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Best Way to Grill Seafood

Best Way to Grill Seafood

It's easy to get used to grilling a large, fat steak. Burgers and hot dogs are child's play. But seafood is a completely different game. Fortunately, it's easy to learn how to grill seafood perfectly every time. And it's definitely worth learning how, because seafood tastes great when grilled. Here are some tips that will allow you to grill seafood like a master.

Grilled Fish

Tip # 1 : Lubrication is the key. You'll need to brush the fish AND grill with a neutral-flavored oil to help prevent it from sticking to the grill. Just don't forget to let a crust build up on the fish and let the fish naturally release from the rack before turning it over. Otherwise, your fish will stick despite having been brushed with oil.

Tip # 2 : Keep the skin on. Fish is very delicate and tends to fall apart when moved. Leaving the skin on can help prevent this from happening. Of course, it doesn't hurt that some fish have thin skin that can be deliciously crisp when grilled.

Tip # 3 : The fillets should be cut into smaller portions. It is easier to handle fish around the grill when handling small cuts. It also helps ensure even cooking: no need to worry about overcooked or undercooked pieces.

Tip # 4 : The general rule of thumb is 8 minutes per inch thick. This means that for a 1-inch thick steak, you will need to cook each side for about 4 minutes. If you're going to cook a whole fish, then the rule of thumb is 10 minutes per inch thick.

Tip # 5 : Make sure the grill is clean. Now this is good advice when you are cooking any kind of food. But it is especially useful if you want to prevent fish from sticking.

Tip # 6 : Use a plank of wood for added flavor. While this method won't give you that delicious look, it will definitely infuse a little barbecue flavor into the fish you will appreciate. Just be sure to soak the board in water for a minimum of 1 hour before placing it on the grill to make sure it doesn't catch fire.

Tip # 7 : Do not marinate fish in an acid-based marinade for more than 20 minutes. The acid will start cooking the fish, and you'll end up eating ceviche instead of grilled fish.

Grilled Scallops

Tip # 1 : Get "dried" scallops instead of those soaked in preservatives. . The cooking of the wet scallops not only gives an unpleasant taste, but it does not brown very well on the grill due to all that extra liquid they absorbed.

Tip # 2 : Bigger is better. There is a greater chance of overcooking scallops before browning when they are smaller. More importantly, they have a sweeter taste.

Tip # 3 : Brush with oil before grilling. Like fish, scallops easily adhere to the grill rack if not properly lubricated.

Tip # 4 : Don't use marinades to flavor a scallop. This will only cause outbreaks that will burn your scallops instead of burning them. In addition, the marinades will cover the natural flavor of the scallops. Instead, just apply a finishing glaze during last-minute cooking on the grill.

Shrimp Grill

Tip # 1 : Bigger is Better Like scallops, the bigger the shrimp, the easier it is to grill. You are also less likely to overcook them.

Tip # 2 : Use skewers or a grill basket to make shrimp easier to maneuver on the grill. It also ensures that you won't feed any of those shrimp on the fire. Just don't pack them too tight because it will cause uneven cooking.

Tip # 3 : Use medium direct heat to cook your shrimp. A grill that is too hot will overcook the shrimp before they brown. Cooking over direct heat at 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about 5 minutes on each side will give you tender, tender, and juicy shrimp.

Tip # 4 : Shrimp will cook quickly, in about 5 to 7 minutes, so be sure to stay so you don't overcook. Also, turn it halfway through the cooking time. You will know that shrimp have been cooked when they have turned pink and dull.

Grilled Squid

Tip # 1 : Hit the surface of the squid as dry as possible with paper towels before applying any oil. The oil is simply to prevent the squid from sticking to Grill.

Tip # 2 : Cook the squid briefly on a super hot grill. No more than 2 minutes per side for it to cook and char beautifully or the squid will become rubbery. The tentacles can be left on the grill a little longer to make them crispy.

Crab and Lobster Grill

Tip # 1 : Grill the crab over medium heat at medium-high heat for 3 to 5 minutes on each side. The thicker portions should be placed closer to the center of the grill where it is warmer.

Tip # 2 : To roast a lobster, you must first cut it in half. Place them shell-down on direct heat at medium-high heat, 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook 5 to 7 minutes without turning. Exposing meat directly to heat will simply dry it out. Be sure to close the lid and open it every 3 minutes to butter the meat. Once the thickest portion of the cola has turned white and firm (no longer translucent and smooth), and has reached an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you can consider your food to be done.

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