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Napoleon grills lex485rsibnss-1 Natural Gas Grill Review

Napoleon grills lex485rsibnss-1 Natural Gas Grill Review

Napoleon Grill is one of the leading grill manufacturers in the industry, so when you produce something, you have to be vigilant. Today we are going to cover Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS-1 review . If you are passionate about a large grill surface like 805 square feet with 6 burners, then reading this article would be beneficial for you. First, first, you should know one thing: this is a Natural Gas unit, and cannot be converted to a propane unit.

Next, the main attention of it. is to have the ceramic infrared back burner. Among the six burners, you will have a rear burner and 3 rotisserie burners. Through the cooking surface, you will have porcelain cast iron grates that can withstand tough heat retention.

Now let's take a look at some of the amazing features that will blow your mind. Make sure all of these features match your preferences.

  • Boasts a large grill area like 805 square inches of surface handled by 74,000 BTUs
  • Ceramic infrared technology allows for precise heating on all 6 burners, including the rear burner
  • This natural gas grill Comes as high strength stainless steel steel construction
  • Equipped with closed cart design, six tool hooks, and two wheels
  • It is much more durable to have porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates

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Frequently asked questions about the Napoleon grills lex485rsibnss-1

Q. What about the build quality of this natural Napoleon grill?

This well built natural gas grill has a spacious cooking surface that measures 805 square feet in area. All six burners run on natural gas, so you never worried about the proper flame inside the burners. Cooking grates are combined with porcelain enameled cast iron. Again, it is reversible and has two differences, as one side is thinner and the other side is slightly wider.

P. Does it come with side cut and wave grill function?

Yes, it has side cut and grill grates. The build material for them is porcelain finish cast iron grates for the side burners and the main cooking area is stainless steel.

Q. Is this alternative to propane grilling with respect to having a maximum temperature?

First, the default propane grill has a more powerful temperature. But there is a way to achieve something of the same temperature inside the natural gas grill. You can keep the lid closed on all main burners right after 20 minutes of preheating. This will help achieve a higher temperature of up to 700 degrees F.

What Users Are Saying About Napoleon Lex485rsibnss-1 Grills

Users love to see infrared technology along with the ceramic burner. Therefore, the heat does not go directly to the burner, but instead goes there inside the ceramic tile and thus converts the flame into infrared energy. For temperature control, you will find a built-in thermometer to locate the temperature with great ease.

Compare napoleon lex485rsibnss-1 vs. Pit Boss Austin XL grills

Now we come to make a difference with the napoleon lex485rsibnss and Pit Boss Austin XL grills. The first thing that comes to us is with the grill surface, in that case, Pit Boss has a grill surface of up to 1000 square inches. On the other hand, Napoleon is a natural gas grill, while the Pit Boss is a pellet grill. Therefore, the type of grill is completely different.

1000 Square Inch Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Rack With …

  • Four Rolling Wheels
  • Temperature Range 150 – 500 F
  • Over 1000 Square Feet of Porcelain-Lined Cooking Surface
  • Innovative Grill for Direct Flame Grilling
  • Digital Control Panel with LED Reading with Meat Probe

By the way Pit Boss would be larger than Napoleon's grills, but it appears to be more portable as it has four swivel wheels underneath the pedestal. Since the main difference is between the pellet grill and the natural gas grill, you need to make sure which one is the best option for you.

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Main Features of Napoleon Lex485rsibnss-1 Grills

Versatile Burner Unit

The Napoleon LEX485 Gas Grill comes with six burners and most importantly they are based on infrared technology. Among the six burners, the rear and side burners are made of sustainable steel so it can withstand even in harsh climates. Four burners are the main Bruner where you will find 3 main burners with rotisserie burner . That means even cooking while grilling, baking, grilling would be fun. Do not forget the ceramic accessories, which ensure that the flame arrives directly without abuse.


This Napoleon grill comes with heavy construction with rear and side infrared burners. The fire-jet ignition system allows for safe ignition that is made from high-quality i-glow control knobs. For cabinet storage, it joins with the steel substance. The side shelves for cooking preparation are also made of stainless steel. Last but not least, the cooking grates are made from porcelain enameled stainless steel, so abrasive marks would be fun.

Heat Efficiency

Napoleon asa lex485rsibnss- like a propane gas grill so it can deliver more energy compared to any charcoal grill. Therefore, the natural oven can withstand a more efficient heat source. However, the amount of fuel requires a lot to generate its maximum power. If you want to put the same power to the natural grill as the lex485rsibnss napoleon grills, then you must cut your fuel by half.

Large grilling surface

802 looks like a commercial grilling surface so that the 10-12 person banquet can be easily accommodated. Within this surface, you can throw the 24 burgers completely. So imagine, the surface has them. After the grill surface, the storage surface is also huge, where you can put all the necessary utensils for cooking.

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Final Verdict

Napoleon lex485rsibnss-1 grills are perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly grill product while still enjoying plenty of grilling space. The burners are equipped with infrared technology, so you will not see abuse, especially with the 3 six-burner rotisserie burners. If your natural gas grill and commercial grill area satisfy you, you can bring it home.

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