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Pit Boss KC Combo Platinum Series Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker Review

Let me start by saying that I don't like combo grills. Never has. It probably never will. I have a good reason. They are almost never good. Big box stores love combo grills. They are big and when a client looks at one, they think, hey, they have it all. They're not wrong.But you shouldn't buy it yet. To illustrate my point, let's take a look at the Pit Boss KC Combo Platinum Series Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker. Keep in mind that I'm putting the full title in the first paragraph because search engines love that kind of thing.

This grill, and no, I will not repeat the name, is a pellet grill and a gas grill. It comes with a metal griddle that fits into the gas cook chamber for added cooking versatility. The only way to see a grill like this is to talk about the separate sections. We will start with the gas grill because it is easier to explain.

We have a 27,000 BTU three burner gas grill. The total cooking area of ​​the gas grill is around 400 square inches. This means that as a gas grill it is underpowered. It is actually very weak. It's here because you can get a gas grill made in China for very little money and then put it in the cart. There's an iron that's not bad, so you get the flat grill functionality. Personally, I would have skipped the entire open grill design and put on a better flat top.

As for the pellet grill, it has the new Pit Boss controller which is big and shiny and Bluetooth (not WiFi) enabled. You must be within range of the grill to use the app, but it's an intuitive and attractive controller. There is also the Pit Boss direct flame cooking capability on this grill. It will roast on the highest temperature and can brown a steak. Again, this only points to the redundancy of the gas grill next to it, however. Other than that, the pellet section is not huge. It will cook a couple of breasts, but not much more. Of course, most people don't need a lot of space.

The Bottom Line

This grill sells at Wallmart for around $ 750USD. You get a pellet grill and a gas grill. If one fails, you have a large piece of kitchen equipment that you cannot make the most of. There are many parts and electronic components that are included in this product for a very low price. Its true purpose is to sit on the warehouse floor looking stunning. For people who don't know much about outdoor cooking, it seems to be a full-featured option. The truth is that you will use one section much more than the other. My recommendation is to get a pellet grill or a gas grill and get one that is of a better quality. After all, a $ 750USD pellet grill is average at best. Get quality to add to the gas grill, and you'll get plenty of cheap grill equipment.

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