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Torry Kiln Smokehouse: The First Smoking Device in History

Torry Kiln Smokehouse: The First Smoking Device in History

Smoking meat means exactly what you mean by the name: adding flavor to meat by using smoke. This can be accomplished by using any device, as long as the smoke comes in contact with the surface of the meat. Smoking meat is not a new thing; in fact, the technology for them has been around for over a hundred years. However, the most significant revolution, one that gave us the modern way of smoking meat, is the Torry Kiln Smokehouse, invented in 1939.

  Torry Kiln Smokehouse

The Torry Kiln Smokehouse is named after the Torry Research Center at Aberdeen in Scotland, where it was first designed st in 1939. Since then, the Tory Kiln Smokehouse has brought on its own a revolution in the fishing industry. It was the first smokehouse that allowed a high degree of control over the various parameters of smoking, including speed, air temperature and humidity. This allowed to obtain finished products with a consistently superior quality.

How Airstream and Moisture Help Produce Well-Smoked Meat

The most significant achievement of the Torry Kiln Smokerhouse was control over the airstream. The air stream is considered as the suction power of the smokehouse, since it is what draws in the outside air and the combustion gases, which consequently attracts solid and unburned articles, such as ash and soot, among others. Along with a higher temperature, a stronger air stream helps increase the energy of the smoke, which is required to give a more intense smoky flavor.

The moisture that is present on the surface of the meat is what provides the correct color to the meat. Since color formation occurs faster on a wetter surface. The color also becomes darker with more moisture as it allows soot and tar to adhere to the surface of the meat.

Previously, the smokehouses that were manufactured had to rely on naturally rising air without any form of control over humidity, it was referred to as a control project. The Torry Kiln Smokehouse was the first to incorporate a motorized fan, temperature sensors, electric heaters, photoelectric eye, and air diffusers into its design that allowed for smoke density control. It is justly known as the foundation of all the modern smokehouses we use today. It was device 1 st that made use of an independent mechanism to control temperature and draft.

So, the next time you eat well-smoked meat, you know that the technology of a Torry Kiln Smokehouse, particularly control over air and humidity, is what helped make it so delicious.

Introducing a new era to smoking food: Torry Kiln Smokehouse

Before 1939, smoking was more of a chore. It involved the use of large amounts of salt during curing, and sometimes smoking times would be for days in a row. This was all when the primary goal of food smoking was preservation. Partly due to modern transportation, the need to keep food for so long decreased and technology improved. With the invention of the Torry Kiln Smokehouse, smoking food completely moved away from a preservation method to a way of spicing up your favorite food.

The smokehouse allowed meats to be smoked en masse and to obtain uniform results. Most of the large-scale commercial smokehouses in use today still follow the pattern of the original Torry Kiln design.

The Torry Kiln Smokehouse had several advantages: it took up much less space, did not allow unburned particles to reach the hanging fish, controlling the various parameters was accurate and so on. It has been rightly said as a design that was ahead of its time, and we owe our favorite smoked dishes to this same smoker.

Bringing commercial app smokers to home users is something attributed to Torry Kiln. Now we can easily smoke meat and fish the way we want in the comfort of our home and barbecue lovers like Grills Forever are taking advantage of it. It has been greatly simplified, and so have the techniques we use. However, regardless of the progress that may be made in meat smoking, the basic steps involved are essentially the same as in 1939, when the Torry Oven was first released.

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