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The Best Food Dehydrators for 2020 [ Buyers Guide & Reviews ]

already have a lot of experience with this device, and we know how difficult it is to choose the best food dehydrator.

The dehydrator is made from dry food and is mostly fruit related, but it is also good for things like meat, vegetables and herb drying.

The main advantage of food preparation related to dehydration is maintaining the same amount of vitamins and minerals as fresh food. You can prepare much better quality dry food at home for a fraction of the cost.

Also, food that is dried at home is 100% natural and does not contain any additives as commercially used

Based on my research, tests and reviews, the best food dehydrators are:

I also rarely prepared answers to the most common questions for a complete beginner on the subject.

Best overall

Excalibur 3926TB

Best mid-range

Magic Mill Professional

Best budget pick

Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro

Also excellent

Presto 06301 Dehydro [19659015] You are worth your money, but quality, price, size, etc. are different. I've spent a lot of time and money comparing dozens of dehydrators, splitting them into different categories so everyone can pick something good for themselves.

And well-made food dehydrator with plen Useful features to dehydrate what you want (good for fruit and perfect for meat).

Wide surface and suitable for larger families for those looking for better quality and functionality.

The Excalibur brand has earned a reputation among customers a few years later, which has been confirmed by its popularity and positive reviews from buyers.

The big advantage compared to the competitive model is the quality of this product (10 years) and several years warranty to prove the price suitable for quality.

A great quality device at an affordable price. Exactly Excalibur 3926TB 9 tray version . I really like the wide temperature range (105◦F to 165◦F).

You can set the perfect low temperature to perfectly maintain the high temperature (165 degrees F) as well as all enzymes and values ​​of the fruit. It is very important for a proper and healthy way to dry meat (this high temperature meets the safety standards required when dewatering meat).

Another advantage of this model is a very large dry surface. All nine trays 15 square feet surface. I think many people will seldom use large surfaces.

Another advantage of my view is the horizontal airflow. In some dehydrators, we have seen vertical airflow where the heater is located just below the tray. The heater is directly exposed to water droplets, and there is a danger of malfunction.

For this model from Excalibur, the heater and engine are located behind the tray, so nothing can touch them.

Air flow levels are also much more efficient. Especially for large dehydrators (dry all trays evenly at the same time). This solution eliminates the need to manually flip the tray as with other competing models to dehydrate the food evenly.

Of course, the tray and the entire configuration were made with FDA approval .

This version includes an adjustable thermostat and a 26 hour timer, which is a very useful feature with an added value of several tens of dollars. The timer manages to turn off the dehydrator at the right moment, and it becomes a small feature as it happens to forget even hours after drying.

  • Best quality
  • 9 Tray and multi-function [19659029] Made in USA (10-year warranty)
  • Modern design and high-quality materials (FDA approved)

Timer is not needed and if you think you want to save the timer Raise the price by about $ 50. Then check out the Excalibur 3900B version without timer. But speaking from my own experience and the experiences of many friends, I recommend you buy the version with timer. It is very useful.

In conclusion, it is the first price in the food dehydrator. It's one of the higher ones, but for this kind of money you get a nice device made of quality materials. With a well-knitted configuration, you can find enough space to dry in 9 trays. It's a very efficient device when you need to dehydrate large amounts of food, often a choice for more demanding people.

Please also remind us that this is a product produced in the United States that may be important to many people.

A fairly affordable mid-range food dehydrator that can be a major indicator for many when choosing a new dehydrator.

This middle class MAGIC MILL's dehydrator is not only quite small but also comes with it. The smaller temperature range means that the meat is not a model that can not prepare the meat properly first, and prepare meat that is completely safe for beef jerky.

However, it is a great device for other devices such as vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Behind the front door is a space of six stainless steel trays (13 "X 12"). Quality approved materials.

I think there is enough space for the average family. If you need a dehydrator with a lot of space to dry, you can suggest an Excalibur offer.

Compared to competitive models, the digital thermostat and timer stood out at this kind of price for the Magic Mill dehydrator. The timer can program up to 19,5 hours of drying process, while the digital thermostat has a temperature range of 95º to 158ºF.

The minimum temperature is adequate, but the maximum temperature may be too low to meet the requirements

To prepare something 100% safe like bacon jerky the meat must be warmed to a temperature of 165 degrees. Sadly, this high temperature is not reached, i.e. the meat has to be put in the oven for a short time before it can be safely dried on this device.

As with the Excalibur, all the food trays are evenly dried, with the backrest where fans, heaters and motors do not need to rotate the tray.

I also like the way the transparent front door is used, so I can control the food that dries without opening the door. [19659045] Intermediate dehydrator

  • tures
  • Stainless steel rack
  • MAGIC MILL Professional Food dehydrator is a very functional and efficient device that can replace the much larger and more expensive Excalibur 3926TB. This product is for those who want to buy an efficient, small, high quality and affordable dehydrator for every common home.

    What I liked most about this model was the stainless steel rack.

    This device is a horizontal air flow, digital thermostat, digital timer, enough room to dry, stainless steel drying rack and low price. Medium-sized, well-made food dehydrators are offered at reasonable prices to meet the expectations of any medium-sized family.

    Probably the target group is the food dehydrator most often sold by people with limited budgets. We want functional and efficient products that are affordable and affordable.

    Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro is exactly the same as being able to dry food at low cost.

    It's not a high quality food dehydrator, but it's a simple device made of approved ingredients that provide everything you need at the lowest price to start your food drying adventure.

    I think it is a good device for someone. Start your adventure with sporadic use or food dehydration.

    If you get enough experience or simply start looking forward to more, you can buy something better in the future.

    The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature within the 95º-160º F range.

    The basic set includes 5 trays that should be enough for many people, but one advantage of this dehydrator is that you can add more trays (up to 12 trays).

    All trays are plastic and made of approved materials. So, you can purchase multiple additional trays as you need, but in this case, wouldn't it be better to pay a little more and buy something like the Magic Mill Dehydrator with a stainless steel rack?

    The Nesco FD-75A moves horizontally through the Converga-Flow system. Is it bad? no. However, it must be admitted that fans and heaters are installed on the back of the dehydrator and are a much less efficient option than the normal horizontal airflow rather than the top.

    It is necessary to turn the tray over. From experience, we can say that there is still a big difference compared to a dehydrator with typical horizontal airflow. This air flow (horizontal) effectively and evenly dries all trays while also eliminating the need to flip.

    • Large capacity with the possibility of expansion
    • Price and quality

    What is lacking is the timer function It can be understood at this kind of price. Another small drawback for me is the round shape and it is much better and more convenient for the dehydrator to be square / rectangular. The last drawback is that the warranty period is only one year, whereas Excalibur, for example, covers the entire warranty period of 10 years.

    Nesco FD-75A is the best choice for people with limited budget and inexperienced, I want to make sure it is a device for them with food dehydration.

    In my opinion, it works best when drying fruits, herbs and vegetables, but you can also dry meat. For products with this kind of price, I was really surprised that the number of trays could be increased from standard 5 to 12 to the maximum.

    Another slightly cheaper and smaller size food dehydrator is offered at an affordable price.

    This is a very portable model with 6 trays that can be expanded to 12 trays due to their small weight.

    Presto 06301 Dehydro is suitable for those looking for a lighter one as well as a cheaper dehydrator.

    It is made of lighter and cheaper but more delicate plastic (BPA free). What really surprised me was the precise digital thermostat and timer (up to 48 hours) and a huge temperature range (90 to 165 degrees f).

    This high temperature makes it a great dehydrator not only for fruits, vegetables or herbs, but also for meat. This temperature range is another advantage, as it mostly exists in more expensive models.

    The timer is actually worth the extra money. It is surprising that there are no more expensive models.

    What about the airflow of this device? Vertical and fan and heater installed on the floor. It's a lot less efficient than a horizontal airflow and a slightly poorer solution than a fan installed at the top.

    Still, Presto Dehydro provides optimal conditions for drying food without rotating the tray. Really? In most cases, yes, but after a certain period of time after filling all trays, you will notice a slight difference between the food in the lower and upper trays. In this case, turn the top tray over or leave the top tray a little longer in the dehydrator.

    • Cheap
    • Suitable for beginners
    • Light weight and mobility

    Efficient device and very suitable for purpose. The large drying space allows you to increase the digital thermostat and timer. One drawback from my point of view is high noise level, delicate lid and pan placement (below).

    I think it is a good choice for beginners and those with a low budget.

    I chose the cheapest dehydrator on my list because it offers quite good efficiency despite its low price. It's enough for less demanding people.

    Presto 06300 Dehydro is also very small, only 4 food trays that can be expanded to 8 trays are provided.

    You must also admit that it is a very light and portable model. .

    Made of plastic, it is not a very durable product. Especially for thin lids, you need to be careful with mechanical damage.

    But looking at the overall composition and individual elements, it must be admitted that it is very suitable for this kind of price.

    One of the huge drawbacks is that there is no thermostat and timer and there is no temperature adjustment here. The Presto 06300 operates only at a temperature of about 165 degrees. Anyone with experience in food drying knows how important perfect temperature is. Unfortunately, this model doesn't include the biggest problem: temperature control.

    If your budget is very limited and you don't dry up a lot of food, you will be satisfied. However, for more demanding people, it is better to pay a little more and use the version with a digital thermostat and timer.

    If you can't control the timer or temperature, it means you have to control a lot of food that dries.

    • Price
    • Four trays expandable to 8 trays]
    • Simple, efficient and easy to use
    • Too small for most people
    • Timer or temperature not adjustable

    Presto 06300 is Noisy but less noise Of course, controlling the drying process gives good results, but remember that it is the most basic version of the dehydrator. For many, the lack of a timer or thermostat will be a decisive aspect.

    After completing the whole analysis, you can be sure that it is a good choice for beginners drying food.

    Presto 06300 Dehydro is very inexpensive and easy to use and no temperature control or thermostat is provided, but it gives good results, so I can't complain too much about this product.

    Most of today's food dehydrators are made of plastic (cheap version) and metal (high quality model).

    Their mission is to lower the water content of food, making it easier to store food (which can be stored for a long time). These procedures are often performed on fruits, which are later stored and not eaten seasonally or simply dehydrated food to make a very tasty snack later.

    Vegetables need a little care to avoid bacteria, but they can dehydrate many things like vegetables, fruits, herbs or even meat.

    I was testing all models to get as much knowledge as possible. I was able to create an honest and objective ranking of the best dehydrators where everyone could find something for themselves according to their budget.

    How about the test? First, we evaluate the quality of the workmanship, check the material of the dehydrator, the material of the tray, and check every possible detail. In that way, we evaluate the quality of workmanship and compare it to other models at a similar price.

    The next step was clearly prepared when I decided to prepare different types of fruits (apples, strawberries, kiwi, etc.). The meat and bacon jerky in the dehydrator must be correct (a little advice, make sure the bacteria bacon is dried safely and free of bacteria).

    After maintaining the correct temperature throughout the entire process and comparing heat dissipation, we eventually evaluated the final results and efficiency of each device.

    Of course, I always wrote a memo as a whole. Based on this, I have to admit that the order in the initial rankings has changed significantly through testing the testing process so that I can write this guide.

    Many dehydrators have actually turned out to be not very efficient devices or simply poor for this kind of money.

    It all depends on your wallet and your expectations for features, quality, size, etc. Please present the most important things to pay attention to before buying. Read the tips and carefully consider which dehydrator model is best for you.

    Dehydrator type / air flow – The first consideration is air flow (horizontal or vertical). You can read about a bit above and below, but now let me briefly remind you that horizontal airflow is much more efficient and effective. Although generally these dehydrators are much more expensive than having a vertical air stream.

    Temperature and temperature control – The greater the attention to the following temperature range, the better. If you plan to dry meat, pay attention to the maximum temperature range of at least 165 degrees. When drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc., a low range of 150-160 degrees is enough. It is better not to buy a device that cannot control the temperature. These dehydrators need a lot of time to control the food that is being dried.

    Diversity and Features – The shelf dehydrator is more versatile thanks to its better shape. Tray and larger drying area. If you plan to dry large amounts of food, consider this type. However, a very useful feature in both types is the timer. If you have a little more cash, you need to find a model with a timer. The timer allows the device to program the time to dry food and simply turns off after the specified time. Drying usually takes a lot of time, so to turn off the device, you often have to watch the drying process or wake up at night or in the morning.

    Material quality and durability – Most of the inexpensive devices are made of plastic and are less durable than metal. Stackable type dehydrator is usually made of plastic, which is why the price is too low. If you want a decent and durable product, check out the shelf and box type dehydrator. The price is often several times lower.

    Size and number of trays – The largest drying space is a shelf-type dehydrator and also takes up a lot of space. Kitchen. If you are looking for a light, portable, and customized dehydrator with a number of trays, the best option this time is a stackable food dehydrator. Depending on the model and needs, you can increase or decrease the number of trays as you like (4-8 trays on small models, usually 5-12 trays on large models).

    Price – The price of a high quality box and tray type dehydrator is usually around $ 150- $ 400 + and is an option for those who value quality or simply need something better. However, a solution for those who have a limited budget or are looking for something simple to get started is probably a stacked dehydrator with a much lower price. Usually in the range of $ 50- $ 100.

    Fans and heaters featuring vertical airflow are located at the top and bottom of the device. Judging from the market these days, it can be said that it is the most popular type, but it is flawed.

    What I could see directly was the difference between vertical and horizontal airflow. The cumulative dehydrator in vertical flow is always less efficient than the dehydrator in horizontal air flow, which will be read below, with or without additional accessories to support it.

    Dry fruits, vegetables or herbs, but if you use large amounts, many models require food care. Often the bottom food shelf is significantly different from the top top pan (when the pan is at the bottom of the device) or the shelf needs to be rotated. So this is not a bad type, but it is simply a less effective type and sometimes requires control that is not bad.

    The disadvantage of this type is that the drying area is low, so in general these dehydrators are small, light and portable. For some, it can be upside down. You can also increase the number of trays, the basic version has 4-6 trays, you can increase the number to 8-12 trays.

    Shelf and Box dehydrators are always characterized by horizontal air flow. The heater is located just behind the sidewall, one side of such a solution is the drying of all trays. They are much more expensive than stackable dehydrators and are made of metal, making them more durable.

    They tend to be much larger, and the shape and quantity of the tray makes the entire drying area very large. I recommend this type especially for those who dehydrate a lot of food (especially meat). Due to the horizontal airflow and the heater located behind the side walls, there is no need to rotate the tray here, and the food in all trays is evenly dried.

    I think it's the right option for an experienced individual who wants better information. Efficiency and quality. In addition, this type is quite expensive, which is bad news for many people. However, experience suggests that if the food dries too often, it is better to invest in a box and shelf dehydrator.

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