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Royal Gourmet 2 Burner Patio Propane Gas Grill Review

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The second coming at a much lower price is the Royal Gourmet Patio Gas Grill. It's budget-driven, but there's no choice, and the shape or form is second to none from the big companies in this game. It is one of the best grills out of gas in terms of price. It features a very sturdy construction made of high quality materials along with small footprints for easy transport and storage.

If you are looking for a patio grill that will help make a delicious dinner for your party, this is the model for you if you are a family. If you want a product with a bigger and more burner, check back at this price point, but check out models like Char Broil Classic with more burners and larger BTU ratings.

Now I'll go straight to the review. Some of the most prominent features of this Royal Gourmet model.

Standout feature

It is the dimensions that make this grille the most prominent. Not only is it practical in terms of cooking and baking, it has a very small footprint compared to other 2 burner models. It has an expandable (folding) side table made of stainless steel to take advantage of the surrounding space. When unfolded, you may need to cook or retain food on behalf of a cutting board or other kind of surface. It is a great patio cooking grill.

When folding a table, this model is basically a great choice for those who live in apartments, even the smallest terraces can basically go anywhere.

Royal Gourmet 2 Burner Patio Propane Gas Grill

Product Rating: (4.5 / 5)

 Royal Gourmet 2 Burner Patio Propane Gas Grill [19659013] Very cheap </li>
<li>  Super durable construction </li>
<li>  Powder coated panel </li>
<li>  Stainless steel element </li>
<li>  Built-in stainless steel thermometer </li>
<li>  2 folding shelves </li>
<li>  Liquid propane work </li>
<li>  22,000 BTU 2 burners [19659014] 19659022] Power </h3>
<p>  In terms of power, this grill is not impressive by judging only by numbers. There are 2 000 BTUs, but thanks to a special supply system, both burners are able to withstand high temperatures immediately and reach high temperatures, which is enough for all types of dishes. It also makes this grill much more economical than the other grills at this price point, and it doesn't dry the propane bottle as quickly as the others, so it offers some economic benefits. </p>
<h3> <span class= Cooking Surface

In terms of cooking space, this model packs a 320 square inch porcelain coated cast iron cooking grid. The coating of cast iron is rarely seen in this class and actually improves the life of the grill. It also makes cleaning easier and protects the Great from corrosion.

There is a 96 square inch porcelain coated warming rack which can serve as a secondary cooking surface for indirect heating recipes you want to try.

Want to know how to make the best smoked ribs?

Additional features

The lid of this grill and most other parts are double-powder coated with dark brown paint, making it resistant to construction. It is the reach of companies that offer products at this price.

In addition, a bottle opener is provided on the front of the unit and in the seasoning basket.

Built-in thermometer to accurately track internal temperature is displayed when steaming, smoking or not opening the lid. Gas flow, thus the internal temperature. Everything here is made of stainless steel, so everything is actually corrosion resistant. This means you can take it outdoors even in the rain. However, it is recommended to use the cover during the unused season.

If you want to cook for many guests or a big party, the surface area is not enough. . This grill is a small family market niche. It still fits all over Turkey (about 20 pounds), but nothing more.

Want to know more about gas grills? You can go to the full Buyer's Guide to find all the models and information you need for the topic. Now let's look at the various pros and cons of the Royal Gourmet Grill.



  • Very cheap
  • Super dry structure
  • Powder coated panel [19659014] Stainless steel element
  • Built-in stainless steel thermometer
  • Two folding shelves
  • Liquid propane work
  • Two burners of 24 000 BTU
  • Very economical


  • Enough of large cooking space Doesn't
  • For some people, the BTU output may not be enough

There is special information on how to cook the best brisket on the new gas grill. Go to this article to learn more about the process of cooking brisket on a gas grill.

Conclusion and Grade

Product Grade: (4.5 / 5) [194590006]

 Royal Gourmet 2 Burner Patio Propane Gas Grill [19659004] Those who are looking for a well-crafted grill as a whole, but are not willing to spend a little money on Weber models, love to see the features this little guy offers. Stainless steel elements and sturdy construction make it suitable for homes where there is not enough space. Its small footprint makes it ideal for balcony cooking and can be easily moved around your home or apartment. If you are willing to sacrifice a smaller cooking space for a better deal on the price tag, go to this model.


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