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Kamado Joe Classic II vs Classic III 2020 Review & Comparison

Kamado Joe Classic II vs Classic III 2020 Review & Comparison

I want to buy the best Kamado style grill for money, but I am not sure which Kamado model will meet your needs.

You can use online information, read reviews, visit forums and meet friends. However, it can still lead to overwhelming information that interferes with making a comprehensive decision. We have found that sometimes too much information is of little help and rather overwhelms us, leading to paralysis.

As there are a lot of things in life, owning a grill is a personal choice, and it's good for smoking geese, and it might fit a geyser. However, our extensive experience with Kamado Grills can guarantee both Kamado Joe classic II and Kamado classic III as the best grills on the market this year.

Keep reading while comparing and reviewing the Kamado Joe Classic II and III.

Difference between Kamado Joe Classic II and III

  • Our grade

  • 18 inch size

    Rack: 2

    Bottom storage box: No

    sloRoller Hyperbolic insert: No

    Charcoal basket dispenser: not included

    GDPE shelf: plastic coated shelf

    Cooking surface: w / 2 sets number: 508 square inches

    225F to 750F Temperature

  • Our grade

  • 18 inch size

    Rack: 3

    Bottom storage: Yes

    sloRoller Hyperbolic insert: Yes

    Charcoal basket divider: included

    GDPE shelf: Aluminum coated shelf

    Cooking surface: At: 3/3 Divide & Conquer: 510 sq. in.

    Temperature from 225F to 750F. (Up to 500 ° F when using SlōRoller)

  • Grid-level D & C rack – Kamado joe classic II has two racks and Classic III grille has three racks.
  • Kamado classic II lacks the bottom storage space and is equipped with the opponent Classic III.
  • The sloRoller hyperbolic insert is not currently available on the Kamado classic II, but is included in the classic III model.
  • Camado classic II is not provided with a charcoal basket divider, but can be accommodated if needed. Add according to your cooking needs. The charcoal basket divider is included in the Kamado classic III grill.
  • The Kamado classic II's side shelves are GDPE plastic coated shelves, and the classic III's side shelves are aluminum coated to make it more sturdy and insoluble when melting

Kamado Joe Classic II stand. Classic III comparison

Is it Kamado Classic II or Classic III? Perhaps it is a question that often remains in your mind. So, this article compares everything from price, warranty, innovation and cooking efficiency, to after-sales service. Kamado Joe Classic II


There is a review of Kamado Joe Classic II and a reliable guide to find out before clicking the Buy button.


  • Two pairs of split and conquer racks – The split and conquer cooking system ensures excellent results with a regular grill grate as a more powerful cooker. The innovative upgrade allows you to prepare two meals at different temperatures in different styles. All served as a single dish.
  • Kontrol Vent at the top of the tower-helps to control the air flow when closing and opening the dome. Coated with aluminum cast, resistant to rain and mildew. It can also withstand temperatures from 225F to 750F.
  • Patented air lift hinge – Compared to the previous model, the dome is lighter than 96% and is attached to the main grille using a hinge. With just one finger, you can lift the dome that gives you the most baking experience.
  • AMP (Advanced Multi-Panel FireBox)-With six patents, this grill is not broken and is more efficient to operate.
  • Accessories – Kamado Classic II comes with several accessories such as wheels, lock casters and cast iron carts. This premium-size 18-inch grill is perfect for baking entire brisket.

Benefits / Disadvantages

  • There is a light dome attached to the main grille using hinges.
  • Made of aluminum, resistant to rust and mold.
  • Built-in thermometer to help control the temperature.
  • Easy to clean.
  • There are two shelves, so you can prepare several dishes at the same time in several ways.
  • There is no auxiliary table on the grill. Therefore, additional work space is required.

Customer feedback

After evaluating many customer reviews, you can be sure that this is the highest rated Kamado Grill. The grill has received a lot of positive reviews and a 5 star rating from buyers. One of the features of this machine includes ease of cleaning, economy and durability.

The general opinion is that Kamado Classic II is a good investment. Like other products, negative reviews are never lacking. Few customers were not satisfied with this grill, but the majority were very satisfied.


Kamado Classic II is a green egg replacement suitable for people who live mainly in cold areas. I'm willing to smoke all winter, and when the damper opens, it can get hot to burn big steaks. Two-zone cuisine takes your baking skills to the next level.

Kamado Classic III

  Kamado Joe KJ23RHCI-A, Classic Joe III Charcoal Grill


This grill is provided with upgraded features You will love any serious grill. The grill with an updated Divide & Conquer cooking system has a three-tiered split rack, and you can cook three different meals at different temperatures using a variety of techniques.

Another unique feature III of Kamado Joe Classic is a hyperbolic smoke chamber that is useful for increasing smoke circulation for good results.


  • Air lift hinge
  • 3-pair rack cooking system
  • Premium 18 inch ceramic grill [19659025] High quality stainless steel rolling cart
  • Patented hyperbolic smoker chamber

Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Lifetime warranty is provided.
  • There are 3 racks, so you can cook 3 different meals at the same time in different styles at different temperatures.
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Heavy design makes it impossible to carry
  • The built-in thermometer is a separate grill thermometer and is not accurate.

Customer feedback

This is an incredible tool according to customer reviews with prior experience with this tool. With this grill, you can taste the quality of the restaurant right in the backyard.

Most reviews have shown that the top vents rarely open until the grill is warm.

Our best choice

According to the ceramic barbecue review discussed above, both grills can have a delicious meal. However, our main task is to compare the two grills, measure their respective advantages and disadvantages, and choose the best grill. (Of course, the rating is objective.)

 Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II ceramic charcoal grill, Blaze Red "width =" 348 "height =" 232 In our view, Kamado Joe Classic II is monetary It is the best choice because it has excellent features equal to value.

If your budget is running out, Kamado Joe Ceramic Classic II will save your day. Even with limited upgrades, this charcoal-grill is served on purpose.

You can also install it separately on Kamado Classic II if you wish to update.

Improvements in Kamado classic III version are useful when: However, they do not guarantee barbecue quality. There doesn't seem to be any extra cost.

Final Judgment

It is clear that Kamado Joe is leading the market with a strong and reliable grill that will last for years to come. And when comparing Kamado grills, you just need this barbecue to go down to the size you want and make it standalone.

From regular grills to hot fever, Kamado Joe Classic II & Classic III is impressive for pizzas, low / slow heaters and even dessert preparations.

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