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Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker Review

If you are a fan of barbecue, you may be thinking of buying the best smoker. Well, if so, the Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker would be the best choice for you.

This Masterbuilt smoker has built-in meat temperature so you can eat the best barbecue item. The Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker is a wood chip electric smoker that will satisfy your budget. Compared to other smokers, assembly takes approximately 45 minutes.

We have reviewed this smoker and below we share everything about this amazing smoker.

Remarkable Features of the Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker

  • 18.3 x 19.1 x 34.9 inches is the dimension of this smoker.
  • It weighs 53.1 pounds, making the smoker easy to carry.
  • This Masterbuilt provides an 800W heating element.
  • The maximum temperature setting is 275 degrees F and you can set the temperature.
  • It is a digital smoker that has a built-in digital timer, on / off and temperature.
  • There are four chrome coated smoking racks.
  • This smoker is patented with a wood chip side loading system.
  • The capacity of this smoker is 6 chickens, 4 turkeys and much more.
  • You will get one year warranty from the original purchase date for this electric smoker.

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Frequently asked questions about the Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker

Q. How many racks does this Masterbuilt electric smoker provide?

Comes with four chrome plated smoking racks.

Q. How can I add wood to this smoker?

There is a patented side wood chip loading system available, and you can add wood to it.

Q. What can I do with this smoker? Can I smoke fish?

You can use this smoker to steam, boil and fry whatever you want to do. And yes, you can smoke fish in this smoker too.

Q. What is the highest temperature of this electric smoker?

275 degrees Fahrenheit is the highest temperature on this grill.

Q. Does this electric smoker come with a thermometer?

This smoker is a built-in thermometer and this smoker temperature is similar to that of a kitchen oven.

What users say about the Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker

When we stop by this Masterbuilt electric smoker we discover that this is by far a popular smoker among users. This is a well-built product that users are happy with. It doesn't take long for this smoker to settle in, which appeals to barbecue food lovers. And it maintains the temperature for a long time to make the food perfectly.

Masterbuilt MB20070619 Month 130s Digital Electric …

  • The digital panel controls the on / off of temperature and time
  • Four chrome coated smoking racks
  • Door View Window
  • Handle and Wheels
  • Patented Side Wood Chip Loading System – Add Wood Chips Without Opening Smoker Door

There is a window in this $ electric smoker 200 which makes it easier to check the temperature and see everything else. Cleaning is very simple for this smoker, and the user who doesn't like to clean it loves this amazing feature.

Provides a large cooking surface for users to enjoy their party very much as this electric smoker can make large batches of food. This smoker is an affordable option for people on a budget too, this is a durable option.

Users recommend others to buy this smoker and say that new users will be happy with their choice.

Compare Masterbuilt MB20070619 versus Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker

Masterbuilt is a popular name in the electric smoker industry and this brand produces different smokers. Every one of your smokers is the best and here we are going to compare the Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker with the Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker.

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E 30- Inch Electric …

  • Electric smoker for outdoor cooking meats, vegetables and more
  • Box of wood chips painted steel wood; porcelain-lined steel water pan
  • 2 cooking grates; 3 temperature settings; magnetic door locking system
  • 2 side handles for convenient transportation; easy assembly; Included Instructions
  • Measures 16 by 14 by 30 inches

Both are electric smokers and great for outdoor cooking. These two come with a 1 year warranty but last for many years.

The Masterbuilt MB20070619 electric smoker has chrome coated smoking racks, while the Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker has porcelain coated steel.

In terms of temperature setting, the Hollow 30162E electric smoker is better than MB20070619. Both provide easy transportation (including handles and wheels) while both are easy to assemble.

30162E Hollow Electric Smokers are a bit more expensive than MB20070619 if budget is a problem then you should go for MB20070619. We suggest you do so, but if you can afford it, buy the Hollow Electric Smoker.

Key Features of the Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker

Let's take a look at the features that make the Masterbuilt MB20070619 Electric Smoker the best.

Temperature control

This is a digital smoker and has a built-in temperature. The highest temperature for this smoker is 275F as mentioned above. However, you can control the temperature when you need to barbecue properly.

You can check the temperature through the screen; this is very convenient. With the display, you can also check wood for adding or removing wood.

Easy to assemble

In general, smokers take a little longer to assemble, which is a nuisance for users. Fortunately, it takes approximately 25 minutes for Masterbuilt MB20070619 to assemble the smoker. Follow the instructions, it will be easier for you.

Large cooking area

It comes with four chrome coated grills that ensure a larger cooking space. The capacity of this smoker makes it different from the others: it can include 4 turkeys, 8 ribs, 6 chickens or 8 pork butts. Look, a lot of space make sure you can make a big batch of barbecue. And the positive point is that the racks are adjustable.


This electric smoker is made of a steel body and coated with chrome that ensures this smoker can last for years after years. Just be sure to take a little care of this smoker so he can be in good condition.

Plus, it offers a one-year warranty with a 90-day money back guarantee. So if you don't like the machine, you can return the smoker. And the warranty covers only the faulty manufacturer.

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Final Verdict

This Masterbuilt smoker is very easy to use and comes with a wood chip charger. It provides digital control, which is an added convenience for users. How can they set the timer and do other things.

However, this is an affordable option, especially for people on a tight budget. So enjoy this summer with friends and family with this electric smoker.

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