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Broil King Baron Pellet Grill Review

So you want a pellet grill. You have heard that they are easy to use and can be an excellent barbecue. You may also want to grill a steak or two. When you look at the dozens of pellet grills on the market, you begin to notice that you get what you pay for. Particularly when it comes to drivers. You want a pellet grill that you can run from your phone, but that's a feature you don't find as often on more affordable grills. Also, many inexpensive units seem to have a hard time reaching a good temperature.

Broil King enters. As one of the largest grill manufacturers in the world, they have the experience, but they were late to the market. In the summer of 2019, they presented their Regal Pellet Grills, which are truly magnificent, but relatively expensive. Broil King Baron Pellet Grill comes in two models, the less expensive of the two sells for $ 800USD. That is a competitive price. Where most grills in this price range are fairly basic and underpowered, the Regal Pellet Grill has a full WiFi / Bluetooth controller and advanced smart app. It can also reach 600 degrees F in the dead of winter.

What this grill offers is a simple pellet cooking experience that can brown a steak and smoke a breast. Engineering is excellent. The ashes can be cleaned from the pot and placed on a tray under the grill. No more disassembling the grill to clean it. Grease drains the opposite side of the controller and the pellet hopper. A grease fire would be troublesome, but it will not ruin the grill. Also, it probably won't happen.

About Pellets

Broil King recommends using your brand of wood pellets with this grill. Okay, everyone does, but in this case there is a reason. Broil King wood pellets have a smaller diameter than most. They work best on this grill. It doesn't mean that this grill can't handle any brand of wood pellets, but it will work more quietly under its own brand.

The Bottom Line

This is a full-function pellet grill. It may seem basic, but the controller is networked and robust. This grill is also easy to clean and maintain. The air flow is very good. For the price, this grill is better than the competition and certainly one that should make your short list when looking to buy. The two sizes are just that, size differences. The smallest unit is 26 inches wide, while the largest unit is 32 inches wide. Either one should provide ample space for the average backyard cook (not that you're average by any means). I really recommend this pellet grill. Oh, and it's made in North America. Virtually all of its competition comes from one of the two factories in China.

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