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Best Portable Charcoal Grills – FULL 2020 BUYER’S GUIDE!

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Nothing on the grill is just like the smell of burgers and hot dogs. Arguably, one of the best ways to bake is using charcoal, but there are barbecue lovers who claim that cooking with propane is a better and cleaner option. However, when grilled with propane, it is not possible to bring out the taste of meat in the same way as when cooking with charcoal. If you like cooking with your family but are looking for a barbecue that is easy to use, maintain and transport, the best portable charcoal grill is a good choice.

When making tough decisions

On many types of grills on the market today, the charcoal grill is still available because the unique flavors obtained from grilling meat with charcoal cannot be achieved with an electric or gas grill The choice remains.

When shopping for a new charcoal grill, you should consider the following:

  • How often do you bake?
  • In general, how many people do you cook for?
  • Do you occasionally host large family gatherings?
  • Some types

Choose a new grill is not an easy task. This is not particularly easy, especially if you are on a budget, if space is a problem, or if you are new to grills and need a beginner-friendly model. The type of grill you choose depends primarily on your lifestyle. Nowadays, if there are too many models available, it shouldn't be difficult to find a model that fits your needs. However, more beginners are choosing gas or electric grills, so choosing a charcoal grill with all the features you need can be a difficult decision.

There are several places we visit.

We reviewed several different grills. Shrinked to the top five models on the market. In fact, we aimed to include grills in various price range grills, so you can find a model that fits your budget and grill needs.

You can find it below. Comparison chart listing the differences between each grill reviewed, including price, rating, cooking surface, and grill type.

Best charcoal grill comparison chart

Charcoal grill crushing competition

We were happy to test our bestseller. A grill with a high user rating. We've reviewed dozens of models, but only 5 grills passed the test in flight color. Each model offers unique features depending on whether it can act as a smoker and grill, can be purchased at a reasonable price or is a best-selling hybrid grill. We carefully selected grills for quality, performance, ease of use, thermal efficiency and versatility. We are proud to offer you five grills to produce soft juicy burgers and steaks that you and your whole family will love.

Below you can find a summary of reviews for all five of our most popular products. This summary gives you a glimpse of what each grill has to offer, including the best features, ease of use and overall quality.

All Best-Kamado Joe Ceramic Charcoal Grill

  Red Grill

Our Rating: (5/5)

Classic The ll kamado grill is top rated for versatility, ease of use, temperature control and more. Durable, it can be placed outdoors all year round, and the thick walls combined with the egg-shaped design make this model a convection oven, smoker and grill. In essence, there is no limit to what this grill can do. Not only can it handle all your cooking needs, but it's also low maintenance and rust-free, and its two-tier grill design allows you to cook heat directly or indirectly.

Griller AKORN Jr Charcoal Camado Grill

  Small red cooker

Our rating: (4.5 / 5)

Akorn Jr., who always wanted a kamado grill, but had no budget or space, is the perfect solution. This model has the same classic design as a full-size camo grill, but the compact design has plenty of free space and can be stored in a patio. The thick walls of the grill provide insulation, also known as a camo grill, so you can use it to smoke, bake or bake your favorite food. Of course it doesn't have a larger cooking surface as it's a smaller version of the traditional kamado, but this model can handle up to 4 dishes, and because of the price, this mini kamado grill is worth every penny.

Char griller E1515 patio pro charcoal grill for less than $ 100

  Outdoor cooking utensils

Our rating: (4.5 / 5)

I want to try out the latest vegan grill recipes, but is there no room for a standard grill? Patio-Pro is a budget-friendly solution for apartment dwellers and people with small gardens that cannot accommodate full-sized grills. Although small, the grill can still handle cooking for up to 3 people, and its durable, lightweight design makes it ideal for camping and caravans. The sturdy cast iron grid makes cooking and temperature control uniform. Not all features and extras you would expect from a full-size grill, but this model is perfect for grilling a few steaks or burgers.

Best Grill and Smoker Combo-Char- Griller Kamado Kooker Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker

  Black Grill

Our rating: (4.5 / 5)

The Akon Cooker is one of Char-Griller's best-selling models due to its low price, durable design and low maintenance needs. Made of 3 layers of stainless steel, it is not only durable, but also shows good heat control. However, the grill lacking the ceramic interior deviates from the original camo design. But despite the fact that it's not a true camo, you can cook food perfectly, giving you more control over the grill's temperature control, like a classic camo tile.

Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo-Char- Broil Gas2Coal 3-burner liquid propane and charcoal hybrid grill

  Black cooking grill

Our rating: (4.5 / 5)

Char-Broil's Gas2Coal grill is a hybrid grill that allows you to enjoy both the rich smokey flavors only available for charcoal grilled steaks and the thermal efficiency that only gas grills can offer. Unlike competitive models, this grill is energy efficient, easy to use and affordable. This feature-packed grill also comes with a built-in wheel designed to easily carry and store the grill when not in use. This model is affordable for beginners to learn how to cook rib eye steak on a gas grill, which is affordable and allows you to purchase a model that provides the versatility type you need.

Best deal -PK Grill PK Original Outdoor Charcoal Portable Grill & Smoker Combination

  Silver Grill

Our rating: (4.5 / 5)

PK Grill is the past explosion. Featuring the same design as the classic portable kitchen grill of the 1950s, this cast aluminum grill is rust-resistant, easy to use, portable, and reasonably priced. Its unique folding design makes it a great choice if you are looking for a grill for your next family camping, hiking or caravan trip.

Charcoal Grill Buyer's Guide

Charcoal Grill is a great, fun and affordable way to enjoy the summer on weekends at the beach, park or family dinner. This grill is small in size, but has a durable construction that allows you to grill your favorite food most of the summer.

Charcoal-grilled dishes

Charcoal-grilled dishes offer a more smoky taste of meat. In fact, the smoky flavor is the reason most people prefer to grill over gas and electric grills. The heat and smoke generated when the charcoal fire is lit will result in a kind of juice-filled meat and a unique flavor that most barbecue lovers love. Charcoal including:


If you can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a nice electric grill, charcoal grills are a great alternative. These grills are generally small in size, portable, and can be used in most budgets.

High temperature

Compared with electricity and gas, charcoal grill can reach much higher temperature. This type of heat traps the juice inside the meat, giving it a nice crispness on the outside, and the inside is soft and stuffed with aroma.

Find the right grill

If you are interested in buying charcoal but don't know what to find or where to find it, this guide will guide you through what to expect in terms of different types of charcoal grill styles, features offered, performance and maintenance. [19659059] Charcoal grill style

There are several main styles of charcoal grill. Each style is available in a variety of size options, but they are all portable and familiar even for beginners.


The kettle grill is one of the most popular options, featuring the cheapest and basic design. It is low maintenance and easy to use. It is also very versatile and comes in a variety of styles. If you're looking for a portable grill that's familiar to beginners, the kettle grill is a great option and won't hit your wallet too hard.

The kettle grill is well recognized due to the large and round bowl. . The bowl shape of the grill allows it to heat up quickly. A great choice if you need a grill that offers shorter cooking times. However, the kettle grill has a very small cooking surface, so it is not the best option if you need to cook more than a few.

However, this type of charcoal grill is suitable if cost is the main priority and if desired is an efficient and low maintenance durable grill.


Ceramic grills are often referred to as egg-shaped grills or camo grills. The Japanese design not only allows the grill to keep the heat more efficient, but also works well when controlling the temperature. In fact, if you don't know how to keep the charcoal grill temperature, it's the perfect option.

This grill is suitable for a variety of grill options. You can use the ceramic grill to cook anything from bread and pizza to hamburgers, chicken breasts and hot dogs.

The egg-shaped design combined with the thick wall allows the grill to heat up faster than other types of grills. . Also, when cooking, the heat and smoke are trapped inside the grill, so it has a great flavor. It is also durable and can be left outdoors in bad weather.

The biggest drawback of the ceramic grill is its price. Prices for this type of grill can range from $ 1 to $ 200 to $ 2,000. If you spend a lot of time baking in the summertime, the ceramic grill is definitely worth the high price tag. Quality, durable, versatile and easy to use makes it one of the best options if you're looking for a grill since last season.

Grill size

A few things to consider in terms of size. First, how big is the entire model? If you are looking for a grill to take with you on your next camping trip, a portable grill will be your priority.

Both the ceramic and kettle grills are small, but this grille may look pretty. It can be difficult to transport, especially when hiking from a vehicle to a camping ground.

Cooking noodles

Cooking noodles size is another matter. If you cook only 2-3 people, the size of the cooking surface is not so important. If you want a cooking surface that can handle food for 4 or more people, you should pay close attention to the size of the cooking surface. Fortunately, most manufacturers list the number of burgers the cooking surface can handle at one time. This way you can clearly see which model is working and which one is not.

Food options

A ceramic grill is a better option in terms of versatility. Put bread, pizza, or other types of special food on the grill. Kettle grills can handle meat and certain vegetables, but because they can't control the temperature in the same way as ceramic grills, the range of grills of that type is quite limited.

Temperature control [19659051] As mentioned briefly above, ceramic grills are the best option in terms of temperature control. However, many home grills are interested in temperature and want a grill that provides some sort of control. The grill lid plays an important role when it comes to temperature control. Choosing a model with a tight-fitting lid can be immersed in smoke and flavor. The damper of the grill also directly affects the temperature.

Most grills come with two dampers. One damper is designed to discharge smoke, and the other is designed to suck air. Extra vents and dampers provide more control, especially for grills with larger cooking surfaces.

Grill adjustability can be another factor. In some models, the cooking surface can be moved closer or closer to coal to reduce or increase the amount of heat the food is exposed to.

Obviously, the ceramic grille can provide the best temperature control due to the egg shaped design and thick walls. However, when adjusting the internal temperature, it may go through a little learning curve.

Beginner friendly

Charcoal grills tend to provide better taste, but the biggest drawback to using this style is the fact that grills require more maintenance compared to gas and electric grills. Also, starting a charcoal can be difficult for beginners. Fortunately, the process must be stopped in the second or third baking session.

If you have trouble with maintenance, there are some features that make grill cleaning much easier. Some grills are equipped with a hinged cooking grate or an extra door, making it easier to add or remove charcoal without putting food on the grill or great.

Other models can be removed using a removable ash. Ash can be easily removed. Built-in mechanisms or tools designed for re-dumping can make a big difference depending on how easy or difficult it is to maintain the grill. If you can throw away the ash without turning the grill over or scratching the bottom of the grill, you can save a lot of maintenance time.

For more information, click here to see how.

Durable construction

When properly maintained, charcoal grills can last for years. Investing a little more in top-of-the-line line models made from trusted brands eliminates the need to purchase new models every season.

If you want a continuously designed grill, read the product reviews.

Safety features

Before launching a new grille, you must read the user manaul cover and understand how to handle it. It works. The manufacturer also includes some basic safety information for cooking with charcoal. Do not throw away the ashes during use and wait for them to go out completely. Keep the exhaust damper completely open during use and always make sure to bake only outdoors.

Robust design is paramount in terms of safety. Choose a model that does not flip over during use. Inexpensive models with a light and thin design can pose a great safety risk and can be dangerous for young children to use.

Multi-compartment grid

Large grills are usually provided with a larger cooking surface and multi-section grid so you can cook a wide variety of foods at different temperatures at the same time. The other grill is provided with a small grid of single sections.

Chimney Starter

The large charcoal grill is equipped with a propane fuel burner, making burning charcoal much easier and faster. Unfortunately, this feature is often found on small grills. However, if you have decided on a smaller model, you can also purchase a separate chimney starter that will burn the charcoal quickly. Using this device provides an environmentally friendly way to fire a grill. To learn more, click here to read our guide on how to start a charcoal grill without light liquid.

Legs and stands

The portable grille is equipped with a small leg to ensure stability. There is no need to put the grill on a separate table. If the grill you are interested in has legs, look at the design to see if the legs are foldable and what materials the legs are made of. The thick stainless steel legs ensure durability, and the legs fixed in place prevent the legs from collapsing during use or prevent the legs from opening when carrying.

Final thought

I hope that the buyer's guide contains the necessary information. When buying a new charcoal grill for use this summer, you can make informed decisions.

Choosing the best portable charcoal grill is not easy. At first glance, many models have a sturdy design and all the right features, but unfortunately some models only last for one season. With a buyer's guide and an in-depth review of the major models on the market, you can narrow your search and choose a full-featured, rugged and safe and reliable model. While using.

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