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Rec Tec vs Traeger – Comparison

Investment in pellet smokers is a complex task because nowadays there are several manufacturers of smokers of this type. If you are wondering which manufacturer (Rec Tec or Traeger) offers a better offer, you can find the answer to your question here.

We decided to look at the subjectively and compare Traeger and Rec Tec. . Who will win this battle, well known as the Pele Grill icon, Traeger? Or maybe it's the freshness and modern look of Rec Tec.

Every manufacturer is showing their original products. Instead of comparing individual models, it was decided to present the overall advantages and disadvantages of both manufacturers. I think such a form will be more interesting and useful.

Interested in buying a new pellet smoker, but would you like to compare more models? How to choose the right model and what to look for Learn more here .

Hurry up? Here is the winner!

Rec Tec

The Rec Tec Bull RT 700 is the clear winner for better value in money, quality, quality and functionality.

  • 6 year warranty!
  • Huge cooking space
  • It heats up very quickly.
  • Very high quality and durability
  • High quality modern versatile controller

In fact, everything comes down to the precision, efficiency and most skill and durability of the controller. If you have no experience with pellet smokers, it is difficult to say about quality.

There are interesting tips, please pay attention to the warranty period. The longer it goes, the better. A long warranty period means the company is confident in the product.

Returning to the main topic, what should I choose between rec tec vs traeger? I have a lot of people who like the Traeger brand, but I know the most important thing is quality. If you have a manufacturer on the market that offers a much better product at a similar price, you don't have to wait.

You have to admit that in this competition, Traeger's new series definitely looks better than its predecessor. . They handled many interesting solutions such as digital controllers or Wi-Fi, and Traeger grills helped meet the expectations of modern customers in terms of functionality.

Comparing the two brands in terms of workmanship and durability, but I came to a decisive conclusion. Traeger is a great pellet smoker, but loses in quality when compared to Rec Tec (similar price).

Rec Tec is much better built and confirmed with a 6 year warranty Traeger's new series is not as impressive as Rec Tec in terms of quality assurance and can be seen in just 3 years of warranty. Rec Tec will be of great help to me when it comes to customer service.

When choosing a Treger, you can prepare a BBQ just like the Rec Tec grill. But remember, you choose according to the price-to-price ratio. This is where Rec Tec is my winner. I will add that the information in the

table is based on the Rec Tec RT-700 Bull model. Traeger Timberline.

It is a very precise controller that can select temperature at 5 degree intervals. It maintains a fixed temperature with a tolerance of up to +/- 10F and manages well even in bad weather.

Very large change in the controller range, finally a digital controller suitable for modern technology, the temperature remains stable.

It's very fast to see in one of YouTube's movies showing how Rec Tec reaches 225 degrees F in just 6 minutes while the outside weather is 80F.

Includes TurboTemp function to achieve correct temperature faster.

Few basic features and interesting additional features. Best of all, it has the ability to connect up to 2 probes with great Wi-Fi and monitor 2 temperature measurements.

This series, like its competitors, offers several interesting solutions, but only one input for meat probes. .

Price, moderate quality for thick high quality steel and elements. During the six-year warranty period, we only confirm that the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product.

If it is too early to talk now, a new series has been released to the market. Definitely better than the previous generation, but it takes time to detect most flaws and simply weak. At first glance, the element's quality and production skills are satisfactory.

Very high level of service and support after purchase. Rec Tec is renowned for its amazing approach to customers and helping in the event of a malfunction.

Opinions vary, so it depends on who you are when contacting the support center.

Traeger is responsible for the development of the first pellet grill, and in 1986, one year later when it happened, 1986 is the time when the whole idea was patented. The first model was produced in 1988 and since then the pellet grill has been promoted only by Traeger manufacturers (mainly due to patents that are not competing).

Looking back, we can say that the Traeger brand is responsible. Another manufacturer's "clear path" that can start working on its own pellet grill right after Traeger's patent expires. Still great.

After the patent expired, a number of competitors emerged that rely heavily on development. Since then, many interesting solutions have been created and certain factors have been greatly improved, so nowadays many are thinking of buying Traeger models or other models.

There is good news. In 2019, Traeger completely redesigned the first generation to create a new Traeger grill series. The second generation introduces everything that the first generation fans have been waiting for, becoming somewhat obsolete.

Not only did the look improve, but all other important factors also focused on technology development. . Traeger grills come with advanced digital controllers with a wide temperature range as well as Wi-Fi technology. Several interesting solutions (Wifire® & D2® Technology, TurboTemp, the ability to empty the pellet tank) have been introduced, all released at the same price.

Eventually Traeger reappears in the game, offering great pellets. The latest grill using the latest technology.

History – Thanks to the development of the first pellet grill, we cannot deny that Traeger is an icon. Some of the buyers have feelings about the past or simply value the impressive history of decades, and this is the main reason they want to have such a grill in their collection.

Features – The WiFire mobile phone app offers many opportunities. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, which makes such gadgets very useful. On the phone screen, you can set the timer / temperature with the probe connected or control the temperature inside the meat.

Digital controller – Finally, a high-quality multi-function digital controller that can set temperatures up to 500 ° F and select multiple cooking programs. This algorithm is much better than the first generation and maintains a fixed temperature with tolerances of up to 10 +/- F in various weather conditions.

Technology / System – D2 system, TurboTemp, WiFire, Timer, Super Smoke or Keep Warm features / systems are designed to make smokers faster, more efficient, convenient and useful.

Warranty – Sadly draw at this type of price, the warranty period is too short. It requires the minimum warranty Rec Tec provides for the model at a similar price.

It is a relatively young brand only a few years after Treger's patent expires. Unlike its competitors, the owners of Rec Tec have developed and used the latest technology from scratch.

Why does the indoor oven have better temperature control than the grill? In response to that question, Smart Grill Technology was created. The goal was to create a pellet grill that provided not only the taste of a real wood fire, but at least the same convenience as a gas grill.

This goal was undoubtedly achieved, and the latest Rec Tec model includes technology and algorithms. Advance enough to smoke meat that requires little maintenance.

Advanced digital controllers and all systems excel at this by maintaining a fixed temperature and managing the addition of pellets to the furnace. The whole pellet container can smoke without stress and without meat for several hours at a fixed temperature with fluctuations up to +/- 5 ° F.

On top of technology, they also focused on the quality of technology and durability. The proof is one of the best warranty service and excellent customer service of all manufacturers.

Rec Tec's pellet grill price is high, but it should be 100% reasonable and reasonable. [19659048] Warranty – Rec Tec currently offers a six-year warranty. If you've only been exposed to charcoal grills so far, it might not look too good. However, you should know that the pellet grill is a technology-filled device and most manufacturers only offer a 1-3 year warranty.

Accurate controller – Really well thought out, the perfect algorithm handles fixed temperature. The system is accurate enough to easily maintain the selected temperature with tolerances for fluctuations up to +/- 10 ° F. It actually works, and most importantly takes into account the weather conditions.

Features -Wi-Pellet WiFi Technology makes the model up to date with the latest standards according to the times. Thanks to the apps available on your phone or tablet, you can remotely control the entire smoking process by monitoring things like meat temperature. The flag model Rec Tec Bull RT 700 is provided with inputs for two probes, so no smoker thermometer is required.

Speed ​​ -One of the independent tests showed that the RT-700 Bull model with an external temperature of 79 degrees could reach 225 degrees in 6 minutes and 500 degrees in 26 minutes. Of course, most people are interested in the temperature range of electrons when it comes to smoking, and the speed is definitely impressive. This means you can smoke six minutes after you start.

Customer Service – Another positive advantage, Rec Tec is known for its excellent customer service and support in the event of a problem. Rec Tec only sells its own grills, so if you run into problems with quick and professional help, all replacement parts are also available.

Starting price – Sadly all models of Rec Tec (especially the big one) will cost a lot of money. Of course, it's worth considering all the features, workmanship, efficiency, and approach to the customer, but it still can be too much for a lot of people with a startup model.

The comparison is based on the Rec Tec model. RT-700 Bull and Traeger Timberline 1300 are available at similar prices.

Temperature range – In both cases, the temperature range is as high as 500 degrees. Rec Tec will be the winner, given the first generation of Tracer. However, when I wrote this article, I learned about the second generation, and as a result, many aspects of the grill have been greatly improved.

Controller – In both cases, you can expect a high-quality multifunction controller. . Of the things I've seen, Rec Tec has 2 inputs for the meat probe, while Traeger has only one. The most important are efficiency and precision, and in both cases they are high.

Speed ​​ – One of the tests demonstrates that Rec Tec can reach a temperature of 225 degrees F in 6 minutes while the outside temperature is 80 degrees ( https: // ). As for the Traeger model, sadly I couldn't find such a test at this time. The new model includes TurboTemp technology, but it has a big impact on speed.

Features – In both cases, the skill and functionality are high, but I felt that the Tra almost new generation was slightly advanced. The number of interesting solutions is slightly larger, but it should be remembered that both models have all the essential features.

Price – In both cases the price is not exactly the best. However, you have to pay for quality and functionality. Rec Tec and Traeger are interested in smoker development and offer a variety of feature-rich models as well as the basic version at the lowest possible price.

Warranty – In this regard, Rec Tec is the winner with a six-year warranty on the model. Sadly, Traeger's 3-year warranty on similarly priced products is disappointing. When it comes to pellet grills, it's better to get a better warranty because these kinds of grills contain many important electrical elements.

Hopper -Rec Tec's hopper is much larger (40 lb), which is convenient when smoking for a very long time. Traeger has a much smaller one, but it actually surprises me. Do you really need a big hopper? A full tank usually lasts for hours, so if you don't smoke around the clock, there's no problem replenishing it once in a while, which can be an important aspect in this case.

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