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Traeger vs. Weber Grills Comparison (Apr. 2020)

Weber was founded by George Stephen, who was an inventor and a grill master. These two passions came together in 1952 when he created his unique boiler grill. Stephen used his experience working at Weber Brothers Metal Works, designing his grill to resemble the buoys this company made. Believing that the rounded bowl and lid were the perfect design, he cut the buoys in half, added legs and a handle, and the first Weber grill was born. days, though his attention to detail has remained the same. They also use a variety of means to meet the needs of their clients, which we have listed here.

Wood pellet – Smokefire series

Gas barbecues – Spirit series, Spirit II series, Genesis II series, Summit series, Q series

Coal – Original Kettle series, Performer series, Master-Touch series, Summit Charcoal series, Ranch series, Smokey Mountain Cooker series

Electric – Q Electric series

Portable – Smokey Joe series, Jumbo Joe series, Go-Anywhere series

  Grills Traeger vs. Weber: Which brand is right for you?

As you can see, Weber has just about everything you need when it comes to grills. The warranties for these products may vary, depending on the series of grills you purchase. For example, the Spirit II, Genesis II and Summit series have a 10 year warranty on all parts. Other models may have different warranties for each part, such as charcoal grills, which have warranties of 10 years on the bowl and lid, 5 years on the cleaning system and plastic components, and 2 years on all other parts. .

After being frustrated with the production of outdoor grills, Joe Traeger decided to try creating his own pellet oven. He started this process in 1982 and 3 years later, he had completed his first wood pellet grill. This model contained a traditional smoker body, only it included a fireplace and a side hopper that stored the granules. This style was more energy efficient than previous pellet grills, as well as burning much cleaner for a better tasting meal. . They sell a variety of these granules, made from food grade hardwood that is 100% natural, each of which will burn clean and add the perfect flavor to whatever is on the grill.

For your granule racks, Traeger has a few series to choose from. These include the Timberline series, the Ironwood series and the Pro series. They also have some solo items such as the Tailgater, Ranger, Junior Elite 20, Bronson 20 and Select Pro pellet racks. All of these come in a variety of sizes, with different characteristics, although the main areas of the grill, the hopper and the auger remain the same. Traeger even has some business models for those who need to make a lot of food at once. These include the Large Commercial Pellet Rack Trailer and the Dual Commercial Pellet Rack Trailer, which can be hooked to the back of your truck to take them where your roasting skills are needed.

When it comes to warranty on Traeger grills, it is a bit more simplistic than with Weber. All residential grills sold by Traeger carry a 3-year limited warranty, while its commercial grills carry a 1-year limited warranty. So as long as you know which grill you have, you'll know how long it's covered.

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