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Char-Griller Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill and Smoker Review

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Kamado grill continues to dominate the grill industry as the most popular option because its durability and temperature control are far superior to kettle grills. Since the early 1970s, grill manufacturers like Char-Griller have been offering bigger and better models that have been hitting the market. Char-Griller's latest work, Akorn Kamado Kooker, is the best-selling model. Due to its many competitive models and its competitive design and build quality and low price, this grill always seems to be out of stock.

Our ruling

Char-Griller's Akorn Kooker offers the same true benefits. A ceramic grill should be provided, but the inside of the grill is made of steel, not ceramic, so performance may be degraded in terms of heating efficiency. However, it is much better to control the cooking temperature compared to the standard charcoal grill. Due to the lightweight design and wheels, this grill is very easy to transport and store, and the upper and lower dampers give the user full control over the cooking temperature.

Find out how this unique Camado Grill handles temperature control and more.

Overview and Features

Akorn Kooker is made of 3 layers of insulated steel, so it can handle heat well. The lack of ceramic materials does not count as a true ceramic grill, but the traditional egg-shaped design improves cooking efficiency. The cooking area measures 20 inches or 314 inches. This is much larger than Char-Griller Akorn Jr., which occupies about half of the cooking space.

Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal barbecue grill and smoker

Product rating: (4.5 / 5)

  Black grill

  • Wheel portability
  • Maintenance
  • Average temperature control
  • Simple design
  • Architectural
  • Good price


The traditional Kamado grill is made of thick steel structure with ceramic coating inside. However, this grill is uniquely applied to the traditional Kamado grill design.

The grill is made of 3 layers of stainless steel. This design evens heat distribution, making it perfect for thick steaks, breads, pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and other baking favorites.

Legs and wheels make this model very portable, so after grilling for a day, it's a garage or warehouse. Because it is made of stainless steel, it is better not to leave the grill outdoors all year round, like ceramic kamado.

Ash Catcher

The built-in ash pan can be easily removed to remove ash. [19659025] Lid

The lock clip on the lid allows you to carry the grill more safely. The large dome shape of the lid is common to all Camado grill models. Combining the round bottom and the lid creates an egg shape on the grill, affecting how quickly this grill heats up.


This model is one of the most versatile grills available for purchase. With tongs and spatula, you can smoke or bake, bake bread or cook pizza. It works like a traditional convection oven, so you can cook almost anything.

Uniformly cooked food

You can fully control the air volume, so you can professionally adjust the temperature inside the grill. This means that the entire grill remains at the same temperature. No more worrying about cold or hot places. However, when grilling steaks, you cannot cook them using indirect heat. This grill can be easily cooked at temperatures between 200 and 700 degrees.

Energy efficiency

Is the Kamado grill really the best portable charcoal grill? Cooking with this type of grill has many advantages. They can be perfect for grills with chefs who like to try new cooking techniques. You can cook juicy, crispy steaks from the inside, and crispy steaks from the outside. The Kamado Grill is also famous for its energy-efficient cuisine. In fact, you can use one charcoal to slow down the ribs for hours. However, for long cooks, most grilling lovers recommend using solid wood charcoal for long cooks and a small chunk of charcoal for hotter and shorter cooks.

Ease of use

For some, learning how to use this grill is the biggest challenge. If you are familiar with ordinary grills, cooking on Cammadho can be very difficult. However, learning how to adjust the damper and create a perfect baking environment can be a fun experience, especially if you are serious about baking. Using a digital thermometer will help you control the temperature. With a little damper adjustment, you can adjust the temperature along with the second or third grille.

In terms of heating capacity, cookers are superior to ordinary charcoal grills, but they are not real. Ceramic camo. However, given the low price, this drop in efficiency is not surprising.


 Black Grill

If you have never used a Kamado Grill, please expect a learning curve. Grills with kiln grills are very different from those with gas, electric or kettle grills. The upper and lower dampers have full control over air in and out of the grill. The temperature inside the grill rises or falls. When smoking meat, it is necessary to smoke the meat slowly over several hours, so this type of precise temperature control is essential.

When temperature needs to be adjusted, cooking is much easier and very enjoyable. Acorns can withstand heat well, acting perfectly on the ribs and producing the best results on a budget kamado.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Wheels are very portable
  • Low maintenance
  • Above average temperature control
  • Simple design


  • It may be difficult to learn how to control the temperature on new grills
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Not rust-proof or waterproof

Related questions

Camado How do you clean the grill?

The Camado was originally designed with a self-cleaning method, but modern models may require more elbow grease. To clean it, simply fire the grill to seven hundred degrees. Let the ride continue for 30 to 40 minutes. Then open the vents completely and wait for the grill to cool completely. Carefully remove the grate, firebox and ash. Cleaning the grill at this point should be easy, because it heats up at very high temperatures. The heat acts to break down the oil on the food, grime and leftovers. Use the large grill bristle brush to rub the inside surface of the grill. The grill can be removed and cleaned before cleaning with hot soapy water. Let the grill dry thoroughly before replacing it. It is not necessary to completely clean the grill every time it is used. If you bake several times a week, once a week is enough.

What is a hybrid grill?

Hybrid grills are quite popular these days. With this grill, you can cook your favorite food using charcoal and gas. The Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3-Burner Liquid Propane and Charcoal Hybrid Grill is one of the main models of hybrid grills on the market. Basically, when using a standard gas grill, it provides both benefits by allowing you to use gas for easier temperature control along with charcoal for the smoky flavors you normally miss. The only drawback of this type of grill is its size. Most hybrid grill models are similar to the size of a traditional gas grill, which can be difficult to store and transport. However, the Gas2Coal is equipped with wheels, so it is easier to move it to a designated storage location.

Should I use a lighter fluid to ignite the charcoal?

No. Some grillers don't like using light liquids to light up coals, while others swear light liquids remain behind a strong chemical taste. If you don't want to use a lighter fluid the next time you draw, there are many alternatives you can actually try. Some take longer to ignite charcoal than lighter liquids, but it's definitely a more environmentally friendly option. For more information, click here to read an article on how to shine charcoal without a light liquid.

Conclusion and Grade

Product Grade: (4.5 / 5) [194590006]

 Black Grill Overall Akorn kamado Kooker Is a great grill that comes at a very attractive price. There are some issues in terms of quality, but it is expected to be cheap kamado. If you are looking for an entry level kamado and kamado that offers many of the same advantages as ceramic models, Kooker is the perfect choice. We gave this model 4 out of 5 stars.

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