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Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill Review

The Traeger Pro 575 is the world's best-selling pellet grill. This model has evolved from Traeger's first pellet grills, and one version or another is found in tens of thousands of yards today. You could say that this is the model that the company built. At around $ 800USD, this is a basic and inexpensive pellet grill. Yes, Traeger added WiFi capability in the second half of 2019, but this is still a small and simple unit.

So what do we get for $ 800USD? Traeger has been all about technology lately. The Pro 575 features its D2 drive system that uses a brushless DC motor. That means better torque at lower speeds, thereby reducing auger jams. This grill also has a WiFi enabled temperature control system and the Traeger grill app. Temperature control and precision are almost as good as you can expect on a pellet rack. This grill will also communicate with your Alexa devices.

Other than that, this is, as I said, a basic pellet grill. Plus, it's actually a bit primitive. You still have that metal grease bucket hanging off the side. The lid is thin and does little to keep you warm. And this grill can only reach 450 degrees F on a warm day. In the winter the Pro 575 will have trouble keeping warm. Slow and slow smoking will do, but if you want a higher temperature, wait for a warm day. Keeping warm is a problem. This grill only weighs 128 degrees and most of it is in the side mounted hopper unit. The body is strong enough to hold its shape, but not much more.


Traeger invented the pellet grill and has been a driving force in the pellet grill arms race. This unit, mass produced in China and available practically everywhere, is not your best work. It is designed for those who want a pellet grill, but don't really know why. These days, with the explosion of competition, a maximum temperature of 450 degrees F is not enough. If you want a pellet grill that you can grill, I suggest you find something better.

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