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How to Start a Charcoal Grill Without Lighter Fluid

How to Start a Charcoal Grill Without Lighter Fluid

The season has come. This means people are breaking the best portable charcoal grill for the best meal outside. Most stores will have huge charcoal bags on the large display outside and inside the store in preparation for the season. But if you forgot about the light fluid while camping with a new grill, don't panic. I'll show you how to start a charcoal grill without a lighter fluid, the supplies you need to get the job done, and how to fire a grill quickly.

Describes how to start a charcoal grill without a lighter fluid. It's fast, clean and easy. Using chimney starters is the simplest and cheapest way, but charcoal starters are the fastest, but can be twice the price of a basic chimney starter. Whichever method you choose, each option is much safer and more environmentally friendly than lighting the grill with a light fluid.

As you can see, light moisture is not the only way to handle a grill in minutes. Continue reading about the green options to taste meat without the use of additives or harsh chemicals.

Before grilling

Determine the amount of food before you start grilling You will be grilling and how hot the grill should be. How long should coal burn? Is there enough charcoal on the grill? Are the grills and grate clean? The ashes and remnants left on the grill actually block the air flow, making it more difficult to light the charcoal.

  Put delicious food on the grill

If the bowl is full of old ashes, throw it away before adding more charcoal. To make the charcoal ignite quickly. If you use the grill more than three times a week, we recommend washing the grill at least once every two weeks. If you use the grill only on the weekends, it is better to clean it once a month.

A safe alternative

In some cases, the biggest drawback to grilling outdoors is light liquids. Lighter liquids can cause the food to taste chemically, especially when using light liquids, as food absorbs some chemicals when cooking. In some cases, when used correctly, you may not feel that there is a lighter liquid. However, most grillers can agree that using a more natural method of charcoal lighting can have a significant impact on meat taste. In general, inexperienced grillers tend to use too much liquid to ignite charcoal, which is responsible for the heavy chemical odor.

Fortunately, there is a way to lighten the charcoal without using light food. Not only are the following methods much safer, they do not negatively affect the taste of meat like a lighter liquid can.

To do that, you need the following supplies.

  • Chimney starter
  • Lighter match
  • Charcoal
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper towel

Chimney Starter

 Bbq chimney charcoal fire starter with briquettes discarded on an outdoor grill Full

To light a grill using a chimney starter:

  • Rough out some paper towels.
  • Put plant towels in vegetable oil.
  • Put a paper towel under the chimney starter. Chimney Starter
  • Light a crumpled paper towel from the bottom

Heat generated by paper towels ignite charcoal quickly. As the heat rises, the top of the charcoal also catches fire.

When the top of the charcoal turns to ash, you are ready to grill. The best thing is that you can grill the food in just 20 minutes and there is no chemical taste that a light liquid can leave behind. The way coal is spread depends on the type of food you are baking. If you need more coal for grilling food, you can easily add more charcoal to hot coal.

After arranging the bullets perfectly, place the grill on the rack and replace the grill's lid. Wait for the grill to reach the proper temperature before starting to grill the meat. If you are baking for the first time and are not sure what the proper temperature is, check the grill's instruction manual.

Light liquid briquettes

Still, this method involves the use of lighter liquids. If you buy charcoal injected with a lighter fluid, there is no need to add it. This is a useful option for beginners who use too much light fluid when baking, which poses a potential safety risk. Because lighter liquid is injected into the charcoal, it can cost more than ordinary charcoal. However, the main difference here is the lighting efficiency.

Charcoal Starter

If you want to burn charcoal, focus on getting hot enough to ignite. The charcoal starter is basically just a heating element that gets incredibly hot when plugged in. This is an energy efficient device that uses about one hundred to fifteen volts. They work by burning charcoal with heat through coals, unlike flames. Although small in size, it is surprisingly powerful and can shine 1 pound of charcoal brightly.

Models like the Vision Grills charcoal starter have curves and wide loops that can ignite all the charcoal at once. With a charcoal starter, you can easily get all the charcoal burning in minutes.

Most types of charcoal starters take about 10 minutes to burn completely. This eco-friendly safety electric starter can lightly ignite wood, briquettes and charcoal in seconds without the use of light liquids or other chemicals. . Like a paint stripper, it works by using hot air to ignite coal. This will provide enough heat to ignite the charcoal. This option is slightly more expensive than the other options covered here, but it is efficient, safe, and powerful enough to handle regular use.

Firestarter Briquette

 Firestarter Briquette

An easy alternative to other incredibly lighter fluids is Firestarter Briquette. You can find Firestarter at home improvement stores, hardware stores, or local grocery stores. They burn much cleaner than light liquids. They are also completely burned and have no scent left over. Remove the grate to use. Add fresh charcoal. Open the grill's vents to allow air to circulate. Firestarter must be buried in the top layer of coal. To light up the coal, the Firestarter needs to come in contact with the coal. Follow the package instructions to turn on Firestarter. Cover the grill and burn the Firestarter. Check vents. When they close, the Firestarter turns off. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Lift the grill slightly to avoid some smoke before completely removing the lid.

After 10 minutes, make sure the coal is on and the Firestarter is burned out. Redistribute coal for evener heat distribution.

Replace the grate and heat for 5 minutes. When it gets hot, you are ready to start baking your favorite food.

Related Questions

Can light wood be used?

Light wood is a resin saturated wood originating from under the pine tree. Usually it comes from the stump of a harvested tree.

This highly flammable wood can ignite quickly due to its coarse texture and can be dry or wet. The wood is incredibly hot, which is great for lighting all kinds of charcoal. This wood is actually a great way to light up smokers or grills, and is a much safer alternative to lighter fluids.

I need a grill that provides better temperature control. What do you recommend?

E06614 AKORN Jr is one of Char-Griller's best-selling ceramic grills, because of its reputation for precise temperature control. It is actually suitable for grilling steaks, chicken, ribs, etc. To learn how to cook the perfect steak using this grill, click here to read our article on cooking steak on a charcoal grill.

Final thought

If you find that meat has chemicals, light liquids can be blamed for the aftertaste. Learning how to start a charcoal grill without a light liquid allows you to taste meat without the use of harmful chemicals and additives.

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