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How to Maintain Charcoal Grill Temperature

How to Maintain Charcoal Grill Temperature

It is important to control the temperature when baking. When cooking on charcoal, you need to understand how to maintain the charcoal grill temperature for best results depending on the type of meat you are cooking and the size of the cooking surface.

How to maintain a charcoal grill Temperature is a matter of controlling the exhaust and intake dampers. It is also important to pay attention to how to add coal and make sure that it is completely lit before putting it on the grill. If a change in temperature is detected, adding more coal to the grill slowly can help maintain the temperature. Basically, adjusting the intake and exhaust dampers is the best way to control the temperature. You may need to experiment to reach and maintain the proper temperature, but once you do that you will get the ideal baking result.

Keep reading for useful tips and tricks that tell you how to accurately control the temperature of the grill and how the right temperature can greatly affect the quality of your food.


Charcoal grill Two types of fuel are used: oxygen and charcoal fuel. You can easily control the temperature of the grill by controlling charcoal, oxygen or both. In most cases, it is necessary to cover and cook with one or two zone cooking surfaces. This allows for more control over oxygen control. Controlling the flow of oxygen ultimately gives you better control over the temperature on the cooking surface.

Take advantage of the vent

The portable charcoal grill has two oxygen controls.

  • Exhaust damper
  • Suction damper

The suction damper is basically an engine that drives the grill system. Its role is to supply oxygen to the charcoal, so the oxygen is too close. When this damper is closed, the oxygen fire disappears and eventually the exhaust damper can be left open and burned. When the crank opens, the temperature rises. On most grills, you can easily control the temperature by adjusting the intake damper.

  Vent use of vents

Exhaust or exhaust dampers allow heat, smoke and combustion gases by inhaling oxygen through the intake damper. escape. This draft is produced by hot gas generated through a chimney.

This damper must be partially open during use to prevent combustion gases from blocking the fire. In order for oxygen to reach charcoal, there must be a place where combustion gases can be released. As smoke, gas, and heat exit the grill, there is pressure inside the grill to pull oxygen through the intake damper.

When calibrating the system, it is advisable to leave all vents intact. Open road. Try dry driving without meat on the grill and experiment with intake vents. During this time, maintain a certain temperature until the target temperature is reached and adjust the vents accordingly. If you are unable to achieve the correct temperature by adjusting only the intake, do not experiment with the exhaust damper. Experimenting with both dampers simultaneously, it is almost impossible to achieve an environment suitable for temperature control.

If you have problems with the grill

If you have tried several times to maintain a certain temperature without success, you should check if the grill is leaking. Inexpensive grilles, where the doors and lid are not tightly sealed, may have difficulty maintaining the grate temperature. The gap allows heat to escape through the vent while oxygen is flowing in. If you are looking for a grill that is famous for temperature control, we recommend the Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Kooker charcoal barbecue grill. Ceramic grills are generally known for their excellent temperature control, but this model from Char-Griller is familiar to beginners, easy to clean and maintain, and a great choice for grill lovers who need a model.

When charcoal is accused

The amount of charcoal used can also cause problems. It is better to burn coal using a chimney. Fill to the same level each time you use it. It is also important to start with the same number of fully lit coals each time. When the charcoal is completely on, it will be at the highest temperature. Charcoal also provides a stable source of temperature, but as the charcoal is consumed by combustion, the temperature may begin to drop. With charcoal briquettes, you should start with ash-covered coal. When using lump coal, a mixture of white ash and red embers appears.

As soon as the temperature of the grill starts to drop, add only the coals that are fully lit to maintain the temperature. You may need a little experimentation before learning the right amount of coal to add. When the coal is completely ignited and burned continuously, you can easily control the temperature of the cooking surface by controlling the oxygen flow.

 When charcoal is accused

If you add a few more coals, use the grill during this time to watch the temperature carefully and get more and more coal until it reaches the correct temperature. You need to add If the temperature drops sharply, turn on 10 or 12 coals and wait for the ashes to come before adding. Adding unlit coal is a bad idea to consider how much smoke is produced. In addition, the grate's ignition temperature may be too high.

To know the correct temperature of meat and

to bake steak, the target temperature must be 500 degrees. If you want to smoke meat, the magic number is about two hundred to twenty-five degrees. Often, new grills are provided with a guide with recommended temperatures depending on the type of meat or food.

Buy digital thermometer

Most built-in grill thermometers are not exactly accurate, so you need to buy an air probe. The air probe works by tracking the ambient temperature inside the grill very accurately. When adjusting fuel or airflow, even the smallest changes in temperature that can occur in seconds can be measured. Keep the probe close to food for a more accurate picture of how hot the cooking surface is.

Related questions

2 Do you need to install a zone grill?

Yes. Charcoal grills require special settings to lower the cooking temperature. Fortunately, setting up a few zones on the grill is very easy. When transferring coal to the grill, keep the coal on one side of the grill. After installing the coal, you can place the food on the other side of the grill, using indirect heat to slow down the cooking. Cover the grill to keep it cooler during this time.

Can I use a charcoal grill for vegetables?

Yes. Charcoal grill is not just for meat. Roasting vegetables actually gives you a new way to taste while enjoying your favorite side dish or major vegetable-based dishes. If you are vegan, you can enjoy cauliflower steak or grilled portobello burger patties. In fact, there are many recipes that can help you become vegetarian if you are tired of the same baked or roasted dishes. Click here to read an article on vegan grill recipes.

What factors can influence the grill temperature?

Dirty grate and / or grills can have a negative impact on reaching the ideal temperature of the grill. Another factor is that the lid does not fit properly. In most cases, if you are having trouble maintaining the correct temperature, opening the damper too wide is the culprit. When troubleshooting, clean the grate, empty the ash catcher and check the seal on the lid. If you are still not sure why the grill is struggling to maintain the correct temperature, please contact the manufacturer's customer support team for further troubleshooting information and tips.

Final thought

How to maintain the charcoal grill temperature is as simple as adjusting, the intake and exhaust dampers, add the charcoal slowly when fully lit and keep the lid of the grill throughout the cooking process. If you are using the best portable charcoal grill, air probe and closely monitoring the temperature of the grill when experimenting with damper adjustment, you should immediately stop this process.

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