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Nexgrill Cart-Style Charcoal Grill Review

Nexgrill Cart-Style Charcoal Grill Review

Grilling food is better than cooking. When it comes to a gathering or family trip or friends or if you want to organize a party in a park, then it is a difficult decision to choose the best Nexgrill. The quality of your food depends on the grill you choose. A grill can make or break your party. Therefore, it is very important to choose the correct one.

On the market, there are hundreds of charcoal grills available, and among them the Nexgrill chariot style charcoal grill is the best. It is affordable and provides quality performance to bring you the best grilled food. 28,000 BTU is the total heat output of this. The burner is made of stainless steel. It is very durable and can last 4 to 5 years. We have reviewed this grill and in this guide, we are going to share details of this.

Remarkable Features

  • You'll get more work space as this Nexgrill charcoal grill is foldable.
  • The total cooking space of this charcoal grill is 550 square inches.
  • You can easily monitor the temperature, there is a thermometer on the lid and you can see the temperature level. This is a great addition to this less expensive charcoal grill.
  • It is not necessary to season the grates since it is made of cast iron covered with porcelain.
  • It is less expensive compared to other charcoal grills.

Price On Request [19659011] Frequently Asked Questions About Nexgrill Trolley Charcoal Grill

P. What is the warranty period of Nexgrill chariot style charcoal grill?

This Nexgrill charcoal style charcoal grill comes with a 12 month warranty. But this charcoal grill can last 4-5 years compared to other grills.

P. While the unit is operating, can I adjust the charcoal tray?

Yes, you can. During the grill, you can adjust the charcoal pan. You can lower or raise the tray, and there are 2 handles available that allow you to do this.

P. Does the Nexgrill come with a lid?

No, it does not come with a lid. You have to buy it separately.

P. How can I clean the used coal?

When the coal is burned, there is a tray that traps the ashes of the coal. Therefore, it is very easy to clean the used coal.

P. What is the dimension of this charcoal grill?

22.5 "W x 20" D is the dimension of the main combustion chamber.

Q. What is the width of the unit with the side shelf?

36 inches is the width of the unit along with the side shelf.

What users say about the Nexgrill charcoal grill chariot [19659031] The Nexgrill charcoal grill is less expensive, the temperature can be controlled while using the grill, use the grill for 2/3 hours without any problem heating, and for the durability of the grill characteristics, customers like this charcoal grill. The temperature control function of this charcoal grill makes it very convenient for its user. Another reason why people like this charcoal grill is that, without any heating issues, it can be used for 2-3 hours. In general, customers are very happy to use this charcoal grill.

Compare the Nexgrill Vs Dyna-Glo DGD381BNC-D Charcoal Charcoal Grill

In the kitchen industry, the Nexgrill and Dyna-Glo DGD381BNC-D Charcoal Charcoal Grill – Compact Charcoal Grill are both fantastic. The main difference between these two is: the Nexgrill has a total cooking area of ​​549 square inches, on the other hand, the Dyna-Glo's cooking area is 545 square inches. The Nexgrill is covered with porcelain, Dyna-Glo, on the other hand, uses enamel on its grilles. And when it comes to price, the Dyna-Glo is more expensive than the Nexgrill.


Dyna-Glo DGD381BNC-D Compact Charcoal Grill

  • Primary cooking area is 381 square inches
  • Secondary cooking area is 165 square inches
  • TOTAL cooking area is 545 square inches
  • Protect your grill with a custom fit Dyna-Glo premium cover – Model DG405CC (sold separately)

If you are looking for a Affordable but durable enough for the money you spend on it, then you may want to consider having the Nexgrill cart style charcoal grill. Plus, it offers you a larger cooking space compared to the Dyna-Glo.

Features and Benefits of Nexgrill Charcoal Grill


The Nexgrill Charcoal Grill is popular for its wonderful performance in grilling any meal. Generally, it takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour to grill what you want. The grill rack is large enough to grill hamburgers, steaks, or chicken fillets. But for maximum flavor, the grill rack absorbs heat, make sure it does.

At the top, the chimney and the bottom damper do not need to work together. You can leave the chimney lid open by setting the bottom damper about 75% if you want superior heat control. And this will give you a nice warm fire as more oxygen can pass when you open the fireplace.

Grill areas

The Nexgrill charcoal style charcoal grill has 549 square inches of indoor cooking / grilling space. And to make a large batch of food for the family, the grilling space is large enough. And the grill grate is covered in porcelain, which is very durable, just like porcelain is rust resistant.

Convenient to Clean

Some people who don't like to clean their charcoal grill properly. For them, the Nexgrill chariot style charcoal grill could be an excellent choice. This is because it is very easy to clean and easy to maintain and care for. All you need to do is: From the porcelain coating, a quick scrap to release any straw residue from the grill grates.

And cleaning the coal ashes is easy since there is an adjustable tray. Just take out the tray and then, using a cup, you need to collect the ashes and drop them into the garbage can.

Special Features

There are two special features on these Nexgrill charcoal grills. This is a less expensive grill, but there is a temperature control setting feature available on this. While using the Nexgrill charcoal grill, you can control the temperature according to your needs. And on the lid, you can see the temperature since there is a thermometer.

Another special feature of this grill is that it has an adjustable charcoal pan. But when handling this tray, you should be very careful as it is hot. So pull on the tray when it's cold, but always make sure to wear a pair of thick gloves.

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Final Verdict

People looking for an affordable charcoal grill for them, Nexgrill is the Best Choice. Compared to other standard charcoal grills, it is less expensive but has many convenient features that make your experience amazing. The large grill allows you to prepare a large amount of food for your family or friends or if you are planning to organize a party, then this is great.

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