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The Best Wireless Meat Thermometers for 2020

Do you want to focus on anything other than monitoring temperature when smoking or baking?

A good wireless thermometer allows you to remotely monitor the temperature inside the smoker and meat. In the meantime, you can focus on many other important things without worrying about the grill.

Convenience and confidence are two of the most important benefits of using a wireless thermometer.

Most options allow you to set custom alarms.

Some models can set an alarm when the temperature inside the smoker is too low. There are many possibilities depending on the brand.

This guide will help you choose the best wireless meat thermometer for your situation.

You will also learn about the most important advantages and disadvantages, as well as various types of wireless thermometers.

There are many brands on the market, why? I have chosen several proven options for you. Not all wireless thermometers work the same, and there are many types, so you can avoid disappointment by learning the pros and cons.

This is my favorite option, and all the essential features you need are provided in a suitable mix to control the temperature at a reasonable price.

Includes transmitter, receiver and two probes capable of monitoring temperature up to 300 feet away. It's a real wireless thermometer that makes it easy to monitor dishes while the smoker is away.

ThermoPro TP20 is accurate, fast and easy to set up, there are few problems with the clear display, range, and

the building is not too heavy, but it is definitely sturdy and durable.

If the temperature inside the smoker is too high or too low, an alarm can be set.

In addition, you can get preset temperature settings for 9 different types of meat, and you can also select several levels of maturity. Of course, you can enter the settings manually according to your experience and needs.

The interface is not the best, but I think it's easy for most people to use.

As you can see, the ThermoPro TP20 has all the essential features to monitor the temperature remotely. Meanwhile, when the meat is ready, you can focus on something else so the thermometer can tell you.

The remote receiver is small enough to be easily hidden in your pocket and conveniently carried.

  • 2 probes
  • Large backlight display and features
  • Price and quality

An alternative for those who don't like the price is the slightly cheaper ThermoPro TP08, the difference is that you have to manually enter the settings every time (Preset temperature settings are not provided.)

Also mentions warranty issues. After purchase, you can extend the free warranty period from 1 to 3 years.

ThermoPro is sturdy and worthwhile The brand and TP20 thermometer are a definite option for those who take barbecues seriously. You can get everything essential for perfect temperature control at a reasonable price.

Another great brand with a history perfectly known to many barbecue lovers. Like the previous proposal, Maverick Et-733 is a transmitter and a remote receiver.

It also includes two probes and can remotely monitor the temperature at up to 300 feet. Both probes can be used for temperature measurement. It's up to you whether you use two for meat, for food, or 1 for the temperature inside the smoker. However, as someone has experienced, I believe the operation is very simple and should not cause any problems.

The transmitter provides a larger, clearer, readable display that is larger and less clear than modern standards. For the receiver, the size is quite large, but the display is very small, but it is important that it is readable.

There is also a preset temperature setting for many types of meat, so you can enter it yourself. [19659002] Maverick is a trusted brand, so I personally couldn't skip that option even if I prefer the ThermoPro TP20 for example.

I haven't received a great review from me for this short warranty period (90 days).

  • A trusted brand with history
  • 2 probes
  • 90 days warranty
  • Slow probe reading time

Also the parameters were a bit disappointing. It's not really noticeable, but it's quite lagging behind the competition. Probe reading time is slightly poor (equivalent to temperature reading accuracy (2-5 degrees F)).

Maverick Et-733 is an excellent cordless meat thermometer, but you can expect a little more from this kind of price. Either way, it can be easily demonstrated in remote temperature monitoring.

Weber's wireless thermometer using Bluetooth technology and apps as receivers. If you want to try something different than a standard thermometer,

Weber iGrill 2 connects to your smartphone or tablet instead of the well-known common receiver. Just install the app on your phone. Temperature monitoring on selected smartphones.

Two probes are included, but up to four can be used simultaneously.

There are many interesting features that the standard thermometer does not have with the app.

You can name the first probe freely, set non-standard alarms, analyze charts, use a recipe database, get tips for many kinds of meat, or choose an existing setup.

Of course, you can also enter your own settings depending on your preferences.

Why are you only talking about Bluetooth style thermometers at the end? Best of all, talking about a solid model is much more expensive. On the other hand, the second most important reason is that it occurs frequently in the Bluetooth range where the signal strength is weak.

  • Bluetooth range
  • Four probe capacities
  • Features of the app
  • Mobile phone battery consumption
  • Price

The current exception is The Meater +, which connects Bluetooth with a transmitter (wifi) and much more Well received. But the price is expensive, but only very active barbecue lovers agree.

Returning to iGrill 2, despite Bluetooth technology, manufacturers claim a range of up to 150 feet.

In addition to the possible problems, it is a thermometer with a large range depending on the surroundings and the consumption of mobile phone batteries. This app offers a lot of interesting features, so it's no wonder that popularity is getting too high.

At first glance, the app is impressive and the apps and features are more attractive.

It will be the only wireless thermometer

Meater + keeps all the technology inside the probe, allowing you to monitor both at the same time simultaneously.

Normally two probes are required, but in this case the meat and ambient temperature can be monitored with a single probe.

The receiver is a smartphone or tablet that requires the installation of a dedicated app. Connect to the probe. It must be admitted that meat experts are very difficult in terms of innovation and functionality.

The app is the heart and brain of this thermometer (except probes). After pairing your phone and probe, you can use several features in the app. In addition to standard temperature monitoring, you can analyze the chart and set other non-standard alarms.

An important drawback is that the range of Bluetooth is very limited, but the manufacturer has handled this situation perfectly. In the latest Meater +, the wooden case (charger) has a built-in Wi-Fi transmitter, which allows you to expand the range to 165 feet.

  • Real wireless thermometer without wires
  • Advanced technology
  • Great apps and features [19659021] Of course, you can connect to your home router and receive from anywhere in the house.

    Wonderful app, probe has no wires of any kind, amplified range and great production quality are the biggest advantages. The downside is the phone battery consumption of these apps, especially during long cooking.

    Unfortunately, another drawback is that the price of a wireless thermometer is very high. For this kind of money, you can buy two solid thermometers that can monitor the temperature at the same level.

Does it make it harder to choose a new thermometer due to various offers? No problem. The tips below are answers to the most common questions.

As you know, the more manufacturers, the more variety of thermometers and solutions. Whichever model you choose, the tips below are universal and match any type of wireless thermometer.

Number of probes – The recommended number is at least 2 for monitoring the temperature at the same time inside the meat and grill. If you cook very often, a thermometer with a larger number of probes (for example 4) is a good solution. Some manufacturers use the same probe to provide temperature monitoring inside meat and smokers.

Range – Wireless thermometers do not have a good range. Pay particular attention to the range of connections and types of connections, especially if you want to monitor long-distance dishes. Bluetooth has a much lower signal strength than wifi and also takes into account the surroundings (thick house walls, trees, etc.).

Temperature range – When smoking, the thermometer meets expectations. However, in the hot grill, the temperature range is larger. Especially in Kamado Grill very high temperature dishes are standard.

Accuracy – Of course is not a temporary reading style thermometer However, reading speed is still important. It should be admitted that I was surprised to see the readings in 3-4 seconds with respect to a particular model.

Resistance to frying – Outdoor cooking means being exposed to the weather and disadvantages Smartphones with touch screens do not like rain, but for thermometers with remote control it is not a problem .

Warranty – The probe was found to be defective immediately after purchase. The digital technology of the BBQ world is not yet high-level (with some exceptions), and certain features are not working properly. In these situations, warranty is essential, so it is a good idea to purchase a product from a valued manufacturer that treats you correctly.

Wireless thermometer can be connected to a smartphone app or a dedicated remote control.

The solution has advantages and disadvantages.

First, the app allows you to monitor dishes from any device that can be installed. In general, more interesting features, recipe databases, tips, etc. are provided. Manufacturers can introduce updates to add new features (in this case it's just updating the free app).

The app consumes a lot of battery and is especially noticeable when smoking for a long time. If you add using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the battery power is running out in front of you.

The dedicated remote control uses much less energy and features better crafting skills. There are also many useful functions depending on the brand. Most options are waterproof, so there are no problems with weather conditions and restrictions associated with the touch screen of your smartphone.

The wireless thermometer works using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (some models are selectable). Today, the Wi-Fi thermometer was a transmitter and a remote control (receiver), and today technology is even more advanced.

In addition to the standard thermometer, we started to manufacture a thermometer that can be connected to the app on your smartphone. Or tablet. This connection mainly uses Bluetooth technology, but sadly it gives a very bad signal, but this is the biggest drawback.

However, some manufacturers are lucky enough to introduce a transmitter that can significantly improve range using Wi-Fi. [19633002] Therefore, Bluetooth allows you to connect to the receiver from a small distance.

With WiFi, you can make your signal stronger and connect to a home network that can connect to any device in the house. Find.

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