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Cuisinart Two Burner Gas Grill Review

Walmart survives by selling products that look better than they are. Its grills tend to be bright and full of features. The Cuisinart Two Burner gas grill currently on your showroom floors is a small, simple gas grill. It has two main burners and little else related to the grill. However, it does have some low-grade stainless steel body parts and a large lid window. You can watch your grill cook without getting up from your chair. Of course, this is not a great feature. The glass on the grills is coated with grease and smoke and soon becomes opaque without constant cleaning. It looks good in the store, not so much once it has been used multiple times.

Cuisinart has a complete line of outdoor cooking products these days. However, don’t be fooled. The company known for its kitchen appliances is now a massive brand that will put its name on just about anything. This gas grill is manufactured in China under contract. Cuisinart has little to do with construction other than specifying looks and features. Ultimately, the problem with this grill is that it looks impressive, but it lacks weight and build quality. The glass on the lid weighs more than the burners. Ask yourself what’s more important, and then think about whether you really want to have a grill like this.

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