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Direct vs Indirect Heating Grill

There are two methods of baking, direct and indirect. How food is prepared affects various aspects such as flavor, meat's gravy and aroma. It's a good idea to learn the basics of baking to become a better cook.

It should be noted that these methods are used depending on the type and method of meat to be prepared.

Method is the fact that we can cook meat quickly. The food is characterized by being very well done, and the grate mark remains on the food. Some kind of food like steak or hamburger should do very well, this is the best way.

As for the charcoal grill, you just have to spread the charcoal fire evenly inside the grill. Then the lid should be closed and opened only when the meat needs to be turned over or removed. Closing the lid maintains the same temperature in the entire area inside the grill.

All you need to do is set all burners to the same output. Then, as with the charcoal grill, you should use the lid to keep the heat inside the grill. If the lid is not lifted every few minutes, the temperature will drop quickly.

Any thick meat chunks that take more than 30 minutes to cook must be grilled in an indirect way.

Always check the grill lid is closed. It is important for the indirect method to work. Briquettes generate heat from the grill lid. This will keep the same temperature on the entire surface of the grate inside the grill.

We divide the cooking area into two areas. One of them will be filled with briquettes that generate heat, the other area will remain cold. Baking using this method depends on the meat laid on the cold side. It is best to use a special basket that divides the grill area in half.

Be sure to check out other popular indirect grilling methods using charcoal grill .

Just turn on the burner. Leave the other half on half of the grill. Then place the food on the cold side with the burner off.

Heated racks can often be used as an indirect baking method. Far from hot briquettes.

If possible, placing the drip tray under the meat will prevent dangerous redness if the grease directly touches the flame.

Do not open the bowl too often. Do it only if necessary. If you open the lid, the grill can quickly come out. Your goal is to keep the heat inside the grill. To control the temperature, you need to use the amount of ventilation and charcoal installed in the grill.

The most obvious way to make sure the meat is ready is Digital Meat Thermometer . You can check if the meat's internal temperature is already suitable for a particular type of meat. There's nothing worse than serving your customers raw meat. That's why it's a good idea to spend a few dollars on a good meat thermometer and see if the meat is already inside.

Now you already know what indirect and direct grills are. Try using one of these methods and see for yourself what the result will be.

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