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Pit Boss vs Traeger – Comparison

Investment in new pellet grills often leads to problems that some manufacturers have to choose. Today we will compare Pit Boss and Traeger. If you are wondering which of the two manufacturers

which currently manufactures some of the most popular pellet grills is better

find out that it is difficult to find something important in this topic, as most people present subjective opinions There is. I'm going to look at this topic objectively and try to answer both manufacturers, so after reading this article there is no question which manufacturer is better.

Below you will find only the main differences from Traeger. Not only Pete Boss, but what I think is the best model.

My choice would be Trager in the Treger vs Pit Boss crash. Find my reason why in my comparison.

In the past few years, my choice has always been Pete Boss. But with the release of a completely improved new series in Traeger in 2019, I'm still more grateful for some Pit Boss models, but my opinion has changed slightly.

Treager finally seems to have no meaning. You have to rely on and rely on the recognizable "Traeger" brand. You need to work and give people a grill that meets today's standards.

However, when one of my comments suddenly changes, manufacturing urers introduce a new one. Therefore, it is recommended to check and compare the current model of each manufacturer. Also check the date of the article you are reading (e.g. 2015).

Almost major difference between Pit Boss and Tra

Price – The first grill, Pit Boss is much cheaper than the same size grill as Traeger. Pit Boss is a brand famous for cheap pellet grills that pay for non-branded products.

Warranty – All models of Traeger are only covered for 3 years. Pit Boss provides a 5-year warranty on the product. I would like to remind you that the price of the Traeger grill is much higher than that of Pit Boss.

Location of fire – Traeger's oven is covered with steel The thermal deflector is on the left. On the Pit Boss grill, on the other hand, the furnace does not only have a thermal deflector, but it is also centered. How does it actually look? It's hard to say which one is better, but both solutions definitely have good results.

Brand and Marketing – My favorite in this regard is Traeger. It's a pellet grill, but so is the entire BBQ community. The Traeger brand is perfectly familiar to all grill lovers. When it comes to marketing, in addition to being a patron of many important events or teams where very popular people participate in the tournament, they will be willing to show their love for the brand. On the other hand, Pit Boss is an inexpensive pellet grill that can be familiar to many, but it does not represent a special level like Traeger in terms of marketing and relationships.

Traeger – Joe Treager (creator) is the manufacturer responsible for creating the pellet grill industry. The first model was created in 1985 and patented next year.

Since 1986, Traeger has been the only manufacturer monopolizing pellet grills. This result can be bad or well done. Luckily, the results were the most positive. Traeger is responsible for promoting pellet grills, which are becoming more and more popular these days.

It was the first company based in Oregon at the time the patent was enforced, but it all changed when the company was later sold.

This patent expired in 2006, creating many companies, each of which tried to make something new and better. As a result, there are many great manufacturers offering high quality pellet grills.

In the years since the patent expired, the Traeger brand is still the most popular manufacturer of wood pellet grills and sells most of them. Full competition.

Pit Boss – Was one of the first manufacturers to decide to compete with Traeger (the company was founded in 1999). However, unlike many other new manufacturers seeking quality and technology, Pit Boss is priced.

This model comes in almost the same size as the Traeger grill and has a price difference in favor of the Pit Boss. Pit Boss is also a manufacturer of Louisiana Pellet Grills.

Pix Boss is also a manufacturer of Louisiana Pellet Grills. The manufacturer of Traeger (Joe Traeger) appears to have joined the Pit Boss team by participating in completing the grill.

Pit Boss offers many models at first, but in practice most of them are

very confused. It is better to make one model with the ability to configure it in any way possible.

Either way, I have chosen two models that I think are the best of what I have suggested. Check out my suggestions and thoughts on the Pitt Boss Grill below.

My favorite model offers a total of 700 square inches of main cooking area and gives a great answer to the Trager Pro Series 780. This pellet grill needs to be viewed as a basic model without gadgets that increases convenience, but can significantly increase the price. That's why you should focus on simplicity if you want a cheap and good pellet grill. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money on well-equipped Traeger models, for example.

Digital controller is too bad, but very accurate. Not a digital PID controller with a better temperature range. As of now, there are almost 10 settings to choose from in the 180-500 degree F range, more than enough for any task.

What I really like is the 5-year warranty. Price range. For example, it's twice as expensive, but most competitive models only offer a 2-3 year warranty.

I think it's one of the best cheap pellet grills and if you have a limited budget it's a good idea to take this model into consideration. Also, I think Pit Boss is the best model in all respects, especially in terms of price to price ratio.

One of the cheapest pellet grills on the market, much smaller and cheaper. It's a great choice for less demanding or beginners or those who don't cook a lot.

If you never use a cooking space anyway, why would you need a large pellet grill? The Pit Boss 440 Deluxe offers only 440 square inches (340 main area + 100 racks) and can replace the much more expensive and slightly larger Traeger Pro 575.

The small but well-built structure is very good for maintaining the temperature. Even with such a simple controller. The new Traeger series definitely has a better controller, but the price difference is huge.

The temperature range of the digital controller is 170 to 600 degrees (actual maximum temperature is within 450-500 degrees)

The disadvantage is a small pellet hopper with a capacity of only 5lb. Even if the pellet consumption is low, this grill does not provide a great solution even if you do not cook for a long time. Of course, if you have a high priority on the grill, you can buy a slightly larger model, finished with a larger container.

In the case of Trager, the number of models is large, but luckily, the whole offer was divided into several. series. Major changes over the past decade have actually been made in early 2019, when some series were revised and others were introduced.

The changed brand was a bit confusing when choosing a better brand.

Currently, Traeger mainly manufactures three renovated series and several older series including portable grille and other lesser known models.

Traeger Pro Series 575 & 780 [19659011] – The base series, available in two sizes, is intended for less demanding users. Model with new digital controller, Wi-Fi technology and some basic and useful functions.

Traeger Ironwood Series 650 & 885 – Medium in size and expected by most people. The Ironwood series has been expanded with structural changes such as side shelves or double side walls to improve interior insulation. You can also use some useful features like Super Smoke Mode.

The same functionality as the Traeger Timberline Series 850 & 1300 -Ironwood series is provided. A new pellet sensor feature has been added that allows you to monitor the tank's pellet status directly from your phone using the app. Besides, you have more places at your disposal, one with bigger side shelves and one in front of the grill. In short, it's a series for decisive, demanding and many rich people.

Portable series – A series better known by the name "Tailgater Pellet Grill"

I approached this topic objectively and my goal is not to be a negative activity for any brand I want to recall

Currently, I think Pit Boss is a much better choice in terms of price-to-price ratio. That doesn't mean that Traeger makes a bad grill. I think the price is too high than what they offer.

If money is not a big deal, you will definitely be very satisfied with one of the models in the new Traeger series. The latest model comes with a lot of useful and interesting features, as well as a much better controller. However, in the final Pitboss and Traeger comparison, due to the high price difference, Pit Boss is chosen.

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