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The Best Smokers and Grills for 2020

You plan to buy a new smoker, but are you having difficulty doing this for other types of smokers as well?

I understand that it is not an easy choice, especially for beginners.

You have to pay attention to a lot, but without enough experience, it is difficult to choose the best smoker.

There are various types powered by different types of fuel, so you must learn each pros and cons in advance to avoid unnecessary disappointment and wasted time, especially money.

This guide will help you find all the pros and cons of different types of smokers.

Weber Smokey Mountain is a great smoker for both beginners and advanced users. WSM provides warranty for 10 years.

Available in three sizes: 14, 18, and 22 inches, to suit everyone's needs. In this guide, we will focus on reviewing the 18-inch model, which I think is the most common option when considering size.

Unlike popular thinking, medium size doesn't mean you have to think small. smoker. In contrast, Weber Smokey Mountain 18 ”offers a lot of space. Inside, there are two shelves that increase the total cooking space to 481 square inches.

The structure of the grill is simple yet effective and has been perfected over the decades and today constitutes an almost perfect charcoal smoker that every fan of BBQ does. This exact model, used by many in the famous BBQ competitions, competes against a team with much more expensive equipment.

WSM contains all the essential features to reliably smoke meat at the highest level. .

At the bottom, there is a bowl of water that is easy to maintain a fixed temperature inside the grill and affects the results of meat smoking.

Separate vents located at the bottom (the other is on the top (lid) but the other is on the top. These solutions provide the best airflow and allow easy control.

Of course you will find the built-in thermometer You can, but I personally recommend buying a special thermometer. ] Aluminium front door can cause some smoke leakage [19659016] It can be difficult for this type of smoker (power charcoal) as all of this provides very easy temperature control

So a reasonable competitor to learn below Other than that, it's worth competing with Weber Smokey Mountain

Do you want a great quality smoker as well as a smoker who is efficient, worth the money and can smoke meat at the highest level? Smoky Mountain is a great answer for you.

Weber Smokey at this price point It's the only competitor in Mountain, if for some reason you don't like the Weber brand or simply want something different, Pit Barrel Cooker is a great alternative

These two models are at the top regardless of what you actually choose. You will surely be satisfied with the quality and results, even a beginner will impress a surprisingly easy-to-use meat smoking fan

Ugly Drum Smoker type (UDS), with a very simple structure so many people are confident Decided to make a UDS fortunately some manufacturers smokers of this gorgeous type Decided to manufacture commercially

Today's commercial models have been built and perfected to be much more efficient and easier to use.

PBC (Pit Barrel Cooker) makes this possible. Hanging meats (ribs, chicken, turkey, etc.), Weber Smokey Mountain requires you to purchase a set of meat hangers, sold separately, which is one of the few important differences you'll find between these two great smokers. Another less important difference is that the PBC does not have a water bowl. PBC's slower cooking and lower cooking are easier.

The advantage of Weber Smokey Mountain is the front door, which is easily accessible with a larger number of vents and front doors. Smoker when adding more charcoal.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Meat Hanging Set

After careful analysis, we have come to the conclusion that both models are great but need to take into account the need for consumption. It costs around 30- $ 50 more (I'm talking about the meat hanger set here).

Considering everything else, PBC is simply a great smoker. Having a good time, you can prepare the highest quality food. All fans of the real BBQ will be very happy with everything about this whole process and decent money as well as the results of smoking.

The biggest advantage of Camp Chef PG24 is precise temperature control, refill pellet container and use digital controller to select desired temperature and turn on ignition.

You don't have to worry about charcoal. After programming the smoker properly, everything is done automatically. . The intelligent system then automatically calculates the amount of pellets needed to maintain the selected fixed temperature.

Pellet smokers are wood pellets for food products that provide the similar comfort as an electric stove, while the power source generates the necessary smoke when smoking meat .

Pellets leave ash, but this model includes a ash removal system that is much easier to remove, so don't worry. .

The disadvantage of this type of smoker is the price. Advanced technology, structure and functionality make it one of the most expensive smokers, but you have to admit that everything is worth this money.

If you don't want to get stressed and hardly forget smokers, Camp Chef PG24 is the perfect choice. After you start drawing, you don't have to worry about anything. No more worrying about the temperature or the amount of fuel (work of advanced digital controllers). You can also connect a meat probe that alerts you when the meat is ready.

  • Set & Forget Style
  • Quality and Features

Must be kept in mind. Charcoal powered smokers are often an investment for eternity without spending extra money if you take good care of it (like the PBC and WSM described above). On the other hand, the pellet smoker can't work without (digital controller) and has an electrical element that can always cause a breakdown.

Of course, it is not a good thing. Smokers of pellets are very susceptible to malfunction. Conversely, if you buy a good model, there is nothing to worry about in the coming years. In the event of future malfunctions or the need to replace worn parts, purchase them from reliable manufacturers. All manufacturers offer warranties. Be careful, as you may not know, so it's safe to be sorry.

Let's start by admitting that I'm not an electric smoker fan.

I know perfectly that this type of smoker is the right choice for many beginners, especially beginners.

With a digital controller you can accurately set the temperature without controlling anything. [19659002] No need to worry about adding fuel and fluctuating temperature due to fuel. If you start a smoker and set the temperature, you can smoke the meat after a few minutes.

Of course, most people start yelling at what makes a typical charcoal fuel smoker so incomparable to the results of smoking. I agree that electric smokers cannot make meat what traditional smokers can do.

However, you should be aware that electric smokers are equipped with a special smoker box where you must put a piece of wood that produces smoke that is important for meat. Smoking results are still not top notch, but the smoker's box will definitely make the meat more delicious.

The biggest drawback for electric smokers is that, sadly, there is a high risk of malfunction in many factors that cannot be done without the device. It is not an investment that lasts forever.

When there is a great advantage, the interior space of master build front controller smoker is clear (depending on the model). Cooking space from 700-1000 to square inches).

  • Large cooking area
  • Easy to use
  • High risk of component failure.
  • Lack of smoke taste

I chose this model because of the master build. It offers a lot of very useful tools like cold smoking attachments.

It must be admitted that this is not an offer for anyone who really likes BBQ. Traditionalists say negative things about electric smokers. But if you don't have any knowledge of smoking and want to prepare something good and quick and easy without problems, then it is for you.

There is no choice in this category, it mostly happens in small ones. Interest in this type of smoker.

You can choose the appropriate one among all available offers, and in fact one of those choices is actually [ChampyChefSmokerVault24.

Fixed holding temperature is key, this model is not a problem if the weather conditions are good and there is a water bowl inside.

Low temperatures and windy weather can complicate the smoking process slightly.

Three vents (one at the top, one at the bottom). Also inside are two cooking pedestals, one jerky rack, a water bowl and a wooden chip container. But be prepared for the smoke coming from the front door.

Please do not bother with the built-in thermometer. Actual temperature may be 30-50 degrees different. It is recommended to install a decent smoker thermometer.

In terms of quality, it certainly is not an investment for eternity, but this kind of money can be satisfied even with a great feature of 5 years.

  • Easy to use and set up and forget
  • Temperature issues in cold weather
  • Price
  • High risk of component failure.

We propose this model as an auxiliary model that can be used at a discounted price. Often, you can lower the price by about 30%. It's a good smoker at first if you can buy it at a discounted price. Otherwise, I would suggest something else, perhaps a traditional smoker that you will definitely be satisfied with.

As a better alternative, I mentioned the same manufacturer (camp chef), I'm talking about the PG24 model already mentioned above, which is really phenomenal and worth 100% for a much higher price.

A good smoker is the essence of truth. BBQ. Nowadays, various models are available at very different prices. If you are planning to buy your first smoker and do not know where to start or which type is best for you, please read my tips below.

When looking for the first smoker, you can: I have a lot of trouble seeing all the offers in the store. If you want to avoid disappointment and be happy with your purchase, please read my tips. My advice will help you understand the pros and cons for all types of smokers, so you can choose the model that works best for you.

There was an opportunity to test all types of smokers. Experience that helped to quickly prepare a list of some of the best barbecue smokers. I know what to pay attention to each of them, and each type is a lot different from the following, so you need to know what you are looking at.

Most of the time, I paid attention to the price, quality of workmanship. With regard to price, efficiency, functionality, size, etc., we analyzed many smoker grills of each type and decided to choose only those that are really good and recommended.

You can find several models according to my settings. Guides for fueling, for example with gas, pellets, charcoal or electricity. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages that you can learn at the end of this guide.

If you already have the opportunity to view my website, you have probably seen a lot of buyer guides. The test was expected to be much easier, as we already had the opportunity to test all types of smokers.

Picked only the best models of each type of smoker and faced them all in one big test. I decided to smoke a rib and a few other pieces of meat, then compared the results and concluded with my evaluation.

Therefore, we compared all models and saw the differences between the two models. I am talking about functionality, handling, efficiency and of course the consequences of meat smoking.

I have found out which models are good for beginners and which ones are suitable for those who want to always forget to control the meat smoking process. For real BBQ fans. Of course, attention was paid to the quality of production for individual elements and the usefulness of gadgets.

Many things actually depend on whether you are a beginner or a beginner or already have considerable experience. . Most people are happy with Weber Smokey Mountain or PBC, but there will be people who want something different. Regardless of the situation, there is very little universal information below.

  • Budget The amount you intend to spend on a new purchase affects the amount you can actually purchase. Due to the variety of prices, beginners are advised to spend a small amount on cheap smokers to gain experience. Then, once you know a lot about meat smoking, you can spend a lot more money to buy a good smoker. If BBQ is your passion, the answer is simple. Buy quality products like Weber Smokey Mountain, Pitt Barrel Cooker or Camp Chef PG24.
  • You plan to cook Think about what type of food and amount to cook Whole chicken, turkey or other big meat needs a bigger cooking space. It should be big enough for an interested smoker to put a lot of meat. Consider the amount of dishes and the number of people, always choose a model with free space.
  • Temperature control I know you can't check it out before you buy, but you can read other people's reviews or watch videos on YouTube to learn everything about the subject. A fixed and accurate temperature is the key to getting great results and you should avoid models that suffer from it. Otherwise, meat smoking will turn into a nightmare.
  • Power (fuel) As you already know, you should define your preferred heat source in this guide in several different types (charcoal, pellets, electricity and gas). Is there a problem? Below are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

As you know, different types of heat are very different from each other. Each of them requires appropriate knowledge and skills, and each performs a different function.

Most people are attached to charcoal as a heat source (including themselves) and are probably derived from tradition. However, you should know that all types of smokers can get great results and a very good BBQ.

For example, I don't know which type is best for beginners. Each pros and cons has its drawbacks, which you need to analyze and decide for yourself which is best for you.

Charcoal, gas, pellets and electricity are just heat sources. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each below.

I love this heat source because it gives a lot of fun during BBQ. Every time you need to properly prepare the smoker, burn the charcoal, regulate the air flow and temperature. All this deeply engages in the smoking process and allows you to enjoy everything.

  • BBQ's greatest fun and benefits, a lot of participation in the entire process, and control of all processes.
  • This type of smoker provides one of a kind and great taste when combined with great skill.
  • Charcoal provides excellent conditions for the bbq bark formed by smoke rings or visually appealing. .
  • Big involvement in the smoking process can be a drawback for some. It requires more attention than all other heat sources, so continue in terms of convenience
  • convenience in a way that is not a convenient "set and forget" type of smoker, the biggest problem is charcoal burning . Many beginners need time and skills to struggle. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to burn charcoal.
  • Very high price for high quality charcoal briquettes, one bag does not last long

The big advantage of them is that they always work despite minor malfunctions. For example, you need charcoal combustion without a system that uses electricity. On the other hand, their structure is made of a kind of material that can last for decades or decades in many cases.

If you like traditional BBQ like me and are considering buying a new smoker, you should check out my guide to learn more at Best Charcoal Smoker .

It is a great middle point between great meat taste and convenient smoking. Perfect set & forget-style smoker so you can forget the whole smoking process when you start it. You don't have to worry about a fixed temperature or fuel level. An intelligent system not only can focus on everything you want, it does everything. For maximum convenience, we recommend a meat probe that can alert you when the meat has reached the perfect internal temperature.

  • Incredibly convenient and truly set and forgotten style smoker, set the temperature and put the meat on the grill grill and put it back up again. A few hours before the end of the smoking process (set the desired temperature and the controller will do the rest.)
  • You don't have to waste time starting the tedious process. When the ignition button is pressed, the controller automatically adds pellets to the fire. A good quality model can be ready for cooking already about 15 minutes after starting.
  • High quality wood pellets (100% Hardwood) produces smoke that provides conditions for smoking savory meat. Although advertised as a smoker grill, it is not a common grill, but despite being able to reach high temperatures, pellet smokers are the most expensive compared to other types. Medium-quality models are usually twice as expensive as high-quality charcoal smokers, such as a foot barrel cooker or Weber Smokey Mountain.
  • Pellets do not have the well-known traditional charcoal flavor, so if you have a chance, try it. Pellet smokers have been developed strongly over the past few years and are still a novelty when compared to charcoal smokers which are becoming more popular thanks to their most conveniences.

    This type of smoker must admit that it is great, as well as great smoking results, as well as the convenience that other types of smokers cannot get. Are you interested in this type? Be sure to check out my guide to discover the best pellet smokers .

Gas smokers are as simple and convenient to use as electric smokers that provide a fixed temperature without controlling overall smoking. Way. As everyone knows, you should know that propane tanks are not unlimited, and eventually the tank will run out.

  • For example, it is very easy to use without paying as much attention as charcoal fuel smokers.
  • The size of the model is relatively small and does not take up much space in the backyard. Another drawback is the mobility that can make a difference for some people.
  • Inexpensive models are generally not well made, but the entire structure contains certain parts. Overall, it is not an investment for eternity.
  • That is, if you are running out of meat for several hours and you run out of fuel, you need a reserve tank.

Meat smoking generally takes longer, so it's not worse than running out of fuel. In the middle of cooking. Always start with a tank that is not empty. Also, the best way to avoid this situation is with another extra tank around the house.

It is not a typical power source, but A guide to gas smokers We have selected several notable models.

It is a good choice for those who frequent meat for over 10 hours by providing a fixed temperature. It also provides a convenient device for those who do not want to participate in BBQ-related companions. Go for this smoker (it's a good idea to start) so that everything that matters to you is the end result of meat and you don't always have to control the smoking process.

  • Decent weather conditions.
  • Forget convenience and style smokers like any other set.
  • Suitable and convenient device for smoking other materials than meat (cheese, fish, etc.).
  • Power line failure, the need for constant access to power sources.
  • Electric smokers are the most prone to malfunction and do not require long-term investment. For many models, it is difficult to obtain spare parts, so buy them only from popular manufacturers.
  • Repair costs are high due to frequent malfunctions.

The disadvantage of any product that contains electrical components is a malfunction. Well-made elements can usually last for years without problems. On the other hand, in most cases, something will break down sooner or later.

Besides, it must be admitted that even the best models can't achieve that kind of results (charcoal fuel) as in traditional smokers. However, if you decide that this is the right type for you, please check out my guide to help you choose the best electric smoker .

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