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Is There Any Health Benefits of Grilling Food?

Is There Any Health Benefits of Grilling Food?

Despite the trend of increasing the number of vegetarians in the modern world, there are still enough followers of meat and fish dishes. And, surely, most of them prefer to cook such meals not boiling, since the tastiest dish is fried, roasted or cooked on the grill meat. So, let's focus on the last way to cook some delicious masterpieces, their pros and cons.

What are the health benefits of grilling?

  Benefits of the grill
The heat treatment of food on a grill is short roasting at high temperature. Compared to frying, this way of cooking dishes is much more useful, as a result of such a process, we receive a delicacy that is not as rich in saturated fat, cholesterol as after frying, so grilled foods are certainly more useful for health than food. fried foods Another health benefit of grilling is that food has fewer calories than fried food. And the calorie rate drops if you don't use animal fats and oils while grilling meat or fish. In general, the natural fats that drip from the meat as they heat up evaporate. The rest of the fat is not converted into cancer genes that poison your body.

One of the significant health benefits of grilling is believed to be the greatest possible preservation of nutrients in food, ie vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates. and other useful substances. When boiling these elements are present in a broth and when frying they break almost completely. For more information on charcoal grills, take a look here.

The food, which was cooked on a grill, was perhaps eaten by people with chronic diseases of the digestive tract. In particular, grilled food can be consumed by those who suffer from cholecystitis, gastritis, liver and problems in the gland of the pancreas. In fact, having such ailments, it is better to give preference to grilled fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, as dietitians claim that they are more useful than fish and meat fillet cooked on a grill. However, before starting a cooking process, it is worth wrapping a product in aluminum foil. Incidentally, this little trick will come in handy to preserve the tasty taste of food.

The simplest means of grilling is to bake products outdoors. Potatoes cooked in this way are considered health-safe and tasty enough to enjoy food. This refers to baking unpeeled roots in the hot ashes.

Products cooked on electric grills are normally abundant and digestible, since the infrared rays radiating from a grill penetrate deep into the food being cooked, and do not destroy any chemical compounds naturally stored in this food. The primary texture of the delicacy is also left intact. Outdoor food is also famous for its amazing smell and brown rind.

Damage to grill products

  Damage to grill
Unfortunately, the grill has more harm than good.

The heat treatment of meat and fish, being too fat, increases their caloric value, which was also not small at the beginning of the cooking process. The content of harmful compounds called sterols also increases after heat treatment, so frequent consumption of such foods increases the risk of developing excess weight, atherosclerosis (due to increased levels of bad cholesterol in the blood) and causes a development of lipid storage diseases. Consequently, problems with the heart or increased blood pressure may begin.

The supplementary use of animal oils and fats when roasting meat, fish or vegetables contributes to creating carcinogenic substances in this type of food. This happens due to the high heating of oils and fats or the dripping of the fat in the fire and its subsequent combustion. Carcinogenesis is very dangerous for human health, since it contributes to the development and growth of cancer cells, accelerating aging processes and making the body full of toxins. Sizzling chunks of meat are especially rich in these dangerous substances.

Undercooked grilled foods are also not useful for human health. Such meat can be a source of infections such as campylobacteriosis (poultry meat), Yersinia bacteria (pork), the infectious agent E-coli (pork). People who get these infections experience general discomfort first, and then begin to have symptoms of food poisoning such as diarrhea, illness, vomiting, and high temperature. But in fact, the situation is much worse.

Flammable liquids used to light a fire, that is, alcohol, gas, chemical alcohol, make delicacies, cooked with the help of the grill, harmful. There is always a danger of penetrating toxic components of these substances into meat, vegetables or fish. The same goes for the use of newspapers and rotting wood. When newspapers are used to make a fire impression, the ink contains lead, which tends not only to settle in the lungs, but also accumulates in an organism.

Using a special roasting pan and short-term baking of a product in a microwave also has a negative impact on human health. When using a frying pan on the grill, the use of additional fats and oils cannot be avoided, and in the second case, a delicacy could lose practically all the mineral and biologically active components.

Useful Food Secrets for Cooking on a Grill

  Food Benefits of Grilling

  • If you are adamant about creating a kitchen masterpiece while using an open fire, try using only charcoal to make a fire and avoid using the flammable liquids mentioned above. But remember that log pieces produced from softwood are not desirable for use as they contain many resins. Using a pellet smoker can make your grilling effort much easier and safer. Pellet smokers are convenient and safe. Also, different types of wood pellets give you many flavor options.
  • Start roasting products as soon as the charcoal turns to gray ashes. Under these conditions, the temperature is not that high, and as a result, the food will not burn or burn.
  • Avoid cooking food over an open fire, since it protects itself from the consumption of carcinogenic substances together with the products, which are capable of causing the development of oncological diseases.
  • Before the start of the food grill, try placing the products on the aluminum tray. The same goes for the foil, which you have already heard of. Using this trick also prevents harmful carcinogens from entering your delicacy.
  • Before roasting them on fire, meat or fish should be marinated. With the marinade process, you will reduce the time required for cooking. The food itself will be incredibly tender, juicy, and digestible to an organism. The shortest suggested time to keep fish meat in a sauce is sixty minutes. As a marinade, you can use a blend of spiced olive oil, mayonnaise, or beer. If he's roasting lamb, the perfect marinade for him should be a mixture consisting of black tea, olive oil, black pepper, garlic, and rosemary. Poultry meat is often marinated in a mixture of a little oil, red wine, red pepper, and marjoram for an hour. Before placing the meat on a grill, dry the marinated product with a cotton or paper towel.
  • To give the food a salty taste and smell, use spices and seasonings. Just spread them on your fish or meat.
  • It is prohibited to cook frozen products on a grill.
  • Salting the food at the end of a roasting process. At the same time that you cook, you should add the leftovers from the marinade to your meal.
  • Do you want to cook useful shish kebab on a grill? Therefore, cook the vegetables with the meat as well. Try to use as many vegetables as you can, there should be more vegetables than meat on the grill.
  • If you want some grilled chicken, you can eat it, even if you are on a diet or your stomach is out of order. Just grab a piece of chicken breast and remove the skin (that's required). All harmful and fatty substances are present on the skin. The same goes for store-bought grilled chicken. In addition to brown and oily skin, it has a lot of salt and seasonings. After removing the skin, the problem will be solved.
  • Try roasting food in foil, as mentioned above, or under a lid.

You can get benefits from any product, as well as meat, and grilled food will be beneficial to your health when cooked the right way. Vegetables prepared on a grill will be beneficial not only for your figure but also for the whole organism.

There is one more helpful tip for you: after you finish grilling or barbecue, you should clean the grill, in which the products were cooked with charcoal or other ways of grilling. Please do so with care, as charcoal residue or residues from the previous cooking will greatly damage the taste of your food and your health during the next cooking. Let food cooked on the grill with as much love as possible do your health and activities good. Spend unforgettable days with your close people, family, friends and colleagues. Don't let bad food spoil all the fun and enjoyment of life!

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