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Broilmaster Gas-Propane Grills (BBQ) & Parts For Sale Reviews

Broilmaster Gas-Propane Grills (BBQ) & Parts For Sale Reviews

Thinking of buying a Broilmaster gas grill?

But don't know how many models to offer and which to buy?

You can get all the important information about the Broilmaster by reading my article Premium Gas Grill Model.

We will write about the benefits offered by the brand and review the models currently sold in the market. You can read about the design, technical specifications, additional features and comparison between outdoor gas grills. There is also the best place to buy grills and information about parts and accessories. Continue reading the article to determine what is the best Broilmaster gas grill.

Where can I buy the Bililmaster gas grill?

Bililmaster Grill is a local shop specializing in grilling on the brand's official website or online retailers like Amazon. When it comes to brand, price, and specs, it's a good idea to look for a model on Amazon, as you can compare your model more widely compared to other models. You can be more critical of your choice, discover more and be more satisfied with your purchase. In addition, online retailers often offer discounts and lower prices than official brand sites and stores.

Bililmaster Gas Grill Advantages of Purchasing

In-Ground Post, Patio Post or Carts

Can be purchased if desired Unadded grills must be placed in an empty space in the yard. However, the Broilmaster offers a model that allows you to lift or carry the poles or carts by adding wheels. Also, if you decide to install it after purchasing it with a built-in grill, you can purchase it separately from the grill head.

Natural gas and propane

Brands help you better choose what you want. All models are made in two versions, allowing both natural and propane gas to be used. You can also purchase a conversion kit to convert natural gas into a propane grill or vice versa.

High BTU grade and high quality burner

The general grade is about 40,000 BTU and contains the calories of two large burners. All the heat is evenly distributed, so the meal is perfectly baked. In addition, the burner is made of stainless steel, which lasts long and is not damaged by heat.

Multi-level grid with flavor enhancer

Stainless steel grids are used on most models. long. It is designed on multiple levels, so the brand can cook a wider variety of meals and free up more space on the cooking surface. The coating on the grid adds to the flavor of a smoky meal.


Most parts of the grill have a minimum 2 year limited warranty on the main parts of the grill, up to a lifetime warranty. This is a great feature because it ensures high quality materials, durability and longevity of the grill structure.

Bililmaster Gas Grill Reviews

Bililmaster Gas Bbq R3 model

This model has a solid structure. Made of aluminum. It is 23 "long, 26.8" deep, 47 "high. It is not stainless steel, so it has no rust protection, but is resistant to damage and lasts longer. The grill head is made of aluminum, but comes with a cart made of stainless steel. Equipped with an easy-to-transport caster, this is a very user-friendly feature as there is no need to place the grill on a table or other surface in the yard when baking.

Ideal for outdoor use with stainless steel. Made for you, you can use the cover for extra temperature control, there's a dual infrared burner that guarantees a wider temperature range where you can adjust and set the temperature, so your cooking is more accurate and you can have the best meal. Transfers 40,000 BTU of heat to the cooking surface, up to 1600 ° F

The size of the cooking surface is 695 square inches, which is ideal if you plan to cook for many people. The grid on the surface captures all the grease from the food and converts it into smoke, which adds flavor to the food. Designed with V-channel.The grid is made of stainless steel.This is a great feature because the steel is easy to clean and the food doesn't stick and you have the best grilling experience. It can be quickly removed to secure a dining area

  Gas grill broiler master

  • Stainless steel V-channel grill
  • Wheel cart
  • Dual infrared burner
  • Stainless steel Steel Retract
  • Aluminum construction

Gas that Bro one deluxe master H3X model

This model was made of aluminum, just like the previous model, but the stainless steel carts are not available. Therefore, when drawing, there must be space to place the grill, and there are no wheels, so it is not easy to carry. It works on liquid propane, but there are also models that work on natural gas.

There are two H style burners with separate left and right column controls. They transfer 40 000 BTU of heat to the cooking surface. The size of the surface is 653 square inches. Its large grilling area allows you to eat many burgers and other meals. Nevertheless, if you already use a large cooking surface, you can get a warming rack for more space that was not available in previous models.

The single bar bar grid is made of stainless steel and is chrome plated for easy cleaning and does not stick to food. The return grid to the rack can be removed in seconds. Each burner has a push button electronic igniter on this small gas grill. There is a dual control knob for supplying gas to the burner.

The biggest feature of this grill is the built-in thermometer that can be adjusted more accurately by displaying the temperature in the cooking area. The grill is 26.8 "long, 18.8" deep and 19.5 "deep. It weighs 82 pounds, so it is not lightweight and needs help from a friend when assembling. Broilmaster gas grill parts come with a lifetime warranty.

  Gas Grill Broilmaster H3X Deluxe Model

  • Built-in thermometer
  • Two H-style burners
  • Rack for warm additional cooking space
  • Stainless steel retract
  • Aluminum construction

Bililmaster natural Gas Grill P4-XFN Model

The size of the cooking surface is 473 square inches, so it is smaller than the previous model The surface is heated with two Bowtie burners made of stainless steel and transfers heat of 40,000 BTU. Works with gas

Stainless steel burners will last long because they are heat resistant and will not rust. The grid is made of stainless steel.The rod-shaped rods are available in two pieces, so they are multi-level.The multi-level grid allows you to better adjust your cooking space and cook more types of meals, so that it is on a small surface. It's a very practical solution

Flare Buster ceramic flavor enhancers on the grid, they distribute the heat evenly so that the burgers are perfectly baked on either side of the grid, and also vaporizes the dripping of food, causing the food to smoke. It adds a rich flavor so you don't need to clean it later

Stainless steel doesn't stick to food, so you can easily clean the surface, and the rack storage design makes it easy to remove for cooking larger meals. Stainless steel for better temperature control The lid can be placed on the surface, this grill is 27 "long, 22" deep and 20 "high. It weighs 71 pounds, so it is not light. The grill head has a stainless steel patio pole grounded by an iron base.

  Broilmaster P4-xfn gas grill on post

  • Multi-grid
  • Flare buster ceramic flavor enhancer
  • Flame
  • Heavy cast aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel adjustable lid [19659031] Amazon purchase

Other Broilmaster P4-XFN gas grill version

Broilmaster Grill P4-XFN propane gas version

This older model, this Broilmaster propane grill head, comes in a cart with wheels. This makes the sturdy grille more portable and easier to transport through the yard. The black cart is made of aluminum and is not rust resistant, but durable enough to last.

  Bro Master Premium Gas Grill

  • Multi-level grid [19659027] Flarebuster ceramic flavor enhancer
  • Butterfly burner for flame dispersion
  • Provided in wheeled carts
  • Stainless steel adjustment Expression lid

Broil master grill P4-XFN natural gas on ground post version

Unlike the previous two versions, this Broilmaster gas barbecue rises from a stainless steel ground post. There are no wheels for portability. Compared to the first model with an iron base, this model is installed on the floor for permanent placement.

  Broilmaster Natural Gas Grill

  • Multi-grid
  • Flare buster ceramic flavor enhancer [19659027] Bow tea burner for flame dispersion
  • After construction on the ground
  • Stainless steel adjustable lid
  • 19659031] Buy Amazon

Borilmaster P3-XFN Broilmaster Premium Gas Grill

This model operates on natural gas. Regarding the price of other Broilmaster premium gas grills, this price is much less expensive and you can take advantage of the enhanced features. The BTU rating and size of the cooking surface has been improved. Two Bowtie burners transfer 495 BTU of heat to a 695 square inch grill surface. Therefore, there is a much larger and hotter cooking surface on which you can eat many perfectly baked and evenly cooked burgers.

The Bow Tea Burner evenly distributes the flame. Other than that, it is made of stainless steel, so it can last longer because it is not rusted or damaged by heat. A stainless steel lid is also included and helps with additional temperature control. Above the cooking surface is a grid made of stainless steel. Hamburgers are non-stick and easy to clean. The rack storage design eliminates the grid to accommodate larger meals.

The grid is designed in two stages, you can adjust the grid to your needs and cook various meals. Flare Buster Ceramic Flavor Enhancer has less grease to clean up later by evaporating dripping water with smoke that adds a unique flavor to food. In addition to all the great features, this small gas grill also includes a stainless steel black cart with casters, so you can easily move it wherever you want. The rest of the structure is made of sturdy aluminum that is as durable as steel, but it is durable.

  Borilmaster P3-XFN Broilmaster Premium Gas Grill

  • 45,000 BTU grade [19659027] Large cooking surface
  • Stainless steel cart with caster
  • More expensive than others
  • Multi-grid [19659031] Purchase from Amazon

Bililmaster Gas Barbecue H4XN model

This model is 24 inches long, 16.2 inches deep, 19 inches high and weighs 64 pounds and is not lightweight. Therefore, the assembly needs special help. Particularly because there are no wheels that do not climb on the poles and are easy to carry. The Broilmaster compact grill has a sturdy construction made of aluminum. This model works on natural gas, but there are other versions that work on liquid propane. To convert one to another, you can purchase a conversion kit. You can also purchase a post or cart separately to put it on the grill.

It has a single level grid, which is rare in providing grills. The H style burner has separate left and right controls. Each burner has an electric push button ignition device that can easily supply power and a knob controller to supply gas to the burner.

Two gas grill burners transfer 36,000 BTU of heat to the surface. Model. An additional warming rack is provided for more space when baking or maintaining the heat of cooked food. The rack is chrome plated. The size of the cooking surface is 473 square inches, so it is one of the smallest among other models. However, the stainless steel single horizontal bar cooking grid comes in two pieces, so you can remove one to get more space. The rack-storage design allows you to do it quickly, which is very practical. The stainless steel grid makes cleaning grease easy and long lasting.

  Bililmaster Gas Barbecue H4XN Model

  • 36,000 BTU grade
  • Small cooking surface
  • Stainless steel control panel
  • Additional warming rack
  • 1 level grid

Conclusion: What is the best Broilmaster gas grill model?

The P3-XFN Broilmaster gas grill is the best choice because it has uniquely improved features at a reasonable price compared to other Broilmaster premium gas grill models. It provides higher cooking ability and a larger baking surface. In addition, the grid is multi-level for multi-purpose cooking and the grill head is placed in a stainless steel cart with wheels for portability. However, if you are interested in a more portable gas grill, please read my post on desktop gas grills or check out the list of the best gas grills on the market today.

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