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The Best Pellet Grills Under $500 in 2020

There are an incredible number of pellet grills on the market, which is why we've created a guide for people with budgets of up to $ 500.

Sadly, it is one of the most expensive grills. It's hard to find something authentic at this price point. Still, I was able to find some interesting options that are really worth checking out.

Based on my experience and search, we have created a list of the best pellet grills for you under $ 500. We considered the size, ease of use, price, functionality and quality of workmanship.

Among all the suggestions on the market, I was able to choose three pellet grills that fit my price. standard. I focused on size, workmanship, features, controller type and price ratio for everything.

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX has many reasons to consider the amazing pellet grill.

What is important is high quality workmanship, excellent efficiency and reasonable price.

This option is suitable for both beginners and experienced people looking for a solid grill at a reasonable price.

Combination of the most important features, very good production quality, good controller and adequate capacity.

Has 429 square inches of main cooking area.

You can reach up to 500 degrees. The Fahrenheit temperature comes with a pellet hopper with a capacity of 18 pounds.

The controller provides many settings within the range of 175 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Indeed, thanks to a good controller, the temperature control is stable and the

ash removal system has another advantage: very easy to clean. Of course, every few cooks need to stain the interior, but with this system you have to work much less often than usual.

The pellet consumption is relatively small in these sizes and configurations, so the full tank can last for a long time (depending on the weather and temperature, of course).

  • Temperature control
  • Dump tray for easy cleaning
  • Great quality

Camp chef must be admitted We have created a perfect grill at a mid price range that comes with all the necessities. At this price point, they were able to create a relatively sturdy yet effective grill and at the same time are satisfied with the fact that it is sturdy and durable.

If you are looking for an alternative that takes time, then you can use this grill to cook comfortably in 10 minutes of starting.

Not many people know, but Z-Grills used to make Chinese grills from many American companies, including Traeger. At some point, the company decided to manufacture the same quality grill at an affordable price with its own brand in the way the Z-Grills brand was born.

Z GRILLS-7002B offers many dishes, an area (504 square inches in the main area) and a moderately sized pellet hopper (20 pounds).

All essential features and solutions are provided to ensure comfortable and effective cooking.

The 7002B version was a very basic configuration with no additional gadgets or advanced features, so the final price of the grill could be significantly lower.

The controller is simple and provides only a few basic settings, but the efficiency and stability of the temperature are still satisfactory.

Excellent workmanship and durability. In case of doubt, this model is guaranteed for 3 years.

The fact that Z-Grill is based on parts manufactured entirely in China can be a number of disadvantages. You should know that the majority of American companies are actually based to some extent in Chinese manufacturing. Remember that the most important thing is quality.

  • Price
  • Cooking space
  • Warranty
  • No ash cleaning system

Considering all the pros and cons, we must admit that it is an interesting option if you are looking for a large and simple pellet grill at the lowest price possible.

Consider the need for mobility, especially electricity, in pellet grilles. Sadly in this regard we are not as free as charcoal.

GMG Davy Crockett The pellet grill is designed for easy transport.

Easy to bring There is only one condition when going out, like when camping, there is a constant power source in place or you will not use this grille.

If you don't have enough space for a new grill, you can use mobile quality even at home.

The legs can be folded at any time, so the actual structure can be carried in much less space.

Raise your big thumb, including an adapter that can use a variety of power sources. Obviously there is a standard home socket option and a car lighter port or car battery, and it's easily accessible outside the house.

One of several things about pellet grills. Model designed with mobility in mind.

Another strength of this model is its outstanding functionality, especially for this kind of money. Much more expensive and contains features not found on larger grills.

With a digital controller, you can set the temperature at 5 degree intervals instead of some default settings.

You can connect a phone / tablet with a controller that uses Wi-Fi technology.

  • Wi-Fi technology
  • Great digital controller
  • Portable function

You can remotely monitor the cooking process (temperature), including: Meat internal temperature using a special application. The advantages of this app are many interesting features and alarm settings.

Another big argument that favors this is that the warranty period is 3 years.

Despite its small capacity, it is a great grill especially for this kind of money. We are sincerely grateful for the functionality, mobility, versatility and outstanding quality workmanship.

Before making your final decision, you should carefully analyze your choices to avoid regretting them immediately after purchase. For this reason, we have prepared a list of the main aspects to be analyzed before purchase.

  • Size – Consider how much you cook, taking into account your lifestyle and the number of people you normally cook. Then choose the appropriate grill size. You can find three different sizes of my suggestions.
  • Controller – Pay attention to temperature control range and controller type. This controller is either a multifunctional controller or one of the simplest types that only offers multiple settings. Multifunctional controllers usually feature much better temperature control.
  • Features – Some models offer Wi-Fi, better ash removal systems, or more controller features. Think about what you really need and what your final budget is. More functional grills, sadly, are much more expensive, which sometimes makes them worthless.
  • Mobility – Want to save space in the backyard or camp for smokers? You can easily transport it on the road by checking the grill that comes with a structure specially designed for that purpose.

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