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Best Natural Gas Grills to Buy in 2020

Best Natural Gas Grills to Buy in 2020

It's officially summer, and you know what that means: the season for smoked and crispy meat is upon us. It's time to do a check on the old grill to see if it's still ready for the task, since you already have one.

If it is relatively new and functional, then good luck! But if yours can't meet your needs anymore and makes you want an upgrade, or if you don't have one yet, then this collection of the best natural gas grills should come in handy.

To begin this guide, we will compare the two fuel options for gas grills: liquid propane (LP) and natural gas (NG) to see which is the best option. Next, we will examine the current market and shed some light on what it has to offer in different price ranges. Finally, we'll take a look at some of our favorite picks for varied categories.

The ultimate goal is to give everyone something to think about when it comes to natural gas grills. Fortunately, by the end of this article, you will feel inspired and well-versed enough to confidently bring home.

How to choose a natural gas grill

This procedure is always important. Why? Because it is the same with almost all purchases: we have to determine if it is a good investment. Well gas grills can cost a fairly large sum of money. Some are over $ 2000! To be honest, not all of us have the luxury of paying so much money spent in error.

So, to make sure that not a penny is wasted, here are some things that we consider most important:

1) Natural Gas vs. Liquid Propane

There are four popular energy sources for grills: coal, natural gas (GN), liquid propane (LP), a by-product extracted from natural gas and electricity. Charcoal is classic but can be quite damaging. Electricity, environmentally speaking, is not much better either; It just doesn't have that good old-fashioned outdoor grill "feel".

That leaves us with LP or NG, and it's a good thing that both are among the cleanest fuels for residential use. The productive use of natural gas is encouraged as it has positive impacts on the greenhouse cycle and potentially even on the economy. Liquid propane is comparably clean both before and after combustion, and is equally efficient when cost is considered.

So we are good at fuel.

But to go one step further: LP or NG, which one is better? To be honest, there is no clear winner. The only difference in properties worth noting is that NG is lighter which means it disperses faster if there is a leak, making it more secure for storage.

Other than that, it all comes down to preference. Models that use LP are more portable and less complicated to set up, but you should replace empty tanks from time to time. NG models are generally connected to the pipeline, which requires additional effort and also makes them more restricted in mobility. However, once everything is ready, it is quite forgotten.

2. Other things to keep in mind

Once you have decided which fuel to use, there are only a few more details that can be important during a cookout. Again, this mainly depends on personal preferences.

Convertible grills LP / NG, Yes or No?

Yes! And not.

First and foremost, it is obviously more convenient to be able to change the fuel settings to your liking. Both LP and NG have their ups and downs, so being able to adapt them to needs is to maximize their potential. So yes to that!

But here is the "no": security concerns. Gas, unlike coal and electricity, can be more dangerous and meddling with your supply system is not safe. It is safer with conversion kits, but it is never risk free.

Cooking Area and Burners

Depending on the size of your typical gatherings, the required grilling area will vary. As the cooking area increases in dimensions, so does the number of burners, but not always. And that is what you should keep in mind. If a grill offers a large cooking surface but not enough burners, it will go to waste.

On the other hand, it is difficult to say what the ideal number should be. Each grill burns a little differently. The easiest way is to grab a grill you are most familiar with for reference. Do you like how the food is cooked on said grill? Do you like cooking? heat distribution? Then make your estimate and adjust from there.

If you don't have a grill in mind, the Char-broil Performance 4-burner is one of many favorite series. For starters, it's good.

Side Tables, Side Burners, Grill Set and Rear Burners

Be sure to check these too. Side tables can be useful. Manufacturers also find ways to make them more versatile, adding amenities like a built-in mini fridge or tool hooks.

The practicality of the side burners depends on your grilling routine. They can be used to make or heat sauces and garnishes such as sautéed vegetables or perhaps tortillas.

A grill system is also the same. It is not 100% necessary for a grill, but it is a welcome addition. It usually comes with a rear infrared burner, but not always.

These, except for the side tables, have an additional cost, so you may want to really think about what you need. But if you can afford them, prevention is better than cure, right?

Construction Material / Grille

It goes without saying that the material is of great importance when it comes to kitchen equipment. Truer now that he's out and has to deal with the flames and the changing weather.

Unless you have a kitchen station in the backyard where your grill is relatively sheltered, you better go for a model with world-class construction materials. You want it to last!

In addition, the steel from which the cooking grates are made is also something to consider. At the moment, there are two popular options: stainless steel and porcelain enameled cast iron.

Stainless steel is more durable, slightly easier to clean, provides better abrasion and has better heat transfer, but is also considerably more expensive than the alternative. Considering cost effectiveness, its heat handling ability is neck and neck, so not many steakhouses really prefer one over the other.

Gas Grills Price Ranges

Gas Grills are one of those things you get. -pay-for types of products, which honestly is a blessing. It is a relatively competitive and rewarding market with decades of history. And gas grills are risky enough to compel most manufacturers to do their jobs wholeheartedly.

For that reason, you don't really have to worry about the quality of the details. Choose a solid brand, and all you have to think about is "do I want to spend on that feature or not?"

1. Over $ 2,000

$ 2,000 seems to be the stopping mark for essential additions. From now on, you will start to see more additional amenities: better material, improved frame, better aesthetics, improved control precision, etc. Right next to it are the usual updates: bigger size (maybe additional compartments) and higher number of Burners. But that's it.

The only thing that can really excite people and can have a real effect on the quality of a cookout is the built-in smoker box – it's where you put and burn wood chips, like one in a smoking meat . If used wisely, food will smell and taste much better. However, it is not healthier, so go easy.

2. Less than $ 2,000

Going over $ 1,300 and getting closer to $ 2,000 is the sweet spot where you will find the best value things a gas grill has to offer. And by "things" we mean additional items added to one's repertoire that will make a grilling session even more delicious.

Most notable features include rotisserie systems with an integrated motor and rear infrared burner for grilling. Action and additional cooking zones on the wings to maneuver more. You'll also start to see the lighting (backlit dials or under-cap light) and more details well done compared to the lower ranges. The waiting area and the combustion capacity also increase.

3. Under $ 1,000

As the price drops, so does the frequency of high-end features.

You will no longer see the grill option. That means there is no rotisserie or rear burner. Side burners also become scarcer. The good news is that the compartment size and main burners remain mostly unchanged from the upper price range. in minor details. Porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates will begin to alternate with stainless steel grates.

4. Around $ 500

Also known as the "affordable range", the models that belong to this sector are the most simplified of all. Technically, they are made to be sufficient. You can expect burners to work, usually no more than three; a proper grill box, and decent ignition and flame control. Everything else is ordinary, if not considerably minimized.

Details, such as storage space, are made from lower grade materials if not fully cut. The metal plates are thinner and the coating is less effective. But grills in this range, while they won't last as long as top tier units, can still do their job to an acceptable extent.

Reviews of the Best Natural Gas Grills in 2020

With all that discussed, we believe you are now more or less equipped to judge our best selections of natural gas grills and determine if they are right for you.

Please note that these select few are hand-selected based on our research and personal criteria, so there is a possibility that you may not find your next steakhouse here. But there is one thing for sure: you will learn something.

  1. Weber Spirit E-310 – Best buy in 2020
  2. Weber Spirit II E-210 – Best Value natural gas grill [19659055] Lion L90000 – Best built-in natural gas grill
  3. Weber Q3200 – Best Small Natural Gas Grill
  4. Signature Char-Broil – Best Infrared Natural Gas Grill

Here are our picks for the best natural gas grills.

1. Weber Spirit E-310 Natural Gas Grill: Best Buy in 2020

To find a quality natural gas grill, just look at Weber and its collection. Much appreciated by experts and home users, several of their grills have been listed on various renowned review platforms. The Weber Spirit E-310 is a prime example.

  Weber Spirit E-310 best gas outdoor grill review


  • Excellent general heating
  • Easy swivel casters
  • Side tables
  • Tool hooks
  • Built-in thermometer [19659063] Easy Access Grease Tray


  • Expensive
  • Grids are difficult to clean

The decided natural gas grills may not be for you? Okay, we have more to offer. Here are our picks for the best grills this year .

A quick glance may not be able to tell you much about the Spirit E-310: it is not, after all, the largest or the most expensive Gas Grill in this category. But what many people don't realize is its immense warming .

Triple burners can deliver 32,000 BTUs per hour as a combined effort. And since these stainless steel burners are warranted for for up to 10 years you know they mean business, nothing short of here. The E-310 is highly praised for its even heat distribution on the grill surface, a varied temperature range and fast warm-up time.

Open the lid and you will find the grates with 424 square inches of grilling surface. But that's not all: there are an additional 105 square inches of the overhead warming rack to prevent cooked items from getting cold, giving you 529 square inches in total. The E-310 can fit portions of five to seven diners as stated on Weber's official website. In addition, its external dimensions are as follows: 32 inches deep by 52 inches wide by 63 inches tall with the lid open (and 45.5 inches with the lid closed.)

  Inside the Weber Spirit E-310
Inside the Weber Spirit E-310

Now that we've covered its firepower, let's move on to other features.

the grates are of porcelain enamelled cast iron which would explain the immense and uniform distribution of heat across the cooking surface. Although cast iron has a neck and neck with stainless steel in terms of conduction, it is much heavier to retain its prestigious status as it can succumb to rust without proper cleaning and storage techniques. And so far, this is the only flaw in this grill.

Weber also uses cast iron for thermal tents, named flavorings by Weber, and the lid. Both are under Weber's warranty policy for several years. These flavoring bars prevent fat droplets and juices from entering the burners, preventing burns and prolonging the burners' overall longevity.

Stainless steel side tables are sturdy but seem to be unnecessarily made of such high quality material. That said, these folding tables make it easy to expand the grill work area by holding multiple condiment bottles and food trays. For kitchen tools, the E-310 has three tool hooks on each wing table to keep all kitchen utensils within easy reach.

There is also a cabinet underneath the temperature knobs, but it is not for storing it: it is where the electrical wires, gas hose, and grease pan reside. The grill cabinet gives you easy access to the grease pan when it is about to fill up. The E-310 uses a double A battery for the lighter.

Wheels make it easy to move the grill when you need to renovate the kitchen or barbecue island behind your backyard.

The lid-mounted thermometer is useful when you need a quick reading inside the cooking chamber, so you don't have to open the lid too often and lose heat. But if you need to measure specific items inside the grill, especially when it comes to thick items like briskets, turkeys and / or ribs, get a grill thermometer.

For those who don't know it yet, the Spirit E-310 has another cousin, the Spirit II E-310. Both have three burners, but their appearance and functionality are completely different.

The E-310 doesn't have to be bulky or expensive to be the best; it just works pretty well on a regular basis. In addition to the hassles of cast iron components for hand washing, otherwise this is a well-rounded grill you should consider getting.

2. Weber Spirit II E-210: Best Value Natural Gas Grill

Next on our list is another great Weber product, the Spirit II E-210 . It is a small to medium grill that does its job well without costing an arm and a leg. At the time of writing this article is the one that offers the most value for money.

  Weber 48010001 Spirit E-210 2 Burner Natural Gas Grill


  • Folding Side Tables
  • Multiple Coloring Options
  • Compatible with iGrill (Sold Separately)
  • Built-in Thermometer
  • 10 year warranty
  • Tool hooks


  • Without stainless steel components
  • Limited space and burners
  • Difficult to relocate

Like its cousin E-310, the Spirit II E-210 also has an immense heating capacity. Each burner delivers 13,250 BTUs per hour, even stronger than that of the E-310. Unfortunately, the small design of this grill only allows for two burners.

Be that as it may, dual burners have a diverse temperature range, so you can grill slowly and slowly or brown as you like. Many grills have praised the grill for even heating across the surface. Say goodbye to cold spots, especially those near the edges!

Now, come closer and take a look.

  inside the Weber Spirit II E-210
Inside the Weber Spirit II E-210

The biggest problem with this is the amount of porcelain enameled cast iron involved in the cooking components, or to be more Specifically, it's the lack of stainless steel options that ruins the fun for everyone. Those include the cooking box, tamer / flavor bars and racks.

If it is just the topping or the flavor bars, then there would be no problem. Their contact with food and foodborne agents is quite minimal, and they do not have a direct effect on the food itself. They won't suffer any corrosion or tarnish damage, not long after, and you won't have to clean them often.

However, the grids are the exact opposite. We are not here to undermine cast iron or its ability to work with food. In fact, stainless steel and cast iron have similar strengths in relation to conductivity and heat retention. But stainless steel is considerably more durable, corrosion resistant, and easier to clean. It doesn't seem like much right now, but for regular home use, it will matter a lot in due course.

In terms of specifications, this grill is small, only 48 inches wide by 26 inches deep by 44.5 inches tall (57 inches with the lid fully up) . Its interior includes the main grill area of ​​ 360 square inches and a heating surface of 90 square inches giving it a total of 450 square inches . Weber claims that the E-210 can cook for three to four people, so it should be enough for a small family.

Moving the grill is quite difficult, considering its weight of 103 pounds . Unlike the models with four spinning wheels, the E-210 only has two, and it has to tilt everything on its wheels and move forward.

The E-210 has a host of additional features, including two collapsible side tables where the grill can place various spice bottles and food dishes. For cookware, there are three tool hooks on each side table for hanging, keeping things neat and tidy. A thermometer on the lid lets you know how hot it is inside the grill without opening the lid too often.

Also worth mentioning is the accessory compartment for the Weber iGrill 3 (sold separately). It is an internally designed grill thermometer with four probes that allows you to monitor the temperature of the food you are cooking through an app on your phone. It is not exactly a "duty", but a good "maybe".

Of course everyone has a budget when it comes to shopping, and the Weber Spirit E-210 offers you the best investment. . Sure, it lacks glitter and glamor, but it delivers on its promises. And if that's not enough to attract you, the 10-year limited warranty should say a lot.

3. Lion L90000 Premium Grill – Best Built-in Natural Gas Grill

With its beautiful design and complete commercial grade construction, the Lion L90000 hit the market with nothing but features strong and quality. Judging by the way people have responded to their performance, it's safe to say they love it!

  lion l90000 Best built-in natural gas grill review


  • Rotisserie system
  • Back burner
  • Smoker box
  • Stainless steel grates
  • Stainless steel griddle [19659063] Commercial grade construction
  • Interior lighting


  • Expensive
  • Without side burner
  • Heavy

Let's talk about its size first: the trimmed dimensions in particular. For the grill to seat comfortably, a seat 38 ½ inches wide by 21 ½ inches deep by 9 ⅝ inches high is required. The unit itself measures 40 inches wide (without side tables) 24.25 inches deep and 21.5 inches tall which is large but not too big for what is packed inside.

There is a difference between the cut and the indicated dimensions of the grill because only the lower half needs to fit, not the whole unit.

A spacious cooking area is, of course, the first result. Able to accommodate up to 40 patties at a time (measured with a regular patty press), the grill provides 802 square inches on the racks, or 1030 square inches if we include the removable / adjustable warming rack. In the context of roasting, there are 2-3 whole chickens with room to spare.

From the outside, you can also see that there are a total of 6 knobs. Among which, five are the main responsible for most of the grill that occurs on the grills. Together they generate an impressive 90,000 BTU which means 18,000 BTU each. If you don't already know, that's pretty generous when it comes to recording capacity.

The last dial is for the rear infrared burner which is in charge of any type of roasting. The rear burner is designed for that one purpose, but you can use it however you like: a little extra heat on the grill, for example.

Moving on to the material, it's another highlight of the Lion L90000 Premium Gas Grill. More than 90% of grill structure is commercial grade, 16 gauge 304 stainless steel from cover to grate to grease pan. Numerous owners praise its longevity, saying the grill still works as if it were the first day after years of use with only minimal cleaning.

That is also the reason why this grill is quite heavy (~ 200 lbs), even according to the manufacturer. the heaviest of its specifications. Keep this in mind and make sure your station / counter is built to support that kind of weight.

As for the included accessories, there are a lot of useful things: a stainless steel griddle (plus its extractor) to increase the versatility of the grill, two interior lights to aid in cooking after dark, a mini smoker box to give it a touch of that smoky, alluring flavor; and a head cover for a little extra protection from the weather.

Basically, the Lion L90000 Premium Gas Grill has everything you need to be the best built-in natural gas grill, and that's not just the opinion of the few. Still not convinced? So how about a limited lifetime warranty to seal the deal?

4. Weber Q3200 – The Best Small Natural Gas Grill

Most natural gas grills are giant models that must be permanently installed or built in a fixed position, such as a kitchen or grill station. If you are not ready to commit to one as such or you prefer something smaller then maybe it is time for you to consider getting the Weber Q3200 .

  Weber 57067001 Q3200 Natural Gas Grill


  • Light and Portable
  • Side Tables
  • Built-in Thermometer
  • Tool Hooks


  • Comparatively Prone to Burns
  • Flimsy Side Tables
  • Limited Space and Burners

The Q3200 measures 50.2 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 43.5 inches tall ( 55.5 inches with the lid open). Inside the grill, you will get 393 square inches from the surface of the primary grill, with another 75 square inches from the heating shelves. That adds up to 468 square inches in total. Weber claims that this grill can feed up to six people, but we feel the estimate may be a bit of a stretch.

  Inside the Weber Q3200
Inside the Weber Q3200

For such a small grill, the Q3200 pre-heats quickly and distributes heat evenly through the grates, even in the farthest corners. Furthermore, its limited temperature range as dual burners peak at 21,700 BTUs per hour just enough for a grill of this size. That means you won't be able to make cold cut meat fillets at high temperatures, which can be a shame.

While the firepower seems to be lacking, the Q3200 is perfect for those with limited open space like a small backyard or patio. The trolley is made of glass reinforced nylon, which means that it is light but strong. Large wheels make it easy to move the grill from place to place when you need to renovate the kitchen.

A safety concern that many grills share is that since there is no heat tent on the Q3200, drops of grease and juice will fall. in the burners, creating violent bursts of flame, which are called outbreaks . One way to minimize this is to trim the fat and grease the cooking surface properly before grilling.

Like other Weber grills, the grills are porcelain enamelled cast iron. But the cover and body are made of cast aluminum. At its current price, hopefully it's more well built than that. The lighter uses four triple A battery cells, to add.

Also, there is more to this grill. The two folding side tables may seem like a nice addition, until you realize they're not as sturdy and can't hold more than a few spice jars and condiments. The three utensil hooks are an absolute reduction compared to six on other Weber grills, while the lid-mounted thermometer is basically the same. The only distinction is the handle-mounted LED light fixture that allows you to see the inside of the grill when cooking late at night, but that can hardly improve the overall value of the Q3200.

In short, the Weber Q3200 is an acceptable natural gas grill, but it's hard to find a smaller grill that works as well as this one.

5. Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525 – Best Infrared Natural Gas Grill

There are two things that most homeowners love about the Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525 . First, they adopt infrared heat as their primary heating method, which resembles the ambient heat of the coals. Y en segundo lugar, son convertibles entre propano líquido y gas natural.

 char-broil Mejor revisión de parrilla de gas natural infrarroja convertible


  • Calor ambiental
  • Razonablemente asequible
  • Convertible

Contras [19659071] Piezas de cocción de hierro fundido

  • Materiales de bajo nivel
  • Se calienta lentamente
  • Ha sido sorprendentemente difícil encontrar parrillas infrarrojas. El mercado para ellos es ciertamente bastante limitado. Como se queman lentamente como las parrillas de carbón / barbacoa, de alguna manera anulan el propósito de la parrilla. Sin embargo, si desea asar en una unidad alimentada con gas, esto es lo más cerca que va a llegar.

    El método de calentamiento actual de las parrillas de gas se centra en el calor equilibrado pero intenso. Incluso si es calor indirecto, los resultados simplemente no pueden ser paralelos a la cocción ambiental. Pero con una base de combustión infrarroja, es posible que pueda crear esa caja de cocción lenta a temperatura media para asar a la parrilla.

    Por supuesto, la Char-Broil TRU-Infrared puede asar todavía, aunque no es tan efectivo de inmediato como los demás en esta lista. Con 32,000 BTU de cuatro quemadores principales, puede parecer que falta 525 pulgadas cuadradas . Si bien eso es cierto hasta cierto punto, la cocción por infrarrojos permite un calor distribuido uniformemente a través de las rejillas, lo que resulta en una alta eficiencia térmica.

    Sin embargo, las 200 pulgadas cuadradas de la rejilla de calentamiento se sienten como un tramo. Tendrás un largo camino hacia una sesión de parrilla antes de que el espacio extra pueda ser útil (ya que el calor no será suficiente desde el principio). Pero también depende de la situación en la que se encuentre, por lo que es su decisión si desea mantenerlos enganchados o no.

    Tanto las rejillas de cocción como la parrilla son de hierro fundido esmaltado en porcelana . Está bien como material de cocina como lo mencionamos anteriormente. Pero el mantenimiento puede ser un problema ya que hay más OD y NO con hierro fundido. Dicho esto, siempre que sepas lo que estás haciendo, estás bien.

    Un pequeño consejo: calienta la parrilla después de limpiarla para asegurarte de que haya un mínimo de humedad cuando se almacena. Eso reduce en gran medida el riesgo de oxidación.

    Finalmente, este Char-Broil es convertible. Por defecto, funciona con propano líquido. Con un kit de conversión (se vende por separado), puede cambiar al uso de gas natural con bastante facilidad. Cuando lo haga, recuerde tener mucho cuidado con las conexiones.

    Las mejores parrillas de gas natural Cuadro comparativo

    Modelo Quemadores principales Área de cocción primaria (pulgadas cuadradas ) Características adicionales Garantía
    Weber Spirit E-310 3 424 – Mesas laterales
    – Gabinetes de parrilla
    – Termómetro incorporado
    – Ganchos para herramientas
    Caja de cocción, tapa, tubos de quemador: 10 años

    Barras aromatizantes, rejillas: 5 años

    Todas las demás partes: 2 años

    Weber Spirit II E-210 2 802 – Mesas laterales
    – Termómetro incorporado
    – Ganchos para herramientas
    10 años
    Lion L90000 5 500 – Quemador lateral
    – Sistema de asador
    Vida útil
    Weber Q3200 2 360 – Carro
    – Mesas laterales
    – Termómetro
    – Luz de parrilla
    – Ganchos para herramientas
    Cookbox, tapa, quemador tubos, rejillas, piezas de plástico: 5 años

    Todas las demás partes: 2 años

    Firma Char-Broil 4 525 – Quemador lateral n / a

    Conclusión [19659007] Hay muchas cosas a tener en cuenta al encontrar la mejor parrilla de gas natural en este gran mercado. Pero cuando consigas encontrar el que más te convenga, valdrá la pena. Hopefully, with the help of our guide, the process will be simpler for everyone.

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