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Pit Boss vs Traeger Grills and Smokers Comparison (Apr. 2020)

Since these two devices are quite similar in design, we need to carefully look at the features in order to properly differentiate them. There are, of course, the main areas that we must analyze. The top of that list is the cooking area.

The Pit Boss 440 Deluxe, for example, has a fairly large cooking surface. This means that you can cook about 20 hamburgers at the same time. This should be useful if you are hosting guests. However, it's worth noting that to put a turkey on the device, you would have to stick it. Of course, this is because the drum must sometimes be closed for proper cooking results.

In comparison, the Traeger TFB38TOD has a smaller cooking area. If you think this is a deciding factor for you, you can always choose the Pit Boss and go your way.

Another difference comes when it comes to BTU values. Here too the Pit Boss product works better than its counterpart. The maximum BTU value is 20,700, which is approximately 700 more than what the competition offers. Of course, with higher BTUs, food is likely to cook faster. However, this is not the only critical feature in determining how long it takes to cook food.

As a potential buyer, you would also like to know the maximum temperatures these devices can reach. After all, maximum temperature is a good way to judge how well food will cook and how long it will take to prepare. Also, some recipes require that certain temperatures be used. As such, here you will find that the Traeger leans slightly in front of the Pit Boss. The difference is that 50 ° F may not be that important to some.

 Pit Boss vs Traeger Grills: Comparison of the two brands

In addition to the differences in grill size, there are also others construction differences. The Traeger appears to use some of the extra space left by the smaller cooking surface to add to the pellet hopper.

As such, the hopper on the Traeger is much larger and has more capacity than the Pit Boss. As such, while a buyer can only place 5 pounds of wood pellets in the Pit Boss, the Traeger is far superior, allowing even up to 18 pounds. Since the hoppers continuously feed the granules to the pot, you must leave the Traeger on longer.

Of course, with this tool, the risk of running out of fuel and leaving your food semi-cooked is significantly reduced. Another area you may want to consider before deciding is the construction of the grates. Both models feature porcelain construction. However, in the Pit Boss 440, porcelain acts as a steel interior liner.

As a result of construction, the 440 definitely features stronger grids. However, for both products, meat stuck to the grill is unlikely to be a problem.

As we have already mentioned, the Traeger warranty is better. That generally runs through almost all of their products.

Another area that matters a lot is customer approval ratings. While on paper, the Pit Boss seems to offer better features to more people than the better Traeger renegade pro. This is seen in the number of positive reviews regarding purchases. As such, you should add this to your criteria as you discover which purchase is best.

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