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Best Outdoor Gas (Propane) Griddles Reviewed in 2021

Most modern gas irons can be divided into two main categories as defined by design: portable and trolley style .

Portable irons generally come with a dual burner or burners and can be moved easily as they weigh much less and can be installed on any safe surface in place of leg models.

Trolley-style griddles or full-size griddles They resemble restaurant-type grills in design and feature multiple burners, generally between 3 and 8.

Other defining features that They must take into account in their search are the heat output, the cooking area, the materials and the mobility.

Naturally, portable and full-size grills show different power ranges. Generally, the heat output of an iron is measured in British thermal units, or BTUs. Portable irons can start at 12,000 BTUs and go up to 36,000 BTUs depending on the number of burners they have and the conductivity of the material. Full-size plates generate more serious heat, up to 120,000 BTU .

Then there is the issue of burners. If you plan to cook for large crowds of people on a regular basis, it may be worth looking for models with 4, 6 or even 8 burners . Multiple burners not only increase the overall power of the griddle, but also provide the opportunity to control separate heat zones to cook different types of food at once.

This also applies to the size of the cooking surface : the more event-oriented your kitchen plans are, the larger the griddle should be. Full-size irons can be as large as 1000 square inches although in most cases a 600 square inch iron would be more than enough for your backyard parties. Those planning to travel light or camping can look for portable irons with medium-sized surfaces, ranging from 300 to 400 square inches .

Regarding materials, the best-selling plates feature cold-rolled steel stainless steel cast iron or a combination of two or more materials than include aluminum and chrome. Each material has its pros and cons, some with higher thermal conductivity and others with better durability. It all comes down to which feature you prioritize over others in your outdoor kitchen, so there is no one right answer about which material is best.

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