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Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill Review

Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill Review
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When we are invited to a barbecue, we generally think of a stainless steel grill with a top cover. The Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill is unique in that it is made entirely of cast iron. Although cast iron is a heavy material, this unit is compact and lightweight enough to carry on our weekend outings.

Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman Grill Review: Notable Features

Weighing in at 27 pounds, the Lodge Charcoal Grill is basically A Great Piece of Cast Iron. Therefore, it inherits all the idiosyncrasies of the material itself. Cast iron takes longer to heat up. But because it is so dense, it maintains heat for a long time and distributes it more evenly.


  • Made in the USA USA By a company with a long tradition [19659010] Exceptional cooking results
  • Affordable price
  • Portable
  • Solid construction with few parts
  • Simple installation
  • Long lasting if properly maintained


  • Small stove area
  • Unbalanced when raised
  • Hidden surfaces vulnerable to rust

Easy installation

Installation is simple and involves putting the five main pieces together. The only step that requires tools is to tighten the two bolts that hold the motherboard and main body. The main door has two pins that enter the notches on the main body. Can be opened or closed to add charcoal.

A slider at the bottom is used to control the shot. The grill grate has four legs. When you put it on your legs you get less heat because the food is now further from the coals. Similarly, simply flip it over to reduce the distance and gain more heat.

A large gauge wire connects to both ends of the grill to lift and move it. But when you lift it, the grill doesn't want to stay level. This can cause the front door to swing open.


Since this Lodge grill is a Hibachi style grill, it has no top cover and is oval in shape. The cooking surface is not large, as you would expect from something so compact. But it's still big enough to fit six to eight patties or four to six steaks.

The Lodge grill is no easier to start than other grills. To make things easier, collect charcoal from one layer and add three or four more. Then start them up in a fireplace. Use the pull slider to adjust the air supply.


Cast iron is known to be prone to oxidation if not properly maintained. This Lodge grill comes pre-seasoned. A quick clean and a thin coat of vegetable oil on the grill are all the prep jobs you need to start cooking. After each use, brush burned food from the rack with a nylon bristle brush.

As with any cast iron cookware, we just need to wash the grill with mild soap or just plain water. Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the surface for storage. But this is where things can get tough with this grill.

Since the motherboard and main body are two separate entities, there is inevitably a gap between the two surfaces. If water is allowed to seep in and remain, rust could become a problem.

Overall, we believe this is a quality cookware at an affordable price. Like the quintessential century-old cast iron skillet, the food cooked in it seems to taste better.

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