    • Support mechanism on the hinge
    • Side tables
    • Cart with casters


    The Classic II measures 28 inches long by 46.5 inches wide by 48 inches tall. Its grilling surface measures 18 inches in diameter, offering 256 square inches. But that’s not all: according to Kamado Joe, you can double that area by purchasing an additional grate, and further maximizing it to 660 square inches with another standalone grate.


    The body and lid are glazed ceramic, while the heat deflector is uncoated ceramic. Kamado Joe uses stainless steel for the grates, lid latch, and bottom air vent while using aluminum for the top damper.

    The firebox consists of six ceramic panels instead of a whole ring. The gaskets are wire mesh fiberglass, and they align perfectly when the body and the dome meet. To further guarantee the air-tight environment, a latch will lock the dome and the body in place. What we like about this grill is the supporting mechanism on the back: the counterbalance Air Lift hinge makes it very easy to lift the heavy dome. This will prevent the heavy dome from colliding with base, leading to cracks, a common theme found among kamado grill users.

    Kamado Joe uses molded plastic for the side tables and handle, both of which are sturdy and stay cool to the touch. The grill is easy to assemble, reportedly taking about 20 minutes.

    Temperature Control

    The bottom draft door and the top air vent— dubbed Kontrol Tower by Kamado Joe— will fine-tune the heat, though the result takes time to show. To assist grillers in achieving the desired temperature, there are indicating marks on the top damper, so grillers can adjust accordingly. Besides venting the grill, the top damper also prevents raindrops, dew, and snow from entering the grill.

    The half-moon grates allow you to add coal conveniently, which can raise the temperature from 225°F to 750°F. That’s probably why grillers highly praised the Classic II’s ability to cook a diverse range of food, from pork shoulder on low and pizza on high heat. The grates can be raised or lowered at will, depending on what style of cooking you prefer.

    Cleaning Ease

    The Classic II is lauded for dealing with the ash very effectively: shake the firebox, stir the unburnt charcoal with a rake, and the ash will fall onto the built-in drawer at the bottom. You can then slide the drawer out and discard the ash effortlessly. As for the remaining ash at the bottom, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

    Unfortunately, the ceramic components require manual cleaning and are quite tricky to service. They cannot be cleansed with liquid of any kind— water or chemicals are definitely a no-no.

    On the bright side, the half-moon grates are stainless steel and can fit inside a dishwasher. Or, you can scrub these grates when they are warm, preferably after cooking, when the grease and gunk can easily come off.


    Since the Classic II weighs 188 pounds, moving it alone is very hard. Luckily, the cast iron cart with easy-swivel casters will assist you in moving the grill around. The casters can swivel at corners and go sideways easily, and when arriving at the desired spot, the metal locks on the casters will keep the grill from rolling away.


    The Air Lift mechanism on the hinge will let you raise the dome effortlessly, while also preventing the dome from slamming into the body when the hand accidentally slips or lets go of the handle— a common design flaw found in many kamado grills, which can lead to cracking and chipping on ceramic parts.

    Like all other kamado grills, the Classic II is subjected to backdrafts and flashbacks without proper burping. The grill should be ignited using a chimney starter or an electric charcoal starter instead of lighter fluids.

    Extra Features

    The lid-mounted thermometer is large, easy to read, and will let you monitor the temperature inside without opening the lid too often. If you want to check the temperature of the food as it cooks, a grilling thermometer with a remote display for checking the temperature on your food— especially large items like brisket, whole chickens, or pork shoulder roast— is a must-have device.

    The two foldable side tables will let you keep spices and condiments nearby. The Classic II also comes with a grate gripper and an ash rake. When you’re not using them, you can hang them on the tool hooks on the side tables.

    Although more and more people are recognizing the emergence of ceramic cookers, grillers are still hesitant about purchasing a kamado grill due to its usage complications and steep price. But, given the time and opportunity to get a better understanding, you’ll see how the pros outnumber the cons. Eventually, you’ll find how a well-made kamado grill will last literally a lifetime, given enough care and maintenance.


    Albeit its rather exorbitant price tag, the Kamado Joe Classic II is a worthwhile investment that will last a lifetime, provided that it is well maintained. Getting this grill is a big commitment, meaning that you’re willing to part ways with the old charcoal grill and ready to improve your grilling skills beyond steaks, burgers, and hotdogs. And once you’ve mastered controlling it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy this grill much sooner.

    9. Weber Spirit E-210 — Best Propane Grill

    The Weber Spirit E-210 is a powerful propane grill that we found worthy of a spot in this article. Granted there are many finer propane grills with more burners, this grill exceeds customers’ expectations of its heating capability and performs well overall. The Spirit E-210 is highly touted for its fast preheat and uniform heating, while also getting praise for its overall sturdiness, durability and sleek design.

    Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 LP Gas Grill


    • Large interior
    • Good overall performance
    • Built-in cabinet for gas tank
    • Lid thermometer
    • Side tables
    • Casters


    • Comparatively expensive
    • Meticulous cleaning


    The Spirit E-210 measures 32 inches long by 50 inches wide by 63 inches tall with the lid open. It’s much less bulky than its propane-fueled Weber brothers. Upon opening the lid, you’ll get 360 square inches of grilling area on the primary grate, with an additional 90 square inches on the warming rack. That’s 450 square inches in total.


    This grill comes with porcelain-enameled cast iron grates, which are under Weber’s warranty for five years. The burners are stainless steel and are under warranty up to 10 years. Also under a 10-year warranty are the porcelain-enameled steel lid— with cast-aluminum end caps— and the cast aluminum cookbox. The side tables and control panel are stainless steel, while the frame and fuel cabinet are painted steel.

    Temperature Control

    The dual burners built-in the grill provide up to 26,500 BTU of heating capacity altogether, and they can preheat surprisingly fast. The infinite control burner valves let you adjust the flow of propane coming from your 20-pound fuel tank into the grill. The E-210 comes with an electronic crossover ignition system— a flame starter using one AA battery.

    Cleaning Ease

    Sadly, Weber does not recommend cleaning any of the removable parts in the dishwasher. We advise hand washing the grease tray with dish soap, and using a grill brush and cool water to clean the grates when they are hot.

    The grate is cast iron, so dishwasher is definitely a no-no. Manually and gently scrub the grate with warm water, though you can use a non-metallic scourer if needed. Once done, thoroughly dry the grate with a rag and apply a layer of oil before reassembling.

    As for the burners, they are covered with flavorizer bars, which disintegrate the droplets of grease and juices dripping from the food as it cooks. Unlike other grills’ heat shields which have small openings, the heat shields on the E-210 are designed as solid plates with no gap. The bars are made from porcelain-enameled steel and are easy to hand-scrub as well.


    While more compact than other Weber propane grills, the E-210 is still bulky. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to move this grill around— the four all-terrain casters can swivel and turn corners as swiftly as a shopping cart. Once you’ve reached the desired spot, just lock the wheels into place, and you’ll be all set.


    Several users discovered that the E-210 is less likely to flare up with high-fat content food, but still warned against putting too many items on the grate, as this can cause the flames to burst uncontrollably. The lid handle is well insulated, and it gives a firm grip. The E-210 has a built-in fuel cabinet with a painted steel door, to keep the propane tank from shifting when you move the grill around.

    Some people may try to alter between propane and natural gas by tinkering grill’s setup. Unless you’re completely sure of what you’re actually doing, we strongly advise against it. Not only do you place yourself in an injury hazard, but you also put everyone else near you at risk of fire hazard and gas leakage.

    Extra Features

    The two stainless fold-down steel side tables give you extra working space and can hold spices and condiments. In addition, thanks to the six tool hooks, you can keep the cooking utensils within reach.

    The lid-mounted thermometer measures the average temperature inside the grill, so you don’t have to open the hood too often. But if you want to measure the food temperature, you should get a meat thermometer.

    If two burners feel inadequate, you can go for one of these triple-burners: the Spirit E-310, the Spirit E-330, and the Spirit II E-310.Their interior capacity are more spacious, but that also means they are bulkier and more expensive.


    Besides natural gas, propane-fueled grills are some of the most popular gas grills. The Weber Spirit E-210 deserves to be the grill of choice among the BBQ community. It’s no wonder that its overall heating performance and extra features make this grill the go-to option for many.

    Comparison Table of the Best Grills

    Model Dimensions (L x W x H) Fuel type Cooking space (sq in) Extra Features Warranty
    Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman's 20.7” x 12” x 10 Charcoal 142 Available upon request
    Weber Summit S-470 30” x 66” x 57.1” (open lid)
    26.5” x 66” x 50.5” (closed lid)
    Natural Gas;
    4 main burners,
    48,800 BTUs
    580 Sear burner,
    Smoker box,
    Rotisserie system,
    Grill light,
    Tool hooks,
    10 years on all parts
    PowerXL Smokeless 22.1” x 13.2” x 6.1” Electricity 139 Grill plate,
    Griddle plate,
    Glass lid
    60 days
    Char-Griller Grillin’ Pro E3001 48” x 28” x 48” Propane 630 Side tables,
    Side burner,
    Burn & rust-through: 5 years
    Weber Original Kettle 741001 25” x 22.5” x 39.5” Charcoal 363 Ash catcher,
    Lid hook
    Bowl & lid: 10 years,
    One-Touch cleaning system & Plastic parts: 5 years
    Other parts: 2 years
    Weber Jumbo Joe 20.5” x 19.7” x19.7” Charcoal 240 Ash catcher Bowl & Lid: 10 years
    One-Touch Cleaning System: 5 years
    Plastic components: 5 years
    All remaining parts: 2 years
    Traeger Pro Series 34 54” x 22” x 49” Pellet 646 Grease bucket,
    Folding front shelf (sold separately),
    Bottom shelf (sold separately)
    3-year warranty
    Kamado Joe Classic II 28” x 46.5” x 48” Charcoal 254, but can max out at 660 using extra grates Side tables,
    Ash rake,
    Lid latch,
    Grill gripper,
    Tool hooks
    Ceramic parts: lifetime,
    Metal parts: 5 years,
    Pizza stone & heat deflector: 3 years,
    Thermometer & Gasket: 1 year
    Weber Spirit E-210 32” x 50” x 63” (open lid)
    24” x 50” x 45.5” (closed lid)
    2 main burners,
    26,500 BTUs[19659375]450
    Tank cabinet,
    Tool hooks,
    Side tables,
    Cook box, Lid, Stainless steel burners: 10 years,
    Stainless steel flavorizer bars, Porcelain-enamelled cooking grates: 5 years,
    All other parts: 2 years

    Top-Favored Grill Brands 

    Normally, some brands need no further introductions: the mere sight of their logo or their name is more than enough to jog the buyers’ memories. The same, however, cannot be said for other brands. Some manufacturers are trying to make a name for themselves, as they’re fighting for recognition.

    Here are the manufacturers and / or distributors of the grills featured in this article.

    1. Weber

    Weber Logo grills

    Billed as the top player in the field, Weber has been in the grill manufacturing industry for nearly a century. Its feat of longevity is the benchmark for other companies to follow.

    As diversified as its product range, as of 2020, the brand rolled out two brand-new pellet grill models, the SmokeFire EX4 and the SmokeFire EX6. While definitely late to the race of pellet grills, that doesn’t stop Weber from trying to compete with other brands.

    2. Char-Griller

    Char Griller logo

    Based in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994, this brand offers a varied range of grills, all of which are well-made and available for purchase at surprisingly reasonable prices. Although not as popular as other grill manufacturers, Char-Griller is still making its presence known in the grilling community.

    If Char-Griller can continue its high-quality production and attentive customer services, it won’t be much too much longer before this brand can compete with the big players.

    3. Traeger

    traeger brand logo

    Traeger is a household name for pellet grills. Founded in 1985 by Joe Traeger, this brand was the first to pioneer a grill line that combines the best of different grill types.

    When its patent expired back in 2006, Traeger had to struggle to compete with new competitors in the field, and has yet to earn the lion’s share of the market. That said, Traeger won’t go away without a fight.

    4. Lodge

    Lodge logo

    Lodge was founded in 1896 in Tennessee. No, you’re not reading it wrong, it was really founded that long ago. That just proves how much their products are beloved by the grilling community.

    The business is run by family members and they are proud of the American craftsmanship put into each product of theirs. Lodge products are known for their excellent heating property and their impressive durability, as Lodge claimed they can last a lifetime with proper care. And whenever people think of getting cast iron products, Lodge will always be the first brand to pop in their heads.

    5. Kamado Joe 

    kamado joe

    Kamado Joe is based in Duluth, Georgia. Kamado Joe has one and only one specialty: ceramic cooker. All of its signature grills bear the eye-catching red, as if it was a challenge to the all-green Big Green Eggs, a rival company that also specializes in kamado grills.

    Although not as popular as the Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe is still trying to gain the upper hand and brand superiority, but who knows, that can take a while before things can happen. As of now, Kamado Joe is considered as a niche market for ceramic cooker enthusiasts that don’t want to get caught in the BGE hype.


    Barbecuing is a festive activity, as it provides an opportunity for people to gather around and celebrate. Whether it’s the Fourth of July, the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving, or any regular day, there’s hardly a bad time for grilling. So put on your flowery apron, roll up your sleeves, and let’s display your cooking skills on the best grills. We hope you find our article informative and helpful, and if there’s any way we can improve this article or something you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to comment right below this article.

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