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The Best Pellet Smokers for 2020

I understand the experience that choosing the best pellet smoker is not an easy task for a beginner or someone who doesn't have time to compare dozens of competitive pellet grills.

Make a good choice for cheap and poor pellet smokers Don't lose a few hundred dollars .

Especially To keep the best quality-to-price ratio and

According to my research, the best pellet grills for 2020 are:

  1. Best overall: Camp Chef SmokerPro DLX
  2. Runner: Traeger Pro 575
  3. Budget Peak: Z GRILLS ZPG-7002ENC
  4. Best Portable: GMG Davy Crockett
  5. Best: Camp Chef SmokePro LUX

Net To avoid losing too much money and nerves, I recommend reading all the reviews. That way, you can choose the pellet grill that suits you.

Of all the suggestions on the market, we have chosen only the ones with the 7 best pellet grills. All of these models are recommended by the owners, but there are models that are best suited to the situation and specific needs.

Size, build quality, temperature range, warranty and additional features.

Camp Chef PG24 Deluxe is a great smoker that maintains the perfect balance of quality and attractive price.

Accurate temperature control, excellent quality workmanship and all essential functions are guaranteed.

Under the lid you can find a lot of space for grilling at a price that is sufficient for most people.

What is very important is temperature control. It's a real setup and you have to honestly admit that you forget about style smokers.

It is a very easy-to-use and sturdy crafted grill that can withstand a lot.

Cooking Surface-Considering the price of this pellet smoker is great. 429 square inches of the main cooking surface and 141 square inches of the rack. It is enough for large families.

Also provided is an extra heated rack that can be removed at any time.

You don't have to worry about the system from the moment you start.

Digital controllers offer a wide variety of preset temperature settings within the range of 175-400. You can choose from several programs such as "low smoke", "high smoke" or "high smoke". At this price point, it's actually a solid and precise controller.

One probe can be connected to accurately follow the same temperature as the meat.

Almost all pellet smokers (besides Weber's new pellet grill, despite the ability to reach high temperatures (approximately 500 degrees), there is a problem with the seams. Decided to go one step further compared to Shea Box .

Achieving a very high temperature (up to 900 ° F) enables a wide variety of tools (operated with propane)

It is sold and attached to the side of smokers. Unfortunately, it is expensive, but if the shea mark is phenomenal, it must maintain its temperature

  • Temperature control
  • Two turkeys on a large cooking surface Meat probe [19659029] Support

Another great solution is ash removal system – a patented solution not found in other grills. There's a cup of ash coming out of. All you have to do is twist it, throw away the ash and put it back in. Easy, fast, efficient and effective

Camp Chef is a very affordable pellet grill from Weber to the cheapest option It's a great alternative to having a breakdown in a short time or having trouble keeping the temperature in. [19659002] I recommend this pellet smoker when considering all the factors. It has a price ratio If you are not a professional meat smoker you can definitely choose it at an affordable price

Every year Traeger was losing market position due to the rapid development of different brands.

2019 Due to the change of the completely new structure and the introduction of many interesting features Traeger It is worth considering Pro 575

The new improvements not only have a good appearance, but also improved functionality and efficiency.

The D2 PID controller features much better temperature control. The temperature can be selected at 5 degree intervals within a wide range.

There is an option to connect one probe to monitor the meat temperature. You can monitor the whole process using the grill interface or using a dedicated phone app that can connect using Wi-Fi.

In particular, there was a lack of a solution such as a mobile phone app with Wi-Fi enabled. (This gives a longer range). There are many interesting features and a rich database of recipes and tips.

The new D2 direct drive unit can achieve higher torque and Traeger Pro can produce a large amount of pellets

  • D2 PID controller
  • WiFire Technology
  • Trusted brand
  • Price
  • Expensive and important accessories

The sizes available in the Pro series are 575 and 780. Larger sizes are only $ 200 more expensive, so it's a good idea to consider larger options.

The advantage of Aleger is that there are many interesting accessories available, but sadly most of it is expensive.

19659002] Almost a little more cash or are you a Traeger fan? The Pro series is worth considering. New drive units, Wi-Fi technology, digital controllers and interesting designs are what makes Traeger the best once again.

I looked very closely at Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E and I have to admit that it is a good budget pellet smoker (the best on the market).

All essential features, excellent temperature control, quality and most important and affordable price.

The sudden appearance of this brand was very strange for many. Few people know that the Z Grill company had manufactured other brands of grills in the past, including the famous Traeger.

Nowadays, they have provided pellet grills under their own brand, declaring them wise in quality. Same level as the traditional Trager Grill series with one important difference-at a much lower price.

The total area of ​​the main culinary area amounts to 500 square inches and is actually a large amount at this kind of price.

With the digital controller, you can select from several preset settings within a range of 180 to 450 degrees.

The biggest advantage of this model is the price in addition to proper production quality and temperature control. A pellet grill for this kind of money with such a large cooking area is a very good offer.

Compared with the competition option, the key issue, especially at this price point, is the guarantee. The 3-year warranty is as accurate as that offered by more expensive brands.

  • Price
  • Cooking space
  • Warranty

Not 100 pieces. Perfect grill%, but I am getting a lot because of this kind of money. It's a pretty new brand on the market without a rich history, but it offers everything you need with a start and a decent price.

One important drawback is that there is no ash cleaning system, so ash cannot be removed, it is as easy, fast and convenient as a grill with ash catcher. A good solution is to use a small vacuum cleaner that makes this task much easier.

This time, When going out camping [1945910] I suggest to those who should bring pellet smokers. Small portable pellet grill with many useful features. The legs are foldable and lightweight, so you can easily put them in your car.

The cooking surface is 219 square inches. This is suitable for portable pellet smokers.

The pellet hopper contains 17 pounds of pellets. Of course, there is a fat container, stainless steel bucket that comes standard with every grill.

This pellet smoker is equipped with PID controller so the temperature control of this grill is great, you can control it manually or using the app on your phone. Using the

panel, you can set the temperature from 150-500 F degrees to 5 F degrees intervals. Makes cooking more complicated by preventing the temperature from rising or falling by several tens of degrees. The PID controller ensures that the selected temperature is maintained and actually works well with it.

The most important thing in this pellet grill is to maintain a fixed temperature. It is a prerequisite for peaceful cooking. Using these grills, you can easily smoke meat for hours without the risk of burning it at too high an uncontrollable temperature.

Download the iOS or Android app and connect using WI-FI. The application can perform many other tasks, such as remote control of grill temperature, temperature control inside meat, or the ability to check the amount of pellets inside the hopper. You can increase or decrease the temperature while away from the grill. You can learn more about how this feature works on the manufacturer's official website.

You can create a profile through the app. This allows you to set the meat to smoke at a lower temperature for the first 2-3 hours. Then you can set it to smoke at a higher temperature for the next 2 hours.

In addition, GMG Davy Crockett Pellet Grill is equipped with a meat probe, so you can instantly read the temperature inside the meat.

  • Portability
  • Bit Probe
  • PID Controller-Temperature Control
  • App Problem WI-FI Included
  • Small Cooking Surface

Cheap offer . I think you don't want to spend more than $ 1000 on your device when you start traveling with pellet smokers. Then it's a good idea to start your trip with this wood pellet grill.

It is a good alternative to portable electric grill without smoked meat taste. Wooden Pellet Smoker gives meat a great smoked wood taste.

Rec Tec Bulls RT-700 (Continued from previous version RT-680) New version

High quality pellet smoker, definitely one of the best products at this price point. The price is expensive, but the manufacturer offers a rare 6-year warranty on this grill.

The old version has received a lot of attention from customers, and the new version has been enhanced with Wi-Fi and apps. You can connect to the grill to monitor the cooking process on your phone or tablet screen.

For many people, the grill described above is sufficient and the price is half. If you have more money to spend, will like smokers .

When you first look at the price, you will think that it is expensive. But it is definitely a pellet grill worth every cent. The perfect suggestion for meat smokers as well as those who are starting a trip and want really decent gear with many interesting features.

According to independent tests from other customers, the new Rec Tec Bulls RT-700 is actually an impressive result of a temperature of 225 degrees F in about 5-6 minutes (test conducted at a temperature of about 80 degrees F in Miami). Two ports connecting two probes that can control the temperature inside the meat.

Temperature -I'll start because I think you need to pay attention from the beginning. This smoker is phenomenal in keeping the temperature constant. Forget about constantly monitoring the temperature. It is completely unnecessary here.

Thanks to the Smart Grill Technology ™ PID temperature controller everything is possible. The system is intelligent and accurate enough to set the temperature from 180ºF to 500ºF at 5º intervals . When the lid of the REC TEC Grill is opened, the Smart Grill Technology ™ system detects the temperature drop and adds more fuel for maintenance.

Grill The grill calculates the amount of fuel required to maintain the desired temperature in real time.

  • Large cooking surface
  • Smart Grill Technology ™ -excellent for desired maintenance Temperature
  • Solid structure
  • Excellent pellet hopper-40 pounds capacity

Structure and elements REC- REC TEC grill Pellet grill is invested safely for many years from corrosion. Most competitive grills look pretty from the outside and manufacturers claim they are made of stainless steel. The truth is that only the outer part of the grill is stainless. The steel inside is different, and the main parts are made of low-quality materials.

It is different from REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill. The sturdy structure here is made of high quality materials.

Cooking surface – Total 702 square inches when we dispose. However, if this is still not enough, you can buy a second shelf and expand the cooking surface further by 352 square inches. The total meat grilling area or smoking area is 1052 square inches in total. I don't think you can complain about insufficient space for this pellet grill.

This smoker comes with a 6 year warranty . good.

Reviews of this smoker prove that a positive score of over 95% of active users is a good product.

C [19659100] amp Chef SmokePro LUX combines the most important features such as large baking surfaces to keep the right temperature and other useful options at the right price. It is a grill for those who expect great value equipment.

Very good pellet grill, structure is sturdy and has a whole 875 square inch grill surface . Effective for cooking for a larger group of people.

It is equipped with a digital controller that can set the temperature between 160 and 500 degrees. The use of dual LEDs confirms the current temperature inside the grill and for this purpose the internal temperature of the meat using a meat probe.

It has all the features that can be found in the Camp Chef PG24DLX model. These include ash cleaning systems, smart smoke technology and grease management systems. Thanks to all these features, you can use the pellet grill and make cleaning much easier.

Automatic electronic ignition technology is a technology that makes starting a grill much easier. Nowadays there are all good grill a solutions. You can start pellet smokers quickly and comfortably.

  • Large grill surface
  • Meat probe
  • Ash cleanout system
  • Grease management system
  • No PID controller
  • Small pellet hopper

I Camp Chef Pellet Grill to buy a new grill It's easy to say that it's one of the better grills you should check before deciding to.

This grill is very effective at maintaining the temperature, but the PID controller.

Eventually a much larger version of the Camp Chef PG24DLX.

The biggest difference here is the cooking surface . If you need a lot more than the PG24 model, this is definitely a satisfying grill.

This is a pretty young grill compared to other grills. Around 1985, the first pellet smoker was created The name Traeger comes from the producer Joe Traeger. He was the owner of the patent for many years, and at that time the development of the pellet grill was in the hands of Traeger. During that period, the company promoted this type of grill and sold many units of this grill to go down in the history of pellet grills.

After the patent expired, gates were opened for other potential manufacturers. That way, many people began to manufacture and complete their own pellet grill. As everyone knows, for a high sale, there must be a prominent product, and competition advances the market. That way, many manufacturers have created their own pellet grill models that are different from decades ago.

Today's pellet smoker is a much more technologically advanced machine. Today's systems analyze many elements of a dish and control the grill in a way that automatically maintains the selected temperature. The digital controller provides the ability to set the current temperature in 5 degree F intervals. These are a combination of convenience, simplicity and temperature control. You can get grills and smokers for a single price. People incorrectly assume that the pellet grill is complex.

In fact it is true that it is very easy to use a grill that all BBQ fans can handle.

The term pellet smoker brings up a new word like auger. Hopper and fire pot. Sounds complicated, but it is not.

Hopper -This is where fuel or pellets are put. This part is sent to a place where pellets are burned through a special auger. Refeeding pellets into the hopper is a very easy and quick operation, and is often very different for grills with different fuels (eg gas or charcoal ).

The revolution between the grills, more and more people are warming up for them. Still, you need to know how to choose the right pellet grill. In general, it is much more expensive than other types of grills.

Fewer people are needed, but you can find great and efficient pellet smokers at an affordable price with many interesting features. [19590124] Set & Forget -Pellet smoker is the best solution for those who want to smoke meat for hours without stress. The set & forget style is this type of grill area. Just set the temperature you want, and the smoker will keep it for the next time. That way, you can leave the meat at low temperature for no more than 12 hours without worry.

Would you like to set 180 degrees Fahrenheit all day? No problem, but after a bit I want 300 degrees. You can make pellet smokers comprehensive and prepare any type of meat. You can get a good smoke ring.

Flavor -Another advantage, the pellet burner has a great influence on the taste of food. Using high quality premium hardwood pellets you can generate smoke that gives food a unique wood flavor.

It is clearly different from the electric, gas or charcoal grill.

Pellets smokers are heated Faster than charcoal grills, but slower than gas grills. It reaches a satisfactory temperature of up to 500 degrees F (up to 600 degrees F for more expensive models). Of course, it is much less than a gas grill. The disadvantage, however, is that pellet smokers can maintain low temperatures for several hours even at 160 ° F. Some models are equipped with a gas powered shear box that heats up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

No flare up -Some have advantages, others are disadvantages. It depends on the type of meat you prepare and how you cook it.

It is heavy depending on the set temperature. Pellet smokers burn about 1 pound of pellets per hour at low temperatures and up to about 2 pounds of pellets at high temperatures.

There are very few things to pay attention to before buying a new grill. It affects whether you are satisfied with your choice. If you don't know what to look for, make sure your grill has the following features.

Temperature: First of all, you need to pay attention to whether the pellet grill maintains the selected temperature. People buy pellet smokers because they can smoke meat for a long time at a given low temperature. Very convenient, simple and always keeping the selected temperature, ensures that the meat is cooked perfectly.

Therefore, you should pay attention to what kind of controller the pellet smoker is equipped with.

Three-phase controller -There are three options to choose from: smoke (or low), medium and high. It is an old and very poor controller. There are only three options to choose from, and they are very poor at maintaining temperature. It does not take into account weather and other factors. As a result, the temperature inside the grill may increase or decrease significantly without your knowledge. These solutions make it impossible to set the correct temperature and limit cooking options.

Multi-position and digital controller (LED display) -Much better solution, but flawed. First a multi-position controller, then a digital controller that can set the temperature in +/- 25 degree steps. It is a controller with poor weather response. The biggest advantage of digital controllers is that they can implement other innovative solutions. It helped to introduce techniques like alarms, timers or better meat control.

PID controller -One of the best controllers. It maintains the temperature set at +/- 5 degree intervals accurately. Suitable for long and slow meat smoking at low temperatures. Such a pellet grill can leave all day without worry. When you come back after a few hours, the meat is cooked at the set fixed temperature.

Switching to digital controllers allowed us to introduce new technologies over time. Better grills have implemented solutions such as Wi-FI or meat probes.

PID controllers have developed algorithms that take into account many factors such as weather changes or lid opening. This change has a great effect on the temperature inside the grill. Nevertheless, this system is perfect for handling while always maintaining the desired temperature.

For more information on other key features of the controller and other pellet grills, see here .

As well as attention, what temperature the grill can be heated to . Most pellet grills can maintain a temperature of 160-500 degrees (600 degrees Celsius). Why do I say that? Because you have to think about what is the most popular baking style. It will affect whether your pellet smoker is a good choice for you.

Great for smoking meat at low temperatures, or for regular grilling or roasting. If you want to sew meat, you need a much higher temperature. Unfortunately, regular pellet smokers are out of reach. In this case, look around the pellet grill that comes with an additional shea box that can be fueled with gas and heated to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beginner – Electric ignition is very easy to use to get your grill started quickly. Set the temperature and forget about it. Refueling the pellet hopper before the next dish is the only concern. Therefore, it is a great choice for beginners who are starting a BBQ trip and learning how to cook delicious meat.

Traveler -Of course there are also perfect pellet smokers for you. It differs from the basic pellet grill in that it is smaller and much lighter. It has a folding leg so you can easily take it to your car. Everyone went camping or field trips at some point. Baked food at such moments is delicious and healthy. Found a portable pellet grill that is suitable for carrying in size and weight.

Gadget fan -More expensive models have some very interesting features. You can download the app (iOS and Android) for your phone or tablet. You can then connect to the pellet grill using Wi-Fi. You can monitor the temperature while away from the grill. Some of the grills can also check the internal temperature of the meat.

BBQ pan – If you're a more demanding person, grill different meats in different ways. Then the pellet grill works fine. Especially if you're smoking meat for hours, you just need to set the temperature and do whatever you want in the meantime. The pellet smoker is very good at maintaining the desired temperature, so you can leave it all day without worrying and you can expect very good results after the specified time. In short, the pellet grill makes it easier to prepare the finest meat at home.

For more of my favorite recommendations, take a look at the related exchange bar and grill link:

You can buy a good smoker at a low price and buy a very cheap smoker can.

Would you like to camp? Bring a small, lightweight, portable pellet smoker.

Do you have a large family? Prepare a grill with a wide cooking surface to accommodate a lot of meat. The large pellet hopper is useful to avoid worrying about the pellet running out within a few hours. The pellet smoker works automatically and always has time for guests instead of controlling the temperature or fuel level.

Perhaps you need a small pellet smoker. It will be much cheaper than the bigger one.

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