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REC TEC RT-340 Review – How Worthy Compared To Performance?

REC TEC RT-340 Review – How Worthy Compared To Performance?

Before starting the review REC TEC RT-340 we want you to ask if you want a grill that has all the features for perfect roasting and roasting. Also, do you want something to cook different items without compromising on taste?

If your answer is yes, we recommend that you take a good look at REC TEC RT-340. The reason is that we test and read feedback from many real users and 99% of us agree that this is a great grill machine that is durable. You will also understand our statement after reading its key features and its full review.

Key Features

  • It has very precise temperature control even with your mobile device.
  • Large cooking area and 2 vents ensure even heating and proper cooking.
  • You can start cooking by taking it out of the box and putting the lid on.
  • It does not need much maintenance, except cleaning the ashes.
  • Strong build quality and assured durability are achieved. by using 304 stainless steel.

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Frequently asked questions about REC TEC RT-340

Q. I receive error code 1; What should I do?

Error code 1 means that your grill is overheating or that the temperature probe has been disconnected. Overheating can be controlled by managing the paddles or finding out if something is burning inside other paddles. Once you've controlled the heat, reset the settings and you're ready to go. Another problem is loose contact or broken temperature probe which can be resolved by replacing the faulty probe. You can call Rec Tec customer service and they will help you replace it.

P. What should I do if error code 3 appears on the grill screen?

Error code 3 is displayed when you have a faulty extension cord or faulty power outlet. Just swap them out and run again before giving up your grill. We hope that will solve the problem for you.

P. How can I maintain REC TEC RT-340 correctly?

The maintenance of this grill is very easy and does not take long. Before each cook, you need to change the foil on the drip tray and that's enough. Also, remove excess ash from the ashtray after 2 or 3 cooks so the tray doesn't overflow. Finally, you should clean your hopper once or twice a year. For exterior cleaning, you shouldn't bother as it doesn't matter and over time the paint will fade, which is completely normal.

P. Is cleaning the interior of this grill as easy as others?

Yes, reaching 600 degrees with no food inside, the grates and other parts will be easy to clean. Just use a brush and carefully remove the grease from the racks. Also, use a foil on the drip tray and remove it after cleaning. This is how the interior is cleaned without much effort and time.

P. Are there any owners who have problems with the temperature probe?

Yes, you are not alone in this case. There are many complaints about the temperature probe not working properly and customer support is very helpful in this regard. They send replacement almost instantly, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem. Therefore, buying a good quality additional probe from Amazon is the best way to solve this problem.

What users say about REC TEC RT-340

We only heard how excellent this grill is and couldn't agree more after grilling for the first time with REC TEC 340. Not for the sake of REC TEC RT-340 review, but it is truly portable, durable and able to control temperature accurately. So you can surely grill and grill perfectly in your backyard.

We saw some complaints about difficult assembly and temperature issues. The point is, you can avoid the first complaint since we experienced unpacking as the most difficult part of the assembly process. For the other topic of temperature control, you can do a little research on what you're doing wrong or call your customer support. They are very useful and if the grill has a defect, they will replace the part almost instantly.

Finally, we saw that the quality of construction and the material used was much better than the competition and controlling the temperature was very easy and precise. You can buy it for yourself or give it away to someone you love and they will love it right after the first cook.

REC TEC RT-340 vs. Pit Boss Austin XL

The main difference you will see between Pit Boss Austin XL and REC TEC RT-340 is the cooking area. Pit Boss grills have very large cooking areas than most of their competitors. But if you consider the temperature limit, you will see that Pit Boss Austin XL cannot provide as much temperature as the REC TEC RT-340.

1000 Square Inch Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Grill with …

  • Four Rolling Wheels
  • Temperature Range 150 – 500 F
  • Over 1000 Square Feet of Porcelain Coated Cooktop
  • Innovative Flame Grill for Direct Flame Grill
  • Digital Control Board with LED Reading with Meat Probe

Those differences are so close that you can buy any of them and have excellent grill experience. With a flame boiler and a larger body, the Pit Boss Austin XL is heavier than the other.

Therefore, if you want a grill with a medium-sized cooking area with great portability, you should go with REC TEC RT -340. On the other hand, if you don't need a lot of portability and need a larger cooking area, you should go for the Pit Boss Austin XL.

Key Features of the REC TEC RT-340

Great Grill [19659013] The main thing about a grill is how good it can help broil and broil. In addition to the recipe, you even need heating, high temperature, precise heat control, and a large cooking area. You can find all those features in REC TEC RT-340. So there is no doubt that you can cook your meat perfectly on this grill.

Large Space

You can get 511 square inches of large cooking area where 340 square inches is the main grilling area. The pellet tray is also large so that the grill can reach high temperatures in no time. With a large cooking space, you can cook more food at the same time. Therefore, you will not have to stay hungry for long when you are on an excursion with 3 or 4 people.


Cleaning the grills and other internal parts is easy like other grills. Empty the grill, turn on the granules, and raise the temperature to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, you will see that the sticky and stubborn fat comes off easily. Maintaining the grill isn't a big deal either, as it doesn't need much maintenance other than cleaning the drip pan and ashtray.

Build Quality

Made of 304 stainless steel, this grill has rugged build quality. Considering the grill of the competition of the same price range, you will win buying this at REC TEC. It won't rust or corrode, making it durable for years of grilling and abrasion. The design makes it highly portable and easy to assemble.

How valuable compared to the features and performance?

After reviews of the REC TEC grills, we believe this is the perfect grill in terms of features and performance, except for Temperature Research. The probe is not a real problem as it can be easily solved by contacting your customer support if you face it.

Thinking of features like a cooking area big enough for a meal of 2 or 3 people at a time, precise temperature control with very small Increment, stainless steel in action and practical design for portability and quick assembly, The REC TEC RT-340 is worth the price.

The performance improves automatically due to the intelligent design and the combination of all those characteristics. With even the ability to distribute heat, you can be sure. If the price had been a little lower, we can not say anything more than a great grill for that price. However, you can invest in it for its overall quality.

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We were looking for a grill that would give us a perfectly cooked meal instead of stress. After many tests, we got one and wrote the review REC TEC RT-340 so that you too can know about it. This is a smart grill that will be your main companion for many years. So order one with a cover and a search kit from here knowing if other users feel the same too.

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