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Rules for Pairing Wines with Grilled Food |

Rules for Pairing Wines with Grilled Food |

Smoked, juicy meat on the grill filled with burning charcoal is what a summer grill session with friends and family should be like. Although it is common for us to enjoy a cold can of beer to enjoy, pairing food and wines on the grill is also a good activity to beat the summer heat.

Beers and smoked meats are a perfect match made in heaven, but a glass of delicious wine over malted barley is definitely a gastronomic delight! If you want to know how you can make this meal and grilled wine a magical pair, read on!

Knowing the science behind the pairing

Technically speaking, science can explain the behind the scenes of any phenomenon. As people say, "There is always a reason for everything." The same goes for wine pairing.

So the key when combining food with wine is knowing what the combination tastes like. With grilled meats, bold red wines are the best match for them. Why? This is due to the large amount of fat in the meat and its umami balances the tannins produced by red wine.

On the other hand, if you choose to roast fish and poultry, then the best option would be full-flavored whites and Rosa. Why? Because the aforementioned wines act as a cleanser for the palate that does not overwhelm grilled fish or chicken.

Now you see why it has something to do with the dishes and the characters of the wine, right? So, shall we proceed to the breakdown of the grill and the wine pairing?

Barbecue Beef Wine Pairing

Since you already know to take into account the raw ingredients used, such as meat and poultry with wine, we should also think about the flavor that comes with dishes.

For example, grilled pork dishes are sweeter and more salty. Therefore, red wines that have a high fruit factor or a hint of sweetness like Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Ruby Port and Riesling will pair well with grilled pork.

On the other hand, grilled beef is spicier and smoked side, if you have observed it. Therefore, choose wines that enhance its flavors such as Chianti, Tempranillo, Shiraz and the burgundy mix.

More on grilled meat and wine pairing

When you cook grilled meat, you often season it with sweet, spicy, spicy and smoky flavors with its matching sauces, right? With that said, you use your wine as the bonus that balances the smoke and spiciness of grilled meat with something fruity with smoky and spicy flavors.

In addition, you must consider the types of sauce that you will use with your grilled meat. For example, North Carolina barbecue sauce is sweet, so you may want to go for Monastrell, Pinotage, Petite Sirah, and Tannat.

Another example would be Kansas City barbecue sauce, which belongs to the classic sauce category in which wines like Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet blend will do the trick.

When it comes to grilled beef, wines like Chianti (or Sangiovese), American Oak-Aged Merlot, Cabernet France, and Syrah will help improve smoking and smoking. Pepper flavors from the grilled beef dish.

Pairing of chicken and fish wines

Let's continue with our grill and wine pairing, the grilled chicken and fish dishes are as follows. The way we combine wines with the indicated grilled dishes is not much different from the initial pairing of meat and grilled wine.

With that said, think about how you would roast a chicken, it will be seasoned with herbs or sweet sauce, right? Therefore, you should consider that. When combining grilled chicken with wine, think of herbs or sweets. Therefore, you must try the dish with Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, White Zinfandel and Orvieto.

On the other hand, grilled fish is tastier and juicier. Therefore, buttery and creamy wines will delight your palate by mixing and enhancing the flavors of grilled fish. With this, Oaked Chardonnay, Verdejo, Friulano and White Rioja will do the dishes justice.

More about grilled fish and chicken pairing

Grilled and fish and chicken pairing, one must consider the style of the dish. Confused? Then, let's analyze little by little.

If you are someone who prefers a lighter flavor like simple grilled chicken and fish, then Sauvignon Blanc, Oaked Chardonnay or Verdejo will accompany you to a gastronomic delight of citrus, herb and light flavor. Think simplicity and sophistication in one.

Now, for grilled chicken dishes, with its gooey, sweet sauce with grill marks, a more intense Gewürztraminer wine will be a great choice! Here's a tip, try it with blue cheese to create an exciting blend of flavor and aroma!

Finally, if you want to spin things differently with your salt, pepper, and essential tomatoes or coriander for fish tacos, then you might want to take this recommendation for a Sauvignon Blanc, Fume Blanc, Grechetto, or Verdejo well refrigerated to play a citric and mineral flavor to the palate.

Take away

Combining food and wine on the grill is not so complicated if you know what to do and understand what you are looking for. What you should always remember is that you need to put the individual flavors of your dishes and wines when you want to combine them with each other.

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