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Best Portable Gas Grills in 2020

Best Portable Gas Grills in 2020

The weather is heating up, and you know what that means: It's barbecue time. Imagine the possibilities: A beach cooking festival sounds good, but so does a park party, a camping trip to the lake, or a roadside meal when cruising the country in an RV. Once you've made it clear that you'll be cooking on the go rather than relying on local diners and restaurants, you'll want a compact grill that won't take up too much space inside your vehicle. And you also have to cook well.

We will pick the best portable gas grills available and review them in detail in this article here.

Portable gas grills are perfect for road trips

It is not uncommon to see the sight of a grill sizzling at this time of year. After all, it is one of America's most favorite and iconic hobbies if the weather permits. Research by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) revealed that summer is the best season for grilling, with July 4 as the peak. And the fact that up to 64% of grills prefer a gas grill to other types of grill speaks volumes. Although this report was published in 2017, its findings remain faithful to date.

If your home has a patio, backyard, or front yard to host a barbecue cooking festival, then good for you. But that does not mean that the barbecue is not limited to the premise of the house itself. You can still enjoy a good barbecue party and a nice view of the ocean, for example, using a compact grill. But not just any compact grill: a portable, gas-powered grill.

While charcoal grills are an excellent alternative, travel-size gas grills offer additional amenities that you will find important in due course and certain situations.

Why you should give portable gas grills a try

For starters (no pun intended), you can start fire with little or no effort thanks to the built-in ignition system from the first moment. This is a stark contrast to the struggle you have to endure when trying to light small pieces of briquettes. By using a gas grill, precious time is best spent cooking and enjoying the company of others.

While gas grills have approximately the same heating power as their coal-fired cousins, it is the additional facility of temperature control that makes all the difference in the world. That's probably another reason why grills seem to prefer gas grills over charcoal grills when they go on a picnic. Rotating a knob or dial can easily adjust the flame to your liking, so you can make timely adjustments as you see fit. These grills heat up quickly and keep the flame uninterrupted and constant, thus ensuring uniform cooking of food from the inside.

Unlike your domestic version gas grill, which needs installation and is designed to be permanently attached, portable gas grills are versatile, save space, and can be moved at will. They don't take up too much space inside your already narrow vehicle.

Imagine a situation where inclement weather is blocking your barbecue party, the wind, the rain and other things. Normally, that would mean that the party is ruined and canceled. But with portable grills, you can easily move the barbecue to a new place by simply lifting the grill or moving it on the wheels effortlessly. Good news: the party continues!

Other Amenities

And as the gas begins to run low, you can easily refill the grill by replacing the propane canister, which can be easily found at many gas stations and supply stores. to camp.

In terms of cleanliness, a portable gas grill has a fair amount of ups and downs. If we are being honest here, the compensations are fair. While you don't have to deal with ash and soot, burners are often prone to clogging up with grease and juice from food. And if it is left without service long enough, you will see a drastic drop in overall performance and efficiency.

Fortunately for you, manufacturers have addressed the above problem by including heat tents / flame tamers / burner protectors / flavor bars whichever term you are most familiar with, to cover burners. In addition, these gas grills often incorporate an easily accessible grease collection system consisting of a drain and pan to lessen cleaning hassles.

What to consider before buying

You buyers are probably wondering how to make the most informed decision, right? There seem to be plenty of options to choose from, and after a few clicks, you will more or less encounter a complete loss.

Don't know how to choose a grill? We have you covered. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a new grill.

1. Price

Realizing that he can't pack his regular grill inside the vehicle and the rental grills rarely meet expectations, or even are available, for that matter, he realizes how ill-prepared he is before the trip . As you frantically type "portable gas grill" in the search bar, you can expect to find these grills from $ 70 to $ 500 this time of year. On top of that, I'd rather save the money and spend it on a full-price gas grill rather than a travel-size one.

Here is the breakdown.

From $ 300 to $ 500:

Find high-end spectrum grills made of stainless steel . Therefore, they are more durable and retain heat extremely well, in addition to looking stylish and shiny. Although classified as portable, these grills often have ample space within the cooktop and multiple burners but not more than three. In this price range, you can expect these grills to be very versatile and mobile, which means they can fold / fold and drop like a suitcase . In addition to the handle and off-road wheels, these grills also feature a host of accessories such as a temperature gauge side tables grill light tool hooks and the like.

From $ 200 to $ 300:

This range is best classified as the average level at the time of writing this article. Like the previous premiums, these grills usually have from one to three burners but this time you will also feel the reduction in the cooking area although the degree varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. maker. What is significantly more remarkable is that stainless steel is no longer freely applied to all components, but focuses solely on burners and grates . Additional features still exist, although quantity and quality are understandably reduced.

Under $ 200:

If you are not an avid camper, then understandably you would not commit to making expensive purchases, especially when I will probably only use it once or twice a year, if there is one. What you need is an inexpensive grill that cooks well for a small group of people and doesn't take up too much space. And there is also a market for that. These grills can go as low as $ 70 to around $ 150 . Stripped of their primary function, these grills have virtually few or no stainless steel components except the burners. Please note that you are unlikely to find additional features like wheels, thermometer, or side tables on these grills.

2. Size

Conventional barbecue grills are too bulky to fit inside a vehicle, so this is where portable gas grills find their niche. They're designed to provide a decent meal when camping, hiking, and picnicking without taking up a lot of space inside your car. That's why it's not difficult to spot these grills at a barbecue party near the park, a sandy shore, or somewhere along a riverbank.

To choose the right grill size, consider these two questions:

  • What are you cooking for?
  • How many people are you cooking for?

If you need to prepare a fast food consisting of multiple small items – we are talking about hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, drums and the like – then a small to medium the grill must be on duty. If there are children on the trip, then a medium grill should suffice.

The items above are the all-time favorites on camp menus, but that doesn't mean you should limit your options. Steaks, ribs, briskets, turkeys, whole fish, and more, are best cooked on a large grill with multiple burners . The bigger the cooking chamber, the more food you can cook, the more people you can serve. It's that easy.

3. Construction

The burner on these gas grills is stainless steel, as a common standard. After all, it is the most critical component of the grill and is generally under an extended warranty period.

When it comes to the grill, there are two materials that come to mind: stainless steel and cast iron . Both are neck and neck in terms of conduction and heat retention. While stainless steel is prized for its invincibility against rust and its elegant appearance, cast iron adds something special to the overall flavor after each cook and can last for generations providing Proper cleaning and maintenance are practiced. If you have a specific preference for any type of material, this is the part you should take note of.

4. Temperature Control

We suggest getting a burner if you are only grilling casually with small items like hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and the like.

For larger items like briskets and turkeys, choose ones with double or triple burners . We have yet to find a travel size grill with more than three burners.

Multiple burners mean you can set different temperature zones where you can cook multiple items in various styles, the most common setting of which is heating, grilling, and scorching. The more burners a grill has, the more cooking prowess the grill possesses, as represented by the British Thermal Unit count, also known as BTU . That said, don't be led to believe that BTU is the most important factor, as there are others that determine the value and convenience of a grill.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Holes next to burners are easy targets for grease and juice droplets, which can further clog burner tubes and reduce overall efficiency. To avoid this, consider purchasing models with heat tents or burner guards to cover the burner tubes.

A telltale sign of below-optimal production is flickering yellow flames, instead of blue and steady. This is when you probably want to thoroughly clean the burners before they go beyond repair.

Most gas grills have an easy-slide grease tray that collects grease drips from the top rack, saving you precious cleaning time by scrubbing the bottom of the grill after each cooking.

The mesh material also matters. Stainless steel is impervious to corrosion and easy to wash manually or with a dishwasher. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for uncoated cast iron that requires gentle hand washing, proper tools, and painstaking maintenance to preserve its prestigious status. The coated cast iron which is probably porcelain enamel is basically the middle ground between the two ends.

6. Portability

Just noticing that the grill at home is too bulky to travel with you on the road, you realize how much you need a compact grill. That's where the niche market for portable gas-powered grills comes in. These grills are further reduced and strengthened for travel, making them much stronger and save space inside the already crowded car.

We recommend getting a model with easy-to-use caster wheels or off-road wheels for easy movements across different surfaces, because there is one thing for sure: it will be a bumpy road, literally.

Tabletop models on the other hand, do not require wheels to move, but must still be lightweight and portable enough when handled and transported from your vehicle to the camping site. Get one with a lid latch and a firm handle.

For RV campers, you can hang the grill on the side or store it inside the vehicle until you have arrived. But unfortunately this does not apply to cars and trucks, which are often full of luggage. Folding grills will definitely be appreciated, now that every square inch inside the vehicle is sacred.

7. Safety

Rotisseries are very familiar with outbreaks . For those who don't, they are violent bursts of flame, just as the name implies, when the flames come together with grease and juice. A common problem found in grills that use combustible fuels, inexperienced grills can be caught by surprise and even seriously injured.

Manufacturers address this problem by incorporating heat shields / flame tamers / flavor bars on the grill. The different names refer to the metal panels or plates specifically designed to be placed directly on the burner, avoiding grease and oil drops from the grill above. Look out for those grills.

8. Additional Features

To give grills a sense of convenience and control, it would be nice to find a grill with one or some of the following accessories:

  • Temperature Gauge
  • Side Tables
  • Locking Lid [19659039] Cart

Comments on the best portable gas grills in 2020

For those just looking for a quick recommendation on which grill to buy, then this is where we part ways. Below are our picks for the best portable gas grills.

  1. Weber 2200 Portable Gas Grill – Best Publisher Purchase in 2020
  2. Char-Broil X200 Tru Infrared Portable Gas Grill – Best for Rear Bauble
  3. Grill Camco Olympian 5500 Portable Gas Grill – Best for RV
  4. Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Gas Grill – Best for Camping
  5. Mega Master Dual Burner Portable Gas Grill – Best rated

Of course, these grills have their own merits and shortcomings. If you can spare us more time, we can drill down into the details of its features and performance.

1. Weber Q3200 Portable Gas Grill: Publisher's Best Buying Option in 2020

With batch first pick, we selected the Weber Q2200 a propane travel grill that far exceeds initial expectations. A fan favorite of many barbecue lovers, this grill has always been praised for its surprisingly powerful burner and ergonomic design. And it doesn't hurt your chance when this grill offers a wide range of additional add-ons.

  Weber Q3200 best portable gas grill review


  • Reasonable prices
  • Even rapid warm-up and preheat [19659080] Thermometer
  • Side tables
  • Clean and specific warranty policies
  • Easy Access Grease Tray
  • Compact Design


  • Flimsy Side Tables
  • Cleaning Difficulties


The Q2200 measures 25.1 inches deep by 51.4 inches wide by 26 inches wide. tall with the top and side tables fully extended, and 19.5 inches deep by 51.4 inches wide by 15.5 inches tall with the top and table closed.

The cooktop offers 280 square inches, which Weber claims the Q2200 can cater for up to four people. There is no grill to heat, but again, this is a portable grill. So unless you are looking for a full size gas grill this is as good as possible.

  Inside the Weber Q2200
Inside the Weber Q2200

Construction [19659026] The body and the list are made of cast aluminum. Although they are lightweight, their durability is still inferior to that of stainless steel. The grille is made of porcelain enameled cast iron, a neck and neck material with stainless steel in terms of heat retention and conduction, but a far cry from ease of cleaning. The frame is glass reinforced nylon, which is lightweight but firm.

Temperature control

The single burner means that you won't be able to cook in multiple areas, which is a shame. But hey, at least you'll still get uninterrupted and constant heating across the entire surface, even in places near the edges. And the Q200 also preheats fast.

The stainless steel burner runs 12,000 BTUs per hour and is warranted by Weber for up to five years. For a travel-size single-burner grill, the Q2200 is quite hot. If redesigned to fit more burners, this grill might even qualify for a full small gas grill.

To light the grill, you would need a triple A battery cell inside the power button.

Ease of cleaning

The cast iron grate, although enameled in porcelain, is difficult to handle. Not only should it be hand washed with little or no cleaning agent, it should be thoroughly towel dried rather than air dried to prevent rust formation.

In addition to the grill, other parts can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or towel. The Q2200 does not have a thermal tent, so burners are prone to clogging eventually, so you should repair it within a few months.

The easy glide drip pan catches grease and juice drips from the grill, but since it is located outside the grill bed, the bottom of the grill will undoubtedly collect dirt, leading to a deep cleaning from time to time. Eventually, you will have to clean the grill bed sometime after a few cooks, but hopefully not too often.


Without wheels, without wheels, no problem. The Q2200 is highly portable and lightweight to carry by hand.

That said, a separate cart can provide mobility and a sturdy platform to house the grill. The cart will be useful where there is no access to a flat surface to place the grill.


Lack of thermal tent is greatly missed and can be a concern when grilling high-fat foods, but with preheating and trimming the fat beforehand, you can minimize the possibility of outbreaks.

Additional Features

The Q2200 offers more than just your cooking prowess. A lid-mounted thermometer allows you to monitor how hot it is inside the cooking chamber, so you can make timely adjustments.

In addition, there are also two folding side tables. While the thought is highly appreciated, the design is quite disappointing. The tables cannot contain more than a few bottles of dressings and sauces; more than that and they could break the hinges.

The Q2200 is not the only representative of Weber's portable gas grills; there is a whole production line for that. If the Q2200 seems a bit overkill, how about something else for the core, like the Q1200 and Q1000? Basically they are the lower versions of the Q2200, with less space, less features, and therefore cheaper.


The Weber Q2200 raises initial questions at first glance, but until you give it a shot you can believe how well … rounded this grill is. It delivers on its initial promises too much and proves to be a pleasant surprise for many steakhouses.

2. Char-Broil Tru-Infrared X200 Portable Gas Grill: Best for Tailgating

Next on our list is the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared X200. It's one of the most preferred portable gas grills on many retail websites, the reasons why it lies in its rugged construction, reliable performance, and a sense of convenience, to boot.

  Char-Broil X200 Tru-Infrared Best Portable Gas Grill for Tailgating


  • Cheap
  • Quick Preheat
  • Stainless Steel Burner and Grill
  • Robust Design
  • Lid Lock
  • Thermometer


  • Lacks heating power
  • Hard to clean completely


The X200 measures 16 inches deep by 23.5 inches wide by 13.75 inches tall. Although there is no measurement of cooktop on the Char-Broil official website, past users estimate it to be approximately 180 square inches.


The stainless steel cooking grill has small holes in the surface to drain grease and grease droplets, which often leads to sprouts. The burner and lid latches are also stainless steel, while the combustion chamber is cast aluminum.

The frame provides a robust and sturdy appearance with bolts, screws and latches. The grill as a whole is designed for the road and can withstand impacts and weather.

Temperature control

The single burner provides 9,500 BTUs per hour which is not something to brag about. but not ashamed either. Generally speaking, it could have been worse, but it could definitely be improved.

But a nice surprise about this grill is how fast it heats up – it only takes a minute from power-up until the grill reaches 300 ° F, according to a homemade Griller. Despite having a single burner, that doesn't stop the X200 from doing its job well, as is evident with clear and distinctive markings on each cut. Good news, steak lovers!

Ease of cleaning

The wavy design of the rack helps guide grease to the bottom pan more easily, but that also means that small pieces of food could get caught between the ridges, requiring thorough washing of hands. With that said, the stainless steel screen is easy to clean with most household soaps and impervious to rust.

The X200 also has a built-in drip tray for collecting grease and other pistols.


  Char-Broil X200 Tru-Infrared in a truck
The Char-Broil X200 Tru-Infrared in a truck

Like the Weber 2200, this grill does not have wheels, wheels or even an independent car. Weighing 24.7 pounds, it takes little or no effort to move the X200 from one location to another. If placed inside a car, it would occupy approximately one seat, and there is a carry and carry bag available to purchase as an accessory.


Although the Tru-Infrared kitchen system to eliminate sprouts is announced, this is not the case. Rotisseries still report cases where flames suddenly erupt when high-fat foods are placed on the grill. Remember to preheat the grill well and trim the fat before grilling to minimize the chances of sprouts.

Additional Features

The X200 has a lid mounted thermometer so you can check the inside temperature of the cook box without opening the lid too often. . In addition, the latches on the lid prevent the contents from spilling when you have to move the grill halfway through cooking.


Most of the time you will find the Char-Broil X200 Tru-Infrared at every tailgate party. Why, you may ask? What about its portable design, direct functionality, or an added sense of convenience? Whatever the reason, it's hard to deny that this grill is a must for a beachside grill festival.

3. Camco Olympian 5500 Portable Gas Grill – Best for RV

Next on our list is the Camco Olympian 5500, and chosen for its uniqueness – only serves as a propane-powered tabletop grill, can also be connected to an RV . Not to mention, the stainless steel design only strengthens your credential and encourages buyers to select it.

  Camco Olympian 5500 Best Portable Gas Grill for Recreational Vehicles


  • Economical
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Freestanding RV Attachable Thermometer
  • Latch Latch


  • Installation required for RV use


The Olympian 5500 measures 11.35 inches deep by 18 inches wide by 7.82 inches tall with the lid closed. With the legs fully extended, the grill can reach 13.32 inches tall, as shown below.

  Dimensions of Camco Olympian 5500
Dimensions of Camco Olympian 5500
  Inside Camco Olympian 5500
Inside Camco Olympian 5500

Cooking dimensions measure 9.25 inches by 11.5 inches, offering around 160 squares of space. It may not be much, but it can surely serve a group of up to six adults.


To our surprise, the grill as a whole is made of 304 stainless steel, which explains its lightness and overall durability. And it doesn't hurt when the grill also looks shiny and flawless. That includes the body, lid, and burner. The only non-stainless steel component is the cast iron smoker plate.

The extendable legs make it easy to place the grill on the table. But to hook the grill to the RV, you would need to hook the grill to a sturdy frame and hook up the low-pressure on-board propane tank.

Temperature control

The burner provides 12,000 BTUs per hour in the maximum setting, similar to that of the Weber Q2200.

Ease of cleaning

Since the exterior of the grill is stainless steel, it is highly durable and resistant to rust and weather. A quick washcloth with a cloth or paper should suffice.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the cast iron grate. While cast iron is quite close to stainless steel in terms of induction and heat retention, cast iron requires gentle hand washing and thorough aftercare to maintain its prestigious status and prevent rust.


  Installing the Camco Olympian 5500 in an RV
Connecting the Camco Olympian 5500 in an RV

Weighing in at roughly 26 pounds, transporting the Olympian 5500 is not much of a struggle. Fortunately, the handle is tight enough, so you can get a firm grip.

Como unidad lista para usar, puede usar la parrilla directamente de la caja. Solo cuando lo cuelga en el RV necesita reforzar el soporte de montaje e instalar la conexión del tanque de gas usando una manguera y válvula de conexión rápida.

Si de alguna manera su RV tiene que detenerse a mitad de camino sin comensales o restaurantes cerca, usted puede configurarlo al costado del vehículo, conectarlo al tanque de gasolina y cocinar. O cuando llegue al lugar de campamento, puede colocarlo en una superficie plana como una mesa de madera o una losa de piedra, y cocinar como de costumbre.


El Olympian 5500 funciona con una baja presión a bordo tanque de gasolina, que comúnmente se puede encontrar en vehículos recreativos o remolques. Para usar como modelo de sobremesa, debe comprar la manguera de propano Camco Quick-Connect x ACME (57629) o la manguera de propano Quick-Connect x Throwaway (57628), de modo que la parrilla sea compatible con cilindros de propano de 20 libras o uno libras de botes de propano desechables, respectivamente.

Además, la falta de un escudo térmico significa que la parrilla está sujeta a llamaradas.

Características adicionales

Hay un termómetro en la tapa para que pueda controlar la temperatura interna y hacer los ajustes adecuados. Los pestillos de la tapa evitan que se derrame la comida.


Sea lo que sea que esté empacando para el viaje a campo traviesa, hay una cosa que no quiere dejar de lado: el Camco Olympian 5500. Esto es especialmente cierto cuando estás en una casa rodante o un remolque. Donde sea que decidas detenerte por la noche, ten la seguridad de que no pasarás hambre, no cuando el Camco siempre está a la altura de la tarea.

4. Parrilla portátil a gas Coleman RoadTrip 285: la mejor opción para acampar

Ir de campamento significa meter todo dentro de un vehículo, desde las personas hasta el equipaje y quién sabe qué más. En momentos como este, el espacio se convierte en una prima que no se puede dar por sentado. Si está buscando una parrilla de gas portátil para acampar, no busque más, el Coleman RoadTrip 285; una parrilla tiene un diseño único que no ocupa demasiado espacio y se cocina bien, para arrancar.

 Coleman RoadTrip 285 mejor parrilla de gas portátil para camping


  • Precios razonables
  • Diseño plegable [19659080] Quemadores múltiples
  • Termómetro
  • Período de garantía largo


La superficie de cocción mide 285 pulgadas cuadradas, de ahí el nombre. Aparte de eso, el sitio web oficial no proporciona más información sobre las dimensiones exteriores.


De todas las parrillas presentadas aquí en este artículo, el RoadTrip 285 aquí es el único con quemadores triples: exterior izquierdo, centro y exterior derecho. Cada quemador puede funcionar de manera independiente o total, dependiendo de lo que esté cocinando. Puede crear zonas de temperatura múltiple : una para cortar en alto, otra para asar a la parrilla regularmente y la última para calentar artículos cocidos.

Las rejillas de hierro fundido recubiertas de porcelana son de cuello y cuello con acero inoxidable. acero en términos de conducción y retención de calor. Pero eso no es todo: dado que la superficie de la parrilla está diseñada para acomodar dos mitades, puede intercambiar las parrillas con otras placas de cocción, como una plancha o parrilla para diversificar su menú. Ambos accesorios están disponibles para su compra adicional.

Control de temperatura

El sistema de encendido, denominado InstaStart, elimina la necesidad de combinar y proporciona una puesta en marcha sin esfuerzo, por lo que puede asignar mejor su tiempo a la cocción real que la lucha. para encender el fuego

Los tríos del quemador se combinan para un máximo de 20,000 BTU por hora. Hasta ahora, esta es la parrilla de gas portátil más potente dentro de esta categoría.

Facilidad de limpieza

Las rejillas de hierro fundido, así como otras placas de cocina como la plancha y la estufa, están esmaltadas en porcelana. Eso significa que se deben lavar a mano suavemente con un depurador de cota de malla en lugar de esponjas normales. Y eso no es todo: una vez realizada la limpieza, debe volver a condimentar los componentes (aplicar una capa delgada de aceite) y secar bien para evitar la acumulación de óxido.

La bandeja de grasa es de fácil acceso y se puede limpiar con un detergente común.


Coleman 285 ultimate portability

The most prominent feature of the Coleman 285 is its ultimate portability. The collapsible grill can be folded down and pulled along like a suitcase. Also, it takes little to no effort to set up or put down the grill, all taking under a minute.

The all-terrain wheels are durable and can traverse across different surfaces. The quick-fold legs are both flexible and sturdy, providing a sense of reliability for the grillers upon using and moving the grill from the vehicle to the camping spot.


Like most gas grills, the RoadTrip 285 is no stranger to flare-ups. Remember to preheat the grill and trim off the fat before cooking.

The unit is to be used with disposable one-pound propane cylinders only.

Extra Features

The two extendable side tables are meant to provide extra working space for the griller. Although we appreciate the well-intentioned thought, the setup is rather poorly-designed and flimsy— they can hold no more than a few bottles of condiments. Any more than that, you’ll risk snapping the table in half.

The thermometer on the lid for monitoring and adjustments. In addition, the lid lock keeps the contents from spilling out.

The RoadTrip 285 also comes in multiple coloring options: blue, green, orange, and red. These alternatives are available as of the moment this article is written and can be subject to change in the future.

Besides, there are two more Coleman grills with similar design, RoadTrip X-Cursion and RoadTrip 225. They are virtually the lesser versions of RoadTrip 285.


Coleman grills are famous for such a unique design and immense cooking prowess, and the RoadTrip 285 is one fine example. You might want to hurry up and buy one for yourself while stock lasts.

5. Mega Master Dual Burner Portable Gas Grill – Best Rated

Before wrapping up this article, we’d recommend you take a look at the Mega Master Dual Burner. Severely underrated and underappreciated, this grill proves buyers wrong with its impressing heating capacity and sleek look.

Mega Master Dual Burner best rated Portable Gas Grill review


  • Inexpensive
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Heat tents included
  • Lid lock
  • Extendable legs


  • No thermometer
  • Takes time to cool off


The grill measures 21.8 inches deep by 20.2 inches wide by 14.2 inches tall. However, regarding the measurement of the grate, there seems to be some kind of inconsistencies on the main website: while claiming the grate covers 1185 square centimeter, the manufacturer also says there’s 199 square inches from within.

The interior cooking chamber is advertised to accommodate as many as seven hamburgers all at once, but we find that to be a bit of a stretch, if not straight up exaggeration. It can accommodate up to four or five, at best.


All parts of the Mega Master are stainless steel, which is a pleasant surprise for us upon learning. That applies for the body, lid, grease tray, the dual burners— which is pretty much a standard— and the cooking grate.

But what surprises us even more is the inclusion of the flame tamers / heat tents / flavorizer bars / heat shields— whichever term you’re more familiar with. The two metal plates help distribute heat across the cooking grate while protecting the burners from any fat or drippings. So far this is the only portable grill with any kind of protection for the burners.

Additionally, the grill has two foldable legs that help the grill sit upright on a flat surface. When unused, you can fold the legs and store away easily.

Temperature Control

Each burner has its own push-and-twist ignition, providing effortless and easy startup. You can use either burner separately or altogether to your liking. The two burners combine for 16,000 BTUs per hour on maximum setting.

Cleaning Ease

Since the whole unit is stainless steel, all the components are dishwasher-friendly, highly resistant to rust, and can work with most dish soap.

The heat shields protect the burners from clogging up with droplets of grease, juices, charred pieces, and gunks. That said, you should service the burners every two or three months to maintain their optimal performance.

This grill also has an easy-slide grease tray.


As a tabletop model, this grill can be picked up and moved around easily.


The heat shields do a great job of not only keeping the burners clean, but also preventing flare-ups. The stainless steel lid keeps food from spilling out.

One concern raised among the grillers is that it takes a while for the grill to cool off completely. The exterior surface can burn the fingers and hands of unaware people, so we advise using mitts when handling the grill.


Little did we know that the Mega Master grill is packing quite a lot of heat for such a tiny grill. Unknown to most grillers, this grill has somehow managed to attract a group of avid BBQ lovers— who fervently stand by their words and vouch for its competence.

Comparison Chart of the Best Portable Gas Grills

Model Cooking space (sq in) Burner BTUs (max) Extra Features Warranty
Weber Q2200 280 12,000 Thermometer
Side tables
Grease tray
Cart (separate purchase)
Cook box, lid, burner, grates, plastic parts: 5 years limited
All other parts: 2 years
Char-Broil X200 Tru-Infrared 180 9,500 Thermometer
Lid lock
1 year limited
Camco Olympian 5500 162 12,000 Thermometer
Lid lock
1 year limited
Coleman RoadTrip 285 285 20,000 Thermometer
Side tables
Foldable stand with wheels
3 years limited[19659281]Mega Master Dual Burner Portable Gas Grill 199 16,000 Lid lock 1 year

Top-Favored Portable Gas Grills Brands


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For BBQ aficionados, Weber is no stranger to the grilling community, as its long traditioned history has remained of top-notch quality and performance. Founded in 1952 by George Stephen, the fact that this brand has maintained such a prestige speaks volume of how popular and well-beloved this brand is and has been over the last few decades. It’s not so hard to spot a grill with the signature red and black logo behind a typical American backyard.


Char-Broil logo

Also another long-time grill maker in the field, yet Char-Broil doesn’t enjoy the same success as Weber does. Founded in 1948, this small company has come a long way since its debut. Char-Broil has a diverse range of grills, from charcoal to gas to electricity, all of which are of reasonable pricing. It may be awhile until Char-Broil can surpass other big manufacturers, but that doesn’t stop it from trying.


coleman logo grills

Grills aren’t Coleman’s strongest suit. Instead, it’s a camping gear and equipment manufacturer.

Founded by W.C.Coleman in Brockton, Alabama, this company offers a diverse range of camping and survival gears, from waterproof tents to lamps, from stoves to grills, and whatnot. Be that as it may, their line of collapsible grills prove to be a fan-favorite when these grills attract a considerable amount of buyers.


Back in 1966 in North Carolina, Camco started out as a one-man project with a sole main product: antifreeze. Fast forward to today, it has expanded its company size, as well as its product ranges, tremendously. Over the years, this company has acquired and merged with a lot of smaller start-ups and local businesses. But its mission still remains unchanged: making camping and traveling all the more enjoyable and convenient for everyone.

Mega Master 

Established in 1997, this brand remains relatively unknown to grillers. Its product range is still rather limited, so it’s no surprise that it’ll be a long road for this brand to gain traction and customer awareness. Nonetheless, this brand remains hopeful that one day it can penetrate the already saturated market and make itself known to the BBQ community.


A portable gas grill is perfect for road side meals. It gives you sufficient heating power to cook, doesn’t eat much space within your vehicle, and easy to move around when the weather decides to crash your party uninvited.

Hopefully our picks and review for the best portable gas grills have been informative and helpful. We believe that our carefully researched info will help you navigate the market and make it easier to decide for yourself which grill best suits your needs. For those who have further insights and experience with our picks, or if you feel like sharing tips, or basically anything, please feel free to enlighten us by heading to the comment section right below this article and type away!

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