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Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr Charcoal kamado Grill Review

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Akorn Jr. is a much smaller version than Char-Griller's popular Kooker charcoal grill, so you can get a lot of the same advantages that larger products offer. But half price. It offers the sturdy and sturdy design that full-size ceramic grills offer, but the compact design will be a great advantage for potential buyers who lack working space.

Our ruling

Akorn Jr. is a compact version of Akorn, a large ceramic grill of Char-Grillers. However, despite its small size, it still has strong power. Like the larger Camaro Grill, this model offers precise temperature control thanks to its thick steel and ceramic construction and large domed cover. Depending on the type of food you are grilling, we offer 3 to 4 people a suitable cooking size to feed them. Its compact design makes it an excellent choice if you lack the patio space. Overall, this model is a great buy if you are looking for a versatile compact grill that can perfectly grill your steak.

As you can see, this grill is one of Char-Griller's best-selling models for a reason. As you go through the tests, learn the performance of this grill and take a deep look at its design, key features and more.

Overview and features

This grille is the biggest difference from the existing ones. Like the larger grill, this model is designed to mimic the interior cooking environment of an expensive clay oven, so you can not only grill steak, but also cook food such as vegetables, ribs, pizza and bread.

The outer grill is made of thick steel and features a traditional ceramic grill egg-shaped design. Inside the grill is covered with a patented ceramic material made by Char-Griller. Unfortunately, it's much easier to move the grill to another place because there are no wheels. However, moving the grill from point A to point B at 36 pounds is not that difficult. However, if you are looking for a portable grill for hiking, the lack of wheels can hinder the deal. A ceramic grill stand with built-in handle is also included.

Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr, Red Charcoal Kamado Grill

Product rating: (4.5 / 5)

 Small red cooker

  • Can be used as a smoker
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Durable construction
  • Value-to-value ratio


The grill is fully assembled in addition to the lid Comes in a state. The base and handle must also be screwed, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to assemble this grill.

When cooked, the

surface area is measured at 13.5 inches (inches). The size of the full-size original model of Char-Griller.


Cast iron castings do an excellent job of dispersing heat across the entire cooking surface, reducing cooking time. Cast iron is much better than stainless steel for retaining heat.


The damper is designed to regulate airflow for precise temperature control, especially when using grills. smoker. Learning how many dampers to open or close can be tricky the first few times. For example, to achieve a temperature of about 200 degrees, the upper and lower dampers must be closed by ¾. With each type of meat or plate, you should watch the thermometer while playing with a little damper. You can easily fix what works and what doesn't work over time. Take notes every time you record and use it as a reference whenever you draw to keep track.


 Small red cooker

Small model, but this grill follows the same classic design. As a result, the Kamado Grill became famous all over the world. Made of easy-to-use, high-quality ingredients, the type of cooking results is just as good as you can get from a full-scale model. Cama also wants to try the grill, but the price is high, so if you hesitate, Jr. may be the answer. The interior is made of ceramic and the ceramic is known as an efficient insulator, so cooking energy will remain inside the grill. This means you don't have to use a lot of fuel, and the grill will produce a higher temperature, which will give you better cooking results, especially with regard to steak. It is considered a combination of ovens, smokers and grills, because the shape of the grill creates natural heat convection.

Basically, the structure of the grill is excellent. The egg-shaped design draws heat from the bottom of the grill and goes down to the bottom of the grill where the air is heated through the cooked food. This type of convection heat makes this model very efficient. The enclosed shell design makes this grill suitable for smoking. Reaching 700 degrees doesn't mean you have to cook at high temperatures all the time. Vents can be used to lower the oxygen level in the grill, which results in less intense and much slower burns in charcoal. Cooking in this model is very similar to cooking in a kettle grill. But the most important difference here is how the heat is maintained and the large insulating shell. It should be borne in mind that for ceramic grills, cooking times can vary significantly compared to traditional grills. Depending on how hot you want the grate to be and how fast you want to cook it, you may need to experiment with cooking time until you learn how to use the damper. The grill is easy to operate, but requires more work to turn on the charcoal. However, if you have used a charcoal grill before, you will be familiar with this process.

With the built-in temperature gauge on the grill, you can keep a close eye on cooked food to know the cooking conditions. It is important to keep the lid in place while cooking food when smoking inside the grill without removing the lid.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Can be used as a smoker
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design

Disadvantages [19659040Relatedquestion

How does this grill handle steak?

Steaks cooked on a charcoal grill can be intimidating, but Akorn Jr. Much easier than expected. It's better than average temperature control, so you can perfectly cook a thick cut of steak. However, as with most charcoal grills, thin steaks tend not to cook too quickly on the grill, so cooking thin steaks is not recommended. After finishing the grill temperature control, there should be no problem with the steak cooking. For best results, we recommend choosing a steak that is at least 1.5 inches thick.

How many steaks can this model draw at one time?

It depends on the size and size of the steak. For example, this grill should be able to handle three moderately sized ribs. If you need a grill to handle large family gatherings, we recommend the Char-Griller E1515 Patio Pro Charcoal Grill. Akorn's small grilling surface is certainly some downside, but if you don't host family gatherings often and need a grill that can handle simple barbecues, this model is more than that.

Ceramic grill better than kettle grill?

Two words: temperature control. Kettle grills are effective for most meats, but have difficulty maintaining the baking temperature. If you are serious about barbecues, it is better to use a ceramic grill. This grill offers the best temperature control and cooking compared to other style grills. Click here to read the Charcoal Grill Buyer's Guide to learn more about why there are many different types of grills and ceramic grills available to most grill lovers.

Conclusion and grade

Product rating: (4.5 / 5)

 Small red cooker Grill needs to be difficult There is not. When cooking steaks, if you're tired of keeping an eye on the steaks or constantly over or undercooking the meat, the ceramic grill is the answer.

Akorn Jr. mostly provides the same functionality. Some of the original Akorn in full size and the same drawback. However, the grill can produce great tasting food thanks to the cast iron lattice, damper system and thick walls combined with the ceramic interior. Overall, if you are looking for a smaller grill that can feed 3 to 4 people, this model is a great investment. Using a ceramic grill is not as intuitive as using a gas or electric grill. We gave this model 4 out of 5 stars.

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