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Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 36-Inch Pellet Grill Review

Camp Chef is one of those small companies that somehow manages to make an impact. They have been involved in the outdoor cooking business for years, starting with small camp stoves. They now have a full range of products, including some popular pellet grills. When Camp Chef introduced his Woodwind series, they were on to something. These pellet grills offer a lot for a very good price. They do this by hiring Chinese factories to mass produce and keep costs low.

Along with virtually everyone else in the business, Camp Chef has connected to WiFi with connected kitchens and his own app. The 36 inch WiFi Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill is your latest innovation. This is a large unit, with over 1,200 square inches of total cooking capacity. It also has some great features. Ashes from the pot fall into a catcher under the grill for easy cleaning. You can throw away the granules and replace them to change the smoke flavors. There's even a window in the hopper so you can see when you're low on pellets.

Since the high temperature direct grill has become the feature of the pellet grills, this model has a sliding baffle plate that allows you to cook directly on the pellet fire. There are some limitations to this cooking method, mainly in the area, but it is nice that you can brown a steak in this unit. Of course, this is a pellet grill that makes you a good smoker. You can maintain temperatures up to 160 degrees F or raise it to high temperatures and reach almost 500 degrees.

The downside

The biggest limitation with this pellet grill is the thickness and weight of its construction. This is a great grill, but it weighs around 170 pounds. Part of that is the lightweight cooking grates, but the body is just as thin. In cold climates, it struggles to keep warm and will burn granules faster than better insulated grills. Also, the build quality is not great. Durability will be an issue with this grill. You should keep it covered, dry and well seasoned to protect your investment.


At around $ 1,000USD, this is not the least expensive pellet grill on the market. In this range there is a lot of competition and much of that comes from the biggest names in the business like Weber, Broil-King, and Traeger. Compare before deciding. One thing to keep in mind, Camp Chef offers & # 39; side tables & # 39; for this model, including a gas griddle or gas burner. Nice extras if you are looking for a unit that can do it all. Plan to spend $ 270USD or these options.

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