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Best Woodchips for Smoking: FULL 2020 BUYER’S GUIDE!

Best Woodchips for Smoking: FULL 2020 BUYER’S GUIDE!

Nothing is better than smoked food, especially the smoke of your favorite wood chips. Basically, everything is much tastier. While many people use traditional smokers to smoke, they use the best pieces of wood to smoke. These wood chips are inexpensive, easy to use, and can be a simple way to add different flavors to your favorite food.

How can I tell if the desired wood chip is fresh and has the desired flavor? There are many types and brands of wood chips on the market, and we decided to do a little research. I reviewed many of the major types of wood chips on the market and narrowed them down to the top 7 products. Below is a comparison chart with each product, important features and ratings.

Comparison chart of wood chips for smoking

Weber 17004 Apple Wood Chips

Our rating: [19659007] (5/5)

This product is a 3 pound sized apple wood chip, dense and light fruit Providing incense to produce dense smoke. The fruit taste is suitable for poultry and pork and can add a light smoky taste to your favorite food. You can use this chip right out of the bag or soak it for at least 30 minutes to avoid burning too fast.


  • Dry smoky taste
  • Fruit taste
  • 3 pound bag
  • Cheap price


  • You must soak the chips to prevent them from burning too fast


This applewood chip is a perfect complement to any kind of meat you can smoke, especially pork. poultry. This chip provides a nice soft fruity taste, but if you want a smokey taste, you can mix it with other types of wood chips. There have been a lot of reports that this wood chip tends to burn too quickly when added to a smoke box without first dipping. To keep the chips longer, it is better to soak them for an hour and keep extra scratches in case the wood chips burn before the food has finished smoking. This chip comes in a 3-pound bag at a reasonable price and can be used in smoked boxes or foil pouches on the grill.

Jack Daniel's 01749 Smoking Chip

Our Rating: (4.5 / 5)

If you want a rich and smoky flavor, try this unique wood chip from Jack Daniels. This wood chip is made from Jack Daniel's Old No-7 branded whiskey barrel and has a dark aroma with a sweet, rich whiskey aroma. This chip can be used for charcoal and gas grills or smokers. It has a very unique taste, perfect for ribs, red meat and burgers. But it can also be used for chicken and pork shoulders.


  • Hint of Tennessee whiskey taste
  • Made from aged oak barrels
  • Can work for grills and smokers
  • Produces rich smokey taste


  • 45 minutes every minute It must be supplemented.


This wood chip is perfect for whiskey lovers, but also offers a type of classic oaky flavor that makes it a great choice for roasting. Enthusiasm for wood chips with heavy smoke. These chips don't need to be soaked slowly and soaked before use, but the burning time will be longer.

Cameron & # 39; s Wood Smoking Chips

Our rating: (4.5 / 5)

This chip is easy to handle and detachable and comes in a 1 pint container for easy access and storage. Each container can provide up to 30 smoking sessions. This chip is made from solid wood dried with 100% natural kiln. This chip ignites quickly, providing a rich, dense and delicate smokey scent. They will work well for cheese, red meat, vegetables, seafood, lamb, poultry and pork.


  • Resealable container
  • Chips are kiln dried
  • Fire quickly
  • Various meats, vegetables and cheese


  • From 30 minutes to prevent burning too fast It should be soaked in water for an hour.


This scalpel wood chip creates a savory flavor and work with a variety of meat types. This chip is made of wood that has been dried with a kiln and must be thoroughly immersed before use for longer burn times. Overall, if you are looking for wood chips that offer cleaner burns and a richer smoke flavor, hit the buy now button. Buyers will love how this versatile chip can improve the flavor of poultry, meat and pork, cheese, vegetables, etc.

Western premium barbecue products BBQ smoking chips

Our rating: (4.5 / 5)

This variety of wood chip packs includes cherry, apple, peach and maple wood chips. This wood chip can be used with electric smoker, gas grill and charcoal grill. This variety pack comes with a reusable smoking tray. You can use the wood chips in this package individually or blend them with a bit of originality to create your own unique taste. This chip can be used in foil pouch or smoking tray. The included smoker tray works well for all grill types and electric smokers.


  • Four flavors included
  • Available for all grill and smoker types
  • Cheap price
  • Can combine unique flavor flavor


  • Poultry and pork Only good wood chips for


Wood chips packed with this flavor can be used alone or combined to create a unique smokey flavor. As with most wood chips, it should be soaked for 30 to 60 minutes so as not to burn too quickly on the grill or smokers. The ability to experiment with taste is a big selling point for both new smokers and seasoned people.

Weber Wood Stephen Products 17138 Apple Chips

Our rating: (4.5 / 5) [Webberwood'sApplewoodChip2poundbagprovidesasubtlehintofsweetnesstopoultryandfishThischipissuitableforusealoneorincombinationwithwoodchipsthatofferastrongaromaandaromasuchasoakormesquiteTousemakeafoilpouchandadd1to2cupsofwoodchipstofoldthepouchoutsideDiggingaholeisalsoagoodchoiceusingadedicatedsmokerbox


  • Subtle sweetness
  • 2 pound bag
  • Low price
  • You can mix it with other wood chips to balance the flavor


This wood chip has a slight thin side, so it tends to burn quickly. If you don't soak the chips before use, you can quickly pass through this 2 pound bag. In addition to the fact that the chips burn at a faster rate, they offer a type of subtle sweet taste that many smoking lovers love.

Jores Starwood Chip

Our rating: (4.5 / 5)

This is another popular variety pack that includes alder, oak, cherry and applewood chips , Can be used alone or mixed together to create unique blends and flavors. These are 100% natural wood chips, suitable for use on charcoal and gas grills or electric smokers. This is a six pack wood chip in an environmentally friendly packaging. This wood chip can be used for meat, poultry, pork and fish. This product is a versatile set that allows you to buy a variety of flavors from the next generation of dishes.


  • Including four types of wood chips
  • Works for all types of grills and smokers
  • Wood chips can be mixed together or used alone
  • Made of 100% natural wood [19659065] Conclusion

This wood chip can be a great set for making a great gift or going camping the next time. They work for any type of grill or smoker and can provide a sweet or strong smoky flavor depending on whether the chips are mixed or used alone. If you are new to cigarettes, you can experiment with different flavor combinations.

Western Perfect Barbecue Smoking Wood Chip Variety Pack

Our rating: (4/5)

This is three backpacks containing scalpel, hickory and apple wood chips. This chip is suitable for charcoal, electric or gas grills and smokers. This package includes all popular wood chip options suitable for smokers or grills. This wood chip can be used for poultry, pork and red meat. Wood chips should be soaked for 30 minutes before use to prolong burning life and prevent wood chips from burning too quickly.


  • Contains 3 types of wood chips
  • Suitable for all types of grills
  • Perfect pork, poultry and meat smoking
  • 5 pound bag


  • Chips may need to be disassembled for a small crate


If you want more your buck, you will love the variety of flavors you can find in this set of Western Perfect. These wood chips can be used alone or in combination. If you feel a bit creative, you can combine a unique wood chip blend to get a unique scent and flavor. Because these wood chips are rich in flavor, they can serve your favorite meat products with burn time, smoke generation or a scent of smoky flavor.

Smoking wood chip buyer's guide [19659093] As you will soon notice, you can choose from a wide variety of wood chips, each with a unique taste and aroma. We will explain how to use different types of wood chips, foods that go well with food, wood chips, or a combination of wood chips and various combinations of charcoal to get a richer and richer taste.

Adding wood chips from meat smokers while chunks of charcoal and charcoal briquettes work can add a lot more flavor to your favorite smoked meat. When using wood chips, when you want to smoke fish, poultry or meat, you need to choose what type depending on what you are cooking. Pairing the right wood chips to the dish gives the desired kind of smoky scent. When using light wood, certain foods like seafood, chicken, shrimp, and fish tend to smoke better. Soft forests like cedar or pine are not suitable for smoking because they are not good for smokers and certain foods.

Using food with the right wood chips can have a big impact on flavor. Below are examples of wood chips you should use depending on the type of food you want to smoke.

  • Oak: Game foul, pork, poultry
  • Hickory: Poultry, meat, pork shoulder, ribs
  • Foliage: Game foul, pork, poultry
  • Soybean Aster: Lamb, chicken, duck, red meat
  • Cherry: Ham, turkey, chicken
  • Alder: Fish
  • Apple: Pork, wild foul , Chicken
  • Pecans: Ribs, grilled meats, sundries

Wood chip types

Below, a list of the most common wood chips used for smoking, the types of aromas and flavors you should provide and each type of See what kind of food helps in wood chips.

Oak Woodchips

is a great choice for beginners who have never used smokers before wood chips. It is used most often and provides a medium smokey flavor that is not strong, so it does not affect the actual taste of vegetables and meat.

Hickory Wood Chip

This wood chip is often used for various meats. It has a rich but unique taste. Because of this, too much hickory can cause the bitterness of meat and vegetables. This is a very rich tree that, when used properly, can leave a salty and sweet taste.

Maple Woodchips

These wood chips offer a mild, sweet taste that is perfect for a variety of meats and vegetables. When used, this chip produces a mild and subtle smokey varnish. [1996106] Mesquite

Using Mesquite may be one of the best ways to smoke meat. This tree is a dense tree, with a unique flavor and intense aroma, and many are associated with Southwestern cuisine. Due to its very strong flavor and aroma, it is recommended to mix this wood chip with charcoal or use it sparingly.


Clearly, this chip offers a solid, rich aroma. The chips are very sweet. Because of this, it can be mixed with other types of wood or with lump charcoal. This chip helps charcoal to provide more smoke and enough smoke to taste the food. Pecan is a great option for grilling fruit or pork. The taste of wood is not as versatile as oak, and may be limited with regard to smoking, but the light sweet taste may actually affect meat and vegetables, but it may be wood


Applewood chips are soft It has a sweet taste and a soft smoky scent. The tree is very sweet, but the smoke can take much longer to penetrate the meat, but for beginners learning how to smoke ribs or pork, you should give some extra smoking time. [19659106] Alder

These chips offer a light smoky and delicate scent, making them a great choice if you want to try out a new vegan grilling recipe. These chips are mixed with pecans or apples to create a more savory flavor. This chip is perfect for smoking seafood and fish.


Serving fruit flavor, this chip is suitable for poultry such as turkey or chicken. It provides a fruity, sweet smoky taste that can add a tropical flavor to any meat. There are many options available regarding wood chip type and mixability. By tasting how this chip can affect the taste of smoked food, you can experiment with different wood chip mixtures. There are endless combinations to choose from. For poultry, try mixing oak and apple chips to create a subtle, sweet taste. To further enhance the southwest feel, use the pecan and mesquite together to make red meat. Pecans provide a mild sweetness, while Mesquite provides a stronger smokey taste.

Wood chip tips

It is very easy to use wood chips for the grill. The first step is to find the recipe you want to try and then choose wood chips that will complement the natural taste of meat or vegetables. If you smoke wood chips on the grill, we recommend using a wood chip smoker box. In order to improve the air flow, we will fix the chips during work, improving the distribution of smoke and burns.

  • Many beginners wonder if it is a necessary step not to soak wood chips, but it is often a matter of personal preference. Some believe that smoking a chip will slow down the burning process, while others believe that immersing the chip will delay the process and smoke until the chip is completely dry. Others use a combination of wet and dry chips. Dry chips smoke immediately, and dipped chips begin to smoke later. This will result in continuous smoke during the baking process.
  • When you choose the method, recipe, and meat type you want to use and buy a wood chip, you are ready to grill. To use the immersion method, the chips must be soaked for 30 minutes. If you are cooking ribs with very long cooking times, make sure you have enough wood chips ready for the whole dish.
  • Smoker chip box on the grill using one or two small chips. Wait for the chips to smoke before adding meat. You can cook it indirectly or by direct baking. If you choose the indirect method, you need to add 1-2 chips every 45 minutes.
  • If you're not sure even when you're new to the smoking process, if you have a smoky scent, you can use foil instead if you don't want to buy a smoker's box. Since you are using a foil rather than a smoke box, follow the same instructions to start the smoking process. You need to fold the chip into foil packets. You need to drill a few holes in the packet to allow the smoke to flow out.

Final thoughts

Adding wood chips to the grill can change the taste of the food better. The best wood chips for smoking have a mild to dark scent and burn slowly to give a light scent to meat, vegetables or fruits. I've included a variety of wood chip types in 7 different lists, so there's nothing wrong with choosing a wood chip pack to use for your next barbecue. For best results, the wood chips you choose must be paired correctly with the food you are trying to smoke.

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