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The 4 Best Bluetooth BBQ Thermometers in 2020

Technology creates surprises with new technology, as is the case with barbecue thermometers.

Combining a smartphone with a thermometer seemed abstract 10 years ago, but it's true today. Unfortunately, there are a number of brands that have decided to develop in the market a direction, although not at an advanced level yet.

For those who don't know, you can use the Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer to connect to your app. A smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. .

We have prepared a list of the best barbecue thermometers, but this technique still takes a lot of work from the manufacturer side to get rid of most of the problems (poor coverage and app errors).

It is recommended to check the pros and cons of all options before purchasing.

This thermometer type does not offer a wealth of offers on the market, so I have only selected a few notable options. The most important thing is, after all, you can connect to the device over long distances, so consider the surroundings and the range offered by a particular model.

The first option is one of the most popular.

This product features simplicity, very good response time, a multifunctional app and the ability to use up to four probes (two in the basic set).

Weber is responsible for the production of iGrill, the company keeps the entire design in the same format and only adds its own logo.

iGrill 2 is designed for users who want to monitor temperature using a special app.

Monitoring temperature is not everything. Sophisticated apps provide chart analysis, set non-standard alarms, and notify when meat is already done (depending on your settings).

The app includes: Pre-Frog Selecting the level to be performed to set the base for all the most popular types of meat (manual settings can be entered). Beyond that, you can find many interesting recipes and useful tips.

  • Trusted brand
  • Features
  • Great app and two probes
  • Very good probe range

App is available at: iOS and Android devices are of course free.

The speed of the iGrill 2 paired with a mobile device is very fast, and the thermometer itself offers a huge range for Bluetooth (one of the best products on the market).

This model is offered due to its valued brand, outstanding quality, functionality and range. The limitations of Bluetooth technology are that range, and few manufacturers in the market offer thermometers that can actually be used remotely, for example, while sitting at home.

An excellent brand that can replace iGrill2, the industry. At first glance, there are very similar and similar parameters, but the cost is much less. By purchasing the

Inkbird IBT-4XS you can also get the two probes included (up to 4 can be used).

The most important thing in a Bluetooth thermometer is the range, in this model the manufacturer claims that the signal strength is 150 feet (same as iGrill 2).

The rest are very similar. "It means a huge transmitter with a simple display that allows you to monitor the temperature without pairing it with your smartphone.

The remaining features can be found in the free app if you pair your phone or tablet correctly using Bluetooth. [19659002] App interface Set a non-standard alarm and don't take a lot of time or effort to start monitoring the temperature while cooking Intuitive interface is very important because it is the app that spends the most time while monitoring the dishes

I should also mention a properly long probe (59 "long) that limits freedom if it is too short.

  • Good price
  • Great quality for money
  • Great app
  • Up to 4 probes are available (2 in clutch)
  • Not the best quality but worth the money

I found out that the IBT-4XS is not waterproof, and this is a shame, and I have to admit that I am willing to pay more for it.

Considering the other prices and prices, I can honestly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a good bluetooth thermometer but looking for a cheaper price.

Inkbird provides almost one year warranty for this model, which is also good news.

It is a real wireless Bluetooth thermometer. The wire and all electronic devices are not included inside.

At first glance, it's quite different from all the other thermometers on the market.

Meater + is a probe. At the same time, you can monitor both the meat and the surrounding temperature.

Full control functions are centered around advanced apps for smartphones or tablets.

The probe looks great, but comes in a wooden crate with important functions and is used as a charger (battery required)

The Meater uses Bluetooth technology to connect directly to a smartphone. There are no transmitters, etc., and are directly connected to the base unit.

In fact, the connection up to 10 feet in smokers and 30 feet in open spaces is not very good. Luckily, the manufacturer solved this problem, but only applies to the latest models (including The Meater +).

The probe is connected to a charger (wooden case) and becomes a transmitter with a Bluetooth signal of up to 165 feet.

Still having problems with scope? In this case, use the Wi-Fi technology "meater link". Connect the probe to the second phone / tablet, then to the modem at home, and in the last step, connect it to the primary smartphone you will use to monitor temperature with the app.

There are a lot of connections

  • Wireless wireless thermometer
  • Advanced technology
  • Innovative app and style
  • Features

Application, I must admit that it is the best of all available on the market . The interface is very intuitive and simple, so you can program your dishes easily and quickly.

Among the standard features are meat types, pre-programmed temperatures, the ability to enter your own settings, and more. Among them, many other options were offered, such as charts, non-standard notifications, etc.

Currently Meater + is the only Bluetooth meat thermometer that can monitor dishes wirelessly via a wireless probe. .

Number of probes – Do you want to monitor not only food but also the smoker / grille's surroundings at the same time? In this case, at least two probes are required and this is the minimum recommended number. The exception is smokers who do not have to worry about temperature control.

Range – Another very important thing is that the range affects the distance that can travel away from the grill. If there are many trees and elements around, or if the signal has to go through several walls of the house, the best possible range is best.

Temperature range and accuracy – Pay attention to the temperature range and evaluate if such parameters are suitable. If you smoke, almost all models will work, but if you use a grill, some temperature ranges may be too small. The reason is, above all, the purchase of a thermometer.

Resistance to frying – When cooking, the contact with the liquid is not great, but the rain falls. It actually happens in common by region. For this reason, it is recommended to waterproof the thermometer.

Warranty – The most common problem is a probe that needs to be replaced soon after purchase. Protect yourself from these situations by buying thermometers only from sturdy brands that are valuable in the market.

Even though the two thermometers serve the same purpose, there are some important differences between them.

Both types work at the same frequency, but it is good to emphasize that the signal strengths are different.

Bluetooth degrades in terms of signal strength and varies greatly from device to device. Not all smartphones perform the same function, so it's a good idea to carefully consider your choice.

Wifi offers a more powerful range and can connect to other devices in your home (router) that broadcast more signals. Better solution if you have problems with the Bluetooth range.

The Bluetooth thermometer includes a transmitter that sends a signal to the device to connect to a dedicated app (in this case, the receiver is a smartphone). As with standard wireless thermometers, there is no need to manufacture a dedicated receiver.

The app has one important drawback, but it contains many interesting features, charts, non-standard alarms, and more. All smartphone apps use a lot of battery, so if you have a lot of smoking time, you have a legitimate problem.

A better solution in these situations is a thermometer with a simple battery-powered receiver with much longer operating time. In conclusion, when comparing pros and cons, it can be said that Bluetooth is for those who value convenience and better functionality due to poor coverage. On the other hand, WiFi thermometer is an option for users who have serious problems with the range and battery life of their phone due to active apps.

A great solution is a thermometer that allows unused connections. Bluetooth as well as WiFi. This way you can see which version works better in your surroundings.

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