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Memphis Grills Beale Street Pellet Grill Review

When everyone else jumped into pellet grills, they looked to Traeger for inspiration in design and functionality. Memphis Grills chooses a whole new path. Their grills are designed to resemble more traditional gas grills. They use all stainless steel construction. And they choose to make their grills more efficient through heavy insulation and a sealed lid. This does not look like a normal pellet grill and that is because it is not supposed to. The Memphis Grills Beale Steet Pellet Grill is designed to be attractive and resemble professional kitchen equipment.

One of the first things you will notice about this grill when you look at the specifications is the size of the pellet hopper. At just 12 pounds, it's one of the smallest on any full-size pellet rack. But it doesn't need to be bigger. On a typical summer day, this grill will maintain a temperature of 350 degrees F for 18 hours in a full pellet hopper. By cooking on low and low heat, this pellet grill can run for 24 hours without any attention. However, at its maximum temperature of 550 degrees F, it will burn fuel much faster. The insulation also helps keep this pellet grill warm when it's cold outside.

While the Beale Street pellet grill is the lowest end of the Memphis Grills line, it has all the superior engineering. The WiFi-enabled app is reliable and will even send email or text alerts directly to you. Personally, I don't think receiving an email from your pellet grill is as helpful, but there certainly are apps for this.


If you have the money (around $ 2000USD) and want a pellet grill that cooks very well but doesn't look like a pellet grill, then this is the model for you. Memphis Grills has been in business for many years. They build and support a great product. All in all, they build some of the best pellet grills on the market. The stainless steel in this unit is of lower quality, but it is thick and well made. I wholeheartedly encourage you to consider this pellet grill when shopping. It is not cheap, but it is not cheap either.

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